Estonia To Issue 'How To Prepare For War' Leaflets To 1.3 Million Citizens

As the world marches closer to war, countries in Europe are rushing to educate and prepare their civilian populations for military conflict with Russia.

Last week, for the first time since World War II, Sweden’s government announced that it would soon distribute some 4.7 million civil defense brochures to its citizens, warning them about the onset of war.

In the latest installment of war preparations, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reports that the government of Estonia is preparing to send some 1.3 million civil defense brochures to its citizens, with instructions of what do in the event of a significant crisis or war, said Brig. Gen. Martin Herem of the Estonian Defence Forces in an interview with Postimees.

“When it will be published, I do not know. But work is in progress,” said Brig. Gen. Herem. According to the Postimees, the Ministry of the interior is currently “coordinating work on the brochure.”

Estonia, a former Soviet republic that borders Russia, is now a member of NATO, meaning the United States and Europe are obligated by treaties to defend it. When analyst and policymakers war game scenarios between the United States and Russia, they usually point to the Estonia–Russia border as the highest probable area of where conflict in Europe could breakout besides Ukraine.

The largest Baltic state, Lithuania, in late 2016 issued a 75-page “how to survive another Russian occupation” manual for its citizens called; “Prepare to survive emergencies and war.”

All three Baltic states (Estonia, Latvia, & Lithuania) have been invaded and occupied by Russia in the past. However, the Baltic states are now under NATO control, which has made Russian aggression into Europe somewhat complicated, because it would trigger war.

Earlier this month, the U.S. Air Force deployed a squadron of F-16s to Estonia to strengthen air defenses in the region.

Twelve F-16s and nearly 300 Airmen from the 180th Fighter Wing, Ohio Air National Guard, deployed Jan. 14, 2018, as the 112th Expeditionary Fighter Squadron to Amari Air Base, Estonia, as part of a theater security package. Approximately 75 Airmen from the 52nd Fighter Wing, Spangdahlem Air Base, Germany, will support the 112th EFS for this mission as well, according to U.S. Air Forces in Europe and Air Forces Africa.

Last week, Estonian public broadcaster ERR reported that B-52 bombers of the U.S. Air Force took part in an exercise in Estonian airspace. “Cooperation practice with heavy bombers are a good opportunity to practice massive air strikes against ground targets,” said the acting chief of the Estonian Air Force, Col. Riivo Valge.

War preparations in Europe appear to be in the final stages. European governments are now conditioning their civilian populations with manuals of what to expect in a wartime environment. Throughout history, this type of pre-conditioning usually occurs right before a major military operation. Across Europe, military assets are positioned across the land pointing at Russia. The writing is on the wall; war is pending.


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The idea that Russia would risk a large scale war with USA by invading a NATO country is idiotic. They would never do it, the whole idea is stupid to the core. Russia's GDP is only the size of Spain's - it is less than 7% of USA's GDP. Not to mention the fact that Russian money is very much parked in the western banking system.


So all this crap means the west is planning something themselves.

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these 3 states are corrupt, the cia buys the people in charge with swiss bank accounts filled with freshly printed out of thin air usd , they will play to the us tune and become the laughing stock of the world.

The entire world know that Russia has no design on these 3 states and they will fail on their own and will beg to rejoin Russia because they are isolated where they are geographically and the us as usual has no money to support them because they still want to suckle the tits of a super power as it is difficult to remove the lazy from them.

In a couple of years once they are totally broke and out of NATO the'll go knocking on Russia's door to find out that Russia has no interest in supporting these useless 3 failed states that offer absolutely nothing to Russia.   

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 Everyone in these countries does business with holy mother Russia which constitutes the majority of their GDP, notwithstanding Russian minorities there as well. Do you really think smoked sprats constitute their sole economic income? Why would Russia or these 3 states shatter economic opportunities? 

Doesn't make any sense of course, unless the double nationals would be up to something. 

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land_of_the_few ShadowHedge Wed, 01/24/2018 - 03:36 Permalink

Estonia has less GDP now than in 2008. If that's growth, it sure would be interesting to see what contraction looks like.

Latest figures from mid-2017 looking particularly scary.

"Estonia GDP Growth Rate latest value is 0.30 percent, it is ranked as the 15th world's lowest gdp growth rate. Forecast: 1 percent. "

Ireland's looking pretty peachy currently though

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That is only because the dollar was going through a strong phase, and the local currency, EUR, denominated in dollars, was worth less. This is now over, with EUR rising in value.

The idea of denominating all GDP in dollars is idiotic idiotic idiotic. Did I say its idiotic?

If you denominate everything in dollars, GDP of Estonia will have risen by 3% in the last 3 WEEKS!

Also, 2008 was the peak of a real estate debt bubble. The structure of the economy today is radically different from ten years ago.

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Lex_Luthor land_of_the_few Wed, 01/24/2018 - 10:43 Permalink

Yes, that is correct if you measure the GDP in central-bankers notes... but the real output has to be somewhat different. You see... they manufacture iphones in China. An iphone is the real GDP... how come one iphone contributes only $100 to Chinese output and $800 to the US's if it was produced by China? So you see, the GDP figures could be crappy indicator.

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Only thing Russia might do is take the strip of land between Kaliningrad and Belarus. That would leave the 3 baltic states completely isolated. And there are a lot of Russian speakers in the region of Kaunas anyway.

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Half the working populations of these Baltic states are working abroad, mostly in the U.K. Sending money home. Helping the decline of the U.K. and the raising of standards at home. No wonder they are aggrieved at the U.K. decision to leave the EU.

Thoresen ShadowHedge Wed, 01/24/2018 - 05:03 Permalink…

And that was 2 years ago. As for Estonians motivations, you'll have to ask one.

