"Visegrad Four" Group Of European Nations Stand United Against Brussels

Via The Duran,

The leaders of the Visegrad Group (V4) were on common ground rejecting the compulsory relocation of refugees and the two-tier Europe concept, while stressing the need for a stronger Europe during their summit in Budapest on January 26.


Europe “needs to go back to the drawing board” because it has failed to achieve its goals, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban said at a panel discussion with his Visegrad Group counterparts, Slovakia’s Prime Minister Robert Fico, and Polish PM Mateusz Morawieck and Czech Republic’s Prime Minister Andrej Babis (both attending their first V4 summits). Orban stressed the need for a clause for the creation of a labour-based society and said Europe must return to the top in terms of technological development.

The Hungarian PM, who has been in a constant spat with Brussels over its policies on migration has been a key advocate of closer integration between V4 countries. Orban wants Central Europe to become stronger to counterbalance the German-French led EU.

He has repeatedly referred to V4 countries as the fastest growing region within the EU and as the engine of future growth for Europe. Orban also needs allies as he has become increasingly isolated in Western capitals due to Hungary’s widening democratic deficit.

V4 leaders stood firm in their concept rejecting united states of Europe concept, saying decisions taken by country leaders cannot be ignored. EU institutions should treat all member states equally and act strictly within the remits of their respective competencies. The right of member states to carry out domestic reforms within their competences should be respected,” the V4’s joint declaration read.

The view of a strong Europe based on the cooperation of integrated sovereign states was echoed by Mateusz Morawiecki, who also called for the creation of Europe’s own defence force  to be used against terrorism, the migration crisis and “Eastern aggression”, referring to Russia.

Hungary and Poland, allies for centuries, are at loggerheads with Brussels over many issues, with the populist governments of the “illiberal axis” Central European states seeking to push back EU power to retain national sovereignty.

Hungary’s has received sharp warnings for its controversial NGO law and attacks on civil society, while Poland has come under scrutiny since the rightwing Law and Justice (PiS) party won the election in late 2015 and swiftly acted to tighten control over publicly-owned media, as well as the judiciary.

The European Commission has triggered the “nuclear option” against Warsaw in December, which may lead to stripping Poland of its voting rights in the EU. Budapest has already made it clear that it would veto such decisions and the Polish government has done the same after the European Parliament adopted a resolution to trigger Article 7 against Hungary in May after the government approved controversial legislation on asylum seekers and NGOs and the Central European University.

Migration remains a divise issue

A major division between old and new member states has been the question of migration, as eastern states have been rejecting the EU’s migration quotas. The commission stepped up infringement procedures  in July against the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Poland for refusing to take part in the programme to redistribute 160,000 refugees from Italy and Greece.

On migration issues, the heads of Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Poland and Hungary restated their focus on “effective, responsible and enforceable (EU) external border protection to avoid obligatory quotas (being) applied, There was a consensus that key goal was not to “relocate but to prevent the pressure of immigration in Europe.”

The Hungarian PM called UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres’ proposals about a global agreement on migration “dangerous”. “We insist on our tolerant, Christian way of life and refuse to give up the feeling of being at home,” he added.

The Visegrad countries rejected any plans for slashing development funds to countries that have differing views within the EU, especially on migration. The issue of punishing Poland and Hungary has resurfaced from time to time seen as a way of putting pressure on two renegade countries to respect democratic values.

At the summit, Orban also pushed for the EU enlargement to the Western Balkan region. The integration of Montenegro and Serbia would strengthen Central Europe and would stabilise the Balkan region, he said.


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Lithuania has such low salaries that the migrants don't wish to come here because the welfare remittance is so low. Very few jobs (Ryanair makes a fortune flying everyone out on Mondays to work elsewhere) so there are few jobs for them. I expect Latvia and Estonia are the same.  There is the large ethnic Russian population throughout the Baltics which is anti Islamic faith.

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Latvia actually did fill its migration quota. A few months later, none of "Latvia's" migrants were there anymore. They had all ran away to Sweden or Germany.

In the Baltic states not only is the local population anti-immigrant, but the immigrants (Russians, Ukrainians) are even more anti-immigrant. Add low salaries and very low social benefits, and you get a pretty unwelcoming mix for immigrants

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just think, if the AfD in Germany aligned itself with the V4 by stating a policy of not just banning more immigration, but advocating REPATRIATION OF IMMIGRANTS - germany could provide the lead for a stable, more secure and prosperous europe!

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These countries may be white, but let’s not cloud reality because we agree with them on immigration. All these V4 member countries begged and I mean begged to join the E.U, knowing what it was before hand, so I have little pity for their stance.

