"One Typhoon Away From Full Breach" - US Nuke-Test Dome Leaking Fatal Radiation Into Pacific Ocean

Before the 1970s, the United States and other nuclear-armed countries conducted more than 500 atomic weapons tests in the atmosphere.

During these tests, radioactive debris and gases were flung up into the atmosphere and traveled around the world.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has stated that people around the world have had exposure to radioactive fallout from these nuclear tests. Even today, radioactive fallout is present in many parts of the world, but in small amounts.

In the early 2000s, the CDC released a global radioactive fallout report and found that any person living in the US since 1951 has been “exposed to some radioactive fallout, and all of a person’s organs and tissues have received some exposure.”

The costs associated with nuclear tests for any country have been quite devastating for surrounding communities. Take, for instance, the Enewetak Atoll, a large coral atoll of 40 islands in the Pacific Ocean, where the U.S. government detonated 30 megatons of weapons – equivalent to 2,000 Hiroshima blasts – between 1948 and 1958.

In total, sixty-seven nuclear bombs detonated on Enewetak Atoll and Bikini Atoll of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific Ocean.

Beginning in 1977, more than 8,000 people worked to clean up the Marshall Islands, shifting 110,000 cubic yards of contaminated soil and debris into a blast crater.

This thirty-foot-deep crater is called the Runit Dome, on Enewetak Atoll, also called “Cactus Dome” or locally “The Tomb.”

The dome of death spans 350-feet across with an 18-inch concrete cap covering radioactive debris from 12-years of U.S. government nuclear tests.

Despite the U.S. government’s resettlement efforts of radioactive debris in the 1970s, some parts of the Marshall Islands today, have elevated radiation levels deemed dangerous for human life.

The Daily Star reports that the death dome’s concrete structure is rapidly deteriorating. This is allowing the tides of the ocean to pump water into the dome and then pump radioactive water out.

Paul Griego, who was a specialist at the dome site blames the radiation for his health problems today.

When I first arrived, the dome’s blast crater was open to the ocean – it continued to be full of sea water even after it was sealed off from the ocean.”

“During my 10-hour work day I witnessed the water level in the crater rise and lower as the tide came in and out.”

He continued:

“No attempt was made to drain the crater or line it before the radioactive waste was dumped into it.”

“The coral that created the island is porous and the shock from numerous nuclear weapon tests had also fractured the coral.”

“From the first day forward, the water has flowed out of the lagoon with the tide, creating a gigantic radioactive toilet that is flushed about twice each day into the Pacific Ocean.

Griego then warned,

“The dome could be just one typhoon away from a breach.”

Rama Schneider, who transported radioactive waste from various islands in amphibious vehicles during the cleanup, said it is no surprise that the dome is failing.

“Standing on any island at that atoll is akin to standing inches above sea level – and that was in 1979,” he added.

“The sea level and ground level are becoming more and more to be the same, and it doesn’t matter if we’re talking sea level rise, land subsidence or both,” he said.

Girard Frank Bolton III, who worked as a draughtsman on the dome for 14 months, insisted the damage to the dome is minimal. He stated the dome was designed to slow the migration of radiation not to completely stop it.

And lastly, he warned, “Also, since concrete is porous, the wave action and tides are continuously pumping radioactive water in and out of the structure.”

The toxic legacy of the U.S. military-industrial complex has a radioactive secret in the Pacific paradise of Enewtak Atoll that you are not allowed to know about.

To keep America safe, the U.S. government has poisoned an entire region of the Pacific Ocean with nuclear weapons tests. In an attempt to cover their tracks, a massive crater was dug to dispose of the radioactive material, but decades later, a breach has been found poisoning the Pacific once more. At what point do Americans say "no more" to the military-industrial complex who runs around the world blowing things up in the name of keeping America safe, and at the same time poisoning planet earth.


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In the early 2000s, the CDC released a global radioactive fallout report and found that any person living in the US since 1951 has been “exposed to some radioactive fallout, and all of a person’s organs and tissues have received some exposure.”


People ask why today's kids are so - well, fucked up. This is the main reason.

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It isn't just children, it's all of us.

Every single health related top 20 killer of homo sapiens, and a metric shitton that Don't kill us for years, has an intentionally ignored but likely causal link to internal exposure to radionuclides.

Every. Single. One.

