Hamas Leader Warns War With Israel Will Erupt "Within Days"

Next week a significant war drill will be conducted across Israel by Israel Defense Forces (IDF) together with the American military, as part of the biennial Juniper Cobra military exercise, which this year will imitate a simultaneous missile attack on Israel from both its northern and southern fronts.

Meanwhile, as Israel prepares for armed conflict, Al Hayat, an Arabic-language London-based newspaper, writes that Hamas' chief Yahya Sinwar has ordered the Gaza-based Islamist militant group on high alert, indicating that war is a “95 percent probability” and it could erupt in hours or within days.

Hamas leader in Gaza Yahya Sinwar

According to Haaretz, Hamas’ chief in Gaza anticipates Israel will use the upcoming military exercises in the south to spark new conflict, and as a result Hamas has started preparing the Gaza Strip for a military incursion by Israel forces:

Sources that have met with Yahya Sinwar, Hamas’ political leader in Gaza, say that Palestinian factions believe that Israel will use a training exercise planned on the southern front to open a military operation against Hamas. The report further said that the military wing of Hamas has declared a state of high alert, evacuating sites and headquarters and even deploying road blocks accross the Strip.

Political and human rights activists in Gaza told Haaretz that the atmosphere in the Strip is very grim in light of the humanitarian crisis, some of which involves the non-implementation of the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority and mutual recriminations between the PA and Hamas over the freeze in talks.

Hamas’ war preparations in the Gaza strip are in anticipation that the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) and the American military could use the Juniper Cobra war drill to strike the Gaza Strip.

Michael Shuval, a BBC News Arabic service producer in Israel and the West Bank states, “Israel conducted a wide scale security exercise in the south this morning. Police spox said it was “part of exercises planned throughout the year to be ready for a range of scenarios”, while Al Hayat reports Gaza’s leaders believe there’s a 95% likelihood of war “within days”.

Haaretz also notes that the humanitarian crisis in the Gaza Strip is rapidly deteriorating.

Political and human rights activists in Gaza told Haaretz that the atmosphere in the Strip is very grim in light of the humanitarian crisis, some of which involves the non-implementation of the reconciliation agreement between Hamas and the Palestinian Authority and mutual recriminations between the PA and Hamas over the freeze in talks.   

Over the weekend, Israeli warplanes bombed a Hamas military compound in the southern Gaza Strip, after Gaza militants launched a rocket into Israeli territory in the southern front. This was the second exchange of fire between Gaza militants and the IDF, after Israel bombed Hamas’ targets on Friday.


Fighters from the armed wing of Hamas march in the city of Khan

In total, at least 20 Hamas rockets have been fired into Israel - with Israel responding to every attack - since Trump’s controversial December 2017 declaration, which sparked the largest incidence of military exchanges between Israel-Hamas since 2014. According to i24 news, most of the rocket attacks have been attributed to splinter Palestinian factions in the Gaza Strip, and not Hamas, but Israel nonetheless holds Hamas responsible for any fire coming from the enclave. Israel and Hamas have fought three blood wars since the Islamic movement won elections in Gaza in 2006.


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Hamas Leader Warns War With Israel Will Erupt "Within Days"

My response: It looks like GOD's Roadmap to the END proceeding right on schedule.

Is this how the Psalm 83 war starts? Inquiring minds want to know.

The meme "War With Israel Will Erupt 'Within Days'" has been put forth for years, if not decades.

Is this just another FUD missile??

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Arabs, Palestinians, Persians, etc. that's all they think about is when they can get the next war going.  They have been fighting for thousands of years.  That's what they do.  They don't work, they want the U.S. and other countries and groups to give them money for food, housing and weapons so they can just go to war.  WAR WAR WAR  -  that's their main objective.  If they don't have an enemy they'll create one.

That's why they need to be eliminated from the planet - for World Peace.

(Go ahead and down vote this post.  But you know every word is true.)


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Gaza is not Lebanon.

The Gazans get their butts handed to them every few years by the Israelis. The IDF routinely kill Palestinians with utter impunity, and when the Gazans finally retaliate with their pathetic rockets, the Israelis use this as pretext for widespread flattening of Gaza's infrastructure and killing hundreds or even thousands of Palestinians, who are trapped in one of the densest cities on Earth. (the Western MSM, meanwhile, will wring their hands and cry for a "proportionate" military response to Hamas' "provokations" but assert the right of the Israelis to "defend" themselves, while forgetting to report the killings and provokations that led the Palestinians to fire their rockets in the first place)


The Israelis refer to this a "mowing the grass", and hundreds of them travel from all over Israel to go and sit and picnic on nearby hilltops laughing and cheering every time a bomb destroys an apartment block.


Zionists are racial supremacists. Irredentist, racist, obsessed with liebensraum and historical grievances. Basically Jewish Nazis.


Oh, and fuck you nmewn for supporting them.


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It is quite pathetic of all of you, who don't live in the region, to try to analyze events based on the crap you read on the MSM (that's right. even when ZH is reprinting it, is still comes from the MSM).

