A Post-Mortem On The Corpse Of "Social Justice"

Authored by Brandon Smith via Alt-Market.com,

I have been commenting on social justice propaganda for quite some time; long before it was fashionable to do so, and long before there was an organized movement of support to defend commentators who dared to question the insane dictates of the cult of political correctness.

In my article 'The Twisted Motives Behind Political Correctness', published in early 2014, I outlined the basic philosophical underpinnings of political correctness and what these beliefs tend to lead to. At the time, the future for champions of individual liberty and reason appeared rather bleak. Today, I am happy to say the backlash against “third-wave feminism” and cultural Marxism has expanded beyond anything I could have dreamed.


I do not want to diminish or underestimate the threat still posed to personal freedom by the adherents of the social justice cult, but at this stage I think it is safe to say that political correctness is effectively a dead movement walking.

Recent statistics without bias are hard to come by. That said, the latest available numbers show that people who agree with “gender equality” are many, but those who identify as “feminist” are slim. In the U.S. this constitutes 1 in 4 or 1 in 5 that identify as feminist depending on which polls you look at, while in the U.K. feminists make up only 7 percent of the population.

According to the CDC, abortion rates from 2008-2014 fell to historic lows post Roe v Wade. Abortion being a primary platform and leverage issue for social justice warriors, I take it as a good sign that even in a time of severe economic instability people are backing away from abortion as an acceptable option.

Just as a general observation, social justice has not been a reliable driver for political success, considering the abject failure of the Clinton Campaign in 2016, which clung tightly to SJW ideologies throughout the election cycle.

And finally, social justice has also not been selling so great in the marketplace. This is most evident in the entertainment world, where movies created by producers with open social justice agendas continually fail to bring in expected box office numbers.

For example, the feminist-produced and-directed Ghostbusters reboot ended with a dismal showing compared to many other blockbuster movies of with the same production costs, ending its run with an estimated $70 million loss.

Feminist action films perpetuating the fantasy of physical parity between the sexes, like the movie Atomic Blonde, though receiving accolades from mainstream critics (like all social justice films do), have had embarrassing showings in theaters.

And finally, perhaps the biggest sign of a sea change against social justice in pop culture, even massive brand names like Star Wars are suffering when social justice propaganda is injected into the franchise. The latest installment, The Last Jedi, with its obvious and heavy-handed social justice messages, had one of the worst second week showings of all the Star Wars movies (adjusted for inflation) and only generated a little over half of the revenues brought in by The Force Awakens. Not to mention the highly critical audience reviews and the complete bomb the movie suffered in the Chinese market, which was supposed to help elevate revenues that were expected to be much higher.

So, what has spurred this societal rush for the exits when it comes to cultural Marxist ideals?

There are many reasons why Americans in particular cannot stand these people. Here are just a few…

Deliberate Deconstructionism Of Root Mythologies

One of the core tenets of cultural Marxism is the destruction of a society’s vital mythologies and symbols. In other words, the very psychological archetypes that make up the collective unconscious are targeted.

This is one of the reasons why SJWs are so obsessed with the entertainment industry. Much of the art and stories that inspire us in modern times are found in film and television. Identity politics has been the premier staple of Hollywood the past decade, so much so that it is no longer even hidden. In fact, despite the reality that the SJW ideology has been proven to be a money loser, production companies are STILL pushing the issue, choosing political messages over profits. Parables are often more powerful than real events and present a tempting tool for mass mind control.

Social Justice deconstructionism is often mistaken as an unintended “business blunder,” but the truth is that these companies are absolutely aware of what they are doing. Cultural Marxists want to dismantle social and biological norms, moral principles and beloved heroes because they hope to create internal chaos within a nation. Once this occurs, they desire to then instill their own ideology on the confused and fearful populace.

Unmitigated Self-Indulgence

Social Justice is also rooted in the notion that self-indulgence and gluttony on every level should be celebrated as healthy and “progressive.” Sexuality is a purely recreational affair without consequence or physical and psychological responsibility. Not only this, but it should be pursued in as many forms as possible, and if a person sees something wrong with this or has a natural inclination to avoid these behaviors, then they are “homophobic,” “transphobic,” racist, fascist, etc.

