Inquisition 2.0? Spanish Government Arrests Catalan-Based Critic Using "Hate-Speech Law"

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...from the shocked-SHOCKED-to-find-such-a-predictable-use-of-a-bad-law dept

Spain's government has gotten into the business of regulating speech with predictably awful results. An early adopter of Blues Lives Matter-esque policies, Spain went full police state, passing a law making it a crime to show "disrespect" to law enforcement officers.

The predictable result? The arrest of someone for calling cops "slackers" in a Facebook post.

Spain's government is either woefully unaware of the negative consequences of laws like this or, worse, likes the negative consequences. After all, it doesn't hurt Spain's government beyond a little reputational damage. It only hurts residents of Spain.

When you're already unpopular, thanks to laws like these and suppression of a Catalan independence vote, what difference does it make if you're known better for shutting down dissent than actually protecting citizens from hateful speech?

One Catalan resident is getting the full "hate speech" rap-and-ride.

A Catalan high school teacher, Manel Riu, appeared in court on Thursday accused of hate speech for his tweets and Facebook posts criticizing Spain, government members and the Guardia Civil police.

Over a hundred people escorted him to court in Tremp, west of Catalonia, where he denied any wrongdoing and asked for the case’s dismissal.

As a Catalan, Riu certainly has reason to criticize the Spanish government. During the last attempted referendum, the Spanish government sent police to seize ballots, voters' cellphones, and ordered Google to remove a voting location app from the Play store. The evidence against Riu is composed of 119 tweets gathered by the Guardia Civil, Spain's oldest law enforcement agency -- one that blurs the line between playing soldier and playing cop far more often than its US counterparts.

One tweet apparently compared Spain to hell.

"I do not believe in God, neither in the soul, nor in eternal life, nor in heaven, nor in hell ... Well, in hell I do believe: hell is Spain."

The rest are presumably similarly unflattering. Hyperbolic venting by unhappy citizens is to be expected. It also should be protected.

Insulating the government from unhappy citizens never works out well. But that's how Spain is handling dissent: by sending out the most "police state" wing of its police forces to arrest people for calling Spain figuratively hell.

The crime cited here is a violation of Spain's hate speech law. But that makes no sense.

Hate speech laws are supposed to protect underprivileged groups who are often targets of derogatory comments. They're not supposed to protect the powerful from the underprivileged.

The anomalies of hate speech law enforcement are the times they're actually used the way they should be. (Not that they're good ideas in the first place, but for the sake of argument…)

Shutting down dissenters and critics of the government is the status quo.


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 You mean by emigrating en masse to another country where they will not even be frowned upon for raping locale females like there is no tomorrow? 

After all rapefugees can't even talk any local language anyplace they infect, so they are not subject to hate speech laws, are they? 

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Cry Baby Moe Tue, 01/30/2018 - 03:53 Permalink

"I do not believe in God, neither in the soul, nor in eternal life, nor in heaven, nor in hell ... Well, in hell I do believe: hell is Spain."


If you don't believe that there's a purpose to life, go take a long walk of a short pier...

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Oh, what was it? She Wolf of the SS? That film? No, it was another. Ministry sampled it. Let me see... Oh, right "The Devils"

Still not Spanish.

Well, historically, once the Spanish arrived to the new world a population of 30 million was reduced to 3 million. A reverse decimation. Spanish are notoriously barbarous. They're magical thinkers: superstitious. Like to kill animals for sport and fun. They are presumptive.

Had art history faggot professor tell me Guernica was the best painting of the 20th century. No. It's a cartoon. It's a celebration. Basically Spain is the European cousin we don't want to think about. They are filthy degenerate mongrels and act like it.

I wish that they could stay shut into their wardrobes and piss their selves like Simone in Bataille's Story of the Eye. Insular ugly late bloomers to the real world like the Spanish were of course easy prey for the Moors. Can anyone tell me something truly amazing that Spain has done other than make the Jesuites, crypto Jews, or be the ovaries for plague in Europe?

Snípéir_Ag_Obair Tue, 01/30/2018 - 04:03 Permalink

“Hate speech laws are supposed to protect underprivileged groups who are often targets of derogatory comments. They're not supposed to protect the powerful from the underprivileged.”


Jews are underprivileged and not powerful?


Hate speech laws aren’t about protecting anyone - they are about protecting the privileges and lies of the Establishment and its beneficiaries.

Hate speech laws aren’t intended to suppress ‘hate’ - they are intended to suppress inconvenient truths.


Truth:  it’s the new ‘hate speech.’


Vageling Tue, 01/30/2018 - 04:25 Permalink

Hate speech, eh? Look guys, Rajoy and the gang have no clothes on ;)

These idiots and their imposed "reality". Nah, they don't get the implications. They went all in. They're nervous.

The Alarmist Tue, 01/30/2018 - 04:57 Permalink

What's all the fuss?  Spain is, by the principle of subsidiarity, showings its local implementation of European Values as enshrined in the ECHR, as interpreted and implemented by the European Commission.

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After the GFC the Spanish State was using the Police Force to evict home owners when their mortgage fell into arrears under some very dubious banking practices. There was a group highlighting this issue on the internet by turning up to evictions and videoing the Police evicting people from their homes. The state then made it illegal to video the Police going about their business.

Things are getting bad in Europe, they are being pumped with propaganda everyday and they are losing their freedoms and liberty just like here in the UK too. I feel that the left are making a takeover bid, they have infected our schools, our Universities, BBC, ITV, CH4 and our justice systems.

It will kick off soon because folks have had enough of the lies and dishonesty from the state. Things will come to a head when the economy turns down hard and ordinary folks feel the pain. When people are losing and they have nothing else to lose, they lose it.