Russia Accuses US Of Carving Out "Alternative Government" In Syria As Mattis Says No Longer Focusing On Terrorism

Russia’s Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has accused the United States of working to carve out "an alternative government" on Syrian soil in statements made at a UN press briefing related to the recent Turkish military build-up poised to assault Syrian Kurdish areas of Northern Syria. Lavrov's words come after Secretary of State Rex Tillerson pledged in a speech on Wednesday that US military forces would remain in Syria indefinitely until various objectives are met, which include Syrian government transition and the curtailing of Iran's influence.

Lavrov said "It’s a fact that US forces are seriously involved in creating alternative government bodies on vast part of the Syrian territory. And this, of course, absolutely contradicts their own obligations, which they committed to on numerous occasions, including at the UN Security Council, on maintaining the sovereignty and the territorial integrity on Syria."


Image via Anadolou News Agency

The Russian FM further accused the US of contradicting its previous claim that US troops - which number at least 2,000 according to recent Pentagon statements - were only in Syria to fight the Islamic State and not wage a proxy war against the Syrian government and its allies.

The prior US policy of regime change in Syria, which began under the Obama administration and intensified under a CIA program, was something many analysts perceived that President Trump had abandoned - consistent with earlier campaign promises. In the summer of last year Trump shut down the CIA program - widely reported to be the agency's largest covert program - even while boosting support for the Pentagon program to arm and train the predominately Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF).

"Rex Tillerson told me many times that the only reason for their presence there [in Syria] is defeating Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISL). Now they have some much more long-standing plans," Lavrov said further of the inconsistency in US policy. "We will have to take this into account and look for solutions that won’t allow the destruction of Syrian sovereignty."

At the start of this week the Pentagon rolled out with deeply controversial plans for the US coalition in Syria to establish a 30,000-strong new border security force primarily utilizing the SDF, which many analysts see ultimately as a US commitment to the partitioning of Syria along ethnic and sectarian lines. And Russia has now issued a formal complaint alleging as much. 

Meanwhile US Defense Secretary James Mattis unveiled a bit of a foreign policy 180 when in a speech on Friday he said that US national security focus was no longer terrorism, but "competition between great powers." He said the US faced "growing threats from revisionist powers as different as China and Russia," while unveiling a new national defense strategy.



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“It’s important we defeat ISIS.”

-Heather Nauert State Dept.


”It’s important we continue to arm, train & fund I CIA SIS terror organizations with the goal of destabilizing & toppling the Assad regime.”


The only thing propping up the Petro Dollar is the Phony War on Terror.  Continuation of the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Psychopath at Large, Bush Doctrine & the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA’s “Policy” of arming, funding & training terror organizations since the days of the Mujahaideen.

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Chup..., exactly.

Russia should DEMAND immediate withdrawl of troops and the psych ops of the see eye ah. target these see i ah fuks. take em out, one by one.

otherwise, russia is another puffer talk bullshit gov entity playing the ussa game without action. confront usa with ultimatums. it is called war games with results. take it to the mad dog. see it he has a bite.

usa will back down with tail between legs to avoid a direct confrontation imo...

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Russia knows it is no military match for US, and it still has a tough row to hoe in the world press because Washington still pulls most of the media levers actoss the world, at least where it matters. Unlikely the US will back down; there's a colour revolution on its way to Ankara in 3 - 2 - 1 ....

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Mattis looks and speaks like he is suffering from Alzheimers.

I find 'Mad Cow' the more appropriate name for him, than Mad Dog.

Then again, the entire 'Foreign Policy' of the USA suffers from Alzheimers.


Until last century, the splendid isolation provided for a great deal of security of the USA.

Not so much now. With open borders and sanctuary states, cities and institutions, you are inviting your worst enemies to undermine your liberties and securities with no military invasion. A great strategy to opress your original freedom, values and liberties!

The geographic situation is great for a nation that will only defend its borders.

For an agressive empire the geo location means huge costs for exporting troops, equipment and mainting bases literally everywhere around the globe. This alone will eventually bankrupt the USA.

Russia and China, on the other hand do not follow expansionist policies. So their main agenda is to defend their homeland, fight internal dangers such as terrorism and separatism (both of which are again -at least in part- funded by the USA and its alies) and imminent threats to their limited strategic interests. Ukaine, Syria and South China Sea come to mind.

So, Mad cow Mattis may well identify Russia and China as the main rivals/threats to USA hegemony worldwide, but he cannot provide a plan to fight them for another half century on a financially sustainable basis.

