"Most-Watched" State Of The Union Address Ever?

Many commentators argue that never since the Vietnam War has the United States been so disunited -so much so, that, as Statista's Dyfe Loesche notes, it feels like people seem to be living in different countries altogether.

Nevertheless, according to custom and constitution, Trump, like other presidents before him, will hold a State of the Union address as required, on tonight at 9 pm EST.

As Statista's infographic based on Nielsen data shows, Trump's first unofficial State of the Union address, held before a joint session of Congress on the last day of February 2017, a few weeks after his inauguration, drew a pretty large TV crowd.

Infographic: TV Crowds Watching State of the Union Addresses | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

However - and these aren’t 'alternative facts' - Obama, Bush junior and Clinton at some point drew larger TV crowds during similar speeches.

However, live TV viewership has been on the decline for some time. So, if the figures were adjusted for overall live TV viewership, the results would work in favor of more recent debates.

One indeed has to accredit Trump with the biggest increase of viewers compared to the last speech by a predecessor. Obama drew 14.9 million viewers more than Bush did at his last speech. Trump increased viewership by 16.4 million compared to Obama's last speech.

Then again, people are just as keen to see a president they like as they can be propelled by ulterior motives, such as seeing a controversial showman perform.