Kunstler: "The 'Resistance' Is Dragging The Country Into Dangerous Madness"

Authored by James Howard Kunstler via Kunstler.com,

For those of us who are not admirers of President Trump, it’s even more painful to see the Democratic opposition descend into the stupendous dishonesty of the Russian Collusion story. When the intelligentsia of the nation looses its ability to think — when it becomes a dis-intelligentsia — then there are no stewards of reality left. Trump is crazy enough, but the “resistance” is dragging the country into dangerous madness.

It’s hard not to be impressed by the evidence in the public record that the FBI misbehaved pretty badly around the various election year events of 2016. And who, besides Rachel Maddow, Anderson Cooper, and Dean Baquet of The New York Times, can pretend to be impressed by the so far complete lack of evidence of Russian “meddling” to defeat Hillary Clinton?


I must repeat: so far. This story has been playing for a year and a half now, and as the days go by, it seems more and more unlikely that Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller is sitting on any conclusive evidence. During this time, everything and anything has already leaked out of the FBI and its parent agency the Department of Justice, including embarrassing hard evidence of the FBI’s own procedural debauchery, and it’s hard to believe that Mr. Mueller’s office is anymore air-tight than the rest of the joint.

If an attorney from Mars came to Earth and followed the evidence already made public, he would probably suspect that the FBI and DOJ colluded with the Clinton Campaign and the Democratic Party to derail the Trump campaign train, and then engineer an “insurance policy” train wreck of his position in office. Also, in the process, to nullify any potential legal action against Clinton, including the matter of her email server, her actions with the DNC to subvert the Sanders primary campaign, the Steele dossier being used to activate a FISA warrant for surveillance of the Trump campaign, the arrant, long-running grift machine of the Clinton Foundation (in particular, the $150 million from Russian sources following the 2013 Uranium One deal, when she was Secretary of State), and the shady activities of Barack Obama’s inner circle around the post-election transition. There is obviously more there there than in the Resistance’s Russia folder.

I don’t even understand why Robert Mueller ever had credible standing to preside over this special investigation. He is, after all, the close friend and once-mentor of the figure who is very likely the fulcrum in any case against Trump: James Comey, the former FBI director fired by Trump — theoretically to obstruct justice, the keystone in the effort to find an impeachable offense.

I’m not comfortable acting as a supporter or defender of Trump, but I’m even less comfortable with the appearance of a rogue security and law enforcement apparatus gone blatantly political. The so far poorly-explained antics at the FBI and DOJ reflect badly on all vested authority in the country — and especially for any faction that pretends to be on the side of justice. This is a much larger problem than the public debate seems to recognize. We are not far from a point where nobody will be able to believe anything official in this land.

I remain convinced that this circus of scandal and counter-scandal will not necessarily be resolved by the legal machinery, at least not in any meaningful time frame that would allow the political establishment to pull its head out of its ass and actually start paying attention to the public interest. Rather, the circus tent will just blow down in the financial crisis that is spinning toward the US mainland like a superstorm.

Mr. Trump now has full, gold-plated ownership of the parabolic stock market, a shuddering bond market, a wobbling currency, and an implacable debt quandary. These are conditions that can blow a society up for real.


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"We are not far from a point where nobody will be able to believe anything official in this land."

Sorry, but I've been completely there ever since 9/11.  I literally do not trust ANYTHING stated by government officials or jews... period.  I triple check everything before coming to an opinion... and oftentimes, there isn't enough provable info to FORM an opinion.  That's okay.  It's better than falling for devious kosher lies.

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"When the intelligentsia of the nation looses its ability to think — when it becomes a dis-intelligentsia — then there are no stewards of reality left. " - thread related


See a problem here: " Though factories have mostly been replaced by markets, banking systems and credit, capital rules the world over. Following the rise of the international monetary system in the 1970s, interest-bearing capital was cemented as the driving force behind governments, markets, and industries. As capital has grown more powerful and unstable, expanding and plunging into crises when its inherent contradictions are realized, Marx’s theories are even more relevant today. "

- Hilary & Bill Clinton took Stalinist ideas of Police State and implemented them in the USA with new Technology Revolution... to secure the political future for themselves... wow.  Print and Distribute!

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Please don't say "Stopped reading there". Its a massive red flag that your cognitive defenses are kicking in to prevent you from seeing something that you do not want to see. 

Seriously, Fight Club historically doesn't take to that well. I would not be surprised if a few fed you the Cliff Notes version to make sure that you "read it". 

Remember, the best reading material is the stuff that you absolutely do not agree with to begin with. That's the good stuff. That's the learning material, even if you continue to disagree, perhaps ever more so, after reading. The agreeable stuff is to bolster the ego. 

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Given that nonsense has been the #1 topic for almost 1.5 years, the operative question IS WHAT **REALITY** IS BEING OCCULTED BY THIS FALSE NARRATIVE NONSENSE?


Oh... dang...  Read that again.

Comey's internal communications made it clear Hillary would not be prosecuted for her criminal activity in mid 2016.

Even so, in October 2016, Comey feigned an investigation into Hillary and implied there could be an eventual prosecution of Hillary.

All the gullible and ignorant Trump supporters even believed the Bankster establishment would hold her accountable.  Ha ha... to be so naive again...



There is one controller of the fake two party paradigm...

The Money Power.

As for Trump:

The best way to control the opposition (to the fake two party system) is to lead (finance) it."
~Vladimir Lenin

BTW, the main reason the Banksters did this, IMHO, is because they are going to blow the debt-money bubble, blame it on Trump (the ostensible outsider per the propaganda), and maintain their fake two party system to continue its ability to mind control the masses going forward.

Let me be clear.  The Money Power Mega-Corporate Fascists control Donald J. Trump.  It is obvious.  It will become more obvious.

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I'm not saying your overall thesis is wrong, but you're mistaken about "THAT'S WHY THEY GAVE HIM $2 BILLION IN FREE ADVERTISING". We know from the leaked/hacked emails that the DNC told its pets in the MSM to concentrate on Trump during the primaries because they wanted him to win the Repug nomination; they thought he'd be the easiest one for Hillary to beat in the actual election. After he'd won the primaries, the MSM kept its focus on Trump because he was saying shit that outraged so many people; they thought, the more we publicise these "deplorable" statements, the less likely he is to win.

Ha! Didn't work out for them too well.

As far as I can see, Trump hasn't catered to the bankers any less than Hillary would have. But given his campaign promises, it's highly likely they'd have wanted her rather than him; she was a known banksters' moll, they knew any talk about being tough on Wall St was just so much flannel.

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Who says he looked to weapons before anything else?  We've tried the "everything else" for  decades. 

Ever since 1965, when Europeans were told they were unwelcome to immigrate, we'd rather have 3rd worlders that vote democrat, thanks.   Ever since 1971 when Americans were told their money was no longer backed by anything.  Ever since 2001 when we were told that two planes can bring down three buildings.  Ever since 2003 when we were told that Iraq had chemical weapons and they needed  our blood and treasure to overthrow it's government.   Ever since 2008 when we were told that propping up banks was more important than the natural death and replacement of healthy capitalism.  Ever since 2016 when we were not allowed to march for our candidate without being attacked on the street.  Ever since 2017 when we realized that we can't have a bumper sticker for our president without having our windows broken and car keyed, and how if we're not black or muslim, we should shut up and be grateful we're still allowed to exist, for now.

I'd say we've been trying everything BUT weapons, and it's done fuck-all for us.  So calling him a retard after all that is kind of a dick move, isn't it?

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Jews come in all stripes.  The two richest Jews in the county may very well be diametrically opposed.  One owns a sizable citrus empire and he put up billboard size Trump signs on the Park Way.  The other owns all the car dealerships in the county and remained largely quiet.  He did not to my knowledge put up any Hillary signs.  He appeared to be more interested in putting his name up at the local state college.

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Damn the preponderance of evidence.  The stolen election mime must live.  When you had the whole system rigged, there was no way that you could have lost except by the interference of a larger darker force.  You think it was the Russians.  It was not Putin.  Putin had a very profitable deal with the already bought Hillary.  The darker force was the NSA.  They picked Trump over Hillary.

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Ruby Ridge and Waco were chinks in my mental armor. 911 did it for me. I guess I was just a little more thickheaded than you. 

What about these idiots like silvermail and JibjeResearch that are still brainwashed by the government-media false reality? Do you think they will EVER wake up or will they get themselves killed during TSHTF when it happens? 

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