Guess Which 'Shithole' Has The World's Most-Overcrowded Prison System

According to Bureau of Justice Statistics, the U.S. has a prison population of 2.2 million, 481 inmates per 100,000 of the population.

The U.S. prison system has attracted headlines for overcrowding with 18 states reporting they were operating at over 100 percent capacity at the end of 2014. According to the World Prison Brief, the U.S. has an an occupancy level of 103.9 percent and only comes 113th worldwide when it comes to overcrowding in prisons

However, as Statista's Niall McCarthy details, somebody who gets arrested and jailed in Haiti will have to endure far tougher conditions.

Infographic: The World's Most Overcrowded Prison Systems  | Statista

You will find more statistics at Statista

The Caribbean nation has the most overcrowded prisons of any country worldwide and its institutions are operating at 454 percent capacity. That has resulted in 80 to 100 men being crammed into a single cell at once, malnutrition and the spread of disease. Many of Haiti's inmates have not been convicted of a crime and the UN has condemned the situtation, saying inmates are subject to daily violations of their human rights.


The situation in the Philippines is similar and conditions in its prisons have deteriorated steadily since President Rodrigo Duterte launched his war on drugs. That has seen the number of arrests skyrocket with thousands of people thrown into prison. That has seen occupancy rates stretched to 436 percent of capacity and Quezon City Jail is a good example. An ABC News report claims the facility was built to house 262 prisoners and it now hosts over 3,000.

El Salvador comes third for prison overcrowding with its institutions operating at 348.2 percent of their capacity.


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According to Bureau of Justice Statistics...


What would we ever do without a Bureau of Justice Statistics?

Fuck these government parasites.

Jeffrey H. Anderson joins BJS as director

Mr. Anderson is a constitutional scholar and is a leader in formulating domestic policy proposals. Mr. Anderson served as a professor at the U.S. Air Force Academy, where he won the USAFA Political Science Department's highest honors for upper-division teaching and for research and writing (for “Learning from the Great Council of Revision Debate”).

Mr. Anderson co-created the Anderson and Hester Computer Rankings, which were part of the BCS formula to determine college football's annual national championship matchup. Mr. Anderson received a Ph.D. in political science from Claremont Graduate University.


Oh, and fuck us, they are hiring...

Grant Program Specialist - participates in the oversight, planning, implementation, and assessment of grant programs related to the development of State-level capabilities in justice statistics and improvement of the quality of criminal history records and information systems.

Policy and Program Analyst - utilizes the BJS statistical series to assess/evaluate policy issues or initiatives and prepares special reports as needed to support program development.


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That is exactly what needs to happen and keeping people in a cage for life is cruel and unusual.  All life sentences or anything close should be the death penalty.  There is too much profit in it though and they are enjoying squeezing us of every penny.  Chopping peoples heads off via guillotine is actually probably the most painless and for sure way also.  Chemical and electrocution don't work well.  Hanging is fine too.  Firing squad wastes bullets.

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uh huh.... That way you can harvest all the goodies for yourself for lunch, dinner, various spirit cooking needs. You can fill those donor banks right to the brim. yyea!  (bullets might damage some tissue don't you know)

Christians know its coming just like LGBT, pedophilia, satanism, beastiality etc.................. Days of Noah...

bring it

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People say the USA needs more prisons.


It needs less. There's no rehabilitation, and no need to keep these misbegotten violent parasites on taxpayer life support until they expire, or until they offend again.

Exterminate the brutes.

Load every illegal in prison into shipping containers and send them back. If said vessel sinks beyond the 12-mile limit, tough shit. Don't invade another country, don't get turned into a coral reef.

Next, every confirmed member of a criminal organization in prison goes up against the wall. Blood in, blood out, and here's your out, you piece of shit.

No human rights for parasites. Eliminate the foreign sources and the interior gangs, and you remove the prison problem.

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We need to decriminalize cannabis, taking that issue out of the criminal justice system.

We also need a national prison work project. We have so many illegal immigrants from countries which won't take back their people. And we have too many non-violent victim less crime prisoners loading the prisons.

These people could work for a dollar per hour, digging canals for a national canal grid for irrigation and transport. Electronic ankle monitor, guards with dogs, drones etc. they can sleep right on the ground in a sleeping bag, working all day for their food and $8.

This plan would free up space for longer sentences for serious violent victim crime convicts. But to continue with the war on cannabis isn't working and it cost too much to house prisoners with no return to the tax payer.

Widen the Rio Grande, build a canal to California, call it the Grand Texas Canal, use convict labor, because there will be many more criminals being locked up. Wouldn't it be funny to see Hillary and Comey in work clothes with a shovel working on national infrastructure. It would make the cover of "Time".