Kinda like how radionuclides released into any closed air environment will end up interned whatever biological host is living within that environment, so does life in this biome of a planet we call earth.

Radionuclides also bioaccumulate up the foodchain, which is another part of the reason why exactly no one knows their actual bodyburden of Radionuclides and if you try to talk to any doctor about tests or chelation or anything from fucking reality, he's gonna start babbling about bananas and x-rays and airplane rides.

No Motherfucker, I'm talking about the Real Goddamn Metric Tons of radionuclides ejected from Fukushima and other sources hidden from us and in all reality residing in my lungs and heart and nuts and prostate. Just like Any study looking for a cause of a poster child effect of internal exposure will Always totally ignore radionuclides that are Known to cause it.

If Big Nuclear is Talking, they're lying, weasel motherfuckers every one and radionuclides in our environment are the single biggest cause of all death and disease among humanity in the past 80 years, and much like our exposure, they will only increase going forward.


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The other powers?  France -  Mururoa and Fangataufa?  China - Lop Nur and Tibet?  India at Pokhran?  Pakistan at Kharan?  UK at Kiribati and western Australia?  The Russians at Novaya Zemlya (the whole island is a nuclear toxic waste dump and took the Csar Bomba hit), numerous sites in Kazakhstan, Volgograd (including several air-bursts), Orenburg?


Yeah, I bet those are garden spots!

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We need to detonate a few more to let the world know what it's like in living color.

That way, this problem will disappear using the new nuclear bunker penetrator bomb. It would be a test for North Korea live on global CNN for Kim to see one of our test before we penetrate down deep into his deep lair.

A good title would be "Kim Jong Un - Take One". 

This problem is not as serious as the Hanford plant. Obama didn't know about Hanford in his first days and said he would find out about it. Hanford wasn't cleaned up. The danger to a larger population and the entire Northern Pacific is much greater than piles of contaminates. Hanford is leaking plutonium into the Columbia river. Obama who didn't know there was 50 states without a teleprompter didn't mention Hanford one time, but foamed like a mad dog that we were to blame for climate change, because of the CO2 we breath out. And what uses CO2?

Obama didn't know how many states when he became president, but he decided to visit everyone of the states, no one said it was a political move to cover up his mistake of not knowing there was 50 states. Was Obama qualified to be president? Or was his wife qualified to manage a lush fund of $2 billion for the school meal program? $2 billion would have cleaned up Hanford.

Obama wasn't the sharpest tool in the shed. The media was rigged and many got high paying government jobs in the second term because of being ideological pure to Obama's communist take down of the US. This was the origin of the corruption of the national media system into what it is today, fake news.

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Obama's environmental legacy.. didn't know where or what Hanford site meant, said he would find out, not one word about the needed, emergency needed clean up. Now plutonium is leaking into the Columbia river and we'll have cancer rates out of this world. Thank You Obama.

Emergency Declared At Nuclear-Contaminated Site In Washington ...


May 9, 2017 ... The U.S. Department of Energy says some personnel were evacuated at the Hanford Site, a cleanup location in Washington. ... of Energy says a 20-foot-by-20 -foot section of soil caved in w

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Thanks, I corrected it, been up posting too long. Hanford is disturbing to me because it is so dangerous to all life, more than anything, Hanford has to be cleaned up. And Obama said he would find out about it and people were happy and nothing happened. Now we're having what was said was going to happen.

The radioactive water and materials are migrating toward the river, funding and attention is a low priority. It was more important to promote nuclear energy and sell uranium to the Russians. than to clean up one of the most important environmental disasters in US history, the contractors over the years put band aides on an event with a time line, and the end of the time line is here.

Now we probably have serious plutonium leakage. This is Obama's environmental legacy.

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It isn't about Obama, who was Obama really? He was a good talker and he could stimulate his listener's emotions, and in a World where emotions are everything and rationality is nothing, he was perfect for the people he 'really' represented, but did he make any executive decisions, or did he mouth the decisions made by others? It is about the realization that Humans have a fatal flaw, we can take acts which cannot be undone without understanding the consequences, or, people can say,'the hell with the consequences' I'll be dead by then and I want the money now!

The true consequences of this are beyond my comprehension, I've been led to believe, in time, this will have great consequences, the people who deny that remind me of those people who brag they've had cancer for five years and they aren't dead yet!

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