#ReleasetheMemo Dammit!!!

#Releasethememo is one of the hashtags that is correctly, in my opinion, storming social media.  I am ambivalent about hashtags but I liken them to the new graffiti.  It tells us what the “common-man” is thinking.  

This hashtag is important. Very important. The “memo” referred to is the “FISA Memo,” a four page document that may reveal the further weaponization of the federal government by the Obama Administration. I know, I know - how can Obama, the New Messiah, weaponize anything?  After all, he DID win the Nobel Peace Prize, didn't he?  

No.  Actually, he won that prize because he wasn’t George W. Bush. And he was leftist. VERY leftist.  I digress.

FISA is the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act, a court established for the government, mostly FBI, to monitor conversations in the name of national security.  As with most things in The Messiah administration, it was used, apparently, to (wait for the shock…) spy on Trump in support of the Hillary campaign.  Not a big surprise to those of us familiar with Washington under the eight years of The Messiah.  

“It’s troubling. It is shocking. Part of me wishes that I didn't read it because I don’t want to believe that those kinds of things could be happening in this country that I call home and love so much,” said North Carolina Rep. Mark Meadows.  

Believe it.  Oh buddy boy you bet your sweet patooty that you should believe it.  This is just yet another example in the long line of examples that The Messiah used the power of the government for political purposes.  Would make crazy Uncle Joe Stalin proud Comrade!! See? Uncle Joe is shedding a red tear of joy right now. 

FISA is a civil court - not criminal. It doesn’t demand probable cause as does a criminal court.  So the standards of “proof” and “evidence” are significantly lower than a criminal court.  And I can tell you from my experience with the court, it is essentially a rubber stamp, mostly, I think, because FISA judges want to err on the side of national security and entrust agencies such as the FBI to be honest and true.  Of course, that is no more - the FBI has been tainted by the stink of The Messiah and his minions.  I can still smell the stench - can you?  Smells like a camel’s crotch if you ask me. 

It is no secret The Messiah used the government for political gain.  The IRS and targeting conservatives is but one popular example.  But The Messiah came to the pulpit and exclaimed to the cheers of many (and the silence of many more) that he would use the regulatory power of the government to decide who lives and who dies (just like a good little god).  

“So if somebody wants to build a coal-powered plant, they can; its just that it will bankrupt them because there going to be charged a huge sum for all that greenhouse gas that’s been emitted,” preached The Messiah.  The founding fathers be damned - THIS is what activism looks like you stupid little Constitutionalists.  

Or, his use of OSHA to do rectal probing examinations on business that - surprise surprise - happen to trend conservative or donate to the Republican party.  

Love Trump or hate him - I don’t really care.  But if you cannot accept the fact that the government was putrified to the very rottenest degree under the coolest, classiest Messiah to grace the Oval Office, you might be Rachel Maddow.  Or CNN.  Or an idiot. Or I repeat myself. 

Mark Twain said, “If voting made any difference they wouldn’t let us do it.”  Im beginning to think he was correct.  

Release the memo. Release the memo now! Or should I say, “#Releasethememo”!



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Welcome Malice158 to the contributing editor 'pool'. The break room is next to the bathrooms, which are never cleaned and are always backed up. Plus the coffee machine is a toxic waste site. Other than that, jump right in...the water's fine. /humor

Like I said in the original ZH article on this subject, the 'memo' was/is designed to take the heat off the nearly silent passing of FISA 3.0 (The FISA Extension/Re-Auth) by the House and Senate. By pointing out the corruption in the past administration, no one is too concerned about what's going on now or might go on in the future.

Look, over there, a squirrel.

Thank God there's the memo. Now I can go back to sleep.


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The sad thing is, it may not matter if the memo is released.  I don't think those of us who have followed this saga agnostically (translation: we don't let the MSM dictate our views) will see anything new.  It won't make a difference to the SJW's.  Are there enough "neutrals" left in this country who will be swayed by the truth?

I spent some time yesterday browsing comments sections in places like Book of Faces, LA Times, and even WaPo.  The consensus among the SJW's is that the memo is something just made up by evil Repub Congressmen to distract from the holy mission of Mueller.  

