Pentagon Prepares For Next Global Conflict Which Could Start In Outer Space

China and Russia are aggressively developing capabilities such as anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons that could soon destroy all U.S. satellites in low-earth orbit, according to a new report issued by the Pentagon’s Joint Staff. ASAT weapons could decapitate the Pentagon’s use of surveillance, navigation, and communications satellites from its arsenal during wartime efforts, which would severely cripple the effectiveness of U.S. armed forces.

The Joint Staff intelligence directorate, known as J-2, published the warning in a recent report on the growing threat of anti-satellite (ASAT) weapons from China and Russia, according to The Washington Free Beacon.

Officials who were familiar with the report stated, “China and Russia will be capable of severely disrupting or destroying U.S. satellites in low-earth orbit” in the next two years. Back in May, the Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats issued a very similar warning but less specific than the J-2 report.

“We assess that Russia and China perceive a need to offset any U.S. military advantage derived from military, civil, or commercial space systems and are increasingly considering attacks against satellite systems as part of their future warfare doctrine,” Coats said. “Both will continue to pursue a full range of anti-satellite weapons as a means to reduce U.S. military effectiveness.”

Coats said that both China and Russia are colluding with each other to limit U.S. defenses in space through collaboration and the development of ASAT weapons. Russia’s arsenal of space weapons include a “diverse suite of capabilities to affect satellites in all orbital regimes,” Coats testified to Congress, including a non-kinetic means of targeting U.S. satellites through direct energy weapons.

“Ten years after China intercepted one of its own satellites in low-earth orbit, its ground-launched ASAT missiles might be nearing operational service within the PLA,” Coats said.

Space expert Michael J. Listner said ASAT weapons were developed in the Cold War days. Both the United States and the Soviet Union acquired the technology many decades ago that could knock out each other’s satellites in space.

“The United States ASAT program, Program 437, took the form of the ASM-135 missile, or the ‘flying tomato can’ and was intended by the Reagan administration to be a deterrent to the Soviet co-orbital system,” said Listner, founder of Space Law & Policy Solutions, a consulting firm.

“When Congress defunded development of the ASM-135 there was no follow-on program to provide the desired deterrent effect,” Listner said. “Russia did not completely scrap its program and China is pursuing its own, leaves the United States with the conundrum of how to deter the threat aside from the hope of resilience,” he added.

The Washington Free Beacon notes that the Pentagon’s low-earth satellites are highly vulnerable to Chinese or Russian ASAT weapons.

Resilience is a term used by the Pentagon for protecting, hardening, or replacing satellites in a future conflict.

Low-earth orbit satellites operate between 100 miles and 1,242 miles above the earth and are used for reconnaissance and earth and ocean observation. Those low-orbiting satellites provide key military data used in preparing battlefields around the world for deploying forces in a conflict or crisis.

Also, weather monitoring and communications satellites, including Iridium, Globalstar, and Orbcomm, circle in low-earth orbit.

A number of critical intelligence and military communications satellites also operate in highly elliptical orbits that during orbit travel in an extremely low perigee close to earth where they will soon be vulnerable to Chinese or Russian attack.

All these low-earth orbit satellites are now highly vulnerable to Chinese or Russian anti-satellite weapons and capabilities.

Those capabilities range from several types of ground-launched space missiles, to lasers and electronic jammers, to small maneuvering satellites that can maneuver, grab, and crush orbiting satellites.

According to a report by the National Institute for Public Policy, as of 2016 there were 780 satellites in low earth orbit operated by 43 nations. At total of 37 highly elliptical orbit satellites will soon be vulnerable to Chinese or Russian ASATs.

A former Pentagon missile expert Steve Lambakis warned, “U.S. space systems are among the most fragile and vulnerable assets operated by the U.S. military.”

“This vulnerable communications and data collection, processing, and distribution infrastructure is worth billions of dollars and is vital to nearly every activity of the United States and, increasingly, the armed forces of U.S. allies,” he stated.

Last week, the Pentagon launched its largest-ever three-week premier set of air war drills, called Red Flag 18-1, which started last Friday and will conclude February 16. Right now, the Pentagon is blacking out GPS over the Nevada Test and Training Range, which provides realistic war-like conditions to challenge fighter pilots.

