CNN Turkey Fake News Goes Viral: 'American Sniper' Star Killed In Syria, Pentagon Forced To Deny

On Friday a Middle East regional CNN network reported that American Sniper Chris Kyle had been killed while embedded with US-backed Kurdish forces in Syria by invading Turkish troops, and the story went viral. Or maybe they meant to say actor Bradley Cooper?

Though priding itself for its brand recognition in setting the agenda for accurate mainstream news and top notch investigative journalism around the globe, CNN has once again embarrassed itself as its sister network, CNN Turk, fell for what should have been an easy to recognize prank. At the end of this week false reports that two US Special Forces members had been killed in Syria while embedded with American-backed Kurdish units fighting in the northwest Aleppo district of Afrin in Syria spread wildly through major Turkish media after CNN Turk reported it.

Bradley Cooper as SEAL Sniper Chris Kyle in "American Sniper" via NPR

The only problem is that the identified US soldier purported to be featured in a photo circulating on social media which is the basis of CNN Turk's story was actually none other than "American Sniper" actor Bradley Cooper. That's right, as one classic and sadly all too literally serious headline from Newsweek reads - CNN Turkey Reports 'American Sniper' Bradley Cooper Killed In Syria, U.S. Military Denies.

And yes, the Pentagon was forced to issue a quick and urgent denial of the story through US Coalition spokesman Colonel Ryan Dillon, who said Friday: "Reports of two US-Coalition members killed in Afrin are FALSE. Completely UNTRUE."

CNN Turkey, which is owned by the Turner Broadcasting System Europe and Doğan Media Group, was fooled into believing the satirical report which appears to have started among pro-Kurdish social media.

However, the prank should have been easy to recognize considering all early social media reports were based on a photograph said to be a US Special Forces member named Eddie Bragdon who went by the Kurdish nom de guerre "Zana Rizgar". But the photograph was so obviously a shot from the 2014 film, American Sniper, based on the life of the late Navy SEAL veteran Chris Kyle.

According to Newsweek, the fake story began circulating when a pro-YPG account called "Bird Person" tweeted the following on Thursday:

Newsweek: "In what's believed to be the original claim, an account supportive of the Kurdish YPG reported the death of U.S. Special Forces member Eddie Bragdon, a.k.a. Zana Rizgar, instead of the actual individual pictured: U.S. actor Bradley Cooper in the film 'American Sniper.' The user later claimed that the post was intended to be satirical and criticized Turkish media for picking it up literally."

Amidst the propaganda war now raging between Turkish and pro-Kurdish media as Turkey continues its 'Operation Olive Branch' inside northwest Syria, both Turkish nationalists - who celebrated the supposed "deaths" of US troops embedded with Syrian Kurds - and Kurdish sources, promoted the story on social media.

Yet from the moment the story spread social media users were quick to point out the obvious origins of the photo. But not before CNN Turk featured the story.

The story of "Eddie Bragdon's" death was featured briefly on but was quickly taken down:

And here's the story tweeted out by CNN Turk's verified account: The headline reads "Former US Special Forces military was killed in the ranks of the YPG"

It appears a number of Turkish military analysts also promoted the story, which also gave it momentum before it landed on CNN Turk's homepage. 

Many of the dozens of articles which were subsequently written by Turkish and regional outlets based on the CNN reporting have now since taken offline. 

The initial pro-Kurdish social media account from which the fake news originated is now celebrating the fact that it successfully trolled CNN and other mainstream outlets, again tweeting the original Bradley Cooper photo but now with the caption (in Turkish), "Smile for the camera!" 

We give it a 10 for some top notch trolling. For CNN it's about par for the course. 


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Breaking News... Breaking News...

The entire Nation of Binomio sends its deepest condolences to the USA and especially Nikki Haley the Executive Assistant to the Deputy Secretary of State Dr. Yodda ..

Binomio remembers and honors the brave USA Sargent 'Chris Bradley' that passed away in the middle of the firefight between Turkey and the Kurdish forces as a special adviser to the military of both nations.

In honor of the fallen... The Binomio National Flag will be lowered to half mast...


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And the wealthy men were enthralled by Chris Kyle...The American Sniper


As Bastiat says in, The Law:

Each of us has a natural right — from God — to defend his person, his liberty, and his property. These are the three basic requirements of life, and the preservation of any one of them is completely dependent upon the preservation of the other two.

We do not have the natural right to attack others, imprison others, and to take or destroy others property...even if it is profitable to do so...and even if not doing so may endanger our nation's ability to enforce the petrol dollar.

Get us out of Afghanistan.

Get us out of Iraq.

