White House: "We Are Concerned About The Market Selloff"

Having proudly owned every uptick in the stock market since his election, Donald Trump has been rather silent for the past week when it comes to commenting on the S&P's recent reversal.

Commenting on just that, moments ago CNBC's Eamon Jeavers reported that the White House said Monday it is worried about the U.S. stock market sell-off.

"We're always concerned when the market loses any value, but we're also confident in the economy's fundamentals," an official told CNBC.

So far on Monday, the Dow Jones industrial average briefly dropped as much as 300 before rebounding off the lows and trading -200; the S&P 500 traded about 0.6% lower, extending last week's plunge.

As CNBC notes, President Trump has touted the strong stock market performance since his election win and has yet to deal with a significant market pullback. The Dow is up more than 30 percent since the election.

It is unclear if Trump will - and what S&P level - Trump instruct Jay Powell to start jawboning "QE4 or more".