Why Does Washington Hate Bashar al-Assad?

Authored by Philip Giraldi via The Paul Institute for Peace & Prosperity,

The Donald Trump administration is planning to install a 30,000 strong armed “security force” in northern Syria along the borders with Turkey and Iraq. This presumably will tie together and support the remaining rag-tags of allegedly pro-democracy rebels and will fit in with existing and proposed US bases. The maneuver is part of a broader plan to restructure Syria to suit the usual crop of neocon geniuses in Washington that have slithered their way back into the White House and National Security Council, to include renewed demands that the country’s President Bashar al-Assad “must go,” reiterated by Secretary of State Rex Tillerson last Wednesday. He said “But let us be clear: The United States will maintain a military presence in Syria, focused on ensuring ISIS cannot re-emerge.” Tillerson also claimed that remaining in Syria would prevent Iran from “reinforcing” its position inside Syria and would enable the eventual ouster of al-Assad, but he has also denied that Washington was creating a border force at all, yet another indication of the dysfunction in the White House.

A plan pulled together in Washington by people who should know better but seemingly don’t is hardly a blueprint for success, particularly as there is no path to anything approximating “victory” and no exit strategy. The Syrians have not been asked if they approve of an arrangement that will be put in place in their sovereign territory and the Turks have already bombed targets and sent troops and allied militias into the Afrin region, also a US supported Kurdish enclave on the border. President Recep Tayyip Erdogan has indicated clearly that Ankara will disrupt any US devised border arrangement. From the Turkish point of view the border security force, which reportedly will largely consist of Kurdish militiamen, will inevitably work in cooperation with the Kurdish terrorist group PKK which is active on the Turkish side of the border, in seeking to create an autonomous Kurdish state, which Turkey reasonably enough regards as an existential threat.

And then there is one other little complication, which is that the United States presence in Syria is completely illegal both under international law and under the US government’s War Powers Act. Syria is a sovereign state with a recognized government and there is no UN or Congressional mandate that permits Washington to station its soldiers, Marines, and airmen within the country’s borders. The argument that the recent Authorizations to Use Military Force (AUMF) permitted the activity because groups linked to al-Qaeda were active there and the local government was unable to expel them is only thinly credible as the US has also attacked Syrian Army forces and the militiamen linked to Syria’s ally Iran. That constitutes a war crime.

Trump can under the War Powers Act take military action to counter an imminent threat, which was never the case from Syria in any event, but after 60 days he has to cease or desist or go to Congress for authorization up to and possibly including a declaration of war. The military offensive against Syria began under President Barack Obama and it is far beyond that two-month window already, so egregiously in violation that some Congressmen are actually beginning to take notice. Democratic Senator Tim Kaine of Virginia has demanded that no military initiatives in Syria be undertaken without a Senate vote. He said on Thursday that “I am deeply alarmed that yet again, the Trump administration continues to raise the risk of unnecessary war, disconnected from any firm policy objectives and core national security interests. To be clear, neither the 2001 or 2002 AUMFs provide authority to target Assad or Iranian proxies in Syria, and it is unacceptable for this action to be taken absent a vote and approval of Congress.”


The animus against Syria runs deep, to include questionable claims from generally hostile sources that al-Assad has deliberately massacred hundreds of thousands of his own people as well as dubious assertions about the use of chemical weapons that led to a US cruise missile attack on a Syrian airbase in Shayrat. A perfect example of how brain dead the western media is over the issue was provided by last week’s article by David Brunnstrom of Reuters on the Tillerson speech, where he wrote “US forces in Syria have already faced direct threats from Syrian and Iranian-backed forces, leading to the shoot-down of Iranian drones and a Syrian jet last year, as well as to tensions with Russia.” The uninformed reader would assume that Americans were the victims of an attack and aggression by Moscow whereas the reality is quite different. Iran and Russia are allies of the legitimate Syrian government that are in the country by invitation to help in its fight against groups that everyone acknowledges to be terrorists. The United States is there illegally and is as often as not using its proxies to fight the Syrian Army.

