Up In Arms: German Small Arms Ownership Soars 85% In Under 2 Years

Two years after your chancellor decides to admit over 1 million undocumented middle-eastern immigrants to boost the economy and instead gets a series of terrorist attacks in return, this is the outcome: "Germans are taking up arms of angst."

According to Handelsblatt, demand in Germany for non-lethal weapons, including gas pistols, flare and stun guns, as well as pepper spray is on the rise. While in the US, the German magazine notes, every mass shooting is followed by yet another heated gun debate. in Germany gun-related crime is comparatively rare, but the issue of guns is increasingly in the forefront of political discussions.

That's because sales of freely available arms are booming. The number of applications for small arms permits has set new records. In 2017, 557,560 people obtained such a license. In January 2016, only 300,949 people had a permit. This means ownership soared by a staggering 85% in just under two years.

Following the Paris terror attacks in 2015 and the sexual assaults on women on New Year’s Eve in Cologne the following month, demand for deterrent devices has taken off. “After the attacks in Paris on the Bataclan music venue in November 2015, a wave of uncertainty spilled over to Germany,” said Ingo Meinhard, director of the German association of gunsmiths and gun dealers.

Why the scramble for self-defense? "The fact that Germans are arming themselves might be rooted in a sense of deteriorating safety" Handelsblatt philosophically observes.

There is a growing feeling that the state cannot sufficiently protect its citizens and therefore they must protect themselves. Recent cuts to the police force contributed to the problem.

And, of course, there is the refugee problem. Some see the influx of refugees and migrants to Germany since 2015 as a trigger to a worsening security situation. The number of crime suspects classed as immigrants – including asylum seekers, refugees and illegal immigrants – rose to 174,438 in 2016, an increase of 52.7 percent from the previous year. Interior Minister Thomas de Maizière said.

"This can’t be sugar-coated."

Others are blaming, what else, "fake news."

Some experts beg to differ. Although the increasing demand for small firearms proves that citizens feel unsafe, a lot of it comes down to distorted or exaggerated media reports and social media posts by populists, argued André Schulz, head of the Criminal Police Association. It’s not rationally justified and does not reflect the “objective risk situation,” he said.

At least they haven't blamed Putin yet for Germany's weaponization scramble.

As discussed previously, while Germany has strict gun control laws, it’s not difficult to obtain a license for non-lethal weapons. The applicant has to be at least 18 years old, though convicted felons, alcohol or drug addicts and people with a record of mental illness are barred. “The authorities examine the applicants thoroughly,” said Mr. Meinhard. “No one should be afraid of these people.”

However, Holger Stahlknecht, state interior minister in Saxony-Anhalt, isn’t convinced. He worries about the current trend and warns that arming oneself with small weapons can lead to a false sense of security. “Obviously, people believe they are buying safety with a small gun license,” he said.

“However, this sense of security is deceptive, since these weapons could escalate a situation and could even be used against the owner.”

One thing is clear: Germany is becoming increasingly militant in response to what many thought was a problem that ended when Merkel ended her "closed door" policy. And while for now the spike in self-defense measures is confined to non-lethal means, a few more terrorist attacks and this too will surely change.


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They are waking up. Everyone knows someone screwed by a "refugee" now. They can't lie to the people anymore. It's just too obvious. Might as well try to tell the Germans the sky is green, that's what they here when they say diversity is good for Germany

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The picture above is the Walther P22, a 22 cal pistol with a 3.75 inch barrel. Great close range head shot weapon but not so great at 5 yard "center of mass" shooting. The same model P380 with laser is a great day/night defensive weapon, and of course the 9mm version if you may need to shoot through dry wall or car windows in your line of work and you don't mind being deaf for 15 minutes following an indoor shot.

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In 2017, 557,560 people obtained such a license. In January 2016, only 300,949 people had a permit. This means ownership soared by a staggering 85% in just under two years.


It says only 300,949 people had a permit in 2016. It didn’t say only that many people got a permit in 2016. That would mean there are now 858,509 people that have permits. That would be a 185% increase.

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The problem is with the word "obtained" - it implies that in 2017, 557,560 people got a new license, adding to those who already had it in 2016. That is obviously not meant here - the total number of people owning a small weapons permits at those dates is meant. Therefore the percentage is OK (happens rarely in journalism, I would say), but the wording is unclear.

The wording is also unclear regarding the "small arms permit" - both the English wording and the image of a gun imply this permit allows to carry pistols and similar, excluding only larger guns. Somewhere in the text "non-lethal" is mentioned, indicating what is really meant by the German "Kleiner Waffenschein" - "Small Arms Permit" (klein = small referring to the permit, not the arms). The permit is only for non-lethal weapons, guns able to fire tear gas cartridges only.

