Canadian Billionaire Couple Was Murdered, Private Investigators Say

The family of Barry and Honey Sherman were right to doubt that their parents would've taken their lives in what police initially suspected to be a murder-suicide, because a bombshell report from a team of private investigators published on Saturday concluded that the couple were both murdered, and then their bodies were arranged to make it look like a suicide. Multiple killers likely participated in the killings, the New York Post reported...

Multiple killers played a role in the deaths of Barry and Honey Sherman - contrary to the widely-circulated murder-suicide theory initially leaked by law enforcement, sources told CBC News, citing a parallel probe by a team of investigators hired by the couple’s family.

A real estate agent who was selling the $5.4 million home had discovered pharmaceutical mogul Barry, 75, and Honey, 70, dead on Dec. 15.

There was no evidence of forced entry into the home, which the couple was trying to sell.

Both husband and wife were hanging from a railing alongside the basement lap pool; initial autopsy results revealed both had died from “ligature neck compression.”

The private investigators are former Toronto homicide detectives who are now painting a more complete picture of the death scene: and it points to a double murder after an extended struggle, likely two days before the bodies were discovered, CBC said.


When their bodies were discovered, both Barry and Honey had leather belts around their necks that were also knotted around the pool’s handrail, the CBC said a source intimate with the private eyes’ investigation revealed. But both bodies were in an upright, seated position on the floor near the pool.

The detectives found evidence that Honey struggled before dying, bleeding out on the floor before being moved to the position where she was found. There was also evidence to suggest that the couple was, at one point shortly before their deaths, bound together.

Honey likely struggled before her death.

“She had cuts on her lip and nose, and was sitting in a pool of her own blood when she was discovered,” the CBC wrote.

“However, there was comparatively little blood apparent on her upper-body clothing, suggesting that she had been face-down on the tile, bleeding, for some time before being bound to the handrail in an upright position,” the CBC wrote.

Tellingly, the wrists of both Honey and Barry showed marks indicating they had at one point been bound together, according to the CBC’s source.

Whoever the killers were - and the private eyes believe it would have taken more than one - they took whatever was used to bind the couple’s wrists with them when they left the house, the source told CBC.

"Their bodies were otherwise limp and their arms unbound when they were discovered."

The motivation for the murder remains murky. The billionaire philanthropists faced some financial woes in the months before their deaths. Barry, the husband, was also fighting dozens of lawsuits associated with the family fortune and his former pharmaceutical company, Apotex.

Family members said the couple was delighted in the recent birth of a grandchild, and was excited about traveling to a Miami condo.


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"The detectives found evidence that Honey struggled before dying, bleeding out on the floor before being moved to the position where she was found."

How is this a problem for the official state determination of suicide?  She killed herself and then moved her own body to make it look like murder.

Seriously, folks, this is why FAMILY MATTERS.  I thank God for mine every day.  If you don't have family you trust and get along with there is NOBODY out there going to be looking out for you or demanding justice if you are ever killed.

BTW- If I turn up mysteriously dead someday, 99% chance my wife did it.  Mean as a snake she is.  Told me she's the only one allowed to kill me.  Nobody else gets the satisfaction.


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cheka Gap Admirer Mon, 01/22/2018 - 15:47 Permalink

these words almost always depict evil mfs:  billionaire philanthropists

not unlikely they fcked over the wrong people this time


it fell into the family drug dealing business, from wiki:

Sherman was born to a Jewish family in Toronto[5] and attended Forest Hill Collegiate Institute. His father died when Bernard was still young.[6]

During high school and while at the University of Toronto, Sherman often worked for his uncle Louis Lloyd Winter, at his Empire Laboratories, then Canada's largest wholly owned pharmaceutical company.[10] When his uncle would travel, Sherman often helped watch over the operations

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californiagirl auricle Mon, 01/22/2018 - 15:55 Permalink

Apotex supplied generic drugs to Clinton foundation in Haiti and Rwanda. Apotex also donated medicine and supplies to the Clinton Foundation efforts in Puerto Rico in 2017.  They seem well connected to the Clintons.…

It could also be an orphaned cousin.…


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Jumanji1959 Kayman Mon, 01/22/2018 - 21:18 Permalink

Billionaires will continue to be wiped out.  They bully the masses to make more but sooner or later "blow back" will punch their lights out.  This guy was known to be a stickler even with regular people via lawsuits. At a certain point it was as if he wanted to pass a fast one on regular joes besides pharmaceuticals.  He pissed someone that didn't take too well to getting fucked over.


When you are that rich, just let some deals go.  But this guy was known to open lawsuits. Like his current home cost $3.2 million but sued the contractor and architects to win $2 million back.  Petty for a guy who had money.  This couple were killed by pros.

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Swampthedrain auricle Mon, 01/22/2018 - 20:32 Permalink

They just don't want to go down the rabbit hole and uncover 1% ties/a can of worms etc.   Too messy.  So, they pawn it off as suicide to see if that sticks and to garner tips from people that believe otherwise.  Seems like in the US these "suicides" or murders go pretty much unchallenged if the authorities deem it's in their interest to label it as that i.e. Seth Rich, Michael Hastings etc.  Authorities get backed by the legal system and lamestream media and it's move along folks.

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Actually the murders may have something to do with the couple working with the despicable Corrupt Clinton and her philandering husband during the Haitian rip-off. Something to do with both the amount of, and the quality of the drugs that Honey-bear's husband shipped to that shit-hole nation.

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Buck Johnson Jumanji1959 Tue, 01/23/2018 - 11:03 Permalink

Trust me, he and his wife and his company are most likely into some shady things and as one commentor said they just don't want to dig to deeply and find out this is a lot bigger and could drag more individuals in it.

This was most likely a hit that was done by the cousins so that their lawsuits could go through and they hope they can get some money. 

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... never been happier in his life..."I've decided to slow down."...

Don't tell me, he's decided to devote the remainder of his days to prayer. That's seen by some as a penance for previous sins committed against the innocent, but who knows, some may see it as a blessed reprieve from a life of struggle.

What do you say Mr. Pope? (not to say that a life spent continuously on OXY is altogether generically to be considered as a struggle, but as I recall a line from Alvin Lee, "it's a hard life with the junkie blues".)

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