Syria-phobia goes back to the George W. Bush Administration in December 2003, when Congress passed the Syria Accountability Act, House Resolution 1828. Syria at that time was already in the cross-hairs of two principal American so-called allies in the region, Israel and Saudi Arabia. Both were actively working to destabilize the regime, though for different reasons. The Saudis were fearful of Iranian influence over Damascus but also had a religious agenda in that the secular Syrian regime was protective of religious minorities and was itself an offshoot of Shi’a Islam referred to as Alawites. The Saudis considered them to be heretics.

The Israelis for their part were enamored of the Yinon Plan of 1982 and the Clean Break proposals made in 1996 by a team of Jewish American neocons. Their intention was to transform most of Israel’s neighboring Arab states into warring tribes and ethnicities so they would no longer be a threat. Israeli leaders have stated openly that they would prefer continued chaos in Syria, which remains a prime target. Israel is, in fact, currently bombing Syrian Army positions, most recently near Damascus, while also supporting the ISIS and al-Nusra Front remnants.

The Syrian Accountability Act does indeed read at times like the completely bogus indictment of Saddam Hussein that had led to the invasion of Iraq earlier in 2003. It cites development of weapons of mass destruction and missiles, but its main focus is related to the alleged support of terrorist groups by Damascus. It “Declares the sense of Congress that the Government of Syria should immediately and unconditionally halt support for terrorism, permanently and openly declare its total renunciation of all forms of terrorism, and close all terrorist offices and facilities in Syria, including the offices of Hamas, Hizballah, the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, and the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command.”

One might note that the groups cited by name are not identified as being a threat to the United States. Rather, they are organizations hostile to Israel, which suggests that the motivation for the bill was the usual dominant pro-Israeli sentiment in Congress. The bill’s sponsor was Eliot Engel of New York, a passionately pro-Israeli legislator.

Be that as it may, the drive to “get” Syria has remained a constant in American Foreign Policy to this day. When the US still had an Embassy in Damascus, in December 2010 President Barack Obama maladroitly sent as Ambassador Robert Ford. Ford actively supported the large demonstrations by anti-regime Syrians inspired by the Arab Spring who were opposed to the al-Assad government and he might even have openly advocated an armed uprising, a bizarre interpretation of what Ambassadors are supposed to do in a foreign country. He once stated absurdly that if the US had armed opponents of the regime, al-Qaeda groups would have been “unable to compete.” Ford was recalled a year later, after being pelted by tomatoes and eggs, over concerns that his remaining in country might not be safe, but the damage had been done and normal diplomatic relations between Damascus and Washington have never been restored.

The desire to bring about regime change in Damascus gathered considerable steam in 2011. Harsh government efforts to repress the demonstrations that did take place inevitably led to violence in both directions and the United States, Saudis, and the Gulf States subsequently began to arm the rebels and support the formation of the Free Syrian Army, which Washington assured the American public consisted of only good people who wanted democracy and fundamental rights. To no one’s surprise many of the fledgling democrats accepted US training and weapons before defecting to the al-Qaeda affiliate al-Nusra Front or to ISIS.

Currently, the reconstruction of Syria is proceeding. The Syrian Arab Army is wiping out the last few enclaves controlled by ISIS in Idlib Province and the so-called Syrian Civil War will soon be over but for the mopping up. Many internal refugees have returned to their homes after the government reasserted control and also thousands who fled overseas have reportedly come back. Note that they are returning to areas where the al-Assad government is firmly in charge, perhaps suggesting that, while there were legitimate grievances among the Syrian people, the propaganda insisting that most Syrians were opposed to the regime was grossly overstated. There is considerable evidence that Bashar al-Assad is actually supported by a large majority of the Syrian people, even among those who would welcome more democracy, because they know the alternative to him is chaos.

