Trump's First Year Saw Americans' Compensation Rise At Fastest Pace Since 2008

While The Fed may be getting nervous, we suspect the Trump administration will be smirking quietly as Labor Department data showed total U.S. employee compensation rose in the fourth quarter to match the biggest 12-month gain since 2008, as private-sector pay picked up.

The headline index rose 0.6% q/q (matching est.) after 0.7% gain in prior three months.

Wages and salaries rose 0.5% q/q following 0.7% gain.

Benefit costs increased 0.5% q/q after rising 0.8%.

Total compensation, which includes wages and benefits, rose 2.7% over past 12 months, the highest since 2008.


As Bloomberg details, private-sector wages and salaries rose from a year earlier by 2.8 percent, also matching the best gain of this expansion. Several industry groups registered increases of 3 percent or higher, led by transportation and material moving at 3.5 percent and service occupations at 3.3 percent, underscoring demand for labor.


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But if Hillary(!) were our Dear Leader President wages would have doubled due to FREE $HIT FOR EVERYBODY!!!!

There would be no more rapes, even by her husband.  There would be no wars because PMS enraged womyn would be in charge.  There would be no corruption because pay-for-play doesn't count when a womyn is doing it.  And most importantly, DemTards would have their safe spaces, not having to shriek in horror daily, and in your FACE, over attempts to drain the swamp. Paradise would be here.

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Thanks for chiming in Nanny Pelosi.  Good to hear from you again.

BTW - If you hate the mind controlling oligarchs, don't "work" for them, start your own business and pay burger flippers the $50/hour that they "deserve."  Your company will do very well.

Or, just complain about the oligarchs keeping you down and that you're not smart enough to get around their dastardly deeds in order to earn a living.

End the Fed.  Shrink government (the true oligarchs).

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When a 0.6% increase in earned income is sold as a major victory for all of the underemployed citizens, living on low, earned-only and often uncertain income streams from temp, part-time and contract jobs, with rent that devours more than half of their monthly pay and no monthly welfare / no doubled child tax credits @ up to $6,444 (x2) to vault up their wages beyond the hyped-to-heaven 0.6% increase, you know you are living on the other side of the darkly looking glass. 

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Since BIG DADDY BUSH, and his "NEW WORLD ORDER " promises  ( which included the combining OF Mexico, THE US, and Canada INTO A "North American union)our preside rd from both sides of the aisle HAVE been selling out america in order to achieve WAGE parity between Mexico and the us! So TENS OF MILLIONS OF HIGH PAYING JOBS were shipped overseas and TO Mexico to HOLLOW OUT the US in order to make his NWO a reality! All of our ENTRENCHED POLITICAL ELITIST PARASITES IN WASHINGTON HAVE sold out TONTHE GLOBALISTS and the enslavement of America.  Thanks GOD FOR TRUMP, because a HILLARY presidency would have been the final KNIFE IN THE BACK OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE! 

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bladrnr_2019 Endgame Napoleon Wed, 01/31/2018 - 10:37 Permalink

If some of these SJW's would have went to vocational school and learned welding or some other high demand skill, they wouldn't be under employed. They want to work at Starbucks and sleep in until 10am. Ask ANYONE who has a business where skilled manual labor is needed and they will tell you no one under 30 wants to do real work. I am pushing my son to learn welding. No college debt and I have a friend who will start him out at $20/hr immediately after graduation. You have to have real skills to have a job, not a degree in Women's Studies.

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Endgame Napoleon prymythirdeye Wed, 01/31/2018 - 09:26 Permalink