Obesity is defended as “beautiful” and “wholesome” through the “body positivity movement,” even though it has been proven in every notable study to result in incessant health problems including diabetes, heart disease, birth defects, cancer and clinical depression.

And, perhaps the worst indulgence of all; the psychological indulgence of intellectual isolation is encouraged. “Safe spaces” are enforced as a means to protect the social justice cult from challenging ideas and people. Willful ignorance is applauded as ideological strength and an act of loyalty to the collective. All intellectual opponents are treated as monstrous criminals rather than merely informed adversaries with a different point of view.

The Attempted Erasure Of Masculinity

In my article 'Will Manliness Make A Comeback In 2018' I outlined why masculinity in particular has been so often targeted by SJWs. In fact, masculinity represents an element of unpredictability to a society that is important to individual liberty but dangerous to the establishment. Femininity tends to lend itself far more to collectivism and, by extension, the desire to rely on an outside force like the government as a provider and for security when a masculine presence is not available.

When masculinity is repressed in a society and matriarchy is entrenched, such systems are historically doomed to failure and collapse. Superior production, invention, organization and security are a staple of a masculine foundation within a culture. The war on men is yet another product of cultural Marxist deconstructionism.

By extension, the assertion that masculinity is evil within men is often followed by the assertion that masculine displays by women are empowering and good. In this way, true femininity is also under attack, as women that enjoy and naturally gravitate towards biologically feminine roles are admonished by feminists as being “slaves of the patriarchy” or “breeders” that hold back the social justice movement.

Life Is About Emotional Validation

Validation without merit and demanded empathy without discrimination are time bombs within any culture. Social justice thrives on these disturbing ideals.

It is important to point out that these mindsets are often an extension of narcissism. Narcissists make up about 10% of any given population at any given point in history, which is interesting because latent sociopaths and psychopaths (as well as full blown sociopaths and psychopaths) also make up approximately 10% of any given population. SJWs are liable to display both narcissistic and sociopathic qualities, desiring constant emotional validation from all the people around them while also holding morally relativistic stances on most issues.

This does not mean that SJWs do not appear empathetic. Quite the opposite. Most narcissists and sociopaths are highly adept at hiding their aberrant character flaws behind causes, platitudes and virtue signaling. They have to believe that the things they do and the ideals they seek to enforce are grounded in moral soil, even though the consequences of these ideals are usually destructive. When confronted with reality, that they are the villains rather than the heroes they imagine themselves to be, they can become erratic and violent.

SJWs have effectively turned sociopathy and narcissism into a civil rights movement.

Identity Politics

SJWs see group identity as the defining factor in a person’s personal worth, as well as the worth inherent in their ideas and claims. Now to be fair, SJWs are not the only group guilty of this idiocy. The so-called “Alt-Right,” which is actually a tiny contingent of pretenders that claim to be “conservative,” is rampant with people that think skin color is somehow immediately reflective of mindset. While SJWs see all white people as inherently dangerous, the Alt-Right sees all non-white people as inherently dangerous. This of course ignores all cultural factors and individual factors for the sake of lazy broad brush politics and absurd non-solutions. These groups are basically two sides of the same coin.

That said, it is true that SJWs are the most aggressive and vicious of the two sides so far.

SJWs adore identity politics because they see victimhood as a currency. Victim group status can be used within a socialist/collectivist system to purchase entitlements from the state, which is the only god-figure that these people know or love. The more oppressed you are on the list of victim groups, the more stuff you can get from government, as long as that government is also collectivist in nature.

This helps to explain the sudden explosion in the trans-person fad over the past few years. White people in particular are extremely disadvantaged within the identity politics ladder of oppression, UNLESS they identify as transgender. This allows them a quick route to victim status and social entitlements, swiftly surpassing other ethnic groups.

Guilty Until Proven Innocent - Trial By The Mob

Whenever I see SJWs in action I am always reminded of Franz Kafka’s The Trial, in which a man is prosecuted for a crime that is never explained to him and sentenced without understanding how or why. As his trial commences, he makes a rousing speech appealing to logic and reason but is laughed at by the hordes and the courts as if what he is asking for is ridiculous.

This is the social justice standard — to attack all opponents as inherently criminal.  To label them racist, misogynistic, homophobic or privileged from birth by virtue of their skin color or gender. This argument even extends to “implicit bias” which they claim makes all white people specifically racist and advantaged without them even being consciously aware of it. They also accuse all men of being innately sexist and violent.

