Investor Cash Just Hit An All Time Low

While Bank of America may or may not be right in its forecast  that as a result of the market meltup, buying panic and sheer euphoria to get into stocks, which just pushed the bank's proprietary "Bull and Bear" indicator to a level which on 11 out of 11 prior occasions always presaged a ~12% selloff...


... a market correction or worse is imminent, one thing that is indisputable is the funding status of the Private Clients served by BofA's Global Wealth and Investment Management (GWIM) team. What it shows is that investor cash allocation has just dropped to a record low of just 10%...

... while investor equity exposure is rising at fastest pace in 10 years.

... and total equity allocations are back to record highs.


In other words: 'bear capitulation' as everyone is now long stocks in what BofA called a "non-stop euphoric cabaret."

When will this stop, or reverse? According to BofA, keep an eye on the dollar, which as long as it keeps sliding is supporting of risk assets, however the risk is once it bounces, to wit, the "US dollar key catalyst; note US-Europe FX spat sparked ’87 crash" and "higher US$ “pain trade” = risk-off coming weeks"