Pelosi and all of the other Uniparty Swampians, making $175k plus their after-office-holding lobbying bonuses, got far more than what it takes to polish their dentures in a massive tax cut for the wealthy, slid through by Republicans by adding even more tax welfare for the welfare-eligible sections of the “poor,” including the womb-productive illegal alien poor. If you are one of the individuals who attends work every day and stays all day, busting your can to meet the quotas, ask the frequently absentee, non-quota-meeting mom in the cubicle next to you how much she is paid each month compared to you. They withhold far less from her check. The difference in “pay” will be even more dramatic now after this unfair-cubed tax cut, so you will continue to struggle to cover rent that soaks up more than half of your pay, while she has either a spousal income, a child support check covering her rent or free rent and free food from government to add to her paychecks on top of a doubled child tax credit. The Swamp made sure to get doubled child tax credits, even for the illegal aliens that pro-amnesty employers often hire, before moving on to another mass amnesty. Now, they will say the 0.6% wage increase means that employers will not fill positions with amnestied DACAs and their families. Look, they are raising wages! This means that employers in interviews will no longer tell you that most of their (98% childbearing-age parent workers) “have somethin’ comin’ in” to boost up their wages. As an individual citizen with earned-only income, you will get a $24-per-paycheck tax cut, but even if The Swamp had not given you that insulting token, and even if employers had not raised wages a mammouth 0.6%, you — the non-womb-productive individual — still would not qualify for any welfare beyond 3 months of EBT every 3 years at $144 per month or less. But the citizen, legal and illegal immigrant parents who get on average $450 per month in just free food, not counting their housing assistance, monthly cash assistance and child tax credits, will not be ineligible for welfare because of a 0.6% increase in wages. That is not how welfare works. A 0.6% increase in low wages is not going to put most amnestied illegal alien parents and other welfare recipients over the earned-income limit for free EBT food and free rent, nor will it put them over the threshold for the doubled child tax credits that used to max out at $6,444 before doubled by The Dishonest Swampers. Welfare-eligibile parents can even get around earned-income restrictions when working for truly higher wages; they just work a few hours per week. They will still be counted as employed, with politicians using them to falsely upgrade their employment stats, even when they only work 10 hours per week. Welfare-dependent parents can work more than 10 hours per week in most low-wage jobs, even with a 0.6% wage increase, without losing their layers of welfare and tax welfare. Good luck to all of the American citizens whose major household bills are not paid by government, competing with this ever-more-welfare-buttressed workforce for the jobs with 0.6% higher wages. The Uniparty rigs the labor market against most citizens more all of the time, doing the bidding of their campaign-donor owners. 

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LaugherNYC Endgame Napoleon Wed, 01/31/2018 - 12:50 Permalink

Well said. Well, not really, but we get the point.

A guy who does odd jobs for me and his wife play the system like maestros.

He works only for cash, won't take a check under any circumstances.

Lives in a very nice house with zero mortgage - worth about $300k. Has three vehicles, one of them a Turbodiesel pickup with high-end hitches etc. Works as golf caddy in season, makes from 120-400/day at private club. Cash only. Meanwhile, he is collecting SS disability. Gets welfare, food stamps, medicaid, medicare, all kinds of shit I don't understand, lives a very nice life abusing the system. This is the AMERICAN DREAM. An endless stream of free shit in exchange for YOUR VOTE.


The same shitheels who have bankrupted every "BLUE" state with public pension liabilities that WILL NEVER BE PAID - civil war will come first. All for union votes.

I don't know anything about this stuff, because I worked my ass off in finance until I collapsed with a severe ear infection from a cold caught due ti exhaustion, that almost killed me. I gave up great disability for life because I WANTED to work. I would have been much better off staying on disability, but that would have been A LIE. People in this country have no fucking pride left. They lie around waiting for the chance to sue someone rather than actually WORK. Gimmegimmeegimeeeeeeeee.  I would rather work until I die than take a handout from anyone. 

