Speaker Ryan Backs Trump Decision To Release FISA Memo Friday, Congress "Doing Its Job Of Oversight"

Update 1450ET: WaPo's Josh Dawsey reports:

Senior White House official comes to back of Air Force One and tells reporters Trump is "OK" releasing the memo and he will tell Congress that "probably tomorrow," per pooler @tparti. Official declined to take any questions or be identified publicly, per pool.

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Update 1445ET: Speaker Paul Ryan dismissed Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer's demands that Nunes resign, saying Congress is "doing its job of oversight" with the memo, adding that "if civil liberties were abused with FISA, then the memo needs to come out."

Ryan adds:


And Ryan concluded by noting that "the vast majority of FBI employees are doing a great job."

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As Reuters adds, the White House was working on Thursday to clear the release of a secret Republican memo.  As White House legal and national security experts reviewed the document, the Senate’s No. 3 Republican, John Thune, urged his House of Representatives colleagues to allow the Senate Intelligence Committee to review the document and to heed the FBI’s concerns before they made it public.

The administration official told Reuters earlier the memo was likely to be released on Thursday. The timing, however, remained in flux.

Nunes has dismissed the objections to the memo’s release as “spurious.”

Thune, attending a political retreat in West Virginia with other lawmakers in Trump’s party, urged fellow Republicans to slow down regarding the memo’s release.

“I think the Senate Intelligence Committee needs to see it, for sure,” Thune said. “They need to pay careful attention to what our folks who protect us have to say about what this, you know, how this bears on our national security.”

Thune also said he believed that a counterpoint memo written by Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee should be made public if the Republican document is released.

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Update 1120ET: Minutes after Pelosi's tantrum, Bloomberg reports that The White House plans to sign off on the memo's release today and send it back to Congress with a declaration that is has been declassified. The committee would then release the memo.

The release is likely to come Friday morning, Fox News is told.

As a reminder, the FISA memo accuses the FBI and Justice Department of misleading a Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Court judge in March as they sought to extend an eavesdropping warrant against Trump campaign adviser Carter Page, four sources familiar with it told Reuters. The memo contends that the FBI and Justice Department failed to tell the judge that some of the information used to justify the warrant included portions of a dossier of Trump-Russia contacts that was opposition research paid for by Democrats.

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Republicans are reportedly planning to kick off the month of February by releasing the infamous FISA memo alleging "egregious abuses" of FISA surveillance powers by the FBI, Reuters reported citing a Trump administration official who said on Wednesday that the memo is "likely to be released on Thursday."

The four-page memo has circulated among the House, and has been seen by the president and his chief of staff, John Kelly. Trump has until Friday to decide whether the memo should remain classified.

The news comes after the FBI yesterday issued a "rare public statement" condemning the memo as factually inaccurate, saying it had "grave concerns" about its release, which it said could be detrimental to national security.

FBI Director Christopher Wray

Even Democrats, who initially said the memo was intended to challenge the Mueller probe are now admitting that its contents could be damning, and raise questions about the bureau's decision to wiretap Trump campaign aide Carter Page - evidence that was used to help justify the launch of the Trump investigation. Adam Schiff, the top Dem on the House Intel Committee, reportedly said yesterday that it could lead the firings of Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and Special Counsel Mueller.

Earlier this week, Deputy FBI Director Andrew McCabe announced his resignation, reportedly under pressure, as reports of an internal probe leaked. McCabe, along with Former FBI Director James Comey and Rosenstein are all reportedly named in the report.

Trump previously said this week that he was "100%" going to release the memo following a question from a Republican lawmaker following the State of the Union.

According to lawmakers who have reviewed the memo, it contains a discussion about the infamous dossier that was put together about then candidate Donald Trump by a British spy. Most of the claims in the scandalous dossier have not been verified. Most involve alleged ties to Russian entities.

As we reported earlier, the White House is still pondering whether to release the memo's supporting documents along with the memo.



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FISA Memo Likely To Be Released Thursday

Dammit! It's too soon! I won't be able to fix my Guillotine by then.

Somehow, after the site upgrade, it stopped working. I’ve checked the power cord, the fuses, but the blade refuses to fall.   ;-)


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Dilluminati DownWithYogaPants Thu, 02/01/2018 - 10:03 Permalink

Between the coroner and the FBI on the Nevada massacre and the FBI complaining about this report being released.. the bureau is way-way too political.  I was watching the show last night WACO and in light of the way Ruby was handled, Bundy handled, This Las vegas shooting handled.. taking a fucking year to release a report??

There is local Sherrifs who I trust.. but Balt. cops and suspect and I'm wondering about the FBI.

We pretty much know that the FISA was a reach when the judge  was like I'm not fucking part of this



I'm wondering why Preet Bahara pissed uphill and got fired?


