Central Bank Of Russia Adds A Record 223 Tons Of Gold In 2017

Submitted by Louis Cammarosano  of Smaulgld

The Russian Central Bank added 300,000 ounces (9.3 tons) of gold to its reserves in December, bringing the total acquisitions of the precious metal in 2017 to a record 223 tons.

Since June 2015, the Central Bank of Russia has added over 558 tons of gold, and December’s 9.3 ton addition brings the official Russian gold holdings to 1838.211 tons; the sixth most of any nation, close behind the People’s Bank of China. In dollar terms, Russia's gold reserves are now worth $76.647 billion and constitute 17.7% of overall Russian reserves.

Meanwhile, Russian holdings of U.S. Treasuries were just above $100 billion for eighth month in a row.

The message - as Russia continues to add gold to its official reserves while keeping its holdings of US Treasurys generally unchanged - needs no explanation.



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Russia has 76 billion worth of GOLD ! 

The mathematics of this are - Gold should be three times of four times higher - making the value of Russian GOLD 228 billion ! 

The tradional ‘Gold Standard’ is set at a ratio of 10/1 ! 

So Russia could print fiat equaling 2.28 TRILLION ! 

That is a pretty FUCKING healthy economy - considering Russia has very little debt !!! 


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$76B in gold is still only 10% of what Henry Paulson conjured up out of thin air to bail out the banks because it "seemed about right."  And the $750B still buys ten times as much gold, ten years later.  Imagine how much real labor and resources Russia had to expend to acquire the gold.  We're all owned.

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The message - as Russia continues to add gold to its official reserves while keeping its holdings of US Treasurys generally unchanged - needs no explanation.

Could be the rum...or maybe I’m just stupid...but I think it does require an explanation.

Anyone care to ring in. I guess the first explanation that has me scratching my head is why the fuck would Russia hold ANY treasuries from a nation openly hostile to them? A close second mystery to me is why they didn’t dump every damn one of them the minute sanctions were passed by our congressional dildos.


Any help would be great. 

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The Russian central bank, set up under the second wave of Judaic control (Communism was the first), is privately owned, by the usual parties, and requires rubles to be issued only against the US dollars in Russian reserves. The bank's charter binds Russia to the jurisdiction of London courts. Russia has been piling up gold, with China, and developing an alternative to the SWIFT system to get ready to challenge all that. That would in effect be an act of war against the Judaic order. It's taken Russia a long time to get ready for that. A Russian, Nikolai Starikov, blogs on these issues.


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You forgot to mention India...You forgot to mention we are en route to a full return of the Gold Standard and your delusional "Judaic control" comment is more than inaccurate,it's an insult and it's incorrect. 

The BRETTON WOODS SYSTEM was a UN creation.

The IMF and IBRD were the creators ,Keynes was ignored and FYI :

Jim Yong Kim is not a Jew and neither is Yawar Shah.





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