China Deploys 300,000 Soldiers To N.Korean Border In "Preparation For Potential War"

While the specter of a nuclear war with North Korea has faded in recent weeks, China is not taking chances, and ahead of the Winter Olympics in South Korea, the Chinese government has deployed 300,000 troops and multiple mobile strike groups to its highly-guarded border with North Korea, a move which signals that Beijing is quietly gearing for a potential crisis between Kim Jong Un and the United States in the coming months.

According to South Korea’s Chosun Ilbo news, "China is preparing for a potential war on the Korean Peninsula by reinforcing missile defenses near the border with North Korea" citing a report from Radio Free Asia. "Military units in Yanbian were relocated from Heilongjiang Province, thus adding 300,000 troops along the border."

RFA quoted a North Korean source in China that the Chinese military late last year deployed another missile defense battery at an armored division in Helong, west of Longjing in the Yanbian Korean Autonomous Prefecture. Now it is deploying missile defense batteries near North Korean reservoirs by the Apnok and Duman rivers.

The reason for the increased missile presence is that Chinese troops in the border area could be swept away if the North tore down the banks of the reservoirs or they were destroyed by missiles or air strikes, the source added.

On Jan. 24, Taiwan's Central News Agency reported that the 78th Group Army, the first Chinese military unit that would cross the border into the North in the event of a war on the Korean Peninsula, has been armed with newest surface-to-air missiles against South Korean and U.S. aircraft and missiles.

The reported deployment comes just days before the start of the 2018 Winter Olympic Games in South Korea.

What is peculiar about this escalation is that it comes as Kim Jong Un’s regime has - at least optically - attempted to “thaw” relations with Seoul, wishing the South Korean government a “successful” competition and hoping to “ease military tensions” before the games begin. In a rare case of Korean unity, both North and South Korea plan to march into the Opening Ceremonies under a “united Korean flag” and will combine their female hockey teams.

Meanwhile, Trump has been busy pushing his domestic agenda to engage in twitter bickering and comparing nuclear button size with Kim Jong-Un, allowing tensions between the two nuclear-armed nations to ease in recent weeks, although if China knows something, this tentative detente will not last long.


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Ultimately, every elite orders to go into war signs the common man/woman/childs death warrant without liability, because they sit behind the comforts of their own desk and policies. The world needs to wake up and tell these bureaucrats to fight their own battles and leave human kind alone.  Or if they have real convictions, then they should stand side by side with their Generals in front of the battle lines like the Kings of medieval times.

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peddling-fiction T-NUTZ Tue, 02/06/2018 - 18:54 Permalink

300K troops in border areas seems to be imminent war in military books.

Back in the Cold War, we matched 20K Soviet soldiers with 20K Finnish soldiers.

Something about the Communist Party being closed down in Finland due to lack of electoral success.

It was close. They backed down and we returned.

First time we used bayonets in a massive mobilization (for Finnish standards).

No, it never made the news.

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emersonreturn Buckaroo Banzai Tue, 02/06/2018 - 19:07 Permalink

disagree, xi & putin are promoting nk & sk doing business...the orob prefers win win to the big bang. things are getting dicey globally. check out south pacific 'indo pacific', afganistan, middle east, israel, africa, yemen...china, ussa, russia, sa, uk, europe, everyone is picking sides & preparing. where troops are placed & naval installations, trade, treaties, it's all on now. ussa is sowing chaos, the only game skill it has left.

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So Trump Traded Jabs and Size of Button When? Now it seems like this is new and fresh revelations.  Wonder what this article serves as?  A warning or more fear mongering? China would be too stupid to put thier own people into N.K. to fight someone elses battle.  This is pure border protection, and engaging with the U.S. would be the last and final option.  

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The last time the US tried invading the North, China sent 600,000 combat troops in waves against McArthur. Drove him right back down below the 39'th parallel with staggering allied losses.

What makes them think this time will be any different. Shit, they will be fighting a 3 front war, against 2 nuclear armed opponents.

Somehow, I think this is craziness beyond belief, but, you have it coming to you, so fill your boots.

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Dave BGO Tue, 02/06/2018 - 20:54 Permalink

Yes it's sad. There are plenty of young idiots ready to sign up for anything TPTB want to try. They think it's a like a video game or a reality TV show. Until that round goes off. Too late. Youi're fucked for life fool. And you don't even know why.

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IridiumRebel east of eden Tue, 02/06/2018 - 19:19 Permalink

300k troops is the amount of most standing armies. The MIC believes they will be nuclear capable in a year and the quicker we kick their nuts the better. Not saying I agree, but there it is. We’ve been engaged in faggoty half assed wars. We will see what this thing will turn into. We may get surprised or we may just have the military thinkers that throw a knock out punch. 


The average American is sick and tired of war. 

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east of eden IridiumRebel Tue, 02/06/2018 - 19:30 Permalink

Well. If the 'people' are sick and tired of war, then tell your buddies in Washington to stop provoking wars.

And, I guess it isn't really any big surprise, but, McArthur told Congress decades ago that the US could not win a land war in Asia, and nothing has changed, since.

Obviously, that bit of advice has been relegated to the back pages of the history books.

What do they think they are going to do? Use Japan as an assembly and launching point for resupply? Japan would be vaporized in 24 hours, or less.

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The PLA is far better-equipped (qualitatively AND quantitatively) than the force McArthur faced last time the US tried something silly. Hoping for a repeat of the last engagement is being wildly optimistic.

The Chinese army are also backed by a World-class supply chain (remember those 30+ highly-automated Munitions Factories? -…)

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east of eden Unreconstructe… Tue, 02/06/2018 - 19:07 Permalink

Well, Sherlock, it might come as somewhat of a surprise to you, but neither China, nor Russia, conduct 'war' the way you do. They don't send 600 men charging up a hill of no strategic value all day and all night, only to abandon it the next day.

If you watch the way they operate, they are very, very careful. They plan and reconsider. They have probably the best intelligence networks in the world today, and they don't take losses lightly.

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