One would like to think that Syria might again be Syria but Washington is baying for blood and clearly would like to see a solution that involves a fragmentation of the state enabling containment and rollback of Iranian influence there while also satisfying both its clients Israel and the Saudis as well as creating a possible mini-state for the Kurds. The destruction of Syria and the Syrian people will just be regarded as collateral damage while building a new Middle East. Hopefully the Syrians, backed by Iran, Russia and China will prevent that from happening and as the US did not directly engage in much of the hard fighting that destroyed ISIS, it thankfully has little leverage over what comes next.

Whether it is Riyadh or Tel Aviv leading Washington by the nose is somehow irrelevant as the blame for what is taking place is squarely on the White House. The United States has no coherent policy, nor any actual national interest in remaining in Syria, but the strange political alignments that appear to be playing out in and around the Oval Office have generated a desire to destroy a country and people that in no way threaten the US Someone should remind the president that similar scenarios did not turn out very well in Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya. No one should expect that Syria will be any different.


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The US deep state hates Bashar el Assad because Assad is friends with Russia and allows Russian Navy bases. It is is as simple as that, There is no morality in US foreign policy,

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They don't hate Assad, they just want his land.


It is similar to the sin of Jezebel.


Hey Israel, do you remember Ahab and Jezebel? You best be reading up on that story. They were kings of the land once too

Pandelis U4 eee aaa Wed, 01/24/2018 - 02:21 Permalink


most probably they want Assad in place to justify the war for "PIPELINES" ... so they can remove all syrians "to built a pipeline". ... next is Lebanon ...


Assad finished his studies in London for doctor and still owns a vila there ... I dont think he speaks russian, not sure if he has been  in Moscow before the war started .... his father was a best buddy with James Baker.


if you go deeper the rabbit hole with the war about PIPELINES ... the Gulf countries were nothing just a few decades ago.  If all this war in Syria was to pass a pipeline, why not take all the oil and gas from Gulf countries from a few hunderd thousands people in the desert?  instead they made billioners out of Qatar (whatever that means), so qataris (all of sudden big global players with stations such as al jazeera) can now fund the wars in the Middle East ... all PLANNED in advance... as always ...

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Genie oil and gas,Cheney,Rothschild,Woolsey and Murdoch and Israeli interests wanted Syria's natural resources but Assad said no,there that saves you reading the story

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Why does DC* "hate" Assad? Because Assad is in the way of...

   * Dual Citizens

A. "Erez Israel", that requires more Lebensraum and militarily non-viable neighbors, 


B. The Global-Lust agenda to stop Silk Roads 2.0. The survival of the Ziodollar depends on it and a Unipolar world of Dollar hegemony.

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Correct. There is a confluence of Israeli and American Predator Class interests. The easiest way for Israel to operate with impunity and the US to control the entire Mediterranean (and thus control hydrocarbons to the Far East) is to burn down the whole region, and let crazed jihadi war lords fight like dogs over the steaming rubble remains.

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And you forgot to mention that intelligence has left DC since the l'Obama decapitated the army to further his personal jihad. 

From now on, expect every Americano tactic to be reused from the good old days playbook, which doesn't make the task complicated at all for Assad when it comes to counteract the bully in chief. 

And of course if he can make it, so can Iran, north Korea etc. 

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Yes but... let's work with it!

Does "Washington" hate Assad? WHO is "Washington" ... Who is Assad, for that matter. We can post cuddly pictures of the dude with an uber 'western-style' Melanie type o trophy wife... leading a frail patriarch outta church... or go after him for gassin lil guys n gals... makes no difference at the 'end of days.'

What matters is 'the narrative.' A narrative which poses X's noble and determined....fill in yur fave adjectival overkill here....against Y's destructive and scurrilous.... repeat as above...here. This is kabbalism in action. This is the source of their mastery... of minds, media, and the middle east. With naive readers suitably submitted to the hypnotic trance, you can sell any ol canard. Like this one.

Now ... the folks defending their fields and villages against an incursion by a jihadist regime and its jihadi proxy mercs... become "remaining rag-tags of allegedly pro-democracy rebels"... while the actual remaining ragtags of a once mighty jihadi army get folded into the Turks campaign to 'make the world safe again'... for religious fanatics, misognyist losers, and the real riff of the muddled east! All the stuff an altright wing nut zheeple luvs to gobbel up!