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Prison colonies that can grow their own food and manufacture products to sell would cut down a lot of the cost.  There's plenty of arable and/or forested land available for that purpose.  Reform through labor as opposed to idle incarceration. Emerge with marketable skills into parole based programs designed to bridge the gap between release and gainful employment.  This is not hard to do.

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Certainly they have proven far more trustworthy with throwing people into a hole prison for fifty years, where they have zero control over their medical biology, they have been caught continuously over the years experimenting on inmates and of course allowing regular gang bang ass rape for every inmate.  Nobody getting ass raped by five black dudes in the pen now was framed right?  Either way you are better off getting your head cut off. 

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No it doesn't have anything to do with gay or black it's more about prison culture, corruption and having a very high concentration of psychopaths as compared to the general population.  Prison rape isn't about gay it's about debasing others, causing suffering and enforcing and establishing control, just like all rape but worse because it happens in groups.  Not only do the prisons allow the behavior but often guards join in.  Psychopaths enjoy domination and making others suffer.  Wherever they numbers are large and they are allowed to do what they want life will be unimaginable hell.  They should at least execute them after they have reoffended in prison.  Sodomy rape should be capital punishment it is a crime a sadism.

I also don't believe that chimping out is a strictly black phenomenon.  White people do it too.  I look at it as violent and low IQ behavior.

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Eh? The charge in that movie was completely legitimate and the likelihood of all that evidence being generated (shatter liquor bottle with fingerprints, bullets matching the bullets used also with fingerprints, all left on the night of the murder) and Dufrain NOT being the killer (instead being some random asshole who just happened to kill them that same night) are astronomical. The only evidence against it was the testimony of an idiot who has motive to lie (wanted to help his friend, and maybe had something against a former cellmate of his), and which came to light long after the trial.

Outside of the portrayal of the movie, you wouldn't believe that shit either.

But back to reality--I'd like to see some statistics on the number of people who are convicted but win ANY of their appeals, and the ones who lose their first appeals but win any of the ones after that. In general, I'm in favor of immediate executions after trials. End their drain on society immediately rather than paying millions to feed, clothe, and guard them for decades before the execution.

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What about the raids performed on the wrong household where people were killed?

You may think that you're safe by being compliant and turning the other cheek but this type of mentality will allow them to continue to grow their power unchecked to where you will be subjected to more of this.  That's the fallacy of such thinking.  They serve the people not the other way around.

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When I worked at the Department of Human Services, and then in the poverty industry, clients living in dangerous neighborhoods said a survival tactic involves keeping your head down and not seeing things. If you see something, you can be a target. Can you imagine having to pay rent that soaked up half of your monthly pay for that privilege? The womb-productive women get their household bills paid by government, with refundable tax credits up to $6,444 (now doubled). At least, the womb-productive women are not [paying] to be in the middle of that stuff. 

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THE VERY WORST "CRIME" THAT INCARCERATES HUMANS IS "VICTIMLESS CRIMES"! Weed, unlawful accusation of anything without solid proof, attempted anything. Neither incarceration nor execution serves any humane function at all. It certainly isn't a deterrent. Of course, a 1 month survival term in some remote area for inhumane behavior might be less costly and more ummm.... effective.


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That is NOT the reason for the low homicide rate. Violent crime and a lot of the uncivilized crap that America has is almost non-existent here. A little grammar school girl can walk home through dark and abandoned areas and nothing will happen to her. Nobody worries about any of that. It took me a couple of years to get used to the idea that it is safe to walk around anywhere. In America I always carried my Glock. 


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Finland is named the world's safest country... with the UK and USA ranking behind Zimbabwe

• World Economic Forum ranked 136 countries in its biennial tourism report with one section focusing on safety
• Finland followed by the United Arab Emirates and Iceland were named least risky places for tourists to visit
• Popular destinations such as the UK, Italy and the USA were rated low on the list but Colombia came last 

(95. China)

Japan...HK...Singapore...Taiwan...Malaysia much safer and less corrupt than many Euro-P-on nations...…

World Corruption Rank

(62. China)

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China homicide rate:  1 per 100,000 per year

Norway homicide rate:  0.5 per 100,000 per year

Prison sentence for Norwegian terrorist Breivik who murdered 77 people (33 of them minors) and injured over 110 others and who, at trial, expressed regret that he had not murdered many more:  21 years (his "cell" is a 3-room suite used only by him, with a gym, laptop, TV and a PlayStation).

Simplistic thinking is a nice thing for simple minds

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If your heart doesn't break for the poor bastards purportedly jailed in the photo above, then you have no meaningful difference from TPTB. Assuming the photo isn't hoaxed, one may assume they're jailed for glancing at the latest BabyDoc the wrong way

Sure there's some nasty blacks here that ought to be shot; there's also whites, beiges & a few yellows. It doesn't change the fact that the black underclass has been imported, created & perpetuated by the folks who really need to die

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