Belgium: How Low Can A Low Country Get?

Authored by Bruce Bawer via The Gatestone Institute,

In the 15 years that followed the Napoleonic Wars, a messy series of events -- international conferences, great-power land swaps, treaties, riots, military skirmishes, and, finally, a brief revolution -- resulted in a redrawing of borders in the Low Countries and the establishment of a new country called Belgium. Even in the best of times, it was hardly a country, fatally divided into a French-speaking south and a Flemish-speaking north, whose residents had little sense of shared identity. If, when the European Union came along, the Belgians embraced the idea so ardently -- and welcomed the transformation of their own capital into the capital of the EU -- it was largely because they had far less of a sense of nationhood than their Western European neighbors, and felt, or hoped, that the EU would artificially supply something ineffable that their own history and culture had failed to give them.

Even now, when the citizens of many Western European countries have been brought up to be ashamed of their national flags, some of these Europeans, at least, still exhibit intermittent signs of national pride: witness the crowds across the UK who, every year, sing "God Save the Queen", "Jerusalem", and "Land of Hope and Glory" during the broadcast of the Last Night of the Proms, or the spectacle of the French Parliament breaking spontaneously into "La Marseillaise" after the Charlie Hebdo massacre. Such displays are few and far between in Belgium. It seems appropriate that, while the official proportions of the Belgian flag are 13:15, most of the flags flown over government buildings are 2:3. In other words, they do not even bother getting the proportions of their own flag right.

It has often been pointed out that if Muslims in the West are more passionately devoted to their own religion, culture, and values than Western infidels are to the principles that undergird their own civilization, then that civilization is doomed to fail.

In the face of the Islamic threat, of course, there is reason to be worried about pretty much every nation in Western Europe; but given the strange hollowness of Belgian identity, Belgium is a place of special concern. It is not only the location of the headquarters of the EU; it is, to quote the headline of a March 23, 2016, article by Soeren Kern for Gatestone Institute, "Why Belgium is Ground Zero for European Jihadis." As it happens, Kern's article appeared the day after members of ISIS in Brussels committed three suicide bombings, killing 32 people (not counting three terrorists) and injuring more than 300.

Four months before that, 137 lives were lost in terrorist attacks on the Bataclan Theater and other targets in Paris. The perpetrators were soon traced back to Molenbeek, a majority-Muslim neighborhood in Brussels.

"There is almost always a link with Molenbeek," commented Belgian Prime Minister Charles Michel. Stefan Frank noted that Molenbeek "is considered Europe's 'terrorist factory.'" And French journalist Éric Zemmour facetiously suggested that France should forget about bombing Raqqa and should instead bomb Molenbeek.


Riot police guard a road in the Molenbeek district of Brussels, after raids in which several people, including Salah Abdeslam, one of the perpetrators of the November 2015 Paris attacks, were arrested on March 18, 2016. (Photo by Carl Court/Getty Images)


Even the New York Times, of all places, ran an exposé about the ineffectiveness of Belgium's anti-terror efforts, pointing up the chronic laxity, buck-passing, and turf confusions that characterize every level of its government.

Of course, terrorism is only the most sensational aspect of the Islamic influx into Belgium. In December, Belgian author Drieu Godefridi wrote of Brussels as a city "rapidly descending into chaos and anarchy." November alone saw "three separate outbreaks of rioting and looting on a major scale," exposing the fact that "lawlessness... is the new normal in Brussels." Soldiers patrol the streets, but dare not act: "should a soldier actually hurt a looter, he would probably be publicly chastised, pilloried by the media, put on trial and dishonorably discharged."

When, during a TV debate, one of the nation's few straight-talking politicians tried to address the obvious connection between this rampant disorder and immigration, "the moderator literally yelled at him that 'Migration is not the subject.... MIGRATION IS NOT THE SUBJECT, STOP!'" and then handed the floor over to a "slam poet" in an Islamic veil who attributed the city's problems to its failure to welcome people like herself with open arms. "The audience was then instructed to applaud her."