The sad fact is, that the total dependency on galactic and ever growing debt and its basis; the Petro Dollar does not allow the USA to even consider a peacful co-existence, that would limit military spending abroad to a few expeditions here and there.

As long as the USA follows the Brzinsky doctrines, it only digs its own grave deeper each day. 


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The fall of the US Dollar is a done deal. The US government is still in denial mode. They will probably start another war to attempt to stop it but that will only further reveal the credibility trap the US has willfully jumped into. The world sees this for what it is and yet the US thinks they still have everyone fooled. How delusional can the US be? The US wanted Assad out and a new US government in for years so as to pillage Syria's natural resources, block transport of natural gas/oil and install the usual suspects of the cartel banking system. This is the playbook they've used for decades.

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As things keep goin from just 'bad'... to even 'moar worser'... for the crew of 'death to amerika/hurrah for hizbooolah' talmudic trolls with the mostest ever growing groaning boards o crow in front of their twisted snozzles...

this weekend will provide a de-liteful opportunity for truth in media guerrilleros to lob even more shrapnel into the strangling ranks of those sorry assed wanks...

starting with

"Despite the political disagreements between the Syrian government and Kurdish PYD, the former will continue to allow YPG units to reinforce the Afrin Canton from within their territory in Aleppo."


\'During the press conference, Lavrov Commented on the situation in Syrian Afrin, denying that Russia had withdrawn troops from the city. Turkish news agency Anadolu previously reported that Russian military had been leaving Afrin.\'

as entrees to our main course. Luv the smell o cooked goose... baked "alt-right skank... or ribs o crow drippin with the special sauce o 'special geniuses'>>????

WELL THEN... nows yur chance... TO COME ON DOWN... TO BOBEES K/R/O/W/ mobile broadcastin CHUCK WAGON WHERE we spare no effort in spearin the truth-fearin TRUMPTARDS AROASTIN on our spits...

mmmm.... \get me some dat!\ - fel.temp.reparatio

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he he heh...

in the absence of any kind of effective rebuttal to the 'butt-kickin' what be your fates here butt bouys...

your stroking of your (disconnected)vote buttons is the online equivalent of watching

your jihadi heroes break n run from the YPG women's brigades in sheer terror... and then dress up in stolen ladies burkhas to try n slip away into the night!

yur scraggly beards are showin!

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I've seen you write coherent, sensible text - I know you can do it. I can't even be bothered to try and decipher your senseless nonsense - life is too short.

As a possibly unwelcome piece of advice - if you have something to say - try saying it, clearly and concisely. As it stands, you are less welcome than Slack Jack's cut&paste environmental nonsense, and certainly less useful in the grand scheme of things.

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You seem even moar confused and upset than usual, dude/dudette/hermaphrodite/whatever!

Having short time back pronounced yourself 'finished' with trying to parse my 'indecipherable' ciphers... here you are... agin... whining about the injustice of it all - forced to read what you'll never be able to understand, bothered by life's brevity of opportunities, bemoaning  the apparent MAGNETIC attraction of BOBEES hamster wheel o  tard training...

Ha ha ha.... good to see ya back. Now then, pull yur skirts down, and put yur legs together... time for fool skool!

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I am trying hard to remember what exactly is the correct mental health term for an individual who must write to himself in order to get the attention one so desperately needs.

I know its out there somewhere.  Best of luck to you.  

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Greetings Bob:

The US ME policy is a harlett succombed to a heroin habit by its hebrew harem, hollowed and haunted by Nikky Haley's a[h]mends.

This uninvited unwelcomed usurper of undesirable abounds is bound by her Jeweress' chains ahead of the unbeknownst hour-at-hand; home is but a homily by a heinous whore of Theodore Herlz...

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Peter Cushing was a great actor

One of my favorites. Let's work with that... in the light of our interminable wait for someone/anyone

to attempt some kind of effort at a comeback bearing the remotest relation to the subject of my opening comment... in which I (once agin!)eviscerated tardnational tendencies to transgress the bounds of 'truth in media'

instead of (once agin!)attempting to knaw at the shoestrings of the only person present possessing any on hand knowledge of the contested area and the forces fulminating within it.

Now then... where were we? Ah yes... Cushing and Christopher Lee... the twin towers of the horror genre. Whose art n artifice suits as well this site as any might! They were, you see, serial pranksters of the most subtle kind, whose poking fun at themselves, their milieu, and their audience was a part of the now lost practice of 'the gentleman'... a concept profoundly foreign to the Roger Stone imitators, fascistic-tinged collection of catamites, swamp critters, and more or less microbial-level holdovers of deservedly extinct evolutionary experiments such as collect on this site like bugs on a windshield.

