Super Bowl Mayhem: Philadelphia Celebrates With Fires, Looting And Shooting

Last night, after underdog Eagles defeated Tom Brady and the Pats to win the Superbowl, we predicted that "Philly GDP was set for a major Keynesian boost tonight"...

Sure enough, thousands of ecstatic Eagles fans took to the streets of Philadelphia Sunday night after their first ever Super Bowl win, beating the five-time champion New England Patriots 41-33 at U.S. Bank Stadium. 


Earlier in the day, Philly was hard at work preparing for whatever outcome was in store for the Eagles - including officers from 60 additional police departments, 400 National Guard members, US Secret Service, ICE, FBI, private security, County Sheriff's Reserves, and over 10,000 civilian volunteers. Oh, and they also greased up the light poles for good measure: 

And despite all of that, tens of thousands of crazed Eagles fans poured into the streets and promptly chimped out with joy - much of which can be found in the Twitter feed of Barstool Sports.

As expected, celebrations of the historic Super Bowl victory of the Philadelphia Eagles led to havoc on Sunday night, as cheering crowds damaged property and turned cars upside down, and an explosion of unknown ripped in the downtown area and several people were injured in street violence.

Some highlights: 

The Ritz Carlton Awning was mercilessly partied on until it collapsed: 

A Toyota Prius owner should have known better than to park there. What if the Eagles had lost

Sadly, several traffic signals and other probably ungreased poles did not survive the night:

A dance party broke out and music spontaneously happened:

Little bit of fire, little bit of mayhem, little bit of eating horse shit:

Some guy went on the rails: 

Many vehicles were surfed:

A hoarde of zombies scaled a fence, because they can do that in this one:

With beer...

Happy cop:


A shooting was reported on a highway and the police are requesting back-up. The situation in some parts of the city is apparently out of control, with most of the traffic lights taken out and people continuing to vandalize buildings. The central Old Navy store has reportedly been vandalized, with its doors ripped open and/or its front window broken in.

Serious cops


And lastly - what better way to cap off an Eagles win? She pretty much had to say yes... 



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LOL. Yeah, they have won it. So? It's not like they share the profit to the supporters. Never understand why people celebrate that far. Stupid crowd. Same goes to all sports. 

Dilluminati Déjà view Mon, 02/05/2018 - 09:29 Permalink

Philly is an unusual place, even the pigeons have an unusual look to them, as if they were carnivorous and best not fed, especially the oily ones from the Schuylkill River.  The ones wandering center city seem to be well different like the people who inhabit that concrete with them.  So now we have "Saint Nick" and you know a real Iggles fan from a corporate media fan, or the real pundits of the game and the 24x7 sports talk-show cocksuckers.  And then there is Chip Kelly that cocksucker who traded Foles for that peg-legged cocksucker who was benched in Minnesota. Yeah Sam Bradford was traded for, spent huge fucking money.. I think historically the highest paid QB, then the Iggles went with Butt Fumble as peg-leg failed and Lurie fired Chip.

So then Howie cleans up the Chip mess.. does some magic, and Saint Nick returns.  

And then the rest is history.. But Philly is a sports town.  There is no more fitting end to the Chip Kelly debacle than he out of professional football, Howie in control, Saint Nick back in Philly, "Chip out of the NFL" (arrogant stupid cocksucker), peg-leg Sam Bradford benched in Minnesota, stomping the Vikings in Philly before going to Minnesota to play in their house, being an underdog, and having Nick stand up there and hoist a Lombardi as MVP.     This is the same Saint Nick who's shoes are at Canton for 7 TD's in one game, and pulled in the 3rd, Same Saint Nick who was MVP pro-bowl, Same Saint Nick.. who is now the patron Saint of Philly.

It's a soap opera played out on concrete.  And we have a new Rocky in town.  Yeah we are hard on Santa Claus and any other ridiculous cocksucker in that city.. but we now will always have Saint Nick as part of the lore.

The Eagles were the "only" NFL team not to kneel this season.  It was almost as if they were focused on football instead.

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Dilluminati J S Bach Mon, 02/05/2018 - 09:36 Permalink

I'm reading here about the Eagles kneeling…

Not true.. Karma.. or maybe they were focused on football?

Every generation thinks their generation is a new level of debauchery.. but I'd point out that any study of history that isn't some appeal to lost glory, knife in the back thinking.. some fictional glory was full of stupid cunts and cocksuckers as it is today.  The gal walking the street naked.. uhmmm make of that what you will.. jumping from the canopy.. not wise.. eating horse shit.. laughable

But serious up.. you sit on a bench and toss popcorn to the pigeons in that city?? Do so at your own peril.. that's a tough town.

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Dilluminati Whoa Dammit Mon, 02/05/2018 - 13:21 Permalink

You know what was really crazy?  With a little over 2 minutes to play, 2 minute warning and two timeouts Brady had the ball and eagles were up by 5.…

And I looked at my spouse and said: "we need a miracle".  Whole fucking night Patriots never punted.  

Gronkowski had nine catches for 116 yards and two touchdowns on 15 targets

Hogan had six catches for 128 yards and a touchdown on eight targets

Amendola finished with eight catches for 152 yards on 11 targets

And immediately after I said that the eagles got a fumble/sack from Brady.  So ok.. get a 1st down and run the clock out?  No... the Patriots held to a FG, kept it a one-score game.  Now if their kicker hadn't shank'd a FG  we'd been looking at a 2 point lead, which means that with a min left.. and not going hail mary.. indoors a FG would have won it.

Patriots never punted the ball the entire evening, I have never see a team win against an opponent where the other team didn't punt the entire game and put up 33 points.

Most non-sports fans will not realize how close that game was.…

The second half began with the Patriots their own 25-yard line after a touchback. Brady only had eyes for Gronkowski, throwing to him on the first three plays of the drive, generating 49 yards on two receptions. The streak of passes was broken up by a 3-yard run by James White and then Brady floated a pass out of bounds for an incompletion. On 3rd-and-7 from Philadelphia’s 23-yard line, Brady stayed calm under pressure and once again found Gronkowski for a 14-yard reception and another first down.

New England had 1st-and-goal from the 8-yard line, and started with a run up the middle by James White for 3 yards. Brady then threw to Gronkowski for the score.

Crazy but needed a miracle.


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Lore NoDebt Mon, 02/05/2018 - 15:48 Permalink

You touch on an important point. This sort of depravity will escalate when SHTF and entitlement gives way to disillusionment and anger.

Truly, these people are not human. They're zombies that will turn on you without hesitation. If you live a city where this sort of behavior is emerging now (already), GET THE HELL OUT.

(Btw, the half-time show was atrocious: bunch of screaming chimpanzees...)

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Endgame Napoleon Hubbs Mon, 02/05/2018 - 10:34 Permalink

The frequently-absentee busy-working moms have done a stellar job raising their kids. It is on full display at many different events across all race, income and education categories. Take the many recent “protests,” ending in mayhem.

Quadruple—rather than just doubling—the moms’ refundable child tax credits that used to max out at $6,444 before doubled by the RepubliCON Swamp, next time a so-called “tax cut” rolls around, making sure the moms’ paychecks are FAR bigger than those who are not raising kids—i.e those who have no unearned income from governent or spouses. Government: Pay them even more for turning out such a well-behaved product while skipping out on work all the time (for kids).

Some of those photos look like the frenzy in some Third World countries at various times of the year when crowds gather. Humans of all hues are participating. Wonder what the Ritz Carlton’s insurance company thinks of that dangerous awning stunt. A well-crafted awning is a terrible thing to waste.

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