And I didn't say that half of Estonians were working in the U.K. if you read my post correctly.

Edit. Just realised that you don't read posts properly and that you've only been around for one month (as a down voter.)

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Ever since Estonia got rid of commies, its population declines every day and now it's on level of 60s, so the Russians don't even need to attack it.

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World is not marching closer to war, assholes. It is being desperately pushed towards war by some people desperate enough to see war as a solution but I don't know a single person in civvie street who fancies it. It's only your Stoltenbergs and other cowards of the world. So go pound, warmongers, no one is interested and Russia least of all.

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It's not external war that these guides are being issued for, in Estonia or anywhere else, it's the breakdown of society and the imposition of martial law. This will be 'necessitated' by economic collapse and/or citizen attacks on the invaders (i.e. gimmigrants).

It will be blamed on ....... (insert national boogeyman here, probably The Russians, or it may be Far Right Elements, etc)

In fact it will be a last desperate attempt by the politicians to avoid a lamp-post necktie. It will fail.

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I doubt there is very little support among Europeans to come to the rescue of 3 small countries in the Baltics. The US might be willing to risk Europe's well being and welfare (after all, it is not continental America where a war with Russia will be fought) but Europeans not that much.

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Russia and Putin are controlled by Western bankers.  The Russians are not in Syria to defend Syrian or Kurdish or Turkish or even RUSSIAN interests.


Putin himself is an anglozionist.


Putin and his oligarch collaborators are propping up the anglozionist regime by BACKING the anglozionist DOLLAR with Russian oil and gas, and Russian international arms sales, all of which are conducted and transacted in anglozionist dollars.


It is disingenuous to claim that the Russians are doing all that they can to stop the Americans or the Israelis under the circumstances. Putin can STOP the Israelis and the Americans without firing a single bullet let alone an S-400 rocket, simply by repudiating the DOLLAR. STOP selling valuable Russian oil and gas for anglozionist dollars. The Russians just sold Russian gas to the Americans CHEAPER than the Americans themselves produce it for, in America:… 


The dollar is WORTHLESS and ILLEGAL according to the Constitution of the United States itself!  All Putin and the Russians have to do is, cite the US Constitution and pull the plug on the economic foundation of the the anglozionist MIC by publicly acquiescing the ILLEGALITY of the FRNs a.k.a the US dollar.  


NO ONE is going to fire nukes in anger to Russia for the "crime" of respecting the US Constitution, as some disingenuous trolls are suggesting!


Yes, Why does Putin keep supporting America and Israel if he's not a zionist? Why does the Russian government give away Russian natural resources and Russian arms essentially for free (I.e. against illegal thus worthless dollars) when it can turn off the economic spigot that feeds the anglozionist Beast?


The Russian central bank has been owned and controlled by the City of London banking establishment since the creation of the new Russian Constitution under Yeltsin.  The Russians are forbidden to issue their own currency the rouble without permission from Western bankers, and the Russians can only buy US Treasuries with the dollars they get for their oil, not gold.  There are more American dollar assets than Russian rouble-denominated wealth in Russia:…


Russians collaborate with the Americans, the Israelis and the Saudis.  NO Israeli or American jet was ever prevented from bombing and killing Syrians.  Russians sell sophisticated S-400s both to NATO member Turkey and the Saudi Arabs who recently crucified a child to death for refusing Islam.  


Russia would not compromise Russian national security by selling S-400s to NATO unless Russia was in bed with America and Israel.


Even the Soviet Union effectively BACKED the American dollar with Russian oil and gas by selling them for its purported enemy's financial means of mass extortion a.k.a the dollar, so there is nothing new under the sun.


Why is Putin selling Russian oil for dollars or other Western fiat currencies which include the euro and, yes, the yen?


It would be in ALL Russian residents' interests to demand Russian roubles or gold in trade for Russian oil and gas.  This would force buyers to sell dollars and euros in order to acquire roubles which thus had become necessary to buy Russian oil, thereby raising the value of the rouble--just like this process does the same for the dollar.  


The Russian oligarchs that some are intimating their deference to, would also personally greatly benefit from the rise in value of their rouble-denominated Russian assets.  Unless they were not truly RUSSIAN oligarchs, yes?


That Putin and the so-called Russian oligarchs are refusing to demand roubles or gold for Russian oil PROVES that they are traitors serving foreign interests, in view of the common knowledge facts I delineated above.


Note: My aim is to expose the fact that the ruling classes the world over are in reality co-conspirators working in tandem against the interests of their very own respective populations they rule over.










Never forget.


silverer Maestro Maestro Wed, 01/24/2018 - 08:33 Permalink

"Russia and Putin are controlled by Western bankers."

I don't buy that western control thing.  Because Russia has only a 16% debt to GDP, most of which is internally financed.  Russians are too smart to borrow from Western banks.  Sanctions, sanctions, sanctions.  Want to know who has control?  Look at who owns the gold.

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As an expat American now living in Ukraine and Russia, Russia does NOT a war !!!!

If a war starts, it will be caused by NATO and the U.S. to cover up their failing monetary systems. "When all else fails, go to war."

Of course, there will be a "FALSE-FLAG" event by the U.S. and NATO which will be blamed on the Russians. Hopefully, however, Trumps talks with Putin and the Chinese leadership (Yes! They have been communicating regularly - you just have not read it in the Western media) will be sufficient to stop anything before it gets too serious.

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Russia could just load up Kaliningrad with hundred thousand troops and lots of equipment.


Why fight in Europe when USA can just be wiped out? That would be ideal...Get rid of USA now. Even if normal mericans try and overtake the evil shitheads in DC the shit will still happen in EU.