And then, of course, there's the Russian bots dominating Twitter and making this silly story trend.  Never mind that we all know how easily Twitter censure it's users, but apparently they can identify some 25,000+ accounts from a Russian bot-farm, but just can't seem to find a way to shut them down.  Hmmmmmm........

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What is the matter with you?  You mean you don’t believe that a boatload of Russian bots on Twitter was what convinced a boatload of nincompoops to vote for Trump instead of Hillary?  C’mon man!

Look.  The plain fact is that electing Trump has been WAY MORE ENTERTAINING than what we would’ve had with Hillary.  She is BORING.  BEEN THERE DONE THAT, ALREADY THREW AWAY THE TEESHIRT.

If the Russian bots convinced Twitter voters Trump would be way more entertaining........let’s hear it for the bots!



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From my view, we have 2 stops left on the old commuter line to oblivion. Its almost midnight and the train is heading to a destination it will not reach.

The 2018 and 2020 elections will toll the final bell for US Elections before it becomes the new North American Hispanic Economic Zone, comprised of Central America, Mexico, and the US.

After 2020 and unless changes are made now to illegal migration and Affirmative Action Preferences given to Hispanics in the USA, nothing will matter. Once 15 to 30 million Hispanic illegals are legalized, they will have with Democrat Party support -  the ability to legalize anyone they want with open borders to chain migration. The US will see up to another 100 million migrants in short order. What would be there to stop them with automatic Democrat Party majorities?

And before all the SJW jump for joy, just ponder what that means for millions of Black Americans. But - they will have failed to protect their own interests by voting with the Democrat Party.





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Everything regarding the zionist jew supremacist construct is one huge lie !

We need to purge immediately all dual citizen israelis from our government at all levels-Now !

We need to prosecute Aipac, Zoa, Adl, Aclu, Splc, Cfr and a thousand more jew supremacist organizations under the Fara Act- Now! 

These people are the only true and most devious threat to America !

trump the orange jew needs to immediately disassociate himself from these foreign jew invaders and purge them-Now ! 

And you suckered Christian-zionists that think hugging and promoting the anti-Christ is a good thing, have surely been deceived by the demons of hell. 

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CD: "Like I said in the original ZH article on this subject, the 'memo' was/is designed to take the heat off the nearly silent passing of FISA 3.0 (The FISA Extension/Re-Auth) by the House and Senate. By pointing out the corruption in the past administration, no one is too concerned about what's going on now or might go on in the future."

NO, the memo is more likely about the following and it's a reason for the counterproductive for the Dems government shutdown (if it goes beyond 1 Feb, the date of next fed paycheck and hundreds of thousands can't pay their rent, they will find out exactly how very shallow the public's sympathy for illegal "Dreamers" (gak!) actually is) as a news diversion. The site linked to below has been connecting the dots in great detail for months:

The (Likely) Evidence Inside The “House Intel Committee Four Page FISA Memo”…
Posted on January 19, 2018


Summary of what they say at the site above:

First, corruption within the DOJ and FBI that included their unlawful use of FISA-702 exploits; and, second, how that intelligence information was extracted, passed along to those outside government, repackaged, and reconstituted into the “Steele Dossier”. The finished, albeit sketchy, intelligence was later returned to the FBI to request lawful FISA court surveillance authority. 

This may be a circular “intelligence laundering” case - the illegal use of elements within government intelligence agencies to generate and pass to private entities materials which are then submitted as privately discovered and used to legally obtain a FISA warrant for surveillance. (similar to "PARALLEL CONSTRUCTION" - Google it)

The DOJ (National Security Division), and FBI (Counterintelligence Division), worked together on the enterprise. This collaboration is where the insider “small group” participants assemble, intersect and ultimately redistribute themselves into the Mueller investigation with the help of Mueller’s adviser, FBI Chief Legal Counsel James Baker.

The evidence of this DOJ and FBI illegal weaponization of intelligence capabilities against a presidential candidate and his associates is likely to be what lies inside today’s four page Intelligence Committee Memo.