Due to their similarity to real guns, they can be quite lethal - to their owner, though.

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But thugs aren't playing, dude.   They're doing thuggery.   Those among the Islam infected refugee community are doing their thuggery more against people who like your mother and sister, or weaker/older people, than the small fraction of people who are fit and take their time to learn hand to hand combat skills.   They usually go unmolested to begin with. 

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Socialism started with Bismark in the 19 century, and atop that Germans have just about never known anything but authoritarian statism of one sort or another.   Don't get too excited about a mere 500k people obtaining very limited use of small arms either.     That's a lot less than 1%.   Most Germans will proudly tell you they have never held a gun in their hands.  

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And some political adventurers telling Germans that their demographic oblivion is caused by immigrants. It is actually caused by a consumerist car-centred society hostile to children, same as in Japan (where they don't have any comparable immigrant numbers).

Ah well. One knows that one is right if one is shouted at both by the Right (because of the pro-public-money-for-schools-and-children and anti-car position) and by the Left (because of pushing women "back" into the "traditional" role of mothers).

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A decent correction of the previous post.

But the intended goal you cite is incorrect.

They didn't care about labor.

Bismark adopted socialism (after it had started to spread) in order to maintain a Statist control over the nation. That was and is to this day, the primary goal of socialism. As Mao told the Soviets when the latter offered to help them set up their economic structure (and I paraphrase), "No thanks. We have seen your economy in action and it doesn't work. We are going to use capitalism in external economics and communism with internal. Our goals are the same: Authoritarianism. But we want our economy to be strong."

You'd need to define "it worked" in order to substantiate that claim. It worked to strengthen the industrial class, true. But it it did so by offending all the rest of the world to the point where, when the Germans expanded too far, it led to war. Twice. Two wars that pretty much neutered them.

That is why it is news that the Germans are trying to find "non-lethal" means of defense.

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Industrial Capitalism is the injection of bank capital into industry.  The "credit" comes back with improved productivity, therefore it is not usurious.

The surplus productivity of Germany was then used to improve the labor conditions of her people.

The former Hansa league had internal tariffs, which came down under Bismark.   This then improved the ability of industry to come together and produce with less friction.

In the meantime, the finance capitalism of England was freaking out, and Britains labor was not being "invested" in and improved.

Mixed economies always have some "socialism" in order to return the economic surplus back to those who produced it.

With regards to offending "others" is because the others economic modes were Oligarchy and the taking of rents, and they didn't want to lose their gravy train.  Hence, Germany was a huge threat.

Bismark did screw up by building destroyers, antagonizing Britain too much.  But, Britain could not compete with Germany's industrial capitalist mixed economy.  It is a mistake to call it socialist.

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Agree. Bismarck did not take into account that his successors (Wilhelm II and his followers) would be too stupid to maintain his system of alliances, antagonizing most other nations in Europe except Austria-Hungary.

Hmm, does remind me of some contemporary politician also too stupid to maintain a system of alliances.

Also, the Germany he constructed contained an overwhelmingly strong Prussia. For some visionaries at the time, it was obvious that this imbalance would turn Germany into an agressive centralist state. Example - the Bavarian deputies voting against joining the German Empire in 1871, predicting this would lead to war.

But for him to try to reduce the size of Prussia, maybe even splitting it up, would have been too much to ask for.

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"and atop that Germans have just about never known anything but authoritarian statism of one sort or another."

Freaking hell of a truth you spell out there. Have we ever met ? This yours is my very argument since 1945 ; eh since I was born and grew a conscience and all some decades later...

I know you around and some times you draw a lot of flak. I tend to upvote the embattled

daring to go against the crowd if they had have my attention before for meaningful

content food for thought and signs of real human life and critical intelligence.

But you are none of those to befriend with and I have to withdraw my errant above qualified approval of sorts because of :


"Yeah and they launched three enormous national socialist wars in a row.  Those also "worked".   Currently Germany is on track to disappear into demographic oblivion.  "


My basic instincts served me right you freaking German hating commie.

Don`t go to hell yet, you are better best served on this board.





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  You just have to hear Barbara Learner Spectre open her mouth once to know exactly who is responsible for that ongoing horror show known as "diversity" in Europe. 

  When Germans vote for the next Hitler, she will be the main reason.  She has her nest set up in Sweden for now.  I suspect the first real widespread violence against migrants and their backers will appear in that nation.  Swedes are like scared school children facing a bully.  God help that bully when they finally to up to her.


