Hillary Clinton Mocks Trump In Tasteless Grammys Sketch

Considering that President Trump declared himself "not a feminist" earlier this week, it's unsurprising that the president was savagely mocked at the Grammy Awards this year - an event that, like the Golden Globes, was dominated by #MeToo.

But perhaps the most galling attack on the president came in a sketch featuring late-night host James Corden and a handful of celebrities - including Hillary Clinton, who was recently exposed for protecting a sexual harasser - reading passages from Michael Wolff's controversial "Fire and Fury" book.

Other guests during the segment included John Legend, Cardi B, Snoop Dogg and Cher.

Following Clinton's reading, Corden shouted 'That's it - that's the one!'

However, rapper Cardi B's reaction may have unintentionally touched on the truth about Wolff's book: That many of the scandalous details were exaggerations or fabrications. She stopped mid-sentence and exclaimed "why am I reading this sh*t? I can't believe this."

Donald Trump Jr., Nikki Haley and a handful of other Trump associates lashed out at the Grammy's for politicizing the awards:







...We now await a response from the president...