Prince Alwaleed Finally Released From "Hotel Arrest"

Two weeks after we reported that Saudi Arabia's billionaire prince Alwaleed Bin Talal was reportedly carted off from the Riyadh Ritz Carlton to Saudi Arabia's highest security prison after refusing to pay a $6 billion "freedom fee" to Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to secure his freedom, the flamboyant billionaire and Twitter investor appears to have finally cracked, and according to the WSJ, Saudi authorities on Saturday finally released Alwaleed, more than two months after he was detained in what was described to be a "widespread crackdown on corruption" in the kingdom but was really just a shakedown of some of the country's richest royals as well as arrests of MbS' political opponents.

The FT quoted a colleague of bin Talal who said that He sounded very happy, well and the same"... if maybe a little bit poorer.

"Prince al-Waleed is already at his house in Riyadh and is expected to resume his business activities as normal", the WSJ reported citing sources. While it was previously disclosed that Saudi authorities demanded at least $6 billion from al-Waleed to free him, it wasn’t clear what if any "settlement" the prince agreed to pay; he has previously denied wrongdoing and fought allegations of bribery, extortion and money laundering.

Alwaleed will remain in control of Kingdom Holding Co. after reaching the settlement a senior government official cited by Bloomberg, which would suggest that the amount of money exchanging hands was substantial. The official also declined to provide details of settlement, and "cannot confirm or deny" whether attorney general is convinced of Alwaleed’s innocence.

"Settlements don’t happen unless the accused acknowledges violations and documents that in writing and pledges that he won’t repeat them. This is the general principle of all who were detained in corruption cases recently and not only Alwaleed bin Talal."

Alwaleed joins several other prominent Saudi businessmen who have reached financial settlements with the kingdom in the past few days pruchasing their release, including Waleed al-Ibrahim, owner of regional television network MBC, which reportedly was semi-nationalized as part of the deal.

Other prominent names include Fawaz Alhokair, a major shareholder in fashion retailer Fawaz Abdulaziz Alhokair Co.; Khalid al-Tuwaijri, a former chief of the Royal Court; and Turki bin Nasser, a former head of the country’s meteorology and environmental protection agency.

The releases of prominent Saudis appears to indicate that bin Salman's purge is winding down, and the Ritz is set to reopen next month as a five-star hotel.

In total, Saudi Arabia is said to have secured about $100 billion after many of the more than 200 detained agreed to settle and were released, Saudi officials said. However, as the FT adds, the government will have to rely on asset seizures rather than cash, the finance minister, Mohammed al-Jadaan, said on Thursday.

The reason: western bankers say Saudi attempts to recover cash from overseas bank accounts have proved fruitless. “They are very smart people — they don’t leave cash in bank accounts, they find ways to hide this money in various assets,” Mr Jadaan told a session at the World Economic Forum meetings in Davos.

This is worth noting just in case someone is still confused about the utility of bitcoin.

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Last Wednesday, the Saudi public prosecutor said that officials were moving ahead with plans to prosecute 95 people who were still detained and have declined to pay what the government describes as financial settlements.


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Alwaleed was also a major investor in Marc Rich's Glencore IPO in 2011. Alwaleed invested $400 million.…


Marc Rich, an international fugitive, was pardoned shortly before Bill Clinton left office in 1999 James Comey was the lead investigator in charge of looking into the Clinton pardon. 


"In 2002, Comey, then a federal prosecutor, took over an investigation into President Bill Clinton's 2001 pardon of financier Marc Rich, who had been indicted on a laundry list of charges before fleeing the country. The decision set off a political firestorm focused on accusations that Rich's ex-wife Denise made donations to the Democratic Party, the Clinton Library and Hillary Clinton's 2000 Senate campaign as part of a plan to get Rich off the hook. Comey ultimately decided not to pursue the case."…


Former FBI Director James Comey sat on the board of banking giant HSBC.


The same Banking Giant that launders drug cartel money. And has been caught, charged and fined for doing so.


HSBC is also responsible for many of Glencore's investments. Again, Glencore was founded by the criminal Marc Rich, who paid for a pardon by former President Bill Clinton. A pardon which was investigated by James Comey, who sat on the board of HSBC, which laundered drug cartel money, and did business with a company that worked intimately with drug traffickers. Comey found "No evidence of criminal activity."


Wikileaks has shown us Alwaleed and Qatar, Glencore investors TIED to Joule Unlimited and John Podesta, and thus in multiple directions James Comey, The Clintons, and the democrats. And Qatar Gave Bill Clinton $1 million for a 5 minute meeting in 2011.


$1 million for a five minute meeting in 2011? Didn't Gadaffi fall in 2011? Didn't Alwaleed invest $400 million into Glencore in 2011? Didn't Glencore begin trading Libyan Oil in 2011?




A tweet from Alwaleed to Trump:

الوليد بن طلال




.@realDonaldTrump You are a disgrace not only to the GOP but to all America. Withdraw from the U.S presidential race as you will never win.


2:02 PM · Dec 11, 2015


Alwaleed was a major donor to the Clinton Foundation

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Let's start a GoFundMe account, max contribution $1/person to pay prince Alwaleed Bin Talal to sing the Billary Blues.  Put a target on it ~$100K.  After he sings he gets paid.  Imagine the fun of Billary watching the total slowly getting to $100K in anticipation of the world hearing their x-friend sing the Billary Blues.  Instead of screaming Clinton Is A Rapist, the chant could be Billary Blues Are Coming!!

I'm not thrilled about the guy getting the $100K but maybe a small ticket for admission.

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