Black Unemployment Surges By The Most In 12 Years

Trump's SOTU claim that black unemployment was at all time lows came perfectly timed, because if he had waited just 2 more days, the story would be very different.

According to the latest BLS data, while black unemployment in December was indeed the lowest on record, at 6.8%, something snapped in January and the unemployment rate for blacks snapped higher to 7.7%, the biggest monthly jump since November 2005, and the highest since April 2017!


That was one part of the racial divide. The other part is that while blacks clearly got the short end of the unemployment stick in January, whites were happy as the unemployment rate for White workers dropped to 3.5%, the lowest since January 2000, although we doubt that Trump will parade vocally with that particular statistic.



Honest Sam GUS100CORRINA Fri, 02/02/2018 - 09:54 Permalink

Not really.

What I've seen in disparate parts of the country East and West, South and North is black women everywhere who have a permanent scowl on their faces when our eyes happen to meet, as if, if were not illegal, they would blow me away with a .357 magnum.

The blacks have 'gone on strike' with the loss of their corrupt, criminal, unindicted felons theBamster and hillary Rodman,  and it's palpable, as well as being exacerbated and exploited by every mass media and many cable and satellite outlets to keep them furious.

It's not much of a stretch to see that reflected in their, "I'm not going to work" attitude. 

Nearly ALL of black unemployment increase is due to the Blacks deciding they don't want to work as long as Obama's legacy remains in the Presidency. 

Fuck 'em. They are still a tiny minority in this country. One hopes they take advantage of Roe vs Wade by the millions. 


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Whats the difference between a pizza and a XXXXXX (Fill in Blank)


at least the pizza can feed a family.



On a side note....I thought that unemployment number could not already is at 100% And remember...Dem/Libs must keep their voters in poverty so they can play the "You need us" card for more free shit.  I sure hope America is waking up to this game.  


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Black Unemployment Surges By The Most In 12 Years

My response: Today is the day for the FISA MEMO release maybe??



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And the sad thing is many on the left will cheer for this news.  They use poverty and joblessness to keep their constituents dependent on the government. 

When people are down, the left's power grows. 

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Let's just go ahead and accept that the numbers the Red Team likes are real, and the numbers the Red Team doesn't like are fake news, and vice-versa with the Blue Team.  When in fact they are all fake news.  All of them, from inflation to unemployment to GDP to you name it, they're fake, goal seeking numbers put out by our overlords to cover up the fact that we are becoming a neo-feudal economy.


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Each admin and their assorted frauds, econ o mists and court jesters finds new and improved ways to jigger statistics, and to spin them (lie) into some favorable context. This is commonly referred to as hubris, lying etc.

It has a long and storied history.

The trouble is the lies (whoppers) get ever larger, and of course embolden and foster ever greater lies, and lawlessness.

Which, from a logical standpoint, shouldn't really be a surprise. The only surprise is, many citizens lap it all up, in defense of whomever their favorite liar may be ,,

Which is also why the lying is incredibly effective, year over year, election cycle after election cycle. And why, eventually, the brick wall, or cliff, cometh ..

Think Rome, as they increasingly (in example) weakened, watered down their own hard "money" as things became more dire ..

"It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends upon his not understanding it!" - Upton Sinclair

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Generally, American blacks hate Africa, never think to help Africans, want nothing to do with helping their neighbors or care for their communities. Look at black ‘run’ neighborhoods, nobody cares about them. Especially the people that live in them.