This allows SJWs to make indictments without evidence, for how can anyone ever prove or measure such a thing as “implicit bias” and show that they DON'T suffer from it. Proving a negative (a virtual impossibility) becomes the task  the accused must perform to purify themselves before the court of social justice. It’s simpler for many to apologize for whatever they are accused of and sublimate in the hopes of redemption.

What many SJWs don't seem to realize is that by using broad and abstract ideas such as "hate speech" as a means to attack and criminalize their opponents as guilty until proven innocent, they also open the door for governments to do the same using similar justifications.

A recent and horrifying example is the Spanish government's implementation of "hate speech laws" against eight teachers that are vocal proponents of the Catalan separatist movement!  What do Catalan issues have to do with hate speech?  It doesn't matter.  As we critics of social justice have been warning for years, literally anything can be labeled "hate speech" without due process, and one day this might even come back to bite cultural Marxists on the ass.

A saying comes to mind which was popularized by Michael Savage, but stated first as far as I can tell in Ecclesiastes 9:10:

Whatsoever thy hand is able to do, do it earnestly: for neither work, nor reason, nor wisdom, nor knowledge shall be in hell, whither thou art hastening.

In other words, hell is a place without reason, and SJWs are seeking to construct hell on Earth.

Are Social Justice Warriors Actually Aliens From Another Planet?

This would help explain a lot, and I wish it were that easy.

SJWs act like they cannot fathom humanity and despise the dictates of human nature. They display elements of moral relativism and lack critical thought. They seem to operate on a completely different set of intellectual and emotional rules. That which has sustained human society for thousands of years and hundreds of generations is not of any value to them. They almost seem to be studying how to dissect humanity rather than participate in humanity.

Unfortunately, these people are indeed entirely human, which is a depressing fact to say the least. They are what Carl Jung describes in his book The Undiscovered Self as an expression of the “collective shadow.” That 10% (and sometimes greater) of a nation that embraces sociopathic tendencies and organizes in the worst of economic and cultural conditions.

Luckily, this “invasion” is being squelched in the U.S., at least in the past couple of years. Before long, the term SJW may be a distant memory of a time that history will consider a brutal hallucination, rife with a mob-based mental illness that almost consumed the world.


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Demographics are destiny. Never forget that.

Also, culture is an outgrowth of the genetic tendencies within a regional group. Africans fundamentally can never act like Japanese because of stark differences in hormonal and behavioural averages, including impulsivity, aggressiveness, conscientiousness, time preference and IQ. On a societal aggregate, these traits shape the culture, culture does not shape them. 

There will be Marxism in America if you import those genetically-inclined to Marxist thought, which have already done their magic throughout South America.

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roddy6667 Luc X. Ifer Thu, 02/01/2018 - 01:25 Permalink

This "great culling plan" is not happening in China or Russia. Also, I was in Japan last month, and I observed that they are politely xenophobic. They make no effort to pander to other cultures. Signage is often in just Japanese, even in heavy tourist areas. Very few people speak English or Chinese, nor care to. It is refreshing to see nations protecting their cultures. America no longer has one.

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TeethVillage88s roddy6667 Thu, 02/01/2018 - 01:52 Permalink

Check Wikipedia tables on World Gini... BRICs figure prominently in positive improvements in World Gini Index as poor have been elevated to the Middle Class in very large numbers.  Globalism seems a marriage between import model from Great Britain and Fascism/Communism.  But Globalism to Western Citizens is an Assault on Workers & Middle Class.  Plus it seems we are realizing George Orwells 1984, The Forth Reich.

Gini coefficient - Wikipedia

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Just don't forget what manner of men it will take to throw off the army of women and beta orbiters you boomers allowed and encouraged to descend upon society for profit.

From John Galts, to MGTOWs, to aggressive alpha types, to true sexist and racist Muslims and BLM; the men who will define the next three decades are going to be brutal, churlish, and uncivilized. 

You might see the millenial idiots eating tide pods and screaming racist, sexist, etc, or the obedient dogs of the state who bite when told, or the soft basement dwelling pokemon playing "bronies," but among them are the wild dogs, cast out, waiting and furious, who wouldn't /obey/ when beaten, drugged, or ostracized. 