Now the Turk Islamist TERROR STATE "reasonably enough regards as an existential threat"... existential threat> where have we heard that phrase before... OH YA! THAT OTHER muddled eastern TERROR STATE with tel aviv/no make that jerusalem as its capital!

OOPSY. Tis all exposed... Tis ALL A LIE. More insane agitprop from the usual suspects... packaged and 'rebranded' in the latest flavor of Paul Institute for Peace.

Nice try. No cigar. Try Roger Stones dick if ya need to gnaw pon somethin! Now back in your cage.
Cabbalist tards.

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one can only endorse this article, particularly these two key points.

" Syria is a sovereign state with a recognized government and there is no UN or Congressional mandate that permits Washington to station its soldiers, Marines, and airmen within the country’s borders. "

"Iran and Russia are allies of the legitimate Syrian government that are in the country by invitation to help in its fight against groups that everyone acknowledges to be terrorists. The United States is there illegally and is as often as not using its proxies to fight the Syrian Army. "

as far as international law is concerned, it coincides with commone sense in that a foreign nation cannot pass laws that have any legal status in a foreign country (that is, neither Israel, nor Saudi Arabia nor the US can pass laws that are binding on Syria).

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Everything the Zio/US has leveled at Dr Al- Assad - has been complete BULLSHIT ! 

The good Doctor SAW this coming - after all - he is an ‘Opthamologist’ and SEES things very FUCKING clearly ! 

All power to the DOCTOR !! 

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re Why Does Washington Hate Assad?

Gee... it couldn't possibly have ANYTHING to do with the 'Pestilence On The Potomac' being a rat-infested Nest of NeoCON Vipers intent on - and as Gen. Wesley Clark revealed: "Under ANY pretext and by ANY subterfuge!" - wiping out the Middle East - with Syria NEXT on the HIT LIST - for the "Greater Glory of Land-Grabbing ISISrael" could it???

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It's evident, that not only are the Democratic Elite/Sponsors, anti-Syrian/Russian, but also the current President and his Administration.

The Russ-phobia is therefore a 'Highly Convenient' excuse for Trump to continue, unabated, Vichy DC's/Israel's  Neoconic Wars.

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"there is no UN or Congressional mandate that permits Washington to station its soldiers, Marines, and airmen within the country’s borders."

Excuse me but since when did the US Congress have the right to approve military occupation of another sovereign State? US presence in Syria, with Congressional approval or not, is illegal under International law. Period.

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Russia and Putin are controlled by Western bankers.  The Russians are not in Syria to defend Syrian or Kurdish or Turkish or even RUSSIAN interests.


Putin himself is an anglozionist.


Putin and his oligarch collaborators are propping up the anglozionist regime by BACKING the anglozionist DOLLAR with Russian oil and gas, and Russian international arms sales, all of which are conducted and transacted in anglozionist dollars.


It is disingenuous to claim that the Russians are doing all that they can to stop the Americans or the Israelis under the circumstances. Putin can STOP the Israelis and the Americans without firing a single bullet let alone an S-400 rocket, simply by repudiating the DOLLAR. STOP selling valuable Russian oil and gas for anglozionist dollars. The Russians just sold Russian gas to the Americans CHEAPER than the Americans themselves produce it for, in America:    http://www.fort-russ.com/2018/01/sanctions-galore-unless-we-need-you.ht… 


The dollar is WORTHLESS and ILLEGAL according to the Constitution of the United States itself!  All Putin and the Russians have to do is, cite the US Constitution and pull the plug on the economic foundation of the the anglozionist MIC by publicly acquiescing the ILLEGALITY of the FRNs a.k.a the US dollar.  


NO ONE is going to fire nukes in anger to Russia for the "crime" of respecting the US Constitution, as some disingenuous trolls are suggesting!


