FBI Director Wray Tells Staff After Memo: "Keep Calm & Tackle Hard"

While Democrats and Republicans argue over the veracity and impact of the long-anticipated FISA memo, FBI Director Christopher Wray - who despite being appointed by President Trump opposed his push to have the memo released - sent a heartfelt note to the bureau's rank and file employees, reassuring them that this, too, shall pass, and thanking them for their dedicated service.

While media reports have mostly focused on the superficial partisan squabbling, the work that the FBI does has a real impact on American communities that is felt far and wide.




His upbeat, optimistic message contrasted with a tweet sent by his predecessor, former FBI Director James Comey - under whose watch most of these alleged abuses occurred.

"That's it?" the former director asked, before accusing the House Intelligence Committee, which compiled the memo under the leadership of Rep. Devin Nunes, of producing a document that is "dishonest and misleading."

Meanwhile, the Democratic leadership warned the administration not to use the memo as a "excuse" to fire Special Counsel Bob Mueller, and Republican Sen. John McCain said the memo "serves only Putin's interests".

Read Wray's note below in its entirety...

The American people read the papers, and they hear lots of talk on cable TV and social media. But they see and experience the actual work you do - keeping communities safe and our nation secure, often dealing with sensitive matters and making decisions under difficult circumstances. And that work will always matter more.

Talk is cheap; the work you do is what will endure.

We speak through our work. One case at a time. One intelligence product at a time. One decision at a time.

We do that work, and we stay laser-focused on doing great work, even when it's not easy, because we believe in the FBI. We believe in what it stands for and in what this institution means to people.

And nothing is going to change that.

We're going to keep doing that work, because we know who and what we are, and because we know that our mission comes first. The American people come first.

So I ask you to keep doing your great work and keep being the great people you are. And I know that I consider it an incredible privilege to work beside you — and that I'm determined to defend your integrity and professionalism every day.

Remember: keep calm and tackle hard.

Thank you for standing strong together, and for keeping your faith in this institution that means so much to all of us.

While excerpts of the memo leaked early in the afternoon, the memo was published in its entirety for public consumption a few hours later...



Cognitive Dissonance Fri, 02/02/2018 - 17:34 Permalink

The memo isn't directed at the main body of the FBI, just some of the former and present day leadership. For the Director to imply the rank and file are part of this memo is bullshit and a misdirection. It is a public relations stunt.

Where is the outrage by rank and file FBI against the rotten fish heads at the top?

IntercoursetheEU macholatte Fri, 02/02/2018 - 20:03 Permalink

"Tackle hard", yeah, Mr. FIB Deep State Gestapo chief tough guy. So will the Federal judge. 

We took our country back today, again. FBI, besides being a waste of taxpayer dollars, was co-conspirator of a failed coup, wtf?

So fuck off with the veiled threats; there's a new sheriff in town. Didn't 'get' the memo?

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any_mouse IntercoursetheEU Fri, 02/02/2018 - 22:55 Permalink

Yes, the "work you do" will endure.

Extrajudicial assassinations of American citizens by FBI killers.

Torching the Branch Davidian complex to "save the children".

Setting up patsies for anti-terrorism arrest statistics. Encouraging and enabling criminal activity by using CIs coerced into assisting the FBI's plots.

Then there is "the work you don't do". Clinton Foundation. Uranium One. Clinton crimes back to Mena, AK. Child trafficking. Having multiple contacts with individuals prior to their commission of  violent crimes. [Not sure if this considered work done or work not done.]

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giovanni_f any_mouse Sat, 02/03/2018 - 03:40 Permalink

"Where is the outrage by rank and file FBI against the rotten fish heads at the top?"

Nowhere.  What do you think makes a person apply for membership with a criminal syndicate? It is the sweet prospect to become a serial killer. It is not the call for patriotic duty - HAHAHAH. These little filthy sadistic SS-Gestapo-Creeps deeply enjoy shooting unarmed innocents to pulp or destroy their existence from behind a desk.

Haven't you understood by now that the US is Nazi-Germany on steroids?

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GreatUncle giovanni_f Sat, 02/03/2018 - 06:45 Permalink

You forgot the FBI pay is way better than flipping burgers.

So be a poor burger flipper or a better of FBI agent who worked for a system that makes the burger flippers pay for them to have a better life than they have.

That is how the deep state divide the population to stay in control.

For if the burger flipper united with the FBI agent then the deep state has a problem.

The burger flipper is there the FBI agent with all their precious baubles .... nah fuck the burger flipper.

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Lumberjack Whoa Dammit Fri, 02/02/2018 - 19:33 Permalink

Cog so fucking nailed this! The keep calm thingy is too British for my liking. This is an utter and abject failure of leadership and the following of some low level wannabees

Best ass kicking behind the woodshed I’ve ever seen. Fucking traitors... Memo to the rank and file: DO YOUR JOB, DO YOUR SWORN DUTY! These pricks at the top need to be brought to real justice. There are no exceptions. There is no too big to fail as been historically documented time and time again. If you do not, we all fail.

On a long enough timeline....It's your choice.

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Mr. Universe 847328_3527 Fri, 02/02/2018 - 19:32 Permalink

The official Democratic response seems to be that Trump ceded his responsibility as pres because he released this memo, which is a lie so don't read it or pay any attention to the FBI agents behind the drapes.

Where's the GOP leadership calling for heads? Mmmm  The networks are doing everything they can to turn this around so nothing comes of it.

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NoPension Clinteastwood Fri, 02/02/2018 - 19:29 Permalink

Feckin crooked motherfuckers. I wouldn't want my treason and sedition exposed either. 

 What's the Federal penalty for trying to take out a sitting President?

