White House Issues Statement On Today's Historic Market Crash

Today, the Dow Jones suffered (including the plunge after hours) its biggest point crash in history, turning negative for the year, which for a president who takes particular delight in every uptick in the market, was terrible news.

So, as many expected, the White House issued a statement after the close, commenting on today's market crash.

Predictably, there was little commentary of the "day to day" moves, and instead Trump deflected by pointing out that he is now focusing on the economy's "long-term fundamentals" instead.

Full statement below:

"The President’s focus is on our long-term economic fundamentals, which remain exceptionally strong, with strengthening U.S. economic growth, historically low unemployment, and increasing wages for American workers. The President’s tax cuts and regulatory reforms will further enhance the U.S. economy and continue to increase prosperity for the American people.

Translation: Trump will never again tweet about the market.




knukles Mon, 02/05/2018 - 17:41 Permalink

Ding ding ding    We have a winner!

So wonderfully professional for a change

Alternatively he coulda said:  "Whaddafug you thinks gonna happen after a 25% rally that I gave you?"

Déjà view SickDollar Mon, 02/05/2018 - 21:08 Permalink

House Of ♣♠♥♦ supporting another House Of ♣♠♥♦

Trump claimed that he dumped all of his stocks right before the Black Monday crash in 1987

"They told you so!" crowed the lede of a Wall Street Journal article the day after the crash, October 20.

"I sold all my stock over the last month," Trump told the Journal.

Trump also predicted terrible things ahead for the market.

"I think the market is going to go down further, there are just too many things wrong with the country," Trump said.


Do As I Say! Not As I Do!

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Deep Snorkeler besnook Mon, 02/05/2018 - 17:47 Permalink

From the White House, America's Day Care Center

1. our mystical, self-sustaining prosperity will continue

2. our techno-industrial/hyper-dysfunctional complexity remains intact

3. everything you know is not vanishing

4. sacred equations keep us busy

5. when the tax cuts kick in, everything will be paid for

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Don Sunset Mon, 02/05/2018 - 17:43 Permalink

Orange Joolius, YOU OWN THIS ONE.

Few mistakes, but this one is going to cost your ass.

And I'll tell you what, I expect more from a so called (self proclaimed) genius.

LawsofPhysics Don Sunset Mon, 02/05/2018 - 17:55 Permalink

Horseshit, the useless fuckers in banking and finance "own" this you stupid fuck. 10+ years since the greatest financial fraud in the history of the fucking planet. Remind me, who in management at the primary dealer banks (who created and profited from all that MBS bullshit, then BET against themselves to profit AGAIN only to be then BAILED OUT) went to a "fuck you in the ass" prison?

"Full Faith and Credit"

go ahead motherfuckers, keep printing. Jump fuckers, jump!

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