The Earth's Magnetic Field Is Shifting, Poles May Flip: "This Could Get Bad"

"The shield that protects the Earth from solar radiation is under attack from within. We can’t prevent it, but we ought to prepare..." is the ominous sub-headline of a worrisome new report that shows scientists around the world fearing that the earth's magnetic field is shifting, with potentially disastrous consequences for mankind.

"When next the poles change places, the consequences for the electrical and electronic infrastructure that runs civilization will be dire. The question is when that will happen."

As's Mac Slavo notes, scientists from the University of Colorado in Boulder are sounding the alarm that the Earth’s magnetic poles are showing signs of reversing. Although the pole reversal, in and of itself, isn’t unprecedented, the solar winds that would take out the power grid and make parts of the globe uninhabitable could cause widespread disasters.

The Earth has a fierce molten core that generates a magnetic field capable of defending our planet against devastating solar winds.  This magnetic field is vital to life on Earth and has weakened by 15 percent over the last 200 years. This protective field acts as a shield against harmful solar radiation and extends thousands of miles into space and its magnetism affects everything from global communication to power grids.

Historically, Earth’s North and South magnetic poles have flipped every 200,000 or 300,000 years. However, the last flip was about 780,000 years ago, meaning our planet is well overdue.  The latest satellite data, from the European Space Agency’s Swarm trio which monitors the Earth’s magnetic field, suggest a pole flip may be imminent.  The satellites allow researchers to study changes building at the Earth’s core, where the magnetic field is generated. Their observations suggest molten iron and nickel are draining the energy out of the Earth’s core near where the magnetic field is generated. While scientists aren’t sure why exactly this happens, they describe it as a “restless activity” that suggests the magnetic field is preparing to flip.

The signs of the Earth’s poles reversing are also apparent to Daniel Baker, who says this would devastate the power grid.  If a switch happens, we would likely be exposed to solar winds capable of punching holes into the ozone layer. In a new report, Baker, who is the director of the Laboratory for Atmospheric and Space Physics at the University of Colorado in Boulder, claims if this reversal happens, it is likely to render some areas of the planet “uninhabitable” by knocking out power grids.

Baker’s comments were made in an in-depth Undark report written by Alanna Mitchell, who has a new book about the topic titled “The Spinning Magnet: The Electromagnetic Force that Created the Modern World and Could Destroy It.”

“The dangers: devastating streams of particles from the sun, galactic cosmic rays, and enhanced ultraviolet B rays from a radiation-damaged ozone layer, to name just a few of the invisible forces that could harm or kill living creatures,” Michelle writes.

 “This is serious business,” Richard Holme, Professor of Earth, Ocean, and Ecological Sciences at Liverpool University told MailOnline.

 “Imagine for a moment your electrical power supply was knocked out for a few months – very little works without electricity these days.”

"No lights. No computers. No cellphones. Even flushing a toilet or filling a car’s gas tank would be impossible. And that’s just for starters."

Researchers predict that in the event of a flip, every year a hundred thousand people would die from the increased levels of space radiation. Radiation at ground level would increase so much that some estimates suggest overall exposure to cosmic radiation would double causing more deaths from cancer. “Radiation could be 3-5 times greater than that from the man-made ozone holes. Furthermore, the ozone holes would be larger and longer-lived,” said D. Colin Forsyth from the Mullard Space Science Laboratory at UCL.


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All I care about is that I don't want the bastards that ruined our entire age to know it's coming, survive it and then ruin another whole civilization when they come up top.  They could do that.  What is a weirder thought, what if they have done this before? 

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Hey, glad to see you back! Here is a thought experiment. If you have magnet and spin it, have it do back flips or even do the hokey pokey, it still has a field.

If you have an ac or dc circuit, it still functions perfectly be it on the north pole, south pole or the equator. Going one step further, space probes have traveled in space where there is no magnetic field and still function. 

The question is, how did some idiots (wind powered retards) in Colorado conclude that the grid would fail? closed...

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Not so fast.  I'm no scientist, but I suspect comparing shielded electrical systems with the power grid which uses un-shielded power lines is flawed.

Secondly, he didn't say the magnetic field or pole shifting would harm the electrical system.  He said it would disrupt the ability of the magnetic field to deflect the solar winds, and that the solar winds would effect our electrical grid.

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The earth will still have a magnetic field NO MATTER if it does backflips or the hokey pokey. Just like the magnet example given above. Still will protect from solar wind, radiation etc. with occasional disruptions from CME’s and such as it has for a at least 3 billion years and several more to come.

I rest my case...


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Since the last 20 million years Earth's magnetic field has flipped at a rate of about every 200,000 to 300,000 years. However, the last time the reversal took place was more than twice this average, about 786,000 years ago, according to a recent, more accurate study. To state that we are overdue is therefore an understatement; this transition period can range from less than 100 years to thousands of years.

Geomagnetic reversals occur a few times every million years on average. However, the interval between reversals is very irregular and can range up to tens of millions of years. What is important to point out is that these Geomagnetic reverals can happen without an actual polarity reversal (when the N/S reverses polarity).