Get us out of Syria.

Get us out of Bahrain.

Get us out of Saudi Arabia.

Get us out of Yemen.

Get us out of Ukraine.

Stop the drone war.


Peace be with you.…

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Why anyone would volunteer to fight for corrupt Uncle Schlomo and Chuck Schumer and Dianne Feinstein is beyond me.  You are protecting the Roth$child'$ Federal Reserve bank not my freedom.

If the US was invaded, I would be the first to pick up a gun unless it was Christian Putin and the Russians here to arrest Deep State.

The Framers of The Constitution were totally opposed to all of this bullshit, empire and Roman Empire Army in 190 countries and the Pentagram robbing the Treasury and citizenry.


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Because they simply don't know WTF they are doing... they  believe the BS they are taught in school, in church, in the media and especially the BS in films that the Pentagon helps Hollywood make, which is so many these days. [This guys speicializes in keeping track of this: ]

We all start off as 'sheep' to use the biblical term for sheeple, the herd, the masses... only a few percent 'graduate' to become 'shepherds' of their own soul fractal.... and that is by choice.. the 'darkness' or the 'light'... based on what feels 'right' to them.. and that process of learning is done through pain... as much as we need to see the difference and to make and empower that choice... and tested and tested to make sure. Some soldiers have discovered how they were used as pawns in this global chess game... but most take a lot longer to learn, and most still don't.. which is where reincarnation comes into play...

Currently, all of this is the 'OUTING' of the OWO.. as this puppet show isn't and won't be needed in the NWO... same with the markets etc... which is all controlled behind the 'curtain' here in Oz by the same global SG... oligarchy etc... but there are different branches to that trunk that fight over control... that's what the 'dark side' does... in-fighting... to determine who will be top dog... China looks to take the helm next, but has no combat experience.. and The Art of War is fine for prevention of excess warfare, but warfare can't be avoided... and only real world experience gives you that... thus the catalyst is different for everyone... as we each learn in our own way, in our own time... different strokes for different folks.. all roads lead to Rome etc.

CNN is just on the front line of this MSM 'outing' process here in the States... and that star status means becoming an example for everyone else... like the stars in Hollywood.. or even the 'stars' in high school... can't remember what those kids were called.. ? but same process on a smaller scale... 'as above, so below' applies as always... you don't have to go to one of our imperial wars in the Middle East to learn this lesson... most of us learn it here at home... on the streets, in the gym.. at school, at church, at work etc.. Our 'catalyst' is everywhere, all around us... we give each other this catalyst, whether we realize it or not.. and most don't... until you do.... until then, as the C's said: "You will do what you will do."



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Such stories are very useful. Next time someone's death is reported, nobody knows whether to believe it or not, confusing the enemy. And after a person is reported dead he/she can be on the loose doing anything he/she fancies.

"Couldn't have been him/her", would the official answer then be.

This CNN storyline is a prélude to such possibilities. 

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Indeed. War on truth - muddled eastern edition. Back in 2016, CNN Turk was instrumental in giving the theatrical production of a phony coup a helping hand

by allowing Erdogan to appear "live" as if returning to save Turkey from a rampaging army of coupists. All fake news... from a cabal of regimists, complicit media, and their financial backers.

A TERROR STATE template only a hOLLoWood director could love!  

introduced to take a country of 80 million back to medieval times, and the era of Selim the Grims' pogroms against minorities... such as we see happening now in Afrin. A fake news template made in |Srael| ... to be employed in Amerika... for the TRUMP DECEPTION and the final phase of the destruction of the west

Coming to you -LIVE- from the studios of the "alt" and 'msm' wings o the ONEMEDIA!

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Do we know for sure this Eddie Bragdon guy wasn't killed in the fighting?  Seems like the sort of guy who would turn up among the Kurds.  Do we know anything about this particular war for sure?  Does anyone doubt the US has mercenaries with the Kurds?

The rest of the stuff, the picture of the actor in the movie scene, that's pretty silly alright.

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Generally the more obsessed you’re with gays or pedophiles or trans people - the more likely you’re actually gay, a pedo, or trans...

Watched that particular scenario roll out too many times in my life for it to be just a random thing; no friend, if you’re thinking about what size gun Ms. Manning is packing - well brutha it’s time for you to do some serious introspection.

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That's a pretty wide statement.
While I agree that the more vocal politicians are about anti-gay legislation, the more likely they are to have proclivities, this does not apply to a majority of people. I doubt that all the researchers on the net whose mission is to out paedophiles are actually paedophiles themselves, although some undoubtedly are in it just for the free porn or the intel.

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