Given all this, it should not be surprising that one of the more prominent voices in Belgium today is that of a foundation, established in 2014, that goes by the name Ceci n'est pas une crise (CNPC, "This is not a crisis" -- a deliberate reference to the famous painting Ceci n'est pas un pipe by Belgium's most famous artist, René Magritte.) Is Belgium in trouble? Is Brussels a hellhole? Is Molenbeek the ninth circle of hell? Au contraire. As CNPC blithely puts it, "We are facing a transition to a new social model rather than a temporary phase of dysfunction." Yes, recent societal changes "have destroyed many of the structures that shaped our daily lives and formed the foundation of our identities, leading to a loss of bearings and a sense of anxiety." But while the "simplistic rhetoric" of "populists" represents this transition as involving "confrontation" between "us" and the "other," thereby turning us into nationalists and xenophobes and them into an "enemy," what we should be doing is letting go of the last vestiges our old society, with traditional "social roles" and "ways of thinking" and "accepted standards," and learning to cultivate "open identities" and to "perceive diversity as an enrichment that contributes to the improvement of our societies."

One CNPC founder, Le Soir cartoonist and TV commentator Pierre Kroll, put it this way:

"We are living in a time when a constant feeling of crisis, upheaval and deep-seated change looms large, giving rise to a widespread tendency to mourn the past and fantasize about a 'comforting' return to rigid values, closed borders and simplistic rhetoric. Those who know that this 'crisis' is not really a crisis, that the world will never revert to what it was before (and thankfully so!), must make these people understand that we need more Europe and not less, that instead of avoiding each other we must learn to live together, that we have to be optimistic and determined."

Well, it is always easy to believe that the crisis is not really a crisis when you are a cultural-elite figure who lives in a safe upscale neighborhood and whose path never crosses those of women forced into burkas, girls subjected to FGM and cousin marriages, or "youths" who beat up Jews, bash gays, and harass their teachers and classmates. How easy it is for privileged folk to preach diversity to those who live with such mayhem every day!

Who is behind CNPC? Its president, Jean-Pascal Labille, is a former government minister and professor. Hilariously, despite all the rhetoric about diversity and even "superdiversity" (a trendy term of which the CNPC is exceedingly fond), Labille and the twenty other members of CNPC's executive committee are all ethnic Europeans. Their backgrounds are in sociology, philosophy, economics, zoology, architecture, business, broadcasting, theater, and politics. A couple of them are members of the European Parliament. One of them is the brains behind Belgium's horrific euthanasia law -- the world's most "liberal."

Last year, CNPC conducted an exhaustive survey on Islam, immigration, and related topics; among the representative findings included in its 141-page report was that 63% of ethnic Belgians consider Islam a menace to their national identity, while only 12% see it as a "cultural enrichment." CNPC's conclusion: Belgians are increasingly fearful, xenophobic, hostile to the "other," and pathologically awash in "anti-Muslim paranoia."

CNPC does not just carry out studies. It also publishes a magazine which goes by the simple name Revue. One early article served up a sanguine message: stopping immigration is not "realistic." Closed borders "undermine...the dream of universal and inalienable human rights." Believing in nationalism is a "dangerous fiction." The nation-state? An "anachronism." Revue registered shock at the Brexit vote. After the election of Donald Trump, whose "eyes look to the past," Revue found comfort only in the notion that his presidency compels Europe to "take its destiny into its own hands." In the latest issue, Fatima Zibouh, a Moroccan-Belgian politician scientist, actually celebrates Molenbeek, arguing that those who focus on its role as a terrorist factory "misunderstand" its "many facets," especially its cultural life, which is "characterized as much by its effervescence as by its diversity." Cultural events, she further notes, are not just cultural events -- they are "subversive... political tools" that can help advance the desired societal transition.

Revue has also featured countless articles about "anti-immigrant" and "anti-Islam" parties in Europe. The one subject it appears never to have seriously addressed is Islam itself. The cover of one 2016 issue of the magazine features a four-panel comic strip that is worth pondering.