Since joining these countries have had begging cap in hand and taken E.U money, disproportionate to the money they input, due to them being behind. No complaints from the V4 on this issue.

This has allowed some of these piss poor white nation, with no immigrants to blame for the state of their countries, to catch up slightly and not only that, these nations send many of their own citizens abroad to find work in the UK and western Europe, far, far and I mean fucking far out-numbering the amount of Brits and western Europeans going to their countries.

These countries knew what the E.U was about before joining. If these countries left the E.U they would not be missed. In fact the majority of the workers from these countries take the manual jobs that should be going to British and western European citizens, because we have employment issues already. Do these leaders talk about that? No.

As for the Poles? Over 1 million in the UK alone and they fill average jobs, nothing special. The Poles are the biggest immigrants in Europe and bring nothing culturally. There is not one aspect of their culture that we Brits have absorbed in 20 fucking years. No Arts, Music, Food, Cultural Traits, Nothing.

The Poles have bought nothing but more hidden bigotry to foreign Brits who are already here, but are too coward to say it to their faces. They hang around in their own groups in our pubs speaking in their own language and their bi-lingual children also flip from English to Polish when it suits them.

Western European life and culture is more vibrant than the sterile central and Eastern Europe. That is why many of them come here. The only plus they have is that their societies are homogeneous. That is it. Have you had Polish food, compared to Indian, Greek, Turkish, Italian, or the Caribbean? Polish food in comparison is fucking tasteless and I’m being kind. I'm fed up of people constantly denigrating the UK and Western Europe.

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these countries are predominantly white and christian - they voted for freedom of movement amongst similar countries - they did not vote for an invasion from countries that have nothing in common with them or other european countries - merkel is to blame with her open borders.

a puppy is not just for christmas - neither are 3 million MENA migrants.

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Exactly. Call me when Poles start to demand structural changes to British way of life, then I'll start to agree. As it is, Poles in the UK act like Brits (mostly) and follow the same values as Brits. They subscribe to the British way of life, because that's a large part of why they came in the first place. I agree it can be uncomfortable walking around Canterbury and hearing only Polish being spoken. I get it. Too many, too quickly. But that's the legacy of old crook Tony Blair and pension-raider Gordon Brown. He is pointing the finger at the people who play the game by the rules. Change the rules. Don't hate the player, hate the game. 

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I said from the outset that I agree with their stance on immigration.  Once you look past their stance on immigration, the Poles, Hungarians, Czechs and Slovaks are fucking hypocrites. Western Europe has helped central and Eastern Europe catch up. They send their citizens to work in our country placing pressure on our services, some claiming our social benefits, but you hear nothing about that.

Have these countries just realised the demographic make-up of western Europe? Some 2nd, 3rd, or 4th generation MENA from Holland or France decide to up sticks and move to Hungary, what can Orban say? Some 25th generation blacks from the UK, because black communities can be traced back to the 1600 hundreds in the UK, decide to relocate in Poland, what can the Polish PM say? My point is, they knew all this before fucking joining. It was not like we kept it a secret and they are just only finding out?

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They won't say anything. British, Dutch and French citizens, BAME or otherwise, are free to come and stay. Some have, albeit very few. But that is not the central point, is it. The point is they do not agree to allow waves of undocumented economic migrants with grossly incompatible worldview to come in and wreak havoc in the same way they have in many Western European countries. Tell me what is unreasonable about that. Tell me why they should. Agreement to this was never a condition to join the EU back in 2004 or whenever it was.

I must admit I don't get your point, not really. Your posts fall somewhere in between sour grapes and vague grievances against your own masters who made it all happen. Sometimes you talk about it like you want everyone to take it up the wrong'un because you have to, and you justify it by talking about solidarity which you suggest EU bought from those countries with handouts. In my mind it never works like that.

One thing we agree on - immigration in this country has to be looked at much more closely. Diversity is not always strength. What happened is that tons of people were allowed to come in and we were shamed into taking it lying down. Sometimes it's like they forgot there was a fully functioning society here before and people who have lived here for generations have the primary stake in this country, it's our home. But don't single out Poles for this because you hate the food mate, or the language, or what have you. They're simply voting with their feet and they're doing what's best for them while playing by the rules set by us.  

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You done sobbing into your beer? Just because you don't like the food, or music, or whatever, doesn't mean you shouldn't like all the NI and HMRC contributions from those 1 million Poles, you know, those that fund the idleness of all them ever-lazy English fucks with no education, no ability to speak their own language, no ambition and serious dependency on handouts. And 20 kids in tow, paid by the state, half of them already in the queue for Barlinnie. 

