Video Captures Cruise Missile Strike On Militants That Shot Down Russian Fighter Jet In Syria

The Russian Ministry of Defense has released footage showing a precision strike against terrorists in the northwest Syria province of Idlib, following the downing of an Su-25 jet. The pilot, Roman Nikolaevich Filippov safely ejected - only to be killed by militants on the ground, according to the Ministry. 

Earlier, Ebaa Agency released a video of the moment the Russian Su-25SM was shot down by MANPADS over Saraqib, in Idlib. According to Ebaa, the AlQaeda affiliated Hay'at Tahrir al-Sham (HTS) backed by Qatar, was responsible. The MANPADS was probably an FN-6 delivered through Turkey, the agency speculated.

Russia promptly responded: The aerial night-vision footage shows a barrage of cruise missiles hitting ground targets, which are believed to have killed around 30 terrorists. 

More footage reveals a heavy cluster bomb attack on the village of Maasaran, near the site of the downed Su-25:

As we reported earlier, the Su-25 warplane was the first Russian fighter jet downed above Syria since 2015. A Russian defense ministry official confirmed the plane was shot down, stating "The plane was flying around the de-escalation zone of Idlib."


The extremist group Tahrir al-Sham has claimed responsibility for the downing of the Ruissian Su-25, according to Reuters - while another militant group, Jaysh al-Nasr, took credit as well - posting pictures and videos celebrating the downed aircraft to its twitter account. 

The group posted a video with an unknown date containing footage of a 23mm Anti-Aircraft gun ostensibly used to shoot down the Russian jet.