It features two girls. In the first panel, Girl A says "I'm not racist," then adds "But," whereupon Girl B covers Girl A's mouth and says: "Shh." In the last panel, still covering Girl A's mouth -- quite forcibly, it appears -- Girl B says: "Nothing good comes after that." Apparently, Girl A was about to point out something she had observed about her society, even though she knew that some people, fairly or not, would consider her racist for mentioning it. Whatever that something was, CNPC agrees with Girl B: best to stay silent.

Shut up. Zip it. It is a pathetic and cowardly way of responding to reality, but it is, alas, a widespread behavior pattern in Western Europe today -- and, at least in certain milieux in poor little Belgium, it has been all but raised to a sacrament.


Bemused Observer Song_Of_Roland Mon, 01/29/2018 - 11:46 Permalink

I think Eastern Europe is where the new battle lines between Islam and Christianity are being drawn. Sure, there are a lot of other things to worry about in the world today, so maybe we don't see it so clearly. But I think this is exactly what we are seeing. A lot of people, especially in the West, downplay the religious motivations, seeing them as the province of a few fanatics. But they forget that our entire CULTURE was grown on a medium thickly seeded with Judeo-Christian principles. Even in their enforced secularism, you can tell they come from a Christianized background.

As they continue to rip at the religious roots they see as 'weeds', it becomes more clear that they are also ripping up many of the 'foundation plantings' that define the world we live in. Much of the destruction is not reversible at this point, and in the future I fear there will be Muslim majorities in several key European countries, which will totally change things over there. I don't think it will be pretty.

The folks in Eastern Europe will, hopefully, be able to hold the line. And I think that, if push comes to shove, they will mend their fences with Russia to defend that line, and the Orthodox Churches will become birthplace of the new Knights Templars of the 21st century. There WILL be confrontation again between Christianity and Islam...we think of such things as archaic, and believe they'd never happen in such enlightened times as we live in now.

Our fairly brief flirtation with secular humanism is coming to an end though. We in the West are overdue for a religious revival of some sort...the last significant one were the Protestant movements that actually provided the basic material that founded America. Since then it has been a long slog of cynicism and disillisionment, and a steady deterioration of any unifying IDEAS among the peoples of the West. We've lost any notion of who we are and where we're going. In the Bible, there is a passage about a soul being so thirsty it will drink even from dead waters.

Well, WE have been very thirsty here, we have been looking for something. And just look at the kind of pools we've been drinking from lately...some very toxic waters indeed! Some even seem intent on committing suicide by drowning themselves in those waters, look at Sweden. All on an attempt to replace something we just finished destroying.

So when the next Messiah comes, he/she is going to be more popular than the Beatles were, causing octogenarian Paul McCartney to exclaim "Oh, the irony!", during an interview with Entertainment Weekly.

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How fitting to use Belgium in the misinformation war carried out against (especially) the US plebs (but also, with lesser impact, against the EU-plebs – the EU plebs are not, yet, as dumbed down as the US plebs). Belgium was the center of the last major psyop-spree named “Operation Gladio”/the strategy of tension – the CIA/NATO/MI6/the alphabet soup that carried out – or used their useful right-wing idiots to carry out - terror attacks/false flags and blamed them on the left-wing (the red scare of that time). It is all public record and not more than 30 years ago.

Today it is “Operation Gladio II”/the sequel – the tactics are the same: false-flag operations and other psyops/hoaxes to scare the plebs and keep their attention away from the real terrorists (the capitalist states/the US/EU – the international MIC and the banksters it serves). The only difference is the new boogieman is “Islamic extremists”. And the ZH-crowd eats all the BS with pleasure – what a farce…