Maybe pierogi and borsch are acquired taste but you sure love the fucking money all them Poles put into chancellor's coffers, no? Because I tell you what, the English apparently don't get out of bed for what Poles live and pay taxes on.

You are so blaming the wrong crowd, that's what's so annoying about your BS. If we're playing sweeping generalisations then let me tell you that YOU created this, YOU voted for it. People responded to incentives YOU, as a voter, created and now you're all fucking surprised. As a group, Poles have done pretty damn OK compared to what immigrants brought to Sweden, Belgium or Germany.   

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And one might point out that The UK knew precisely what it was getting into before it joined the EU also, although in the case of the UK, the people were never consulted and never voted to join anything other than a Free Trade zone. Does that make the UK hypocritical also?

Perhaps the V4 Nations should do the right thing and leave the EU also. But they will have to wait for Italy. The waiting list gets longer all the time.

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This view that the Poles are hard working and competent is fucking Bullshit of the highest order. There are plenty of stories regarding shit workmanship, fake qualifications and lazy bastards. I've seen it personally and heard it myself. I have also heard stories of great workmanship and hard workers. 

Another perk the Poles have is that they are fellow whites and have found it easier to get jobs. The building game and road works is now almost central and Eastern European in London. In London you see hardly any English, or Irish workers, with a few blacks and Asians dotted in here and there. Cheap eastern European labour has absolutely crushed wages in the building and construction business and locals are not fucking happy.

I have a friend who in the early 2000's was wondering how he was losing bidding tenders, until he realised some of his competitors were exclusively hiring Poles. From his experience, after hiring Polish workers to be competitive, these guys were on site starting work by 7am, had a 15 minute tea break around 10am. They had a 45 minute lunch around 12pm, had another 15 minute tea break at 3pm and finished work at 5pm.

I said WOW! Do you know why I said wow? Because I use to work for his dad before I went to university. We would start at 8am, then have a cup of tea and cigarette break straight away, work till 10am then have a 20 minute fag/tea break, then between 12+1pm have a 1-1 hour 30 minute lunch break, then at 3pm have a 20 minute tea/fag break, then start tidying up up 4pm and leave the site by 4.30 the latest.

Do you know what my mate says now? They've turned lazy as fuck. They've taken on too many British traits and the only perk in keeping them on is that he is paying them the same wages he was paying guys in the 90's. Yes the fucking 90's. I know guys I use to work with, many moons ago, who are seriously pissed off at the eastern and central Europeans for crushing their wages, being no better at the job and having shit English.

So no it is not all honey and sweetness, there are multiple downsides. The darker skinned 2nd, 3rd and 4th generation Brits are kept out of a lot of these jobs. Yes there are many blacks working in these areas, but not as many as their should be. Have you thought about the repercussions of this? Work for Eastern Europeans, social benefits for Brits and many of them white, hence why many working class white people, in areas of England not effected by immigration voted BREXIT and black and Asian British citizens unemployed because their potential jobs are taken by central and eastern Europeans. Lets keep quiet about that.

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I get all that you are saying, trust me.

The question is obvious - what can we do about it? Blaming Poles is is nothing but mental masturbation, diverts the focus and distracts form the real issues. You know why I get so pissed off when you harp on about Poles? Because what I see is a shadowy figure who pulls levers behind the curtain, I see them pointing the finger at Poles as the source of your ills and I see you falling for it. They're using your prejudice, your weakness to conceal their own part in it, and they bear the responsibility. Divide et impera. I say fuck that, if you see someone point a finger, you better pay attention to them, rather than what they are pointing at. Poles are not the fucking problem. Don't fall for it, you are being used, you are carrying water for cunts who set this system up like that.

As I said before - don't hate the player, hate the game. Change the rules. Support rules that promote British-born, native citizens (apart from the Welsh, obviously /s). Vote for those who put Brits first.

You see the way EDL is painted in the media? It's because they work hard for this image.  Because they focus on the same things you do, they refuse to look further. They are angry at the way things are (not without merit!) and are taking it out on the wrong fucking people. If EDL worked a bit more on their program, image and had some actual constructive, wide-reaching points people would vote for them. If all those blokes who shave heads, have their faces tattooed, wear bombers and never stop shouting, if all of them cleaned up their act and had something positive to say - they can prevail. Look at AfD. Look at the fucking PiS in Poland, for god's sake. They've done it, and it works!

Don't waste your energy shitting on Poles, it won't fix your problems. What you should really do is get in touch with people who think like you and work to turn things around in a constructive way. Instead of saying "Poles GTFO", say "British first". And it's not just about jobs, it's about families, housing, schools, language etc. The full shebang. Yeah, love you Polish guys but get in the queue, right here behind the Brits. That's how flipping Poland works, they come here expecting that. 