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Well, Stockman says it is around 50 million sidelined, working-aged citizens, not 90-something million. That higher figure counts the retirement-aged workers. We should not be as dishonest as the DemoRat / RepubliCON Uniparty when using employment stats to debate. But FIFTY MILLION does not even count all the underemployed citizens, including the welfare-eligible / womb-productive citizens and the non-welfare-eligible / non-womb-productive citizens. And 50 million is a massive number of out-of-the-workforce, working-aged citizens, all of whom would be paying into the SS fund if employed and few of whom are welfare-eligible, unlike many of these working-under-the-table-illegal aliens and their non-working girlfriends / wives who flock to the Department of Human Services, collecting $450 per month on average in just free monthly food, which is only one of their welfare and tax-welfare layers. They just submit proof of traceable earnings from a male breadwinner. They often live in multi-generational households, splitting expenses, with multiple moms adding more welfare to the household’s earned / unearned income coffer per birth. All they have to do to get welfare is present proof of income that falls below the earned-income limit for welfare, meaning proof of 1) working more hours for extremely low wages or 2) working fewer hours for slightly higher wages, along with proof of expenses and SS cards for multiple US-born children. Some bring in handwritten notes from employers, rather than the required 8 paycheck stubs, to prove their [traceable] earned income. What do you think 30 years of such post-1986-amnesty chicanery has done to the SS retirement system? In addition to our now-crippled middle class, America has lost a ton of money in worker / employer contributions for the SS trust fund due to American-in-name-only employers shipping over 2 million jobs overseas or across the Mexican border. We lose a ton of money — $116 billion per year — to provide free food, subsidized housing, education, free healthcare and incarceration services to illegal aliens, albeit a few Americans make a ton of money by providing those free services to illegal aliens via government contracts, and their government-supplied market counts a LOT more than the votes of underemployed citizens in a so-called Republic. Have you ever struggled to pay back a small business loan, chasing a non-government-supplied market of customers, competing with many other businesses? Our struggling small businesses lose between $24 and $28 billion per year just to Mexico in remittances, with $54 billion per year lost to foreign countries in cumulative remittances sent out of the USA, rather than spent in this country’s businesses. Immigrant workers are advantaged over many non-welfare-eligible citizens who would spend their earned-only income here if employed. Many citizens are disadvantaged in the labor market due to relying on earned income only. Their earned-only paychecks are not boosted up by welfare or lower withholding due to child-tax-credit welfare. The more kids they produce via the noble and much-rewarded acts of sexual intercourse and illegal border crossing, the less illegal aliens (and others) can afford to earn while still covering their household bills, whereas hard work, in and of itself, pays less and less for most US citizens. This is due to our corrupt welfare system, made more corrupt every time the Swamp touches it, calling it a “tax cut” or whatever is expedient for the employers who fund their campaigns. 

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Meat Hammer Wed, 01/31/2018 - 08:51 Permalink

“Smirking quietly”.

He was smirking like a mofo last night in that 1 hour & 20 minute libtard ass whoopin’. I loved how he implored them to stand up and clap for the American people with that “these optics are REALLY bad for you idiots” look on his face.

Endgame Napoleon bshirley1968 Wed, 01/31/2018 - 10:42 Permalink

There is a change in verbal emphasis and visual symbols, but not a real change in policy other than a real possibility for a mass amnesty, which Hillary would have aimed for in a much more annoying way without pulling it off. It takes a Nixon-in-China effect and another star entertainer to get another mass amnesty over on massively underemployed and/or massively sidelined and mostly welfare-ineligible US citizens whose rent devours over half of their earned-only income, with that issue, too, having a lot to do with millions of legal and illegal immigrants, driving up housing costs by competing for rental units. On the flip side, immigrants and other welfare-eligible parents keep wages low because their welfare and child-tax-credit welfare depends on staying below the earned-income limit for multiple monthly welfare programs and the cut off for child tax credits that topped out at $6,444 before doubled by the Swamp in a pre-amnesty legislative frenzy. And no, a 0.6% nominal wage increase for non-welfare-eligible, non-child-tax-credit-buttressed citizens will not help cover unaffordable rent, nor will the token $24-per-paycheck tax cut of most underemployed citizens alleviate economic stress, not for those who rely on earned-only income. It provides a smidgen of Fake Tax Relief.

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NumberNone Wed, 01/31/2018 - 09:11 Permalink

Let's see...Immigration down.  

Illegal immigrants getting out of country or staying out of workforce for fear of deportation.

Wages for US citizens start going up. correlation here.  

bshirley1968 Wed, 01/31/2018 - 09:29 Permalink

Hey, Trumptards!

There is a lot more to this "cost index" than just wages. Don't be so easily stupefied.

Real wages are still at 1990 levels. Spending power is even worse. Oh, your ability to get more debt has increased, but your real wealth has not.

Last year there were two new billionaires created every day. And you sheeple are good with that as long as your refi goes through and you get a couple of more sick days added to you compensation package. Pathetic!