Clark County Defies Order To Release Vegas Shooter Coroner's Report

After months of radio silence, new information released earlier this week surrounding the investigation into Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock's motive appears to have revived suspicions that another person was involved in the shooting.

The newly unsealed documents - which were unsealed by court order after journalists at the Las Vegas Review-Journal and other media sued - revealed that the FBI is seeking a "person of interest" named Douglas Haig. Haig's name had not previously been connected to the shooting. What's more, according to what's been widely cited as his LinkedIn page, Haig had "DOD Top Secret clearance" and worked for top weapons manufacturers and specialized in Military Ammunition, as we pointed out.

Haig's connection to Paddock and the shooting is unclear, but in another confusing development, Clark County Nevada Coroner John Fudenberg is defying a court order to release the full autopsy report for Paddock - even though Paddock's body was cremated in December.

According to the Daily Caller, District Court Judge Timothy Williams ordered the coroner Tuesday to immediately release the autopsy. Fudenberg is conferring with others in his office, and no date had been given for his compliance with the judge’s order, the corner’s office told The Daily Caller.

The office also told the Las Vegas Review-Journal that the report wouldn't be released until it was “finalized.”

“The coroner’s office has fought to keep autopsy reports confidential,” according to the the Review-Journal.

It's difficult to imagine what component of the autopsy could, at this point, be left unfinished; after all, Paddock's body was destroyed weeks ago. And yet, the coroner has chosen to pay $32,000 in legal costs instead of turning over the final report.

"The shooter’s body was cremated Dec. 21. How can the autopsy report not be 'finalized' when the body was cremated more than five weeks ago?" Review-Journal Editor-in-Chief Keith Moyer publicly stated. "The law is squarely on the side of the public’s right to open government."

An interim report released Jan. 8 gave only scant information about the autopsy and did not release either the autopsy or a toxicology report on Paddock.

“Preliminarily, the injuries noted were on the posterior of both calves and a gunshot wound to the upper palette inside the decedent’s mouth with obvious damage to the upper teeth,” the department stated.

“The cause of Paddock’s death was an internal gunshot wound and the manner of death was ruled a suicide,” the report concluded.


While the details so far largely comport with the early press reports, some say the initial report was suspiciously lacking in detail.

“What’s glaring are the missing details on the autopsy,” said Wayne Black, a 40-year veteran law enforcement and private security expert, in an interview with TheDCNF.

“This is probably one of the most significant medical examiner’s investigations of the year,” he said.

It's been four months since the shooting, and still much remains vague or unknown. Paddock's motives remain a mystery. Unanswered questions remain about the official timeline of events. Photos published online in the immediate aftermath of the shooting purported to show a second shooter closer to ground level, but they were largely dismissed by law enforcement and the media.



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It's outrageous that a body can be desposed of before the autopsy report is released especially from a known perpetrator in an unsolved crime.

This kind of behaviour adds to evidence of a coverup.

This was a blantant attack on White Trump voters. A desperate false flag to push politics back ten years and get White people more concerned about guns rather than jewish and deep state power. It failed.

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Interesting that the coroner found a way to releases 58 victim autopsy reports, all names redacted, no ballistics,  yet Stephen Paddock’s autopsy is kept secret ..... why?:…


Another interesting side note, Douglas Haig was part of a UAV helicopter program and has a Top Secret SSBI Clearance:…


LVMPD and FBI latest twist on the Paddock encounter: apparently as the swat team breached room 135, they observed Stephen Paddock place a gun to his head and fire one round:…

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The narrative is an obvious fraud. According to Joe on Youtube is breaking some excellent analysis of the fraud. He's a retired cop and is, frankly, **stunned** at the criminality of what he's seeing in this fake "investigation."

It is so fake, in fact, there has to be a Bankster agenda behind the farcical event they are pawning off as an "investigation."