And a reminder....if this isn't dealt wish harshly, it will happen again. The consolation prize for failing to take out the duly elected POTUS should not be a lifetime six figure pension. 

  Prison, at least. But I'm all for military firing squad.

Comey's " that's it? ". That snarky cunt needs to eat those words. 

Print that cunts Fucking address.

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auricle RICKYBIRD Fri, 02/02/2018 - 18:05 Permalink

Nowhere does Wray take ownership of past FBI transgressions. He plays a sympathy card that all FBI are hard working patriots that don't deserve to be treated with scrutiny. He is not the leader the FBI needs to make the changes necessary to bring back confidence. 

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True Blue Cistercian Fri, 02/02/2018 - 20:01 Permalink

Every person who volunteered to support this cabal of shit called the US Government should be embarrassed. You donned a uniform to take away the freedoms of your own people, and to prop up a spectacularly corrupt government. You should be deeply ashamed. You were these peoples' armed thug; they would have had no power over the people of this country (or the rest of the world) without absolute cunts with guns and uniforms backing them up.

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Thebighouse True Blue Fri, 02/02/2018 - 20:52 Permalink

Sad but true...but you did not know...............Is it possible to resign once you have enlisted........due to moral objections ???    Tough call.....but service given with an honest heart is NOT a SHAME.   I AM PROUD OF YOU

and thank you for your service.             Thank you!   Hold your head up and ask that those who have taken advantage of their positions resign and beg for forgiveness.   That too can be honorable.    When all the fish are swimming in a school, it is easy to get "swept up".  

This is obummer's fault.  He weaponized the governmental institutions with a sense of arrogance and impunity.

He was a curse on this country.   RACE DOES NOT MATTER.   We are equals except in abilities and passion.  Race does not matter.  Disband all the black racist institutions and foundations....they are as wicked and self-serving as the KKK.

We need none of it.  "I dream of the day my children are judged not by the color of their skin, but rather by the content of their character"  MLK Jr.

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Distant_Star DownWithYogaPants Fri, 02/02/2018 - 19:09 Permalink

 I don’t give a FF about this guy’s BS defense of the indefensible FBI.  Wray is acting like the Deep State errand boy that he is.  Instead, how about a detailed plan on how this rogue agency is going to be cleaned up, and how the guilty will be dealt with.  Let’s hear about the plan to investigate Clinton e-mail  and criminal enterprise Clinton Foundation.  Brief us on the plan to hold Lynch, Yates, McCabe, Strzok, Ohr and Comey to account for their crimes.  If Wray can’t deal with the reality, he needs to get the hell out.

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house biscuit Cognitive Dissonance Fri, 02/02/2018 - 17:51 Permalink

Director Wray went on to add: "They were desperately looking to score; the tight end went to penetrate our line. His hands were great, & he fought for every inch. It was a tight fit and the ball squirted right on his face mask. When you're under a few sweaty guys, there's going to be some illegal touching." He ended by winking, giving the reporter his cell number, & skipped out of the press conference humming a Broadway tune.

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Dilluminati balanced Fri, 02/02/2018 - 18:10 Permalink


REP. MATT GAETZ: Here's what we know now as a consequence of this memo: The Democratic National Committee gave money to the Perkins Law Firm, the Perkins Law Firm then paid the company Fusion GPS. Fusion GPS then hired Nellie Ohr, the wife of Bruce Ohr, who is a senior official at the Justice Dept, and they hired Christopher Steele, who went and wrote this fake dossier. Then Bruce Ohr, the spouse of Nellie Ohr, who has a background in anti-narcotics and the anti-drug agenda at the Dept. of Justice, he all of a sudden starts meeting with Glenn Simpson and Christopher Steele, and he valets this fake dossier, paid for by the DNC, into the Dept. of Justice. 

The Dept. of Justice and the FBI then use the fake dossier as a basis for a FISA warrant to spy on American citizens. And the reason you know that is because of Andrew McCabe, the former deputy director of the FBI, the same Andrew McCabe whose wife got $700,000 from the closest allies of the Clinton family. Andrew McCabe testifies that there never would have been a FISA warrant, but for the dossier.



The dossier is the cause of the FISA warrant, that is from Andrew McCabe, no friend of Donald Trump. 

Then the FISA warrant is in process, it is being sought. To validate the fake dossier, the Dept. of Justice and FBI use an article written by Mr. Isikoff of Yahoo News to be the validating information for the dossier. What's the problem with that? Christopher Steele is the very person who planted the article at Yahoo News. So you've got a fake dossier, paid for by the Democratic Party, served into the process by the spouse of someone hired, functionally, by the Democratic Party, and then validated by a news article planted by the very author of the dossier. It is outrageous, but it gets worse from there. 

The FBI the learns that Mr. Steele has been leaking information to the media. so despite the fact that the FBI has authorized payments to Mr. Steele, they then don't render payment to Christopher Steele. now, do they go on and alert the court that that has happened? Absolutely not. The FISA warrant has to be reauthorized every 90 days, and it is reauthorized multiple times with the signatures on it of the senior officials of the Dept. of Justice all based on a lie. All based on completely false information that has to be validated by the authors of the originally false information. 

That's what is so outrageous about this. Not only the original lies and the original application for the FISA warrant, but the reauthorizations and the proof that this entire narrative is built on a rotten foundation. 

So in the coming days and weeks, we're going to be seeking to excersize our oversight authority, and Democrats will continue to do what they've always done, attack Chairman Devin Nunes, attack me, attack those of us who are trying to get information in front of the American people about the basis of these claims.

We're going to keep telling the truth, because this is rotten, and this can never happen again in the U.S.A.

You'll be hearing from me soon, thanks for tuning in. 

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