Watch A Comedian Shred CNN's Regime Change Talking Points In Under A Minute

This could well be one of the most epic less-than-60-second devastating take-down of just about every mainstream media lie on Syria... In case you missed it, an entire panel of guests revolted against well-known conservative commentator S.E. Cupp's demands that the US "do something" to remove the Assad government during a segment on her CNN HLN show late last week, but it was a comedian that delivered the final death blow, calling Cupp's recycled regime change talking points "insane".  

Cupp has for years argued that "US inaction" is to blame for Syria's woes and has been a consistent and prominent voice on the right calling for increased and more direct military action in the Syrian war - even as top US officials and Pentagon and intelligence insiders have since been very blunt in stating the obvious that only al-Qaeda and ISIS would fill the vacuum should the Assad government be removed by military force.

S.E. Cupp: "Isn't it time to do something in Syria in a full-throated way?"

During a recent Syria panel discussion on "SE Cupp Unfiltered," she revisited the idea of regime change, posing the question for the panel: "isn't it time to do something in Syria in a full-throated way?"

For hawks like Cupp, nothing is ever enough apparently, even as Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has pledged that US forces will occupy... remain in Syria for an indefinite amount of time to support proxy SDF forces on the ground, primarily to "counter Iran" while seeking "political transition" in Damascus.

She introduced the segment with a heatedly emotional appeal to her guest panelists, pleading we "must do something" because "500,000 people died while we did nothing" and arguing that "ignoring all of this... the chemical weapons, ISIS, al-Qaeda, Hezbollah, Iran, Russia... it just gets worse". Cupp later answered her own question, saying that solving the crisis "is completely possible if you get rid of Assad". 

But the panel wasn't buying it. In a rare moment for mainstream network television, the entire group of panelists revolted with each commentator getting more blunt in their pushback against Cupp than the last - until finally stand-up comedian and libertarian commentator Dave Smith apparently couldn't take Cupp's smug clichéd and recycled talking points anymore.

Smith - though not some usual think tank blowhard that frequents such foreign policy debate panels - expertly schooled Cupp and dismantled her every assumption, demonstrating that it has been precisely US action in the region that has fueled the crisis in Syria, starting with the 2003 invasion of Iraq and continuing with the CIA program to arm the anti-Assad insurgency in Syria. And he did it all in under 60 seconds.

"...The most ridiculous plan that I've heard yet... This is insane... ISIS rose because we overthrew Saddam Hussein and then we armed ISIS," Smith said.  

Watch the full clip below (stand-up comic Dave Smith comes in at the 1:55 mark): 

Smith's epic diatribe met with no resistance. He said: 

"Regime change has been an absolute nightmare everywhere that we've had it. And the idea that we're going to go into a civil war and take both sides out is of all of these wars the most ridiculous plan that I've heard yet.

And as far as standing back while hundreds of thousands of people die - no one seems to have a problem with doing that in Yemen right now because it's not the regime that we want to overthrow, it's the regime we support doing it.

This is insane! ISIS did not rise because we pulled out of Iraq because of a bad decision - we pulled out on Bush's timeline because we had to because the government of Iraq was no longer going to protect our troops against war crimes.

ISIS rose because we overthrew Saddam Hussein and then we armed ISIS. We need to not intervene in this part of the world - it's an immoral war, it's an illegal war. Syria has not attacked America. We have no legitimate reason for our defense to be there, and this is exactly what Obama promised not to do, and what Trump promised not to do."

Apparently, S.E. Cupp couldn't come up with any better response other than to half-heartedly say, "I disagree"... before quickly ending the segment.


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Yeah well, that gets no traction ...

Btw, I have never heard of SE Cupp , born Sarah Elizabeth ..

Cupp, Cupp, a guy could do a lot with that material ..

Tugg McFancy Tue, 01/23/2018 - 18:46 Permalink

Where do they find these people? I've marveled at this SE Cupp idiot over the past few years. She's as stupid as my old cum rag and as far as I can tell her only qualification is the bounce of her still somewhat youthful titties, glasses to give the appearance of looking smart to idiots who watch cable TV and being a female.

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Smith's right

Cupp is wrong.What...the FUCK is she sucking on? MIC cock by the bushel basket?

Glad I don't watch this daily effluvium of endless yapping and yammering.....

I monitor it.....kind of like smelling someone's shit detritus when you walk into a bathroom that someone freshly shat in.....



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Political agenda ...

Same as it ever was


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Tuesdays Gone again



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Imagine for ten seconds what the country would look like if somebody took out Washington and New York.   Every place would be looted.   The cops would be hunted and the factions would tear each other apart.

True Blue Tue, 01/23/2018 - 18:54 Permalink

Who is this dullard with a name straight out of a bad Cinemax porn? S. E. Cupp? Really? This is considered a credible 'journalist'?

I am so very glad I don't bother with mainstream 'news' anymore.

Chupacabra-322 Tue, 01/23/2018 - 18:55 Permalink

Cunt’s only retort was to disagree with irrefutable Fact that the Pure Evil War Criminal Treasonous Seditious Psychopaths at the CIA Have been arming, funding & training I CIA SIS Terror Organizations since the days of the Mujahaideen.

That is the Crux of the Poney War on Terror & breaks the Presstitute’s False Narrative PsyOp.  

MusicIsYou Tue, 01/23/2018 - 18:56 Permalink

Since when do Americans care about comedians who speak the supposed "funny" truth? They didn't care about George Carlin. You jesters will likely wake up after the Lord throws you up on the cross. But then it'll be too little too late. The Lord tossed his own son upon the cross, what will he do to you? Maybe rip your soul apart 1200 ways 'til Sunday?