Do you see what I mean now?


EDIT: what you said about Poles getting lazy and shoddy - do you know why that is? Because the system lets them, we let them. Do you know why there are so many desperate, dysfunctional British families on state-funded handouts? Because the system lets them, nay, it incentivises this behaviour. People follow incentives. If you let someone get away with murder what do you think they will do? I know a Pole in South London (well, Surrey) who has a construction company and they do excellent work. Why? Because it is rewarded. If you create incentives to do things right, people will. 

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I'm not a fan of the Brits WWII war effort when they rolled over to the whims of Stalin and didn't allow the Poles to march in the Victory parade. The Polish 303 squadron had the highest kill ration of all the Hurricane Squadrons. If not for the Poles efforts you Brits might be speaking German today (and think about all those extra muzzies on top of those from your former shit hole colonies).

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Upvoted! I totally agree and I’ve made this point in a previous article. Once you join the EU your borders are only as strong as the weakest member (which happens to be Germany, in this instance). The rules were not secret and everyone knew them. In fact, that’s WHY these lot wanted to join the EU! Free movement to richer and (let’s face it) better countries. They just don’t like it the other way. Which is the very definition of hypocrisy. What would be also telling is if these refugees were from, say, Russia or some other white Christian country, what would be their reaction then?


I’m glad the U.K. voted to leave this corrupt organisation. And judging by the welcome Theresa May got in China (which was far grander than what Macron got) the U.K. have realised the world is bigger than the EU. It’s time the rest of the EU realised that....

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BitchezGonnaBitch Chuck DeBongo Fri, 02/02/2018 - 06:10 Permalink

What are you talking about? EU citizens are free to come to any EU country and free to stay. But the undocumented immigrants from MENA are not EU citizens. What is so hard to understand here? Just because Western Europe shot itself in the foot doesn't mean everyone has to suffer. The EU development fund is not a handout, it's an investment. Western companies are having a fucking ball in those countries because when those states joined the EU the way was paved for further market expansion. Come on, be smart about this, I don't think it's that hard. 

And regarding immigration into Poland - they took in almost 2 million Ukrainians who fled their train wreck of a country. Reaction has been overwhelmingly positive. Is that telling enough? 

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"As for the Poles? Over 1 million in the UK alone and they fill average jobs, nothing special."

As opposed to (say) the Muslims eh?  They don't even fill the 'average jobs' - they are here to take, take, take, create their own isolated enclaves and reject our laws straight to our faces.

...and what 'hidden bigotry' (towards the Poles)???  Since you can't point to any and no-one is, apparently, brave enough to speak up, where IS this hidden bigotry then?

As opposed to (say) the OPEN - yet massively criticised and acted-upon, OPEN distrust and hatred of Islam?  Speaking their own language, in their own enclaves (I can't point to a Polish enclave anywhere... can you?), demanding their own (Sharia) laws etc.

Wake the F up you blinkered hypocrite.

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To Hell In A H… kellys_eye Fri, 02/02/2018 - 06:19 Permalink

OK Rhetoric man. Have you been to Birmingham? Lets be honest, the Asians have beaten us there. Look at the ownership of businesses and houses and tell me they haven't beaten whites there.

This bullshit that they wish to impose sharia law is propaganda. This does not mean you would not find 20 Muslims willing to go on camera and say "sharia law is better" That does not mean the majority believe in it.

You can find many white South Africans who desire a race war and a return to apartheid, that does not mean the majority black population should believe this is the prevailing view, when it is not and take action against it. As for the Polish enclave? Been to North London? STFU!

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"These countries knew what the E.U was about before joining."

Wrong. When these countries joined the EU, there was a clear agreement on immigration procedures. But then Angela Merkel decided to let a million Moslems across the border into Germany and, when it proved to be a vote-loser, demanded that the other nations of the EU take some of them off her hands. None of this was agreed or discussed with any other country in the EU. It was just her criminal and incompetent government which decided this for itself and then imposed it on the rest.

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u just copy your post from time to time in regard to the Poles.

Be more creative and move forward buddy.

The Poles have received above 1 million of Ucranians which are also taking lowest paid jobs there.

At a time of joining the EU there was no wild muslim immigrant tsunami issue, so just think about what u say.

Anyway so far let us be happy that not all Europe will be a scene to the unprecedented multiculti experiment.

Time will show the results....

Looking at the history ....some countries have to pay their bills of the past...slavery and colonialism .

The price will be high.






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The EU is an evil undemocratic malignant bunch of bureaucrats that does not serve free nations. They need to get out and form a new alliance with common policies.