The fact is that Israel has never really fought Hamas, or Hizbullah, or even Syria and Egypt for that matter. If we were to ever unleash the full power of our army (including nukes), there would be nothing left in those countries. We are always fighting with an arm and a leg tied behind our back, because we don't want too many civilian casualties, and we are concerned about international opinions. But if we ever get our back against the wall, well then you will see some real fire and fury, the likes of which you people can't imagine.

If we really wanted, there would be no Hamas, no Fatah, no Palestine etc.
They exist because we are too nice, and don't you forget that.


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Your enemy is Vatican the anti-Christ as the head of globalist secret societies. The Papacy created islam. Kadijah age 40 was a catholic widow, who married young illiterate Mohammad to groom him as the false prophet. Aim was to conquer Jerusalem for the Pope using the Arabs. It backfired. They took it for themselves. Finally Ottoman died and Israel established. And Trump supported JerUSAlem to be it's capital at it's 70th anniversary.

The land Israel is God's strategy in the midst of satanic controlled territory and a wooden stake into the heart of the vampire.

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It's possible that I could kill you.  Since I don't, it means I am a really nice guy and you should be grateful.  LOL.

"We are always fighting without any justification to dominate the world, killing millions of innocents and destroying countries, because we don't want any independence in the world, and we are not concerned about international opinions."

Fixed it for ya.

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Oh really? And where did you get all those nukes, militarily aircraft and weapons? And how exactly did you get Israel back? Not my choice, but you’re welcome. There is a very good reason Isabella of Spain finally kicked you guys out. While it’s admirable how the Jews stick together as a race without always having a homeland, as Spanish citizens opening up the city gates for the invading Muslims was some down right dirty shit. Trouble makers.

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It always struck me that Israelis, more than anyone else, would understand the concept of ghettos, and want to have nothing to do with them. The idea of separating people by race; subjugation and extreme violence based on race or religion - if their history has taught them anything, it should be that these things are anathema, a crime before God, and to be refused, rejected, denied at every turn. 

Perhaps they haven't learned from their history, or perhaps, heaven forbid, their history is not as advertised. Either way, I have nothing but contempt for the evil that is modern Israel.

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"Perhaps they haven't learned from their history, or perhaps, heaven forbid, their history is not as advertised."

Since the Jewish people are known for their scholarship, and are very well represented in academia, I suggest the lessons of history have been learned only too well.  History is written by the victors, and Zionists have been on quite a roll lately.  No articles critical of Israel are allowed in the US mainstream press, and no images of dead Palestinian children, of which there are many, appear on any major network news.

I once worked with a young Jewish man who believed that Palestine was never really a country, so it was okay to take the land.  Perhaps he was unaware that passports and postage stamps issued by Palestine before the formation of Israel were accepted around the world.


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Once you actually start talking to a Zionist it's clear they're either evil, brainwashed, or just plain fucking stupid.

The secular ones don't believe in God, yet somehow think Israel was promised to Jews in perpetuum by... God. Furthermore, they believe this entitlement is heritable! And by Ashkenazi "Jews", what's more, who are clearly no more descended from Semites than the average Pole or Ukrainian! The whole thing would be laughable if the results hadn't been so murderous.

And the endless sophistries to support their claims... "Palestine was never a real country, so how can it be said we stole the land from Palestinians?" - as if whether the land itself had a particular name has any relevance with regards to the property rights of the people who'd been living there for scores of generations.

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Newsflash for you. "Palestine" was never really a country.

Name one currency, food, limits, culture, anything that was strictly "Palestinian".

Show where the "Palestinians" were and went when the Romans or Ottomans invaded.

All bullshit.

Abbas is Jordanian, Arafat was Egyptian. They are a bunch of Arabs from the neighborhood. "Palestine" is a geographical area not a nationality. A "nation" of "Palestine" never existed. It was invented in the 1960's to fight Israel.

The closest thing to "Palestine" is Jordan.

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Right... It's Israel's fault that muslims are happy to live like swine. 

If it weren't for the Jews, there would only be a few dozen muslims in Palestine, because it's a desert shithole, and muslim scum are too lazy and stupid to civilize on their own. 

 All they are capable of is to invade civilized countries, claim their holy sites as muslim holy sites, and live off the largesse and generosity of their victims. Islam is NOT the religion of peace. It is a religion of cowardly conquest.

Fuck those sand-niggers.

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Israel is playing the long game. They know that if they commit another major ethnic cleansing (like the 3/4 million Palestinians driven off their land in 1948) they risk losing the last shreds of illusion their puppets strive so hard to maintain in the West, and electorates will finally turn against politicians who pander to Zionists. As for nuking surrounding countries, the fallout will do your inbred gene-pool a lot of good, won't it?

Without US backing Israel is lost. You'd last a few years tops without US intel, military, financial and diplomatic support.

You shitheads are gradually making things worse for every non-Israeli Jew with every atrocity against the Arabs you commit, you bunch of thieving, murderous, racist bastards. Anti-semitism is on the rise in the West again and no wonder - every major newspaper has some fucking Zionist fomenting war with Russia and whining on about anti-Semitism while indulging in the most outrageous special pleading for Israel. It's no wonder the average schmuck is beginning to conflate being Jewish with being a warmongering Zionist.

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