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I read your post, and I wonder how does it serve the globalist oligarchy (especially the hidden oligarchy - the owners of The Fed) to allow Western countries to deteriorate?  They are who ultimately is running the show - by buying politicians and, consequently, the alphabet agencies of .gov.  Then I realize that they have no allegiance to any country, culture, or people.  The American and European oligarch feels more comfortable with the Saudi billionaire prince than his fellow countryman.  Perhaps sociopaths recognize each other.  The American and European oligarchs visit KSA and see how an Islamic nation is basically a society of control.  They realize that the religion of Islam (which means submission) can be an effective tool toward creating a society of control/submission in the Western nations - partly through false flags justifying a police state.  Also, being friends with the Saudi's ultimately props up the petrodollar system - the basis of their financial system.  Ultimately, it is about cementing their positions of power by creating a society of control.  The common man in Western countries is in a struggle with his own oligarchs, as well as the Muslims brought in to be used as a tool of oppression.  The banned speech of Tommy Robinson video on YouTube is a great example of how the oligarchs will use .gov to oppress native citizens.

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Memedada 7thGenMO Mon, 01/29/2018 - 06:01 Permalink

“…to allow Western countries to deteriorate”.

The Western world is not deteriorating because of “Muslim” immigration or refugees but because of misplaced power (in the hands of the capitalists), Ponzi-economics (the privately owned central bank- and commercial bank-system of debt peonage), excessive consumerism/materialism (a much larger cultural influence than any immigrants/refugees can muster), corporate propaganda (all MSM are owned by the same private actors that owns everything else – i.e. the capitalists/the 0,01%), militarism and warmongering for the banksters wars of pillage etc. etc. TPTB always needs a scapegoat – the Muslim is just the choice of today. It serves a dual goal for the ownership class/the oligarchs: misdirects anger, fear and focus domestically and acts as justification for more wars of expansion/pillage externally (and just bloating up the MIC and solidifying the police state).  

I don’t buy the premise of “Islam” being a threat – not more than any other form of institutionalized religion (Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. etc.). Most of the countries the US (and its willful allies in Europe) have invaded and destroyed were originally secular but turned “extremist” as a response to the Imperialism (look at Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan in the 1950-1970’s)…

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In what world do you exist in? Obviously you aren't white, a woman, gay or other. How many woman get gang raped at concerts by native born Westerners? How many are trained to do so? How many terrorist acts have native born Westerners committed in their own nations?

Sorry, the reality I exist in reveals that Islam and it's followers want me subjugated, beaten or killed. And the ones I've had the "pleasure" of meeting and/or working with, make their desires very clear.

TPTB are using them to replenish their dwindling tax slaves. They don't care for our culture or values.

The problem with your "assessment" is that we are getting angry at those in power. Hence our election of Trump, Brexit, etc.  Most Westerners wouldn't care if the invaders had the same moral codes and values we do. So there might be a bit of hatred towards Muslims but you've truly missed the point most of us see every day.

We know who to blame for the problem.

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Were do you see it "everyday"? With your own eyes - in your own neighborhood? Or do you "see it" everyday in the medias (or on websites like this one)?

Or maybe you live in Saudi Arabia? Then I understand you.

PS. (Not that it matters in relation to the predicament we're all in as a human race - but for you it obviously does): I'm a caucasian European male.

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Memedada: "I don’t buy the premise of “Islam” being a threat – not more than any other form of institutionalized religion (Catholicism, Protestantism, Buddhism, Hinduism etc. etc.). Most of the countries the US (and its willful allies in Europe) have invaded and destroyed were originally secular but turned “extremist” as a response to the Imperialism (look at Iran, Iraq and Afghanistan in the 1950-1970’s)…"

If you're talking years ago: If you didn't show up at Christian church, there was question of your acceptance when you returned or if you should be allowed back within the social network.

Wait 'till your Grandkids decide they don't like prayer 3 times a day, and this coming "church" debates if they should even live!

The comparisons are not so simple, IMO

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Gerrilea Memedada Mon, 01/29/2018 - 08:00 Permalink

Hon, I live in Buffalo, NY. How many Muslim men have you worked with everyday?  How many of them make it clear that even talking to you is unacceptable, because you are a woman? How many of them speak freely of their "own country" and how we'd be beaten or killed? And their "own country" isn't the US, they're from Pakistan, Qatar, Somalia, Nigeria. They've had public "conversations" about killing gays "in their country" and laughing about it.