BECAUSE OF the INIMITABLE nature of this high point of humorous, tongue in cheek type of action which the duo were masters of, latter day imitators simply fell into the form of the metier with no ability at all to match its 'spirit... which is a cautionary lesson for those who imagine themselves here in some way 'equipped' to enter the hallowed halls of the gentlemanly art of intellectual pugilism, when indeed they hold nought but a cudgel for a tongue, and a turgid soup of venomous imprecations in place of any form of wit, grace or repartee. 

Those... he he heh... 'old men' among us who gained a mastery of all of those qualities - through their own merit alone - can only look sadly at the measure by which things have fallen over our lifetimes....

no more - Hammer Studies - no more COBO Hall death matches - no more journalism, real news, or even opponents with the cojones to get into the ring. Instead of gems of cinematic art such "Man in Black"... we are forced to suffer... endless episodes of "Maniac in Orange" ... in a "White House" gone mad with wretched casts offs from failed Hollywood script pitches!

Yur move... bitchez!

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And an alliterative 'allo to you, JSB!

As the mischievous spirit of real resistance 'infects' the mien of mensch no longer mislead by the mendacious milieu which we find ourselves amidst here...

pure poetics replaces the putrid pouts and puerile postulations o ponces and nancybouys lured into service to satans of the talmudic kind.

And as they further flush themselves down the drain of their own mendacious stain upon the heritage of the peeples of the west...

we're in no rush to end their pain

and merely apply the lush harmonics and symphonic strings of a soundtrack apropos to the bitter refrain

of buttheads hoist pon their petards!

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If I didn't know better I'd say u have a little Irish blood in ye... kissed the Blarney stone maybe ? We have a way of turning a simple phrase into a novel... I'm not overly afflicted with this gift but appreciate people, whatever their lineage, who are so endowed...

BobEore for POTUS !!

The tweets alone would be exquisite & baffling to the ewes & rams.. so worth it... ☺

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Bait and switch is easy for US Administrations.

As easy as Trump grabbing a social-climbing babe by her pussy.

Lavrov got his verbose pussy fondled... and Reset.

Free tip to Lavrov: Study all the Deals that successive US Presidents made Chiefs of Native Americans, and correlate to "Promises kept".

(Hint: Zero)

Q: Do the Ruskies have a Learning Disability, or does their Vodka laced Hopium drink prevent them from thinking clearly? Suckers!

Forget Chess. Try Game Theory.

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Eyes Opened HRClinton Sat, 01/20/2018 - 03:39 Permalink

Perhaps Lavrov is simply publicly stating the obvious in the vain hope the MSM will give some coverage and a few more sheeple will see US hypocracy for what it is....the awakening is happening, if rather slowly....


Btw... comparing game theory to the treatment of native americans is making a lame excuse for savagery & psycopathy of POTUS's and the "new" muricans..."game theory" ... it was NOT... 

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No, the US (together with support from Britain, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Jordan and more indirect support from other NATO nations) did not "AID" ISIS.  This US-led effort RADICALIZED, RECRUITED, TRAINED, ARMED, DEPLOYED and PAID ISIS, ISIL and IS (Daesh) to be insurgent terrorists in order to seize and occupy turf in Iraq and Syria, and in other theatres of interest in the world, such as in Afghanistan and the Philippeans. All the US is doing now is redeploying them, and you will find many of these mercs have been sent to reinforce the Kurdish held Syrian turf.  In Syria ISIS was created and deployed because of the lagging effort of the so-called "moderate" terrorist insurgents, payed by the same bosses to unseat Assad and fragment the country. None of this is theory. It is now all fact . Except for the lying MSM and the brainwashed, braindead people tuned into it, the rest of the world knows all of this. ISIS was created to be the most ruthless and feared Muslim terrorist organization in the world, which the US "officially" with its fake media and fake politicians ostensibly condemned. With all of the murder and mayhem caused by ISIS in Syria, the US 9/11 false flag is just child's play.


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Lavrov looks like an overweight John Kerry and makes about as much sense.


Ahhh, lurking John Kerry fans.


Jilted Herman Munster fans perhaps? ;-)

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Apparently some around here are under the impression that because I point out Russia colluding with Christopher Steele to provide Hillary with false "intelligence" to give to an American federal court that I am (somehow) a Russian fan boi.

Nothing could be further from the truth.

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So you agree with the borders of Syria (or Jordan or Iraq) as constituted by the collapse of the Ottoman Empire and agreed to by euro-peon empires do you?

Well, I'm not sure the people of those lands do, no matter what arbitrary elitist agreements were made in the past.

Force is all that matters.

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