Joe exposes the chest wound and the photoshop in some pictures to conceal the obviousness of the chest wound. The pictures don't look like a headshot... still has blood in the mouth, why didn't it run out the hole in the back of his head. A shot in the chest explains why the blood when "anti-gravity" and flowed out over his face... blood got in his lungs and came out during his last exhales... no hole in the back of head for it to leak out. Not to mention what looks like a shot to the chest in the pictures...

The reason Joe thinks that is important is because people don't commit suicide by shooting themselves in the chest.

Also note that the gun was found about 2' above his head.

Now, use your finger as a gun and try and note how the recoil and release of the gun to propel it to 2' above his head if he shot himself in the mouth and lost immediate control of the gun as the bullet penetrated his brain.

The gun should be off to the side of the hand that shot the bullet, NOT 2' ABOVE HIS HEAD, BASICALLY DEAD CENTER.

This isn't even a "cover up," it is so bad.

They are exposing the fraud... and must be monitoring, especially in law enforcement and their political quisling classes, WHO HAS THE AWARENESS AND MORAL FORTITUDE TO RESIST SUCH AN OBVIOUS CRIMINAL OPERATION DONE IN BROAD DAYLIGHT.

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Remember, the first cops on the scene said there was no sign of a head wound.

If they just saw the guy shoot himself in the head, THEY WOULDN'T MENTIONED THAT TO PROVIDE CONTEXT.

Where is the blood spatter if he was standing and shot himself in the head? Carpet looks pretty clean.

Where is the blood spatter if he was laying down and shot himself in the head? Carpet looks pretty clean.


Cui bono.


WHO PAYS law enforcement?
WHO PAYS the media?
WHO PAYS the politicians?
WHO PAYS the Mega-gun runners and mega-drug cartels?
WHO PAYS the FBI (remember 1993 WTC FBI orchestrated bombing?)


He who pays the piper, CALLS THE PIPER'S TUNE;.

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Follow me here and use these two sources for reference:

(1) Mandalay suite plan (see the hotel layout for reference) :…

(2) Mandalay room photos (take note of picture numbers and titles for reference below):…

Look a the following series of pictures from above reference (2):


Pic #2. 32nd floor Hallway

  -- notice entrance door (in one whole piece) down on the tile floor with door closer still attached


Pic #5. Inside room 32-135

  -- notice (bottom left) entrance door on tile floor

  -- also notice what appears to be blood spatter trail on tile floor, in middle right of picture


Pic #10. Sitting area toward master bedroom 32-135

  -- notice both doors to master bedroom still attached (remember that for later).

  -- also notice on tile floor where ceiling lamps are on the right side pieces of wood scattered on the floor from entrance door being blown off (remember that for later)


*** Pic #16. Entry door 32-135 & Pic #17. A portion of entry door

  -- notice on Pic #16 entry door with door closer still attached now is missing the lower half (when it was a single whole piece in Pic #2 & Pic #5 on the tile floor) and is now on a carpet floor belonging to master bedroom 135 {see Pic #18 and notice the same carpet floor pattern in master bedroom 135 as opposed to carpet in all other areas}

  -- notice on Pic #17 the bottom half of the entry door, and Pic #16 upper half of entry door....and notice in Pic #17 top right corner of the picture there is a round cylindrical column room support (see layout from reference (1) attention to where all the support columns are located) together with the carpet pattern proves this broken entry door is located in master bedroom of room 135


*****Conclusion: two different entry doors (one as a single whole piece laying on tile floor at hotel room entrance, and a completely different entry door broken in two parts, one upper and one lower sections, and both of these pieces lay on carpet in master bedroom 135. How then did this other entry door --- broken into two pieces --- make it to the master bedroom?) Notice both doors, the whole one and the one broken in to two pieces, they both have the a door closer still attached. The broken door could not be from master bedroom entrance for these reasons (see Pic #10 as both of those doors are undisturbed). ***** Busted!


