DHS Employee Leaves Super Bowl Anti-Terror Documents On Commercial Flight

In an embarrassing security lapse that could damage the public's faith in the Department of Homeland Security early into the tenure of Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, a top scientist at the Department of Homeland Security accidentally left a folder containing a critique of Minneapolis's response to a simulated Anthrax attack at the Super Bowl LII, offering a rare glimpse at how America's top national-security officials safeguard large public events from terror attacks.

The folder, which was marked "for official use only" and "important for national security", was discovered on a commercial flight by - get this - a CNN journalist who apparently just happened to sit in the same seat as the official who left the documents behind. The folder included the scientists' name, but CNN was unable to verify whether the name attached to the itinerary was the same as the person who left it. The travel itinerary and boarding pass accompanying the documents was in the name of Michael V. Walter. Walter, a microbiologist, has been the program manager of BioWatch since 2009, according to his LinkedIn profile.

"I am responsible for developing and operating a budget that has ranged up to 90 million dollars and directed a staff or more than 50 members," his profile says.

The Department of Homeland Security documents critiquing the response to a simulated anthrax attack on Super Bowl Sunday were marked "For Official Use Only" and "important for national security."

CNN said it discovered the documents before last night's game, but opted to hold the story at the request of the government, which said releasing the critique could jeopardize national security. Some of the details from the response were apparently so sensitive that CNN decided to withhold them entirely.

The exercises being critiqued in the documents - which the holder was instructed to handle with care and shred immediately after they'd served their purpose - were conducted in July and November of last year.



The exercises were meant to determine areas of friction in a coordinated disaster response between the city's law enforcement, public health facilities and first responders.

The reports were based on exercises designed to evaluate the ability of public health, law enforcement and emergency management officials to engage in a coordinated response were a biological attack to be carried out in Minneapolis on Super Bowl Sunday.

The exercises identified several areas for improvement, including the problem that "some local law enforcement and emergency management agencies possess only a cursory knowledge of the BioWatch program and its mission."

DHS assured the public the exercises were a resounding success.

"This exercise was a resounding success and was not conducted in response to any specific, credible threat of a bioterrorism attack," said Tyler Q. Houlton, an agency spokeswoman.

Juliette Kayyem, a former DHS official who now serves as a CNN contributor, said it was not surprising that the documents highlighted deficiencies.


She said such exercises are designed to expose gaps in planning and preparedness so that authorities "are better equipped if something bad were to happen."

To be sure, leaving the documents in a plane - where any unscrupulous individual could've discovered them - was "a really stupid thing."


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"In an embarrassing security lapse that could damage the public's faith in the Department of Homeland Security"

WTF kind of byline is this?  *Faith* in the Dept of Fatherland Security? 

God forbid that we lose faith in the security agencies that are used to turn the US into a police state.

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FreedomWriter Perimetr Mon, 02/05/2018 - 14:48 Permalink

Perhaps Trump is planning to hand over all FBI responsibilities to DHS. This would make sense. Kind of drives the point home about faith in current FBI leadership. Also explains why CNN might try such a ham-fisted attempt to discredit DHS. Trump should just declare martial law, make the arrests and shut the assholes down. Leave National Security in the hands of the USMC until this shit has been sorted out. Please Lord......

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Supposedly, a number of Somali plots were "rolled up" in the weeks and days prior to "The Bowl". Nothing happened although there was some suspicion when the contracted security company EPG Security was replaced by G4S (UK "entity") at the last minute because it was "discovered" that EPG had not done adequate background checks on employees.

Some may recall G4S as one of it's "employees" shot up Pulse Nightclub, killing 49, wounding 58. So Super Bowl False Flag seemed possible.


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I live in Minneapolis and worked a Super Bowl-related event downtown until the wee hours Saturday night/Sunday morning.  Thank God the venue I was working wasn't an "official" NFL venue, and was just outside the main security cordon.  I was able to get stagehands who didn't pass the background checks or never bothered to fill in that paperwork.  So I had the junkies and guys with DUI's, which was great, because if you know stagehands you know those are probably the ones you want.

The thing with the Security company was hilarious.  A family friend works in Social Services.  Since what he does actually helps people, he gets paid shit and has to string together two or three jobs to support his family.  He said about three weeks ago, all the Security companies with Super Bowl contracts were sending recruiters to all the Daily Labor and Temp agencies, and even making inquiries at Transitional Housing facilities and Homeless shelters.  They were offering $12/hr., for gigs that involved standing outside in sub-zero weather for up to 16 hours.   No Overtime paid until after 40 hours in a week, so they only offered combinations that added up to 39.5 hrs.

Minneapolis has a labor shortage.  People will take $12/hr., or even as little as $10/hr., for a permanent job that promises quick raises, is convenient or easy, or some other consideration.  For work like that?  Even homeless people get better day-labor gigs than that.