Each day another crop of obedient dogs are cast out, stripped of their marriages, their jobs, and their dignity for being unworthy. The ones who remain, next Sunday's turkeys, laugh and judge, unaware that they will share the same fate soon enough. The left eats its own and the hard right has no tolerance for "deplorables."

The wild dogs might fight the wolves, but it is more likely that they raid civilization. Worse still, when they do start fighting the ones you kept, the weaker willed ones, unlike the wolves you won't be able to identify which to shoot.

"And here we must observe that men must either be flattered or crushed; for they will revenge themselves for slight wrongs, whilst for grave ones they cannot. The injury therefore that you do to a man should be such that you need not fear his revenge."

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"They make no effort to pander to other cultures. "

The irony here is that Japan is a nation based on cultural appropriation, starting with the first Buddhist monks who arrived bearing Chinese characters. 

Besides adapting Chinese writing to a language completely distinct from Chinese, they also borrowed many words from other languages, including a plethora of English words, some of which are pure creations of the Japanese imagination and don't exist in English at all!  Haikara, or Sekuhara for example.

"Signage is often in just Japanese, even in heavy tourist areas."

The irony here is that many of those signs are actually English written in Katakana - but how would you ever know?

For a westerner that can read Japanese, visiting is a constant source of amazement and hilarity.  Not just the signage, but the popular culture itself - a weird hybrid of foreign and Japanese influences that holds a unique position in the world of modern art.

Some examples to chew on.  I've chosen music videos because that's the area I'm most familiar with, but the weirdness extends to all popular art forms and fashions.







I could go on, but you get the idea.  What impresses me is the way Japanese steal mercilessly from other cultures, then turn what they've taken into something uniquely Japanese.

I guess you could see it as a kind of cultural inoculation.  Foreign influences will come in anyway, so you might as well own them, right?  Build up a resistance...lol.



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"social justice" is a subjective ideology what's dat person thinks is "fair" to him and is a phrase meaning evading the written law of the land that binds the just of the law abiding community.


"social justice" = subjective justification/rationalization for one's illegal actions

This is similar to Oprah's bull shit that each person has their "own truth" which implies there is no independent objective "truth" only what you yourself beleive is true. More justification for disobeying the law and encourgaing hate groups like antifa and BLM and Hillary's "resist" movement.



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JRobby CheapBastard Thu, 02/01/2018 - 07:20 Permalink

Blatant disregard for rule of law but more damaging, moral law at the highest levels of "business" and it's "enforcement subsidiary" GOVT, "trickles down" into society in a number of ways. Many are anticipated. Most notably, the extreme division of the populous causing distractions that allow for the crimes to multiply to unbearable magnitudes reached about 16 or 17 years ago. Accelerating to a level of entitlement that was "derailed" by Trump's election.

When one looks back at the past 2 years in the US, it is difficult to find a parallel in modern history that equals the madness and delusion.

Stay safe. If confronted by "masked persons or forces in black" that come in many different forms, make any and all efforts to protect yourselves, loved ones and the like minded around you.


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Population decline isn't necessarily a bad thing in a nation that has to import much of what it consumes.  It throws a bit of a wrench into the pension system, which has been adjusted to compensate in recent years, but there's still a lot of built up capital to work through before any serious problem arises.

Meanwhile, Japan does import a fair number of contract workers to meet the shortfall.  They can't become citizens of course - only people of Japanese and select Korean ancestry can. 

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Actually, that's a smart move, by the Japanese.  Technology and AI can't be stopped and people aren't necessarily in short supply anywhere on the planet.  Amazon's experiment in the supermarket industry, with no checkout lines, if it works, will prove to be wildly popular, guaranteed.  The Barcode proved that, as it eliminated a whole slew of price taggers, inventory takers and checkers, who used to have to punch in, each price on a vintage cash register.  Plastic replaced paper, because it is far faster to fill a flimsy bag, hanging from a pair or hangers, than to extract and fully open a paper bag and fill it.  And that's only one example...

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I figure the alt-right view is pretty much what you summarize. This is a superb article but the author is wrong that SJWs and alt-righters are two sides of the same coin. The latter see through the nonsense that black crime is due to poverty and structural racism and that black academic inadequacy is  because of poor schools and inadequate funding. 

