US Releases "Oligarch List" Identifying 210 Richest, Most Influential Russians

A day after President Donald Trump notified Congress that the sanctions bill it passed in August was sufficiently "serving as a deterrent", and that no new sanctions would be taken against individuals fingered in the bill, the Treasury Department quietly released the - now effectively meaningless - "Oligarchs List", to the relief of the Russian business and government elite.

Included in the list, which was published minutes before the midnight deadline, are 114 senior political figures, and 96 oligarchs, including Roman Abramovich - the owner of the Chelsea Football Club - Oleg Deripaska - purportedly a former client of Paul Manafort and Rick Gates and tech entrepreneur Yuriy Milner.

According to the Financial Times, the Kremlin responded by saying the list amounted to a roster of "enemies of the United States," and had cast US-Russian relations into an "unprecedented situation."

Meanwhile, Reuters reported that President Vladimir Putin said the list complicates US-Russia relations, calling it "an unfriendly act." However, he said Russia would refrain from retaliating.

The Treasury Department was required to compile and publish a report on possible targets for US sanctions by a bill passed by Congress in August that was intended to make sure the Trump administration keeps pressure on the Kremlin over its military intervention in Ukraine.

After initially slipping following the publication of the list of names, Russian equities bounced back in early European trading as traders realized the list was less targeted than some had expected, or as some called it "much ado about nothing" and just a rehash of the Forbes richest Russians. By midday the Moex index of leading Russian shares was up 0.3%. The ruble climbed 0.1% to 56.25 to the dollar, bolstered by firming crude prices.   

The list was compiled based on “objective criteria drawn from publicly available sources,” Treasury said, including those with net worth of $1 billion or more for the oligarchs and high official position for the senior political figures.

Notably, Russian Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and the Financial Minister Sergey Lavrov.

"They just included everybody, all the big businessmen, all the major bureaucrats," said Vladimir Tikhomirov, chief economist at BCS Financial Group, a Moscow brokerage, told Bloomberg

Government officials listed ranged from Prime Minister Dmitry Medvedev and Energy Minister Alexander Novak to the heads of state companies and Kremlin representatives in Russia’s regions.

As RT pointed out, some businessmen appeared to make the list just because they were successful:

Arkady Volozh - Worth $1.1 billion, Volozh is the founder and CEO of the Russia’s largest IT company, Yandex. The company is Google’s main rival on the Russian market, offering various services like a search engine, smartphone apps, its own in-house maps and navigation systems, music streaming service, and taxi service.



Sergey Galitsky - Sergey Galitsky is the founder and CEO of Magnit – Russia’s biggest supermarket chain and cosmetics retailer with more than 14,000 stores. His net worth is $4.4 billion, according to Forbes estimates.



Oleg Tinkov - Oleg Tinkov is the founder and owner of Tinkoff Bank, which has issued 6.4 million credit cards and has an almost 10% market share in Russia. Working online mostly, Tinkoff claims to be the largest internet bank in the world. Oleg Tinkov is worth $2.4 billion, according to Forbes.



Yuri Milner - Russia’s most influential tech investor, Yuri Milner was an early investor in Facebook and Twitter. He is worth $3.5 billion, and has interests in Chinese tech companies, including online retailers Alibaba and, and smartphone producer Xiaomi.



Read the whole report below:


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Where are all the real Russian Oligarchs?  Too funny.  Maybe start with the those Russians that own some of the largest yachts in the world. 

And Putin himself is rumored to be worth 50+ billion at this point.  Who owns the major commodity / resource companies in Russia?  


An 8 year old could have put together a more accurate list than this.

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machiavellian-trader Tue, 01/30/2018 - 06:42 Permalink

The PAPER TIGER is always releasing ultimatums, lists, sanctions and lines in the sand etc.... No one gives a F$CK.


Need the good old General Patton days to return if they expect anyone in the global community to give a fuck anymore.

FGopher Tue, 01/30/2018 - 07:37 Permalink

If they hadn't cancelled "LIFESTYLES of the RICH and FAMOUS", there would have been no need to spend taxpayer funds compiling this list.

greven40 Tue, 01/30/2018 - 07:38 Permalink

Where's the list of the oligarchs ruling the US regime?  Oh, they're of a the special relationship, protected from scrutiny, dual citizen variety, nothing to see here.

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"...keeps pressure on the Kremlin over its military intervention in Ukraine."

That's twice that Tyler has written this same thing.
It wasn't a quote, it was editorializing.
I'm bewildered.

I'm grateful for the ZH platform, and I don't care about the opinions of those who run the show here, until they start lying.

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I think they mean the re-absorption of the Crimea back into Russia. That's the only military intervention I've seen in the whole conflict.

If you look at videos of what is happening in the Donbass and Lugansk areas, the rebels there don't have  jack-shit, and are making do with all kinds of improvised stuff to keep fighting. Yet the MSM keeps saying the rebels are 'Russian-backed'.  Not from what I am seeing.

No new equipment, no new uniforms, weapons scrounged from old armouries or captured from prisoners. The term 'rag-tag' fits perfectly.  The few Russian volunteers there from outside the region  are just that, ordinary Russians fighting there on their own with no government backing.  If that constitutes Russian 'military intervention', then Putin's a piker, and he didn't act that way in Syria.

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Mike Masr Tue, 01/30/2018 - 07:57 Permalink

What about all our corrupt deep-state "oligarchs" and top government officials?

If there was an international gold medal prize for corruption the USA would win gold every year!

This is the pot calling the kettle black.

Release the Memo!!!

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The message is clear. It's cool to be rich if you're in the western "club" on the "approved" list. How dare the Russians compete with the western rich club? Western elites have the same contempt for the ordinary citizen man, and to keep Joe the Plumber under control, there is a myriad set of byzantine laws and taxes. It pisses off the US cronies that those rich folks in Russia can't be controlled or taxed. Well, tough shit I guess.

Kagemusho Tue, 01/30/2018 - 09:58 Permalink

Putin chased out the (((ones))) who were trying to do to post-Communist Russia economically what their forebears did to pre-Communist Russia politically a la 1917. Any that remained were no doubt seething at the treatment of their friends, but realized what the score was and  clammed up, or they'd wind up in those cages in courtrooms, too. 

This could turn out to be a blessing in disguise for Putin.

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I know it's difficult to put an asterisk and a footnote connected to every repetition of the lie that russia intervened in ukraine.   But still it needs to be done because this is the kind of lie that leads to war.

Even the CFR admits that the USA overthrew the govt of ukraine:…

A US asst sec of state admitted it:

The maidan square snipers were under the command of a US officer:…

Crimea saw the impending genocide against their ethnically russian population and had the sense to bail out of ukraine before the nazis in kiev killed them:…

Repeat after me: russia did not invade ukraine.