Mapping Marijuana - Go West Young Man (For The Cheapest Weed)

If you live in Washington D.C. and enjoy a responsible toke or two, move to Seattle...

That's the message, according to the 2018 Cannabis Price Index, a study compiled by Seedo, a Tel Aviv-based company that produces devices for home growers.



The average cost of a gram of marijuana in Washington D.C. is a shocking $18.08, whereas in Seattle, the average cost is just $7.58, and in New York City, which consumes more marijuana than any other metropolis on Earth, the average price is $10.76.

According to Seedo, the data (collected in December and January) matters because it helps to show the kind of tax revenue that could be collected if weed was legalized -- something that Canada plans to do later this year.


As Bloomberg reports, in Toronto, where the price is C$9.64 ($7.82), the city could generate as much as C$152 million per year if it levied tax at the same rate as cigarettes, the study shows, while the Big Apple could collect $354 million.

It’s still unclear how Canada will actually set prices. Federal and provincial governments have agreed to split the proceeds from cannabis taxes, with 75 percent of the proceeds going to provincial authorities, who will oversee cannabis distribution.


Bud Dry Getafix Sat, 02/03/2018 - 00:58 Permalink

LOL!!!!!!!!!!!  Those aren’t “dank” (top shelf) buds at those prices.  Try $15-$20/gram for an 1/8.  Anything under that at the moment (because it still is not legal to grow and sell on your own) is garbage and you’ll have to smoke the whole thing to get high...  and by then you’ll just feel like shit.

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revjimbeam Bud Dry Sat, 02/03/2018 - 04:52 Permalink

First,thats retarded. I can go to any store on the western slope of Co and buy an Oz of 25%-30%thc for $100(you just get uglier buds)or you could be such a connoisseur you pay an extra hundred for asthetics... Fuck, LivWell sells pre packed oz for 89.99 and they have 25 stores. And i have no idea what inbred state doesnt let you grow but move 'cause i have 3 plants of Critical AK and 3 of Amnesia Haze 5 weeks from harvest.theyre nice, i topped them last week,should limit it at lastly no one grows Shit anymore unless youre 15 growing mexican dirt weed using your big brothers seeds and miraclegro. Theyre called clones dipshit...stick with beer.

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NidStyles Withdrawn Sanction Sat, 02/03/2018 - 08:32 Permalink

I don't care if people do it, so long as they are paying for their stuff themselves.


The ones that sit around and get high all day and won't contribute to the economy in any meaningful way, yeah put their asses out on the corner to earn their own drugs. I'm not paying for it. If it's illegal in your state, be ready to pay for that as well if the cops catch you. I'll stick to legal alcohol.


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hxc NidStyles Sat, 02/03/2018 - 11:38 Permalink

Lmao, plenty of stoners get laid, wtf are you talking about??? I'm at an expensive resort in the mountains, my girlfriend is currently rolling a spliff, and i'm taking a fat shit before the BTH gets me constipated again. Then we're gonna hit the slopes (literally not figuratively). I'm an ancap as well btw. You have it right otherwise; as long as (other) drug users pay their own way, no skin off my ass.

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MK ULTRA Alpha DeadFred Sat, 02/03/2018 - 01:09 Permalink

We must remember the threat of Sessions' new war on cannabis. In honor of this new threat, we have the Sessions Freedom Bowl.

This nation is nuts, I broke my neck and shoulder, the right shoulder was an old injury which got worse over the years, I didn't get physical therapy which was needed.

The doctors all wanted me on pain management and didn't want to perform surgery on the shoulder. Because I'm old, they just wanted to take me out with big pharma pain dope.

The pain dope kills so I didn't do it. I used the highest grade of the highest grade cannabis. I completed physical therapy, and continued to work the shoulder as the neck healed. It was extraordinarily painful, incredible pain, especially the movements/stretching to restore movement in my right shoulder. If it wasn't for cannabis, well I better not say, but a nurse who had the same shoulder issue, it's like Frozen Shoulder, well they had to put her to sleep to bend her arm. That's how painful it is.

I did it all, my way, and don't know why we have a medical system. It's ranked real low in global medical systems rankings.