To sum up, the Pentagon is preparing for the next global conflict which could start in outer space. As highlighted by the Pentagon’s Joint Staff, China and Russia’s ambitions to knock U.S. military satellites out of low earth orbit have certainly spooked Washington. If China or Russia deploy an ASAT weapon and take out critical satellites of the U.S. military, it could render the Pentagon blind. This is no position any country wants to be in, and now we understand why the Pentagon is currently conducting massive air war drills in Nevada with simulated GPS blackouts.


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Guys, we have the flying saucers that crashed in Roswell.  We've been reverse-engineering that shit for the last 70 years.  NOBODY is touching us when it comes to ruling outer space.

Having grown a well-deserved reputation on ZH as the world's worst conspiracy theorist, please note that doesn't mean I don't know how to do it.  Just means I don't have much use for it most days.


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THIS is one of the easy ones. There are over 13000 verified military reports of UFO sightings and reports by NASA astronauts, cosmic travel agents from other countries, plus more amongst commercial airline pilots and who knows how many more by people on the ground.

There are COUNTLESS official and non-classified records to document this. This is not news. Start with Steven Greer.

The solitary purpose of the National Security Act of 1947 (at the time) was to fund a secret economy for reverse-engineering projects--see my other detailed post about that. A LOT of solid research has been done on all this.  Start with Catherine Austin Fitts.

McKinnon was either a great op (why would NASA have ANY MIIC documentation like that) or an example of how reckless NASA has been, probably the latter. They've been "finding" child porn on their computers, too.


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@ NoDebt,

"we have the flying saucers that crashed in Roswell."

No worries. Once the SETI Project finds intelligent life, that alien life will send meteors to break apart Earth. No more problems with semi-intelligent (and overly emotional) primates or most other Earth-bound lifeforms.

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Given the lax gamma-5 x-ray security at that time, combined with the indistinguishable profile of hidden instruments inside Faraday cages, the suspension of racial profiling, the innate capabilities of Arabs to hide dangerous weapons in their orifices, and I don't know what I'm talking about.

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If you want to stop ALL satellites for 10-100 years, just launch enough space debris that prevents ANY rocket from reaching orbit (with p<0.05).

No more MIC spying from space! But also no more sat weather, Sat radio, Sat TV or GPS Nav.  Sorry, bitchez. 

By then, the Ziobucks Empire will have ended, having reached its unnatural lifespan either naturally or unnaturally.

Probably a lot sooner ('unnaturally'), when you no longer have an "Eye in the Sky".  (Oy, but at least you'll still have your ME "Guy in the Sky". /sarc)

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"Let's try stopping a fucking islamic terrorist in a plane first."


"Let's try stopping a fucking treasonous dual-citizen jewish cabal planting thermite explosives in our highest skyscrapers to blame on Islamic Middle East boogeymen for their Ersatz Israel wars first."

There... that fixes it.

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Level 1:

  • "official" story of 19 mean ol' muslim terrorists and utility-knife martial artist/pilot savants.
  • Lots of magical cell phone calls, flight manifests and interesting passengers.
  • NIST story of lots of fiery lighter fluid stuff that was no match for 200,000+ tons of steel
  • Super powerful commercial aircraft that defy nearly all the laws of physics and disappear into buildings and bury themselves
  • blah blah blah

Level 2:

  • Starting in the 80s, infiltration of all government, military and even foreign powers with PROMIS computer software, which provided a "zero day" backdoor access by MIIC.
  • COG establishment.
  • ONI offices renovated (SAIC) that were also coincidentally investigating the missing $2.3T missing from Pentagon, and also coincidentally hit by the magic plane
  • Towers leased from NYPA on the cheap--too expensive to remediate or demo and over-insured were also under "elevator renovations" during 2001, had security and bldg access control systems shut down days before 9/11
  • 46 expertly coordinated "crisis training drills" across ALL of air traffic control at NORAD level, FAA, and above including the entire American nuclear and thermonuclear strategic arsenal - US military was conducting force-wide strategic nuclear drills – all our nuclear forces (submarine and land ballistic missiles, bombers, etc.) were on full military alert.
  • Expertly hacked multiple airline control and air traffic control systems in NE
  • layers of military and defense “stand-downs”
  • Commercial air craft remotely hijacked (AWACS)
  • Controlled demo of 3 WTC towers
  • Likely missile-type attacks on Pentagon and Flight 93
  • Contamination and destruction of the most sensitive forensics scene in American history by immediate removal of steel.
  • This is a very truncated list... so much more.