One of my co-workers tried fucking preaching to me on how his "Muslim culture" wouldn't allow me to speak unless spoken to, etc, etc, etc...until I went to Management.  I've EXPERIENCED their barbarism, first hand.

YOU can't "understand" unless you've lived it, your pseudo-intellilectual analysis is meaningless until you've tried to interact with them as a woman, something you cannot do. They have no desires to assimilate into our culture, nor become like any other American.  Why immigrate to a nation that you despise? Surely it's not for our freedoms or to share in our good fortunes or culture.



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Religious fanatics are drearily similar, no matter what religion they espouse.  There isn't any such thing as "Muslim Culture," any more than there is any such thing as "Christian Culture."  Somalis are not the same as Iranians or Turks or Indonesians or Pakistanis or Moroccans, yet they're all Muslims, generally.

Most of the cultural things Americans find obnoxious about the Muslims we encounter are due to country of origin, not religion.  More-recent immigrants to the US from Muslim countries tend to be from the less-educated, more fundamentalist classes.  Most less-educated, more-religious fundamentalist people tend to be a pain in the ass, no matter where they're from or which religion they follow.  And they tend to use religion as an excuse for their obnoxious behavior.

The Somalis I met 35 years ago in the US had advanced degrees for the most part.  They were the first surge of Somalis to leave, because they could.  They spoke English and several other languages and they did just fine.  More-recent immigrants have less education, fewer skills and aren't doing nearly so well assimilating to a very different culture and ways of doing things.  No surprise.  The lower-class. undereducated, over-religious white Americans I grew up with also have primitive and self-defeating cultural practices, don't do well in modern society, and tend to blame everything that happens to them due to their behavior on their God, too.

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DV, Agree: Isn't it funny how people can write about cultural "values" without remembering their own history, cultural or otherwise. The fact that the same Zionist neocolonial mentality is creating the conflicts and displacements of humanity today on every level, along with the false flag events that are amplified to a cacophony by their faithfully controlled mass media and regurgitated in articles such as this one by ZH, to be applauded by the less aware, is the saddest part of where we are headed. And then its called populism.

How can people be expected to overcome or even see the brainwashing, if they don't even read history? How can we talk about lost culture when they have none to start with other than that of the immediate satisfaction of materialism, consumerism, and diversion?

Even to have selected convictions of any value one needs a broad understanding, which implies a knowledge and experience base, unfortunately this does not apply to this kind of article nor to most of the views appended.

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Swmnguy, then you really don't understand Islam or their followers.  Their "culture" and religion are one in the same.

Cultural "norms" are dictated by their religion. Woman are property and gays are to be killed, and so they do.

They don't make excuses, they don't feel guilty for believing AND doing these things. They're following in the footsteps of their prophet.

Is the process similar in the West, yes. We've encoded our political systems with Christian values, equity under law, etc.  The big difference is that I do not wish to live as they do. They, on the other hand, teach their children that we are to be overthrown, by any means necessary, especially by force, fear and terror.

Come join us in our good fortunes and freedoms. Don't come here to remake our nation into the shithole you left.



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Islam was very westernized 40 years ago, it became radicalized after constant "invasion" by western governments that destroyed the growing secularism in the ME.  We created what you see today as modern Islam.  Iran, Iraq, Egypt, Saudi Arabia was becoming less and less "islamic" and more modern with woman having equal rights and Christians living peacefully.

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Yes, I've read that before.  What I'm not clear on is Saudi Arabia. Woman can't drive, gays are killed, to this day.  Christians cannot practice in the open, etc, etc.

I postulate that since we've never bombed SA or continuously overthrown their government AND they've embraced Islamic fundamentalism, that it was always that way, not a product of our meddling.


