Pilot Of Downed Russian Su-25 Detonated Grenade As Terrorists Advanced

A terrorist group operating near the Idlib de-escalation zone in northwest Syria on Saturday shot down a Russian Su-25 fighter - the first Russian plane downed in Syria since 2015. The pilot safely ejected and survived the crash - but was later killed by jihadists on the ground.

Video published by the Ebaa News Agency depicted the downing of the jet from the terrorists' perspective, showing what appears to be a MANPADS lock on and strike the jet, and - later - the terrorists swarming the wreckage, according to RT.


Of course, the government of Russian President Vladimir Putin wasn't going to let this latest affront go unanswered: on Friday, it published footage of a series of precision missile strikes that were said to have killed 30 militants.

Meanwhile, new footage apparently depicting the pilot's last moments has surfaced on an Arab-language YouTube channel called IDLIB+. In the footage, a pack of terrorists can be seen advancing on what appears to be the pilot, later identified as Major Roman Philipov (pictured below).


As the militants surround the pilot, a man’s voice can be heard shouting in Russian “This is for the boys!” followed by a bang and a column of smoke is seen rising from behind the rock. It’s not clear whether any militants were killed or wounded in the blast.


The Russian Department of Defense later confirmed that the officer fought with the militants until the last minute, according to the statement. "After the militants surrounded the heavily-wounded Philipov, he waited till they approached and detonated a grenade", according to RT.


Philipov was reportedly an experienced pilot who had successfully fulfilled dozens of military tasks in Syria, including eliminating terrorist groups and escorting humanitarian convoys to liberated areas.


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Brave man. He makes me proud to be of the same race while clearly not as brave as this. 

CIA-ISIS Deep State / Central Banking Cabal puppets always get discarded by their puppeteers so you do this evil at your own peril. The paycheck only lasts so long then they sacrifice you.  It's quite senseless unless you are the Private Central Bank stock holder.

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Tchaikovsky's compositions are dear to my heart, but what you've referenced, the last (4th) movement of his last known completed work, Symphony 6 is not a requiem (Mass for the dead) per se; he, Tchaikovsky, titled it "the passionate symphony" (and NOT as the work specifically designated as a requiem, as in Mozart's work of the this genre). When he originally named it in Russian: "Pateticheskaya" (meaning passionate) it became mistranslated into "Pathetique" (meaning solemn), a misnomer in the case you presented.

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PhilofOz yomutti2 Mon, 02/05/2018 - 14:16 Permalink

You're full of shit! Pot calling kettle black? It's too obvious that the likes of you and rapetrain are paid hasbara trolls trying to spread your own propaganda. Most here on ZH are capable of critical thought and see through the bullshit and comment and vote accordingly.... not the Russian trolls story you boss tells you to push!

If you remember the "old days" of ZH then why've you been commenting here just 9 months?

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Hasbarium enema falconflight asked:

When was the Assad gov't elected in a free and suppression absent election? Ever?

June 3, 2014.

There was voter suppression, but not on the part of the Syrian government. In democratic US and democratic Canada, Syrian citizens were prevented from voting because the Syrian embassies were shut down. Democratic Belgium, democratic Italy, democratic France, and democratic Germany were among those in Europe which prohibited Syrian expatriates from voting at the Syrian embassies in their democratic countries.

I know you don't care for the truth, as it would dispel the myth of another country being The Only Democracy in the Middle East®, but for those who are sick of being lied to, here are some links to additional information regarding the Syrian presidential election of 2014.






Almost forgot this one, where you can clearly see how thousands upon thousands of Syrian refugees in Lebanon were brutally forced to vote for Assad at gunpoint. Oh, the humanity...


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Sayanim brigade spreading their nefarious propaganda, yet unbeknownst to them, is the ever-growing tide of awakened cannot be lulled back to sleep with a sweet sounding yet sanctimonious lullaby after the fact...

btw...I still recall your response of more than a year ago, during the election season, when I posted statistical breakdown of voters in California, and your interjection in response to some uninformed poster, at best, or an outright liar, at worst...

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This is the second time we have heard a story about the bravery of Russian servicemen. The last one was where the lone, trapped Russian infantry man called in artillery fire on his own position, and in the process, killed all his would be murderers.

I have to hand it to the Russian service 'people', they have bravery that is virtually unknown anywhere else.

The US is now trying to turn Syria into a war of attrition (not with their own people, of course), but they will fail. In the same manner that the Russian's struck back at this pack of hyenas within 24 hours, I suspect that one of these days, the US, or their proxies, are going to go a bridge to far, and then, well, then all hell is going to break loose.

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"Hate of everything."

That really does sum it up I think. That hate somehow gets everyone ensnarled and the chaos continues to swirl and spread.

Good administrations. Bad ones. Middle of the road. Right. Left. Seems like it never does matter. Not just the U.S. either. that "hate" turns out to be a big draw because someone is always poking.

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The problem, as I see it, is the human desire to be part of a group, or a pack, with a common belief and mission, and with free reign to kill other groups/packs who have different beliefs/missions. It's fun, esp. for males, to engage in this behavior, despite the often miserable conditions that usually attend said missions. It's only later, upon reflection, after retiring from the mission, sans limbs and sanity, that regret may set in.

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Before we go too far into the nutjobber anti-muzzie rant thing, let's pull back a bit and weigh some facts.

The weapon, according to a well informed Russian Senator, is of Ukraine origin. It's only practical means of arriving at its point of use was via Turkey. The Turks entered Idlib the night of Jan. 29, with a 100-vehicle convoy that included 15 transporters loaded with tanks moving toward Tel al-Ais. They are moving through the territory of Hayat Tahrir al-Sham- an al Qaeda franchise. Although claiming to be there in order to achieve a 'de-escalation' of the conflict, the Turks are clearly pursuing an agenda unrelated to a ramping down of violence ... given that they have just invaded northern Syrian without so much as a bye your leave to the Syrians.

In fact, their positioning in the midst of a zone where the SAA is cleaning out the same jidhadist groups with whom the Turks are making googly eyes would seem to indicate that they are actively seeking to hinder the intended relief of two shia villages which the Iranians tagging along with the SAA are desperate to achieve. They've attacked the Afrin Kurds, are arming mercenary proxies whose targets are Syrians and who have a big grudge against the Russian allies of same who have been bombing the hell outta them. Everyone involved in this thing is playing a dangerous hand - and getting burned fingers.

It's got all the classic signs of another made in tel aviv double deep double cross with an order of treachery on the side. They run alQaeda from the get go, they've controlled the Ankara regime in an unsteady 'partnership' with moscow since 2016, and there's nothing better they'd like to see than a major conflagration between all of the above which will help them cement their control over each of those players via their usual back stage moves.

I don't see too much "arab" in that screenplay ... it's more like a neo-ottoman fantasy with a dollop of Ukie neo-nazi revenge, and the muzzie dupes who actually pulled the trigger on the manpad gettin the usual under the bus treatment as soon as their usual live ends. A "Lucky" Larry Silverstein production if you ask me!



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