Level 3:

  • DEW that dustified the towers--that kind of energy is not supposed to exist.
  • Calls to the WH switchboard that AM: caller revealed the presence and possession of Top Secret access codes for Dept of Energy, DEA, CIA, FBI, DIA, US Marine Intelligence, Naval Intelligence, NSA, etc. basically the entire security structure of the US Gov't had been penetrated. The knowledge of the codes was used to back up the threat to blow up Air Force 1 unless Bush showed up at "x" locations, which is when Bush and company start realizing they have a real problem and shift gears from finishing reading time and photo ops at the elementary school and get back on AF1. The story then changes and instead of going back to DC as stated, Bush makes stops at Barksdale and Offit (backup Nuclear Command posts) where Bush had to get personal presidential control over the command structure of the American military, particularly the nuclear forces the and back to D.C. So there was literally a kind of coup occurring.
  • If you’re sitting in the Situation Room like Cheney was while running Level 2 9/11 ops under the guise of Level 1 + full military alert drills, and then someone calls the White House and threatens that Air Force 1 will be bombed next and cites all these codes to back up that threat, the first thing you’re worried about is the possibility that this unknown/unplanned faction could actually launch our nuclear missiles. So it’s necessary for Bush to head off that kind of coup – head to Barksdale and Offit. Those activities on 9/11 are the clues that L3 penetrated L2’s covert activities.
  • Some believe this is also why Cheney went MIA for a long period of time that AM (over an hour), which was suggested as a way to also coerce actions being threatened that morning.



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Maybe not continually assume that "they're" out to get us, accept the fact that our heads of state and military have continually pursued nervous paranoia-based attitudes towards all other nations. Maybe just don't be dicks for a change and let the old men die. We'd have peace if the old men would die and stop teaching the boys to hate the other guy. Failure of the highest order.

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ISIS has sent the Koran to Mars. In 5 years Martian gihadis will be coming to vist the Pentagon and plant IED's near the front door.

Outer space terrorism. Panic now!!!

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Now that war on terror/muslims/isis porn has lost most of its lustre and They never really got any traction w/ the mean ol' Russkies meme, it's time for "disclosure" porn to serve as foreplay for the mother of all false flags: alien threat.

Don't worry, They have been preparing for nearly a century, thanks to a secret finance system established with WWII Japan and Nazi loot. Nazi's also helped establish countless scientific, research, medical and private corporations with smuggled paperclips after WWII. Most people think the Allied powers won that war-n-stuff.

We're missing $50TRILLION from our tax dollars. They've been able to prove $21T w/ the .gov's own documentation--still working to find the rest. Granted, the US is entirely a war-based economy, on the face of it. But it isn't just that. And this is also why They are ramping up (UFO) disclosure--They need to continue infusing.

Back to interstellar preparations:

MIIC Unacknowledged Special Access Programs (USAPS): Suppression of science for the benefit of petrodollar banking macro-economic system corporate spinoffs that monetize products - here's how it works:

A large corporation studies under US funding contracts (MIIC) w/ USAPs you discover a technology and advance it into a product and through licensing and patents and product development they create a market (fiberoptics, miniaturization, integrated circuits, microprocessors) and a lot of money is to be made on the spinoffs, even through tax payers paid for research and development and the corporation didn't invent it. Like w/ medical pharma developments - the tax-payer pays for R+D AND pays the huge markup and why cancer treatment costs $250k.

And here's another example of why the entire system sets energy technology up for 100% failure:

Federation of American Scientists (FAS) in D.C. have studied and reported that 5,135+ (this data is several years old) technological development patents have been seized for “national security” reasons (including scientific discoveries achieved by studying downed extra-terrestrial craft/material and monetized) and these get moved into USAPs corporate partners.

One qualifying factor is: automatically, any patent that achieves 70% or more efficiency in energy conversion and also includes patents related to fiber optics, integrated circuits, computerization, miniaturization, night vision, special materials science and innovation and application in these developments (not discoveries) led to monetization... but the energy generation and propulsion discoveries get held back yet are still developed in secret - they make their money off the other developments.

