Pentagon Document Confirms Existence Of Russian Doomsday Torpedo

Authored by Kyle Mizokami via,

A key U.S. nuclear weapons document confirms that the Russian government is developing the most powerful nuclear weapon in more than a half century.

A leaked copy of the Pentagon’s Nuclear Posture Review states that Russia is developing a “new intercontinental, nuclear-armed undersea autonomous torpedo.”

The existence of the weapon, known as Kanyon to the Pentagon and "Ocean Multipurpose System Status-6" to Russia, was first leaked by Russian television in November 2015. A test involving the Sarov-class submarine mothership was leaked in December 2016.

The Nuclear Posture Review report, dated January 2018, lists the weapon as part of Russia’s underwater nuclear arsenal. Here’s a screen capture, with Kanyon circled in red:

Kanyon is reportedly a very long range autonomous underwater vehicle that has a range 6,200 miles, a maximum depth of 3,280 feet, and a speed of 100 knots according to claims in leaked Russian documents.

But what really makes Kanyon nightmare fuel is the drone torpedo's payload: a 100-megaton thermonuclear weapon. By way of comparison, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima was 16 kilotons, or the equivalent of 16,000 tons of TNT. Kanyon’s nuke would be the equivalent of 100,000,000 tons of TNT. That’s twice as powerful as Tsar Bomba, the most powerful thermonuclear weapon ever tested. Dropped on New York City, a 100-megaton bomb would kill 8 million people outright and injure 6 million more.

Kanyon is designed to attack coastal areas, destroying cities, naval bases, and ports. The mega-bomb would also generate an artificial tsunami that would surge inland, spreading radioactive contamination with the advancing water. To make matters worse there are reports the warhead is “salted” with the radioactive isotope Cobalt-60. Contaminated areas would be off-limits to humanity for up to 100 years.

Kanyon is designed to get around American ballistic missile defenses, primarily the Ground-Based Interceptor missiles based in Alaska and California. Although GBI is meant to counter small numbers of intercontinental ballistic missiles from rogue countries such as Iran and North Korea, Russia wants to make it abundantly clear that it could still penetrate U.S. defenses even if they were scaled up to deal with larger, more powerful nuclear arsenals.

Kanyon’s range and payload makes it much larger than existing torpedoes. According to submarine expert H.I. Sutton, Kanyon is 5.5 feet wide and 79 feet long, making it twice as large as a Bulava submarine launched ballistic missile. Sutton also believes the torpedo is nuclear powered.

The Russian Navy is testing Kanyon from a Sarov-class Russian Navy submarine. The unique, one-of-a-kind Sarov does not have any torpedo tubes of her own, but instead carries the nuclear-armed AUV externally attached to the pressure hull.


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Does Russia have anything similar?

How about all the assertions made by Ben Rich?

  • "We also know how to travel to the stars."

    "Anything you can imagine we already know how to do."

    "If you've seen it in Star Trek or Star Wars, we've been there and done that."

    "We have things in the Nevada desert that are alien to your way of thinking
    far beyond anything you see on Star Trek."

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As more and more countries become nuclear, and advanced countries cement their place as leaders in nuclear, the West is quickly losing their leverage. Financial war leads to Military war. And war as described in this article is unthinkable which makes financial war unthinkable. A new financial system is in the making, or else.

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Let me see now - One at LA, one straight through the Golden Gate bridge, and most of the enemies of the republic would be wiped out.  I keep telling my CA friends that Texas is a better place for high tech - now would be a good time.

So, does New California secede, or does Vlad delete Old California for them?

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While i think all your skepticism is judicious,  the Russians have been working on such delivery systems for at least 10 years. My instinct is this is actually real, although that cannot be confirmed yet. Russians are not like us - they do things with less fanfare,  underpromise and overdeliver on the military front post-2000


This site is very interesting by the way:…

And has fascinating insights on possible Russian AND US cold war submarine cable taping / mining. Might help explain the US's reticence re the USS McCain & Fitzgerald too and why Russia was quiet re it's Bosphorus ramming ...



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Ben was drinking...a lot.


Thats what they said.


We have beyond belief tech but i think it is restricted to off earth issues. Thats the deal we got from our numerous overlords.


I dont think we're allowed to use the stuff in the open for terrestrial problem areas.


Btw a 100 mgton yield is gross and would result in an absolute all out exchange. Whupping up a gigaton level device is a few months work at most. Just dial up the yield.

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It seems significant that something like this is "leaked" NOW, indicating that the highest possible stakes are being played in some kind of international geopolitical poker. We know or can guess at some reasons.  The purpose of "leaking" such information is not to suggest intent that it will ever be used, but to force the other side/s to re-evaluate their position, play by rules and negotiate in good faith.  Such revelation may take time to penetrate thick skulls.  It's the ultimate stick. Kim Jong Un's recent demonstrations are intended to serve the same purpose.

When SHTF, little people need to worry more about practical matters like breakdown in rule of law, famine and disease.

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Keeping it simple ... What value is found, today, in anything that does not support it’s own existence? How would famine and disease serve the greater good of those with the ability to survive? Once again, what value, today, is found in anything that does not support it's own weight/existence? There's some reason {{they}} have not pulled the trigger.


There’s got to be some way to trigger it !  

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