Dallas Fed: "We May Not Like The Division In The Country But Trump's Policies Are Working"

Following missed expectations at the Philly Fed, Richmond Fed, Empire Fed, and PMIs; The Dallas Fed manufacturing survey smashed expectations - soaring to 33.4, the highest since Nov 2005.

The January print at 33.4 is above the highest analyst's estimate of 30.1...

Under the covers, things were not quite as exciting with capacity utilization weaker,  weaker, wages weaker, hours worked weaker, and employment weaker.

The index surged on the back of a spike in 'hope' as Six months ahead business activity jumped.

Amid near record-low unemployment, respondents noted that:

Labor is still the largest problem facing our business. We are still unable to find candidates who can perform the basic duties of employment. First and foremost, show up to work, and second, on time.

We are experiencing large volume increases and demand for parts sooner than ordered, predominately in the automotive sector but in other markets as well. We are having difficulty finding new employees and are facing full capacity in the first quarter if sales continue at this level.

Also, we are raising existing production employees’ hourly rates and increasing our starting rate in production in an attempt to keep good employees and attract new ones.

Forcing some to admit reality:

We may not like the way things are communicated and the division in the country, but the policies are improving conditions for the workers and employers. We will be putting our tax savings and costs savings from a reduced regulatory environment back into expanding the business and hiring more people. The U.S. is more competitive internationally, but it’s still far from ideal. We increased salaries and bonuses as a way to retain top talent and hire more quality people. I hope we keep reducing burdensome regulations and start reducing waste, debt, corruption, ineffective programs and the overall size of the government.



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Where is the Dallas Fed's statement on the divisiveness created by Obozo for 8 years and the destruction of the US economy with leftist, tree-hugger. global warming rhetoric... Oh, that's right, the mulatto messiah can do no wrong... Let's see how that works when "the memo" is released... 

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Lives dominated by myths and delusions,

very persistent shared hallucinations, and

nobody really knows anything any longer.

Conspiracy catnip and prideful ignorance,

coherent thoughts are rare.


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Other than a SCOTUS, and stating that Shithole countries are shitholes, what exactly has Trump done?...  That tax ""CUT"" is the second largest tax increase in history only behind obowel care....  Stop drinking the coolaid, is the swamp any less swampy despite all the talk?  Hillary Podesta, et al, still walking free?  Are we still bombing brown people with no discernable strategy?  Despite the bluster doing anything about Chinese trade?  Despite the bluster, doing anything about immigration?  Dont get sucked in by the Kabuki that anything is actually happening because it isnt.  Anyone in manufacturing energy or power, will tell you that CAPEX is plummeting, the Trillions printed are accelerating the concentration of wealth into the 0.01 percent, while we have a carnival act distracting the masses.


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It would really be funny if the Democrats manage to get Trump out with a few months left to his term, and whoever they plug in is at the seat until the next election, whereupon a Democrat is inserted by corrupted "legal" force to put things "back on track", whereupon the markets crash 50% and stay there. Hope it's Bernie or Hillary.

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I regret Crooked Hillary or socialist Bernie did not get elected.


We could have enjoyed the fruits of soaring socialist successes like countrywide homelessness and massive unemployment. Look at how wonderful Kornifornia is:

California Tent Cities Grow Massively!


Even Orange County benefits from the far left socialist agenda:



"Yes we can!"


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Does anyone believe this ?  The current administration has been in office a year. Even if one believes a POTUS has a major impact on the economy (they don't) what has actually taken place over the last year to warrant all the 'happy talk' articles. Even if such action is beneficial, it would require more than a few months to produce the results.


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It's the sign from the Dallas Fed that oil rigs from around the globe are heading home. You won't hear that on the manipulated mainstream media but since Trump opened up all shorelines and other areas for drilling, the oil industry is getting ready for a big move upwards. Fall in the U.S. Dollar equals $100 Dollar oil if she keeps falling. America will be self sufficient and experience the biggest oil boom in history.

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....and at $100+ oil, the rest of us will be paying through the fucking nose for gasoline (remember $5/gallon?), which will likely cause another recession--except THIS time, with all of the debt and low interest rates will cause massive problems with the feds, and result in the Great Depression II.

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i'm looking at that first chart wondering, "what the hell happened in december 2015?"

did they or not apply a double seasonal adjustment?

or have they since?

the follow up question would then be, "what the hell happened in january 2016?"

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Look, since 1971 people have adopted a "free party and cake" approach to the economy, I call them "something for nothing idiots". Debt is not free when you spend more than you take in, it absolutely cannot continue forever. Right now that $68T of total US debt (public AND private) is costing people $2.5T a year in interest alone. No one so far, not Obama, not Trump, no one in the Fed, NO ONE is doing anything that will fix it. Tax cuts are great, but only if you CUT THE SPENDING accordingly. And fake economic stats don't solve anything. Really there aren't many solutions to this that would be popular, the easiest one is the old one of debt forgiveness - I would imagine Trump's life would not be worth a plug nickel if the banks had to deal with that one - they would just get rid of him. It sucks there is no easy way out of this but adding $1T in new debt per quarter is not one of them (as we did in Q317), I suspect this was the result of expected tax cut windfalls, which are already spent.

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You sir, are wide awake! Nobody wants to face the ugly reality that for the USA, it's last call.

First, let's combine the entire populations of USA, Europe, Australia, UK, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, and South Korea, what's the total? About a billion, give or take.

Deduct it from global population and you still have 6 billion give or take. Now consider most of global natural resources are domiciled with the 6 billion, Europe with her 600 or so millions is devoid of adequate energy resources and you begin to understand why it's over for the west.

How so? American standard of living, is dependent on the USD as reserve currency, same for Europe. What gives the USD power, apart from NATO, is the American legal system, and the perceived integrity of the western media and banking system.

Let me ask you a simple question? If you're American, what is your objective opinion of the above mentioned systems? If your opinion is negative, imagine the opinions of the rest of the world.

The USD as reserve currency, is dead! What replaces it, is what's currently causing all the kinetic chaos. Americans have no idea their world is about to change drastically, their debts cannot be paid, their national credit card is about to be scissored and yet, they go on as if nothing.

When it hits, people will be DAZED!

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The American living standard has very little bearing on the reserve currency status of our dollars.  America had a very high standard of living prior to WWII, after which is when the dollar became the world standard currency.  Our standard of living is due to the work ethic and ingenuity of our fathers and forefathers (and mothers), not some bullshit "reserve currency" standard.  We have the ability to be energy independent except for a bunch of leftist dipshits that hold us back, we have natural resources few other countries can boast, and an American spirit of independence that cannot be broken, though people like Obozo and other scumbag leftists have done their damndest to do.  Let's see where the chips fall, shall we?   

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I have been looking into my ancestry, and looking at the families back in the 19th century or so it occurs to me - how the heck did these people get by with like 10 kids peddling vegetables or working in a hat factory, with the wives almost never working? The only answer I could derive is that without the massive inflation since 1913, the spending power was enormous. Just look at the stupendous expensive stone architecture of older buildings, it seems like they did not spare expenses. That debt service monkey and his friend the inflation monkey is on our backs eating us alive.

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Donuld Trump is the greatest leader in world history.  He has singlehandedly brought this country back from the brink.  

His economic policies are refreshing.  His foreign policy is brilliant.  His fiscal reform is refreshingly brilliant.  He is a brilliantly refreshing patriot that loves America and hates brown people, which is refreshing.


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