I saw a team of two "Security Officers" in the skyway last Friday.  One guy hadn't bathed or shaved in weeks and stunk of metabolized alcohol and stale tobacco; I smelled him from 30 feet.  The other guy weighed at least 400 lbs. and had a hole in his throat which he covered up with his thumb to croak/talk.  There's "Security" for you.

The Security Company that got fired had hired a guy with a felony on his record and they were so inept, disorganized and last-minute they didn't catch it in time.  That's all.  Absolutely no risk to anybody at any time.  Who gives a fuck if a guy opening doors for people or taking tickets or helping call EMT's to take care of frostbit drunks once did time for selling a bag of weed to a narc?

And we had the Minnesota National Guard standing around freezing their nuts off carrying machine guns, backing armored cars in and out of traffic as the lights changed, to prevent anyone driving into pedestrians I guess.

Refresh my memory; what's the full list of terrorist attacks at US sporting events, the Olympics, Final Four, Super Bowl, World Series, World Cup, All-Star Games, etc.?  What exactly are we being defended from?

I will say all the "Security" was effective.  We weren't attacked by terrorists.  No Anthrax attacks which is nice because those require a State actor to make anthrax that would work as a weapon.  For that matter, we weren't attacked by Vampires, The Mongol Horde, Klingons, or Knights Templar either.  And if we're going to suffocate the US economy by spending money on the War Machine, at least we got to use the Minnesota National Guard in a lawful manner, here at home handling extra-ordinary tasks, rather than serving as replacement soldiers in other people's countries.  Their armored cars were cute, but a pickup truck with a long ladder strapped to the side would been at least as effective for a shit-ton less money wasted.

Whatever.  People complain when the TSA never finds the guns their trainers send through to test them.  Now they're freaking out because Homeland Security is a clown show?  I feel far more secure knowing there are no real threats against us.  No, they didn't roll up a bunch of Somali plots.  Are you kidding?  The Somalis here all work their asses off, driving cabs, Uber, Lyft, working in parking lots, hotels and fast-food.  The Somalis here made a shit-ton of money.  They got more out of this shitshow than anyone else.  No Somalis plotted any trouble at all and nobody was arrested or caught just in time.  The Security Deep State got to prance around and act important, feeling very confident because they knew there was no real threat.

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Okienomics Rex Andrus Mon, 02/05/2018 - 13:15 Permalink

When you think of all the people who could have happened upon this document, considering the entire population of the planet, the #1 and #2 worst possible kind people to find it laying there are:

#1: Islamic Terrorist

#2: a major network reporter (especially CNN)

Kind of says everything you need to know about the third estate.

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spastic_colon Mon, 02/05/2018 - 12:54 Permalink


"....but CNN was unable to verify whether the name attached to the itinerary was the same as the person who left it."

aaaaand there's your answer..........

bfellow Mon, 02/05/2018 - 12:55 Permalink

At least it wasn’t his firearm like so many other federal agents have left on planes or in airport bathrooms. And these are the fucks that are supposed to keep us “safe”.

DuneCreature Mon, 02/05/2018 - 12:59 Permalink

DHS is the Secret Police, the FBI is The American Stasi

George Webb is on a roll today calling out our 'Good FBIers' to come out from under their desks.

Day 109.3 - My Response To The Podesta Group


Ok, you Rank And File FBI pussies. ... Time to stand up and do your jobs. .... You KNOW what the true score is.

Or are you just too busy filing for more FISA warrants to be bothered?

Do you have too many dossiers (Control Files) on Americans that need more background details on your desk to stand up for We The People?

Don't worry,..............we get it.

You are all about 'To Serve and Protect', right? ... At least that's what you tell your family. .. Maybe you have your blood relations fooled.... and maybe not.

I'll tell you about all the criminals at the DHS next.

Die Free, Welcome To Stasi America, Volks, ......... "Papers, I Need Your Papers NOW, You Suspicious Looking Citizen", Die Free

~ DC v8.8

Chupacabra-322 DuneCreature Mon, 02/05/2018 - 13:29 Permalink

@ Dune,


Everyone sits there and talks about the "large number" of "faithful FBI Agents" that "really want to do a good job". 


OK, so why don't all of you "good FBI Agents" get off you collective, lazy, sorry, check accepting asses & start narcing out the corrupt ones. 

I'd like to see a CNN report of two or three "good FBI Agents" beating the fucking shit out of a corrupt & compromised asshole & then throw him off the roof of the Hoover Building. 


That would be news.  That would be GREAT news.  Unfortunately, it ain't gonna happen because the majority (90%) of the Criminal FBI is made up of fucking pussies & limp dicks pieces of shit. 


Fuck all of you government asswipes and Fuck your 


Tyrannical Lawlessness!

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