The hate America first crowd was cheering here on the firing of Preet and at that time I was like nope.. wrong call.. 

From what I gather he was law and order.. I'd vote for him


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Dilluminati TerminalDebt Thu, 02/01/2018 - 10:10 Permalink

Look.. where this is really fucked up is using the NSA as a political weapon or to settle a score.  I'm agent Smith from the matrix, you screwed my girlfriend, I reach out to agent Smith in the UK and say... heh this guy who stuck his dick in my grrrrlfriend.. can you add him to interpol watch list.. And agent Smith in the UK says sure mate!  And then the guy is tagged in the USA, then agent Smith in the USA reviews the case, and adds some lies in there.. misrepresents Agent Smith UK's data.. and finally the guy with his dick in the gal gets a parking ticket..

Now that is fucked up

If the Dems paid Agent Smith or donated $ to the wife, paid agent Smith in the UK, who in turn paid Agent Smith in Russia and that was the reason we wiretapped a sitting president (dully elected) then that is really fucked up.

If the Republicans did that shit.. it would be fucked up as well.


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zorba THE GREEK Dilluminati Thu, 02/01/2018 - 10:54 Permalink

Release the memo and hold back the supporting evidence, so that the Democrats can make counter claims, then release the supporting evidence to disprove their claims. Just release enough evidence each time to dispute any explanation they present and eventually, even the slowest minds will see through their lies. Then clean house at the FBI and the DOJ and go after the big crime boss, Hillary and her corrupt foundation. Then take down Pig-faced Schultz and pedophile Podestra. After that Zorba will dance the happy dance. It's 11:00 AM, RELEASE IT ALREADY!!!!!

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LOL The FBI bullet lead analysis was proven a fraud. The FBI hair identification was proven a fraud. And now I read the finger print identification is a fraud, too may people have the same finger prints but we're told that's impossible.

The FBI has been sending people to prison for years for crimes they didn't commit.

Then we have the rogue FBI framing people all the time.

Then we have the criminals at the FBI entrap someone to get them to lie about someone in court.

This has been going on all of our lives. And now as everyone can see, the FBI is OBSTRUCTING JUSTICE from Wray to Comey to McCabe to Rosenstein to Mueller.

The FBI is above the law and they refuse to OBEY the law.

That's America, a lie, there is no freedom when a police state breaking the law, violating our civil rights, and constantly entrapping people, creating the crime and then LYING IN COURT about it.

The FBI from top to bottom is corrupt. The FBI must be abolished, turn it over to the states and that's it. But we can't do that because the FBI has a little fort in each city to control us.

WHY IS THERE SO MANY LAYERS OF CONTROL ON THE AMERICAN PEOPLE? It is a product of the civil war and this government we were brainwashed to obey is not the same government created by the founding fathers, the constitution is not followed and the AGENCY FORM OF GOVERNMENT IS UNCONSTITUTIONAL.

So forget that crap from Schiff and DOJ/FBI that this is a constitutional crisis when these liars, thieves and murderers do not follow the constitution. But WE HAVE TO PRETEND OUR FORM OF GOVERNMENT IS GOOD AND WE'RE A FREE PEOPLE WITH A BILL OF RIGHTS. This is not true.

We are forced to live a LIE.

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I think too many people misunderstood my post. Congress, the biggest crime cartel in the US, has successfully not released this document and is going through the proper channels, but our intelligence community will release any damning *anything* *nothing burger* about Trump to CNN and other liberal MSM outlets. Congress has proven that they may be criminals, but they are better than our intelligence community. What does that say about the FBI, DOJ, NSA, and all the rest?

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MarsInScorpio wren Thu, 02/01/2018 - 13:23 Permalink


I see your IQ is south of zero.

You naive bastard (or slimeball troll), the only "security" issues they want to protect is securing their pension and retirement benefits. 

Oh yeah, and there's also the security of covering their criminal activities to stay out of prison.

When you see these serial felons all taking a "vacation" out of the country at the same time, THEN the bust is going down.

And let's not forget Hillary and Debbie - a silenced 9mm gets Hillary, and the Mossad gets Debbie.

Leavenworth, and killing each other, gets the rest.

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wren MarsInScorpio Thu, 02/01/2018 - 19:53 Permalink


No, your IQ is south of zero. My point, Congress is going through proper channels to release the document. The FBI, DOJ, and all the rest, will turn over anything they can to any MSM outlet they can to go after Trump, and it doesn't matter the level of classification. Point being that our biggest criminal cartel being Congress is more honest than our intelligence agencies and point being how sad/pathetic that is.

So stupid, maybe you should think about what you are reading before responding to it.