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lucitanian Gerrilea Mon, 01/29/2018 - 10:03 Permalink

The US financially support SA and SA financially support the extremist and previously irrelevant Wahabi sect, the effect is the same as if Washington paid for terrorist extremism, and that is what it got and is now deliberately manipulating to extend global tyranny.

Power just uses religion and that includes the extremes.

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Bendromeda Strain Luapnor Mon, 01/29/2018 - 09:25 Permalink

The aftermath of WWI & WWII did much more to upset the tribal tranquility of the ME than the ensuing petrodollar machinations. The Balfour Declaration and ensuing Israeli "Master/Blaster" control of superpower foreign policy led to much of the chessboard style thought processes.

Also, the fact that you included KSA in your list makes me think you are just another propagandist. Good luck in your endeavors. /s

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I think we have many points of agreement, but I see Wahhabism as a threat as it is basically an Islamic sect with an equivalent in the medieval Catholicism that perpetrated The Inquisition.  The Catholic Church, Inc., has advanced and become tolerant, but some Islamic sects are still in the Dark Age.  Yes, The Empire (owned by oligarchs) funded and armed Wahhabist ISIS as a terror tool and to overthrow Assad.  I'm mainly concerned that the oligarch's little pet tiger will grow up and be used as a tool for global control.  When I start to see moderate Muslims dragging their beaten and bruised radical brethren through the streets, then I'll start to believe that Islam is compatible with Western society.

Many libertarians are so devoted to a libertarian ideology that they forget that these libertarian ideals are incompatible with many cultures/countries.  Our libertarian Founding Fathers were more practical and realized that libertarian ideals are not globally accepted, which is why the first immigration act to be implemented when they all still lived allowed only "free white persons" to become citizens of these United States.  All governments are ultimately armed criminal gangs, but only some allow their people to operate freely within their own borders.

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Mike in GA Memedada Mon, 01/29/2018 - 08:11 Permalink

While we in America have many debilitating problems of our own making, the importation of muslims has accelerated the decline.  There is NOT ONE good thing can be said about the practice of allowing the unassimilatable practitioners of the medievalist governing system masquerading as a religion into our country.  

The forced politically inspired importation of the 3rd world inbred cretins from shithole countries will lead to ungovernable areas in America as they have in every other country that welcomed them, and ultimately to war to eradicate them.  Shades of the last 1400 years.

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It's simpler than that.  Chaos is the goal of muzzie immigration to the West.  Chaos creates a power vacuum, the US, at the behest of its Zio masters specializes in it, particularly in the Middle East.  Into the vacuum steps...guess who?  Israel.  That's the plan for the Middle East, it's the plan for Europe.

False-flag muzzie terrorism has the same goal.  And if there is actually any authentic muzzie terrorism in the West, it has the same effect... win-win for the Jews.

The muzzies are pawns in this.

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Debunked by who?

Like the 9/11 Commission "proved" the official account (pancake-theory [the "explanation" for the first time ever that a steel-building collapsed in free fall due to fire], the 19 hijackers and the miraculous paper passport found near the World Trade Center , the "coincidence" of a NORAD exercise the same day, the missing plane at the Pentagon, the missing plane in Pennsylvania etc. etc.)?

But again: debunked by who? Give me a link, I'm genuinely curious. Or just some names...?

Here are some of my sources on Gladio:

BBC Documentary.

Paul Williams book on the subject.

Anne Cento Bull's very well-researched book on the subject (focusing on Italy)

If you're not the reading kind of guy just Google Sibel Edmonds on Gladio B - the extension of the original Gladio...and especially her talks with Corbett. She wrote a book on the subject too - haven't read it yet.


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One of the first symptoms of cognitive dissonance: anger and emotional outbursts.

It is hard to be confronted with arguments against your installed worldview – especially if you’re not used to it (like US plebs who’ve lived their whole life inside their corporate propaganda bubble – i.e. like you).

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Reichstag Fire Dept. Memedada Mon, 01/29/2018 - 07:46 Permalink

Everything you've said is complete bullshit and is nothing but distractions to keep everyone busy looking the other way while TPTB execute their real plan, to eliminate free and critical thinking so they may consolidate their grip on power and wealth.

