Dow Crashes As Much As 1500 Points As Bond Yields Flash-Crash

Treasury yields just flash-crashed... 30Y back below 3.00%

And The Dow dropped as much as 1500 points...

Sending the Dow underwater for 2018...

The VIX has surged as high as 35.

*  *  *

Dow is now down over 500 points, dropping back below 25,000 as VIX spikes over 25!

*  *  *

Paging Jay Powell...

S&P and Dow are now down over 5% from highs...

Today's tumble in The Dow has pushed gold above it Year-to-date...

The Dow is now down over 400 points today and VIX is back above 21 for the first time since the election in Nov 2016.

It's accelerating...

The Dow is now down 450 points and testing its 50-day moving-average

And the S&P is at its 50DMA too...

This drop has erased 2018's gain for Small Caps and Dow Transports...


As Stocks plunge, bond yields are tumbling too...


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Paging Jay Powell...

Sorry, Llord Blankfein, Mr. Powell is on a transition team call at the moment.

Damn it Janet, what is the password for the Prinect DFE print server?



How do I spell it?

All caps?


Boing_Snap NoDebt Mon, 02/05/2018 - 14:40 Permalink

All the bubbles are bursting folks, crypto being the biggest, then the Stock market, next real estate and the bond market.

Enter Mr. Powell, blame Yellen and past Fed actions, correctly, but instead of doing the right thing, he's going to QE and no rate hikes.

Tripling down on the stupid. My bet is that Powell will go full retard, negative rates are a comin'.


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pods BaBaBouy Mon, 02/05/2018 - 15:20 Permalink

Go figure, the first time in a long time I put up a live chart. Fucker was down like 1400.  I start watching and it rises like a rocket and gains back 600 points in a matter of 2 minutes.  It's starting to roll over again, let's hope it pukes up it's small intestine.


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GreatUncle hedgeless_horseman Mon, 02/05/2018 - 17:44 Permalink


Inflate today at some time event t1, is the borrowing from some future time event t2.

Put t1 = t2 now the same time event it would be called NIRP.

This is the bit they never came clean about it is NIRP spread over two time periods so we do not see it.

THE ECONOMY HAS BEEN NIRP FOR SO LONG IT IS PREDOMINANTLY NIRP now with manipulations to make it not look like it.

The relative concept kicks into play to if you print enough you can generate a positive rate but they are losing the ability to print enough to keep it positive, best they have been able to do for a decade is ZIRP.

So they go NIRP or they do the motherfucker of all prints to pretend it is ZIRP / positive again.

But any action other than NIRP will be rinse repeat from here on in like Japan.

I may be wrong but that is how I picture the economy they have created, a NIRP one designed to fleece us of everything to keep us in our place.

We woke up, they are so fucked! We were never supposed to realise this.

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