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lew1024 wren Thu, 02/01/2018 - 15:24 Permalink

Pretty much shows who owns who.

Apologies for the repeated repeat of a comment, but criminology is too nice to criminals, we need to improve our civilization :

No, beheading is both barbaric and short-lived. Why should we be so nice?

We need to both punish these criminals in a very social way and provide opportunities for people to express their social disapproval.  In a safe and environmentally friendly and sustainable way, of course. Ideally in a manner that improves a town and city’s liveability.

Stocks have long been a mechanism for forcing miscreants to face the social disapproval of citizens. In modern contexts, criminals would need to be moved from town square to town square through their term.

Stocks fell out of favor because there was no practical limit to the damage from thrown objects, some of which were unhygenic and could cause infections, and thus punishments did not fit the crime. So we need a design for our stocks that prevents damage from thrown or unhygenic objects.

There are not enough public urinals in public spaces. Urine is sterile.

Clearly there are opportunities to combine all this in new optimizations of social control and personal, expressive public displays of our opinions of particular criminal’s behaviors.

Environmentally friendly, sustainable, community-building, civilization-enhancing.

#PissOnThem” deserves all your support as we move this into law.

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MK ULTRA Alpha The_Juggernaut Thu, 02/01/2018 - 11:56 Permalink

Yippee Ki Yay, the round up is starting.

Head em up and move em out!

Screen shots of over 10,000 sealed indictments with former law enforcement and DOJ saying, they've never seen this many sealed indictments in their careers.

That's the buzz on the net.

And the Q insider is saying something big is going to happen soon. Looks like a massive federal dragnet is coming for all those who've committed the most egregious crimes in US history.

The Trump executive order to take down corruption, slavery and pedo empires all over the world, is in full swing, assets will be taken from the wealthy modeled on the Saudi Kings method.

How many will be hauled into court, assets taken and imprisoned for a long prison term?


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Dilluminati zorba THE GREEK Thu, 02/01/2018 - 12:31 Permalink

Serious up this last election I went Republican, and though I'm registered I have supported and voted for Democrats also in my life and use my "educated vote."  There are some republicans I wouldn't piss on if they were rolling around on fire at the gas pump!   

I don't want REPUBLICANS or DEMONCRATS abusing the NSA powers the way it appears thay have been manipulated.

And if Obama was in on this.. had a part, knew wtf was up.. then his pension from the terms in office should be cancelled...

But I don't want either party pulling this shit.

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Malleus Maleficarum any_mouse Thu, 02/01/2018 - 17:56 Permalink

Precisely! If CONgress were doing "its job of oversight," we wouldn't be having this discussion, because they wouldn't allow end-runs around the Bill of Rights. They wouldn't spend most of their time arguing over which weasel words will most effectively obfuscate their latest legislative abortion in hopes of adding a veneer of "legality" to the unconstitutional garbage they pass.

No, they know exactly what they're doing: the good ship USS America is about to founder, and if they want to stay in top and out of the nooses of the 99%, they must have these police state powers they've been building (especially) post-9/11. That is the only reason for such powers. Look at the stats on terrorism, and try to argue that they have some benevolent intent. It's not possible.

Too many Americans are still falling for the partisan bread and circuses. It's not a concern to them that these powers are extraordinarily dangerous to us all; it's that their team controls them and ours doesn't. When comments like yours, which cut incisively to the heart of the matter, start getting more upvotes than the "it's RED team's fault" or "it's BLUE team's fault" comments, then we'll clearly be making some real progress! 

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Dilluminati any_mouse Fri, 02/02/2018 - 06:29 Permalink

There are times when an investigation is warranted, but the "agent smith parlor game" and the way it has been abused along with NSL's (National Security Letters) is out of control.  I wasn't paying attention during Ruby Ridge, WACO, and with the Bundy thing.  I was reading wiki on it and catching the WACO mini seriess and Timothy McVeigh cited the Waco incident as a primary motivation[114] for the Oklahoma City bombing,

I'm unimpressed personally by what we are finding out about what happened at these incidents, and I do "NOT" condone what McVeigh did.  

But the over-reach and militarizing isn't helpful and then the handling of the materials for FISA as described by Fusion GPS testimony before congress isn't cutting it with me.  

I want to be a moderate but can't fucking understand how all of the criminal acts of Hillary are A-OK at the DOJ/FBI and the private sector dossier of a opposition research paper is means for NSA wiretaps?

And lets say Russia did by ads in the election on social media .. ok.. we agree to that reality




I want to be real clear.. I'm not happy about Republicans or Demoncrats doing this type of shit!  I don't want my tax dollars as a US citizen spent this way.  And I damn sure know that no Russian cocksucker was behind my decision to vote against the Clinton Crime Family!

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