White western people have the capacity to become organized enough and are smart enough to succeed on their own. Smart enough to think for themselves. Leftists don't want that!

Leftist leaders use the weak mined, disenfranchised, uncompetitive people as useful idiots to spread a narrative of hate disguised as good intentions. Anything the Left does is well intended no (matter the result) and anyone that exercises independent thinking against the Leftist narrative is hated and vilified.

That's why the straight white male is the most despised and hated people in the world today. The straight white man has the ability to take control away from the Leftists and blow up their Leftist narrative.

It's THAT simple.

So, Leftist, dispense with your overly complex bullshit story of who did what and who can prove what and putting the Right in a position of trying to prove (disprove) a negative. It is thin and will not pass in the long run.

The violence is escalating as the Left is losing their grip. This will only serve to hurt the Left more.

US Democrats are actually saying that a US$1000.oo tax break is bad for the Americans receiving it. No, not if you make US$2,000.oo/mo, that quite a bit of money. More jobs will also lead to higher wages! The Left simply does not want this to happen. They don't want the Right to be rich enough to crawl out of their box and be a credible threat to their moral authority.

Trump is making that happen right now...and I'm not even a Trump guy, I'm a Libertarian. I see when my freedom is threatened and how. The Libertarian will never hold political power but we are the canary in the coal mine of freedom.

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Vendetta Reichstag Fire Dept. Mon, 01/29/2018 - 09:18 Permalink

I tend to agree with most of what you wrote however I do disagree that a tax break of a $1,000 a year will amount to a hill of beans regarding job creation though money WILL help some people pay bills ... trade policy is the root cause of loss of decent jobs in the US .... and the outflow will continue unabated till this warped trade philosophy is disposed of permanently 

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FORCE Memedada Mon, 01/29/2018 - 07:06 Permalink

This is not either/or situation;it is created BOTH by intelligence agencies/globalist crapitalist elite & by flooding European states with Africans & arabs,some of whom are violent but most of whom will never integrate & are an unwanted burden.

To recognise the truth of this situation is not racism but realism.


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Oldwood FORCE Mon, 01/29/2018 - 07:37 Permalink

The elites of our world knew the threat of radical Islam and exacerbated it to their own advantage. It does not diminish the threat of radical Islam, it only points out that it is a multi front war. The "smart people" knowing their small numbers, use every destructive ideology and alt culture to bring down the dominant culture. 

We ARE at war and idiots refusing to acknowledge threats due to their own ideology are as much a part of the threat as Islam.

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OverTheHedge Oldwood Mon, 01/29/2018 - 08:39 Permalink

i wouldn't say partially fake, so much as completely mad. They are an outfit run by lots of well-known Jewish names, who are desperate to keep Muslims out of Europe (or at the very least, get some nice race-wars going).

Then you have other well-known Jewish names proposing the absolute opposite. The one thing that no one seems to want to question, is why Jewish people should have such an influential voice on what happens in an almost completely not-Jewish part of the world. Why the conflicting opinions, and why the need for conflict? And why does Israel not get to comply with the multicultural desires of Soros at al? At least you can understand the Gatestone approach - it is consistent with the apartheid ideals of Israel.

Personally, I don't trust anything the Gatestone Institute says, as it is all to push their very obvious agenda. Just because you want to hear that Europe is completely subsumed by Arab mercenaries, doesn't actually make it true. I should know, I live in the country first on the list for immigrants, stuffed full to bursting with Syrian refugees, who have swamped the entire nation, allegedly. If this is the case - where are they all? Why can't I find any refugees begging when I go into town? Why can't I see rapes and robberies and murders all around me? Why are there NO refugees where I live? Not ONE. Of course, perhaps I'm just not looking hard enough. (Actually, I should note that there have been a spate of burglaries recently, but they seem to have been carried out by Romanians, who are nice Christian Europeans, as I understand it....)

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