Blacks in the main will forever constitute an oppositional culture and be forever at the beck and call of politicians who work for socialism and inundation of whites. The alt-right don't kid themselves that it's otherwise.

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Yeah, I follow a lot of alt-righters. Brandon swiped that "Horseshoe Theory" idea from Sargon of Akkad, a proclaimed centrist on Youtube, who has face-planted embarrassingly in recent debates with alt-righters. 

Equating the SJWs with the Alt-Right is a form of cultural relativism in itself, since the marxist killing fields of Pol Pot's Cambodia are not equivalent to the pragmatic sanity of racially segregated 1950s America. Racial segregation is so natural that it still happens today informally and voluntarily in lunchrooms and neighborhoods across the world. Give every ethnicity their own well-defined areas and allow them to built whatever societies they are capable of building with their own abilities. Having access to the societies built by white people is not a human right endowed to all 3rd worlders, particularly when we are told access to their societies is monstrous colonialism.

There is no centrist position in the matter of survival. It's either do or die.

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The Anglo American dollar faction (AADF) is behind it. International banking interests (including Rothschild, Ross and Trump) are not. This is an epic battle underway right now which many do not understand. International banking wants a multi-polar global economy with a new global unit of account (SDR). AADF (Deep State, Clinton, Russophobic mania) wants the dollar empire to continue with the rest of world it's vassal colonies.

When you see the world this way, things start making sense.


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Indeed, if anything he has almost singlehandedly bitch slapped this whole wave of PC faggotry infecting the country. 

It was always inevitable though.

Trying to convince normal people that having tranny bathrooms is the moral equivalent of Rosa Parks was always a tough sell.

And we shut them down in the 90's too.

That being said most of the current generation is too brainwashed to ever be redeemed. 

This time it will not stop until they are put down by force.

The demographics have simply changed too much in the last 30 years for this to end peacefully.

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Wait until interest rates tighten and there is no more student loans for  gender studies degree mills.  The education industry will collapse overnight.  The fucking mess you see in the higher education system has been single handedly caused by the Fed 20+ years of monetary slack.  It is pretty much the only reason Tide pod eating idiots (WTF right there) are accepted into college in the first place.

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t0mmyBerg Scanderbeg Thu, 02/01/2018 - 11:01 Permalink

he has almost singlehandedly bitch slapped this whole wave of PC faggotry infecting the country

That is really the best part of Trump.  I mean he is fairly bizarre but it is most refreshing to have a person in a position of ultimate authority who says what they actually think and not have it filtered through some poll-driven focus group vetted drivel generating algorithm

i do not understand the reference to atomic blonde though.  i am fairly tired of charlize theron but i actually liked that movie with its late 80s early 90s soundtrack and i didnt think it had any sjw angles in it at all.  maybe i just missed them

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He believes in the individual and rationality too much, which ultimately fails to describe 90% of society and ruins the social models that you think are sustainable. Believing in those things will lead to South Africa, just as much as the radical left. ("Let's give intensely tribal people a vote!") He's just running an earlier version of the basic liberal operating system, but equally buggy in the long term.

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I agree with some of what Peterson says. (Suffering is not necessarily a evil to be avoided, but a key part of life. And of course, "clean your room" has merits.)

However, logos is simply not a basis for dealing with people who are not interested in truth or anything more than a crude grab at your resources. Argument is, sadly, not the basis of society. Not even Greece, with all its logos and philosophers, bothered to have a debate club with Persian invaders. Nor did they reason with Ephialtes. Instead they got into an orderly group of similar people, a phalanx of ethnic Greeks, working in clockwork formation to protect each other. 

Logos has its place: under a tree surrounded by meditative people like yourself.

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when the saxon began StaySunny3000 Thu, 02/01/2018 - 10:31 Permalink

Jordan Peterson is a phenomenon when it comes to discrediting the SJW, cultural marxism, post-modernism memes.  BUT, he so far has completely missed the boat with regard to naming their origins.  If he has been red-pilled on the subjects of National Socialism or the ethnic origin of communism, he keeps it well concealed.  He still very much relies on childish "Evil Nazi" metaphors.

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Let them eat Tide pods because apparently they are willing to do so.  Those are not millennials and this younger group shall be known as Generation Tide Pod from now on.(not Gen Z)