Trump To Give Path To Citizenship For 1.8 Million Dreamers In Exchange For Wall Funding

In an attempt to break the ongoing deadlock over government funding and immigration reform, President Trump will sign an immigration plan into law that would allow as many as 1.8 million undocumented immigrants brought into the US as children to seek a pathway to citizenship, in exchange for billions of dollars for Trump’s border wall and sweeping changes to the legal immigration system, senior administration officials said Thursday.

The proposal would double the number of people covered by current protections from deportation.

According to Bloomberg, the White House will cast the plan as a concession to Democrats as they seek to ensconce GOP immigration policies. Meanwhile, to appease his core base, Trump will ask Congress for a $25 billion trust fund to pay for construction of a southern border all as well as enhanced security at ports of entry and along U.S.-Canada border.

The White House is urging the Senate to draw up legislation based on the plan and introduce it the week Feb. 5, just days before the government funding is set to expire, though officials said they do not have an assurance it will be brought up.

In other words, the DACA proposal will be presented to Democrats to take or leave; should they do the latter, another government shutdown will appear inevitable.

As The Hill adds, Officials who described the plan to reporters framed it as Congress’ best chance to pass a fix for immigrants who benefit from the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, which Trump terminated last year.

The official said Congress failed to pass immigration overhauls in the past because lawmakers considered legislation that was too big in scope and only represented “the most liberal sections of both parties.”

It’s designed to break a partisan impasse on the issue before the DACA programs begins to wind down on March 5.

The plan, detailed in what the White House is calling a "legislative framework," also includes limiting family-based immigration to nuclear families and ending the visa lottery system put into place more than two decades ago.

Trump aides offered the most detailed look to date at the president’s plan on immigration, an issue that animated his campaign and has dominated the policy debate on Capitol Hill.

“This truly represents a bipartisan compromise position,” said one official, who requested anonymity to detail the proposal. “We have no doubt that if this legislation were brought to the floor, it would easily garner 60 votes.”

Of course, that depends on the Democrats' response which is yet to come.

The leaked immigration reform plan is below: