Trump To McCabe: "Ask Your Wife How It Feels To Be A Loser"

In a conveniently-timed leak and narrative-shifting moment, NBC news reports 'sources' have confirmed that President Trump, referring to his wife's Clinton-sponsored failure to win state office, asked former FBI acting director McCabe: "ask your wife how it feels to be a loser."

As a reminder, in 2015 McCabe’s wife had run for state office in Virginia.

She accepted nearly $500,000 in donations to her campaign from the super PAC of Clinton ally and former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe.

She lost her race by just over 2,000 votes.

In the past, Trump had also reportedly asked McCabe how he voted in the 2016 election and repeatedly made public references to campaign donations his wife had received from an ally of Hillary and Bill Clinton.

According to NBC News, the day after President Donald Trump fired James Comey, he became so furious watching television footage of the ousted FBI director boarding a government-funded plane from Los Angeles back to Washington, D.C. that he called the bureau’s acting director, Andrew McCabe, to vent, according to multiple people familiar with the phone call.

Trump demanded to know why Comey was allowed to fly on an FBI plane after he had been fired, these people said. McCabe told the president he hadn’t been asked to authorize Comey’s flight, but if anyone had asked, he would have approved it, three people familiar with the call recounted to NBC News.

The president was silent for a moment and then turned on McCabe, suggesting he ask his wife how it feels to be a loser...

McCabe replied, "OK, Sir."

Trump then hung up the phone.

Both the White House and the FBI declined to comment on the call.

*  *  *

One wonders whether the 'three sources' aware of the call were in the room? (which seems odd that Trump would say those things in front of anti-Trump operatives remaining in The White House) or if these were 'eavesdropped' sources thanks to improperly-attained FISA warrants.

Of course, all of this comes after McCabe stepped down today (or was pushed) and ahead of expectations that the deep-state-exposing memo may be voted for release this evening.