Another complexity to these USAPs - is how they're getting funded. To understand this, start here:…

Nearly all USAPs developed out of the need to covertly fund covert research for covert development of interstellar travel means and very likely, weaponry.

MIIC that bureaucratically have established dominion and control over the entire American democratic process and are waging war—invading and occupying the ME oilfields attempting to establish what they refer to as “full-spectrum dominance”.

Bifurcation of the legitimate national security and military intelligence operations and the deep black programs that are unacknowledged – resulted in explosion of USAPs.

The primary mechanism that facilitates USAPs is a covert funding system:

Out of the 1947 National Security Act the CIA was born, which allows either agency to withdraw money from any other agency without disclosure; essentially ensuring that money can be stolen from any known program for any unknown reason and no elected official would ever know about it.

Remember that USAPs operate totally off the books as a self-perpetuating funding and development mechanism fondly referred to as the "kleptocracy of the petrofascists". They are also completely managed, controlled and operated without any high-level government/Congressional/publicly elected office oversight; they are managed by private contractors who enjoy secret protections afforded only to the private sector. In some cases no elected official, not even the president, has any knowledge that a USAP exists.

Verified by Astronaut Edgar Mitchell and an unnamed Boeing Aerospace executive, among MANY others within the military and public office, "Majestic 12 " (MAJIC - Majority Intelligence Committee) was created as a clandestine group intermingled with the CIA, National Security Council and the National Security Planning Group to carry out the covert USAP activities.

This… is only the tip-o-iceberg.



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- could, might and may -

Note the key words used in this (and almost every other money grabbing idea the MIC comes up with) article. For fucks sake, for people who call yourselves exceptional you sure let your masters pull the wool over your eyes often enough. Wake up dipshits! Russia and China (nor anyone else on this planet) don't give a flying duck about you or your insanely fucked up country, all the want to do is make money. Now I know that's difficult for you to understand as you just want to give all yours to the MIC but do try to let go yourselves because noboby else does. Sheesh!

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What a bunch of crap!  The first shots in the next big conflict are going to be at any thing in orbit giving off radio signals.

The high ground is always the main hot spot of any conflict... this one is not any different. GPS Gone, GLONASS Gone... Any communication satellite, Boom!


Then the regular war is going to rage.....

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and here is the reason we have been bombarded with "news" stories about "outer space" every day another story about a cassini probe or a falcon 9 launch etc they are building up the programming to support trillions of taxpayer dollars for a "necessary" space defense program. Our first day in kindergarten they showed us the spinning globe and told us we lived on this ball spinning through "space" thus preparing us with this BS story for the bilking of a lifetime. I hope the CGI fakery gets better Apollo was so lame they should have done much better with all the windfall billions they scammed from us. I wanna see a cloned Jane Fonda riding every missile and "satellite" if we let them scam us again. 


PS; "space" the final BS story to boldly scam more than we have been scammed before

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globism= sunworship, the one world religion as most people believe earth to be a globe. It has never been proven and can not be proven as it does not exist. the musk rockets, are they true believers and is that why their rockets keep crashing, because they believe in something that does not exist(except in their imaginations)

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The MIC is a natural process, enabled by an ignorant citizenry.

The antidote, and the only antidote, is a vigorous protection of rule of law,

which is fueled by humility.

You won't be able to escape that simple truth.

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Russian ICBMs do not need satellites they can use land radar bases to strike their targets...while Americans cannot go to the grocery without the help of a damn GPS. 


Scipio Africanuz Sun, 02/04/2018 - 07:52 Permalink

The question is simple - why won't the USA agree to Russia/Chinese/Global offer of "rule of international law"? Full spectrum dominance I guess but then again, who, in the history of humanity (known history), has ever achieved that kind of dominance? Nobody! all that tried to, perished with prejudice.

Now, USA has lived high off the hog (reserve currency) for so long, to the detriment of most parts of the world, that honest labor now seems deathly scary. One day soon, the tap will be turned off, the rug pulled, the edifice blasted to smithereens if the USA continues like this. There's no gain in current USA policies, only pain - short term, midterm, long term.

It's time for USA to cut her coat according to available material rather than size, and if that means a sleeveless half-body coat, so be it. Attempting to make a trench coat, when all you can afford is a face towel, smacks of delusion, which will very soon, come face to face with destabilizing reality.

When in a hole stop digging! Good advice anytime.