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It's reverse eugenics.  Revenge of the Jews.  More specifically, the Rothschilds.  They said they have targeted the German bloodline for destruction.

To understand how the world got so fucked up, it is essential to understand the Rothschilds.  This article describes what really makes them tick:


It's cliff notes for a disclosure which the Rothschilds did in 2011, so that they would have karmic permission to move to the next stage of the control grid.  He said it will be something even more controlling than world currency or world government.   He never disclosed what the next stage is, because the people of Godlike Productions were too stupid to ask the right questions.  So he chose his "disclosure" forum well.  However, he did make many other disclosures.  There was a lot of stuff that was just strange enough to be true and his overall  character (40% Goa’uld, 30% Hitler, 15% Unabomber, 15% David Icke) is not something that the average troll would be able to pull off convincingly over the course of a year.  There's *something different* about this guy.  He's probably real.

The most interesting point is that the Rothschilds got to the top due to centuries of selectively breeding themselves for intelligence, sociopathy, organizational skill, and the ability to work on multi-generational timescales.   Meanwhile, they encourage us to become a bunch of 85 IQ mongrels who can't plan beyond the next welfare payment.  They encourage the smartest women to put all their efforts into powering the Rothschilds' hamster wheel, while having few or no children, and paying idiots to breed.  The Rothschilds are trying to bifrucate the human species using all kinds of social engineering like this.  "Diversity is Strength" is their Orwellian way of weakening us until we all become permanent slaves.

The entire interview is 50 pages long, even after being filtered down from the original source material, but it is also worth reading if you have the time.  It's a heavy redpill / blackpill.   https://archive.fo/qERv5


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“The ultimate goal is the forcible-coordination of all countries of the world: That shall be achieved by mixing the races with the goal to create a light brown race in Europe. For that reason 1.5 million immigrants from the third world shall migrate to Europe every year. The result would be a population with an AVERAGE IQ OF 90 that is so dumb to grasp anything but intelligent enough to work. The European countries would NEVER AGAIN BE COMPETITORS in the struggle for global domination and a multiple millennia old culture would be destroyed. Irrational people who will fight against this “mingling of races”, and put up any resistance against the global world order, should be killed.”

– Thomas P.M. Barnett, JEW, director of the Israeli military consultancy ‘Wikistrat’ in his book ‘The Pentagon’s New Map’, 2004

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Wow, I'm surprised THEY would let a quote like that into the wild.

Of course, it's not new.  The Coudenhove-Kalergi plan predated WWII.  Even Karl Marx dreamed of a dumbed down race with no national loyalties that would fall for Communism again, and again, and again.

I've been digging for an article about entire underground bases full of Jihadis in Germany, just waiting for the chaos to kick off.  That same article also had some kind of Soros figure going to Africa, selecting dumb young Muslim men with entitlement mentalities and a history of violence against women, and giving them tickets and cellphones and manuals on who to go to for help with exploiting the gibs.  Can't find it.  Might have been fake news but would not surprise me if it was true.

JimmyJones:  Yes I agree on importance of having 3 children, but (1) most white women are garbage, thanks to the Jews, (2) Their worst behavior is encouraged, again thanks to the Jews, so any man worth marrying will realize it is unwise to get married, (3) 3 kids won't beat the Somalis, who will have 8 kids, all on our dime thanks to the Jews, and (4) Most likely you won't even get to see your kids after their first few years and their mom will teach them to hate you, leave them to rot in daycare, shack up with guys who abuse them, teach your daughters to be coalburners at age 14, and teach your sons to become emasculated soyboy faggot SJWs who will eventually be culled- probably by their own uselessness.

Therefore, buy guns and pray the shit goes down in your lifetime.  God Bless America!

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Years ago I first read this:

"I must study politics and war that my sons may have liberty to study mathematics and philosophy. My sons ought to study mathematics and philosophy, geography, natural history and naval architecture, navigation, commerce and agriculture, in order to give their children a right to study painting, poetry, music, architecture, statuary, tapestry, and porcelain."

-John Adams, letter to Abigail Adams, 1780

Your Rothschild article / link is very interesting, I will finish reading that this evening. 
Much of the content is know, speculated at least. 

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I remember listening to his lectures at the war college. He was describing how U.S. armed forces would be reorganized with the Army, Navy being used for humanitarian relief and the Marines, Air force  would be our only actual war fighters. Also relevant was the deployment of forces being moved from European latitudes and basically shifted to equatorial latitudes. As we now know as Africom. 

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