Pic #8. Bar area 32-135 & 9. Kitchenette

 -- notice wooden piece of entrance door under the rifle (after door was blown off how did a piece of wood get under rifle bud)?


Pic #11. The connecting doors 32-134 (adjoining room) & Pic #20 Looking into bathroom of 32-134 & Pic #21 Hallway of room 32-134

  -- if Paddock was the lone shooter and running between gunfire lulls via the attached doorway (connecting to adjoining room 134-135 {see layout in reference (1) above if need be) why is the adjoining door knocked down and off its hinges (i.e. it must have been locked in the first place) how did Paddock run in between a locked door, or did he lock the door in between his mad dashes?

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I cannot speak for other people or their purported intentions...what I can and do say is that this investigation is nothing but a farce and the preponderance of evidence presented by the officials points directly back at them, and in direct contradiction thereby...

I hope to hear from you on any further always, a pleasure exchanging ideas with you in this matter.

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The link is According to Joe:

The half of the door with pretty obvious drill holes posing as bullet holes was placed right next to the drill that almost certainly made the holes.

No bumpfire "automaticish" weapons made those holes with that geometry in the door.

Maybe single fire, but even then, the geometry is too perfect for firing into it with a gun - especially an automaticish gun.

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If you recall Campos was said to be shot in the leg --- the lower extremity --- yet ALL of the supposed "bullet" holes present in the door provided as evidence are all located in the upper half of the door. There is not a single sign of what should be a bullet hole in the lower section of the door. (I.e. Is this another example of the "magic" bullet theory???)

The more one looks into what has been presented, the more one becomes convinced of one's initial preconceptions and instincts on the matter.

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JSB, the whole hallway shooting story is fake. The alleged hotel "engineer" said on his radio call that the shooting started as he approached the door. No mention of Campos.

Later on, his story changed - Campos was by the door and he was well back from the door and never approached the door - LIKE HE SAID THE NIGHT OF THE SHOOTING.

As I typed that out, it doesn't even make sense that the radio call was recorded... they don't record radio calls. Maybe if it was a cell phone call... need to look into it.

This is so full of holes, there is nothing left for the swiss cheese!

But it is OBVIOUSLY so, and I do not believe that is an accident. The Money Power Monopolists are beta-testing the apathy and level of immorality of their entire societal system.

And they are pleased. Very pleased.

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Trump has thrown a wrench into the chain of command as the ranks hopefully start seeing the potential breakup of the cabal at the top.

Simply by having someone leak that DOD employee is a suspect is eye-opening.  Just maybe, just maybe there is hope that this fucking evil entity that much of the US government has morphed into is starting to question itself.  

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OT as hell, but I Rcvd this series of emails this A.M. anyone heard any of this?

1.Phenomenal shit hitting the fan.

2.Big QAnon drop right now.  Jerome Corsi is on live feed now decoding it.

3.They're all at the COG bunker in West Virginia now.  Pence is there.  Not sure when POTUS arrives.

4. POTUS reportedly being protected by Marines. 

BTw, the Greenbriar Resort where the Repubs are is a huge 200 year-old hotel that had a bunker built under it in the 1950s especially for Congress.

It was the twilight zone this morning as 200 Republicans and their families were hauled back to Charlottesville, VA after their train hit a dump truck that would never have been anywhere near the tracks if the fucking Capitol Police had been doing their jobs.  Kinda like at the Alexandria ball park last summer.  Hmmm.....

God speed to all of them and the memo!

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"Clark County Nevada Coroner John Fudenberg is defying a court order to release the full autopsy report for Paddock - even though Paddock's body was cremated in December."

Because it's all just another FBI Gun Grabber Scam, Just like Sandy Hook, but they fucked this one up even worse; ineptitude to the point of ridiculousness to the point of major RETARDATION on the behalf of the 30 FBI Agents who checked into the Mandalay Bay the day before the 'Event'. Period.

The evidence speaks for itself as to this fact!

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