The reason for the the short Intelligence Committee Memo by Chairman Devin Nunes is simple. The underlying documentary evidence is extremely classified and a less classified version allows it to be read, as has been approved, by anyone in Congress. Also, by presenting a less classified summary which does not reveal intelligence sources or methods, Nunes is setting the stage for the memo to be released to the public, especially if the political opposition questions the validity of the memo's contents. If they time it right that will be just before the State of the Union address with enough lead time for it to sink in.

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Rod Rosenstein (RR) reportedly begged Rep Nunes to not read the FISA memo to Congress.

Qanon on Jan 18, 2017: “Why did RR draft a letter supporting JC (James Comey) termination?”

Theory - Because...

(a) Encourage Trump to fire Comey so that Rosenstein could appoint Mueller as Special Counsel against Trump. 

(b) Then Mueller could accuse Trump of obstruction in Comey’s phony Russian dossier investigation.

Both Rosenstein and Mueller were involved in the Hillary-Obama Uranium one sale to Russia.

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you don't mean dual israeli citizen rod rosenstein the jew do you? well of course you do.

It's the jew supremacists stupid !  They are the ENEMY-Period.

Purge all dual citizen israelis from all federal, state & local governments-Now !

Prosecute & shut down using the FARA act all jew supremacist foreign agent organizations ie Aipac, Aclu, Zoa, Adl, Splc, Cfr, and a thousand more- Now! 

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A, agreed 100%. Your .gov hates the little ones, IS actively trying to kill them, via poison foods / vaccines that Fatal Drug Admin, USDA deems healthy, poisoning the air w/ high altitude aerosol dispersion of nano sized particles of aluminum and other metals. Just our overlords plan for thinning the herd and keeping us manageable.

Peace, L.

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It is telling that when the memo was first released to members of Congress for review, only ONE Democrat could be bothered to actually read it.  And when they had a vote to make it public so that the public could also read it, every Democrat voted AGAINST it.  I see that WORM Adam Schiff is saying it’s just another ploy to distract from the collusion narrative that the Democrats are desperately trying to keep alive. What a pile of bile.  Just think if Hillary had gained the presidency.   All these dirty, underhanded and unlawful dealings would have been swept under the rug.  Obama, Hillary  and the majority of the Democratic base are snakes in the grass.....dirty and vile.  

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We know what the “FISA Memo” says: 

(1) April 2015 Obama gave order to set up “QUERY” to NSA privacy data on all prez candidates running against Hillary. NSA did normal audit in August 2016 and found Obama skullduggery. NSA Chief Adm Rogers ordered it stopped.

(2) April 2016 Hillary and DNC fund$ went to Fusion GPS thru Hillary’s attorneys to fictionalize a RUSSIAN DOSSIER against her main prez competition,Trump, and to obscure fact that Hillary and Obama with help of Rosenstein and Mueller, sold US Uranium to Russia to be sent to No. Korea.

(3) May 2016 CIA spy McMullin set up phony server misspelled “trump orGAINization” to fool FISA judges. Then robot talked to Russian Alfa bank. Hillary publicized it in her October 2016 tweet to fool voters.

(4) June 2016 Obama set up Trump Jr meeting with Ruskie lawyer and sent his personal “interpreter” to attend. Spy recorded it and sent data to NYT to propagate the false “Russiagate” story.

(5) August 2016 Obama and Susan Rice requested FOREIGN govt Britain (GCHQ = CIA) to spy on Trump family and team. They did. FISA had refused FBI request — so Foreign govt was used to spy on USA.

(6) October 2016 using McMullin’s phony server and Hillary’s dossier FBI (Priestap, McCabe, Stryzok “insurance”) again asked FISA to spy on Trump team. This time FISA Judge said “yes”.

(7) October 2016 Prez election propaganda blitz by Obama & Hillary & McCain against Trump using the now FISA OK’d phony spy data.

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They're all (Dems) refusing to eyeball it because of their strategy to create a false image that it’s  a doctored, partisan smear attack by those GOP Congressional members pushing for its release. Involving Russian bots, of course. 

Here is the House Intel Dems statement on it:



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