Yes, Why does Putin keep supporting America and Israel if he's not a zionist? Why does the Russian government give away Russian natural resources and Russian arms essentially for free (I.e. against illegal thus worthless dollars) when it can turn off the economic spigot that feeds the anglozionist Beast?


The Russian central bank has been owned and controlled by the City of London banking establishment since the creation of the new Russian Constitution under Yeltsin.  The Russians are forbidden to issue their own currency the rouble without permission from Western bankers, and the Russians can only buy US Treasuries with the dollars they get for their oil, not gold.  There are more American dollar assets than Russian rouble-denominated wealth in Russia:  






Russians collaborate with the Americans, the Israelis and the Saudis.  NO Israeli or American jet was ever prevented from bombing and killing Syrians.  Russians sell sophisticated S-400s both to NATO member Turkey and the Saudi Arabs who recently crucified a child to death for refusing Islam.  


Russia would not compromise Russian national security by selling S-400s to NATO unless Russia was in bed with America and Israel.


Even the Soviet Union effectively BACKED the American dollar with Russian oil and gas by selling them for its purported enemy's financial means of mass extortion a.k.a the dollar, so there is nothing new under the sun.


Why is Putin selling Russian oil for dollars or other Western fiat currencies which include the euro and, yes, the yen?


It would be in ALL Russian residents' interests to demand Russian roubles or gold in trade for Russian oil and gas.  This would force buyers to sell dollars and euros in order to acquire roubles which thus had become necessary to buy Russian oil, thereby raising the value of the rouble--just like this process does the same for the dollar.  


The Russian oligarchs that some are intimating their deference to, would also personally greatly benefit from the rise in value of their rouble-denominated Russian assets.  Unless they were not truly RUSSIAN oligarchs, yes?


That Putin and the so-called Russian oligarchs are refusing to demand roubles or gold for Russian oil PROVES that they are traitors serving foreign interests, in view of the common knowledge facts I delineated above.


Note: My aim is to expose the fact that the ruling classes the world over are in reality co-conspirators working in tandem against the interests of their very own respective populations they rule over.










Never forget.


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For the zillionth time - FUCK off idiot !! 

Yeah - Russia ‘agreed’ to have 247 innocent Russian tourists ( returning from ‘vacation’ in Egypt ) blown out of the FUCKING sky !! 

Russia ‘agreed’ to let at least 10 of their diplomats - die of ‘natural’ FUCKING causes ! 

Russia ‘agreed’ to the FUCKING murder of the culturally irreplaceable ‘Red Army Choir ‘ - in an ‘accident ‘ !!! 

Russia ‘agreed’ to be banned from the Rio olympics and labeled as systematic - state sponsored FUCKING drug cheats ! 

Russia ‘agreed’ to the unrelenting attack on their national FUCKING currency ! 

Russia ‘agreed’ to the unrelenting FUCKING attack on the oil price !! 

You are a FUCKING moron !!! 

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A couple of corrections.

1.Putin threw out the Rothchilds and the oligarchs supported by wester bankers.

2. The US dollars that come into Russia from the sale of oil and weapons are immediately used to buy gold. Russia holds very little in the way of dollar reserves. Furthermore, all gold that is mined in Russia stays in Russia. As such its gold reserves are growing rapidly but the ruble still remains low and undervalued. 

3. Russia is now selling oil to China for yuan so even less reliance on US dollars. 

4. Putin does not want the price of oil higher. He wants the russian economy to be more diversified. Higher oil prices make oil and gas more lucrative and steers capital away from other investments. This is not speculation. Putin said exactly that at his year end press conference in 2016. The same holds true for the current sanctions. They have made Russia more self reliant so Putin is not really bothered by them.

In conclusion, I still believe that Washington hates Assad because he refuses to allow the Qatar pipeline to go through Syria and Russia supports him because it is in Russia’s interest to do so. It has nothing to do with Israel but everything to do with Europe’s dependence on Russian oil and gas. Most European countries get up to 40% of their energy imports from Russia and that is unacceptable to Washington. It gives Russia far too much leverage. 

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