The US medical system, congress, block the use of cannabis, it is the big pharma industry bribes, campaign contributions, which forces the nation to criminalize a plant which is helpful to citizens.

Big pharma and the medical system want control and do not want any other competition. The nation is being robbed by the medical system, insurance companies and big pharma, we pay incredible high prices for medical treatment and often it's of poor quality.

The arrogance of those who staff the US medical system is something to behold. I want to make sure you understand, when you deal with the medical system ask questions and study about your medical issue, the US medical system is dangerous and it can kill you. And as proof, you hear about the medical system doing this and that, you hear about dangerous drugs from big pharma, doesn't cure you, just manages the symptoms, and then half the drugs approved by the FDA will hurt you and the penalty is a small fine from the government, it's just a fraction of the profits made by selling you something that will kill you.

Cannabis doesn't kill. So in honor of Cannabis over Sessions, the Sessions Freedom Bowl will commence.




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Nobody For President frontierland Sat, 02/03/2018 - 04:15 Permalink

You still can, Sessions or no. The anti pot stuff in DC is a nothing burger - too much state and muni tax money is at stake.

First off, this info is from Seedo: a Tel Aviv-based company... and the prices are all in grams. Tel Aviv? Grams? Stopped reading about there.

Around here (Northern California) quality trimmed bud is going for $600 a pound (that's ~453 grams), down from $2K plus early 2000's. And that's the price all the locals (and the local politicos) talk when they discuss pot. The problem is supply, and the green rush that started when CA legalized medical pot. It became a tsunami the last few years, and dispensaries in the city are overflowing with dope. Good old supply and demand, but hard on many of the old timers (a bunch of whom are my friends) who have grown rightous pot for years and are having to go big time with green houses and a bunch other shit- and the gubernmint regulations being written and re-written on a monthly basis don't help, nor do the permit fees to get 'legal', at least on a county-wide basis. 

The amount of cost added by government - we are talking county health and inspectors; cops; and state fish and game, water quality, weights and measures - it is fucking overwhelming to the smaller family growers as every fucking bureaucracy that can is piling in for it's unfair share. Setting up retail shop in any city is just as bad.

So if you don't like the prices from your local dealer, take a trip to the country and get to know a grower and buy direct.

Or grow your own fer chrisakes - they don't call it weed for nothin'.  But know where the high prices come from - it ain't the farmer. 



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XBroker1 Nobody For President Sat, 02/03/2018 - 07:24 Permalink

Hopefully, all that supply will go a hunting demand, as in the backwards state I moved to to get away from the libs in my previous state. Cost of living is low here and in many ways so are the IQ's. If these mega weed growers can use some of their new found wealth as a lever to open up markets like the state I live in, that would be great on a number of levels.

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dirty belly MK ULTRA Alpha Sat, 02/03/2018 - 04:42 Permalink

Diet has a lot to do with your condition.

The 'kitchen of the body' is the most important.

If you cook nasty food in your 'kitchen of the body', the outcome will be not a very clean body.

I post this over an over, ban refined sugar, for very good reason. 

Stop eating refined sugar CHALLENGE for 30 days.  Than means you look at all the foods you purchase, circle with a RED Sharpie, any thing that says 'sugar' or refined sugar going by another name on the label.

You will be surprised to find out, that IF you take the challenge, anything with refined sugar is WAY OVERSWEET, and gives you a headache.  Not to mention hair loss, and tooth loss, and anything that has to do with the


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frontierland RumpleShitzkin Fri, 02/02/2018 - 23:24 Permalink

(((Cannabis Price Index))) compiled by (((Seedo))), a Tel Aviv-based company

Looks like a Jewish plot to lure more "Diversity" (Spics & NigNogs) into the majority White North West.

If Anti-Whites use of HUD as a tool to implement a Forced Immigration Policy onto majority White areas hits a roadblock in the Trump era, there's always a work around! 

In this case it's the NigNogs love for the scroogy-noogy.

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JoJo Kracko Fri, 02/02/2018 - 22:56 Permalink

Wasn't there a study done this week showing the average price per gram paid by Canadians is $6.85?   Who is going to pay 50% more to source it legally when their dealer can do so much better?


Also, Ha Ha at the Americans paying more than Canadians for something (a first?).