Come See the Bitconnect Guy -- Because It's Funny Since Bitconnect is Now in Shambles

I discussed the Ponzi scheme that is Bitconnect a few week ago. Read it here. See the chart, $450 to drill bits. Enter Carlos, the Bitconnect guy. He did this video when things were good. Bitconnect was ripping to record higher and Carlos was the shit. And now see Carlos' haunted Bitconnect mine. There are scores of videos out there like this. Feel free to contribute to this epic moment in crypto currency history.


techpriest Abitcoinbrain Thu, 02/01/2018 - 00:00 Permalink

Did he? Or are they paying him to claim amounts that rubes could realistically borrow to throw into this scheme?

This is just like the "earn $10k a month from home" scam. There are ways to earn $100k a month doing an online business, but if you say that number, people will shut down. Tell them that they could own a fast food restaurant if they just put up $500k, again they will shut down because it's non-realistic for 98% of people.

But putting up $25k (HELOC from a house you've been paying for a few to several years, or maxing out 2-5 credit cards), earning $1k a day (probably 4-10x what the listeners are getting, aka an amount people would equate with "rich"), and proving your manhood to your wife are all things that would get a struggling guy to go into that much more debt for the Ponzi.

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Gold Bitchezzz!

Hello Fly...I've been supporting you by reading your stuff and commenting since you became published. just got a new ZH handle....seeing something I did or said fvcked me.....Probably nothing more than the shit you bring up. I was  Nobodys ====

Disgruntled Goat Wed, 01/31/2018 - 23:48 Permalink

Herbalife, Royal Prestige, just 2 of the hispano-centric mlm scams in nyc .... I can guarantee you this guy was involved in these before he found bitconnect .... and they saw him coming a mile away ....

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ZH chat says no one available..even when I try to enter the chat. Weird. I know I'll get my ass kicked in there. But I've got nothing else to do. Try it! You'll feel like a POS! ..So, if I can't enter the chat because no one is there, how does it ever become a chat? I'd hang out for a while waiting to fling poo!

Yellow_Snow Thu, 02/01/2018 - 02:39 Permalink

Bitconnect was the biggest Ponzi scheme in human history...

'Carlos Matos' will be the new 'face of a con'...

Hey, hey, Hey...  Beeeconneeeeeeeeeect  !!!