Scientists have been able to document hundreds of polarity reversals and, as such, they are seen as an intrinsic property of the Earth's dynamo; IOW they occur without external forces acting upon them.

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BULLSHIT ARTICLE.  No electrical grid will short out.  The "flip" happens slowly over decades.  Not suddenly.  Grids are already protected, so that shorts rarely happen.  Big cosmic storms are predicted with good accuracy and grids are managed.  Sheesh.

Worrying about this is as pitiful as worrying about asteroid crashes.  Only the most mentally ill cowards even notice.

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The article is not especially well written.  A pole reversal typically occurs over a period of several hundred years and is accompanied by a substantial weakening of the magnetic field.  Your spinning magnet example ignores the necessity for "slip" in order to produce the field.  The earth's molten core is like two magnets spinning in the same direction.  If they are spinning at the same speed, no lines of flux are crossed and no field is generated.  The speed that one spins relative to the other determines the strength of the field.  Like a typical three phase induction motor, the rotating magnetic field spins at a fixed rate, 1800 rpm for a four pole motor, but the rotor, at full load, will spin about 1750 rpm.  This "slip" is required for the motor to produce power.  If the rotor spun at the same speed as the field it would lose its induced magnetism and slow.  As it slows relative to the constant rotational speed of the magnetic field, magnetism is induced and power is created. 

The convection dynamics in the earth's core lead to the differential speeds of its "spinning magnets."  That is why the magnetic field can strengthen, weaken, or reverse.


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Don't know about those idiots but the ones I know say that it IS happening right now.

There is simply no way of knowing when.

In the past, solar anomalies have shown that the grid acts like a receiving antenna and sucks down all that juice from the heavens. So maybe your car, electronic devices and stuff will still work, the problem will be getting electricity to them.

Come to think of it, everybody's house has a mini grid built right into the walls in the form of electric wiring and copper plumbing. Maybe that's why the Amish and Mennonites tear all that out when they buy an existing house.

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In the early 80s I read a book, The Energy Non Crisis, by Lindsey Williams.  It debunks the Carter years "Oil Crisis" of the 70s.

It's a fascinating read if your into the energy sector.  It basically says America is awash in energy and the "Crisis" was a fraud.

"After only one week on the North Slop of Alaska, Senator Chance had said to me, "Almost everything said to me [about the energy crisis] by those briefers from Washington, D. C. was a lie,'"

"[After proving the find at Gull Island an ARCO executive] went on to say, 'Chaplain, America has just become energy independent!'...The energy crisis had just come to a screeching halt-this ought to hit the front page of every newspaper in America...but before an announcement was made the government forced them to cap it and seal the records which documented the find...WHY!?"

It's a great book, I may have to reread it.....

Anyway, in the book the author recounts how, while drilling through the Ice in Northern Alaska they where pulling up tropical vegetation, frogs, and other things only found in a tropical climate, from hundreds of feet below the Ice.  In the book he describes a possible explanation for how the far north could have been the temperate zone thousands of years ago, by a polar shift.  He also says this explains why there is enough crude under the ice shelves of the poles to supply the worlds oil for many hundreds of years!

Scared the crap out of me back then.  It also opened my eyes and gave me a healthy distrust of the Government!

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Not to worry. Solar radiation can be blocked by tin foil, since the US Astronauts traveled outside the Van Allen belts to the moon and back, several times, in the flimsiest of spacecrafts...

...or so they tell us.

They wouldn't hoax up the whole moon landing thing in a Hollywood sound stage directed by Stanley Kubrick, backed up by *really* good photographers masquerading as dumb astronauts with really thick gloves and fixed focus Hasselblads strapped to their chests with no f stop, shutter timing or focusing controls, now would they?

...just to divert attention from the Vietnam War, the Kennedy assassination, and to divert huge sums to the MIC?

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It's the field strength, not its polarity, that shields us surface dwellers from the solar wind. So a field reversal, which has happened MANY times before, and is usually SLOOOOOW, is most likely not a doomsday scenario.

On the other hand, IF the field strength DROPS significantly to permanently lower levels (it's already highly variable), prepare for death-mutant dystopia....;-)

(DOOM Porn is FUUUUN shit)

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To add to problem, the solar system is currently exiting the protective, highly magnet cloud through which we have been traveling for tens of thousands of years, as we move into a void that will subject us to even more cosmic radiation, including gamma rays.…

We have spent about 10,000 to 15,000 years out of every 100,000 years not in an ice age, on a repeating cycle that continues for more that 2 million years. Our current temperatures are not even the high point of our current cycle, and not nearly as high as the previous one.

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I wonder how much scientists can glean about very brief disruptions to the earth's magnetic field that may have accompanied previous pole reversals. Would they know from looking at geological samples, for instance, if the fields had usually collapsed entirely for (say) a couple of months?

Imagine if that happened... and we had a Carrington Event.

OK, enough nonsense. Back to your boring lives, fellow basement-dwellers.

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