How Al-Qaeda Ended Up With Anti-Aircraft Missiles: Here Is The Congressional Authorization

After the terrorist group Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a rebrand of Jabhat al-Nusra, which is the Syrian al-Qaeda affiliate, claimed responsibility for the dramatic downing of a Russian Su-25 fighter jet over Idlib in northwest Syria on Saturday - the first Russian plane downed in Syria since 2015 - a number of analysts have published articles asking the obvious million dollar question: where did al-Qaeda get the portable anti-aircraft missile system used in the attack?

Once such article in Al Monitor speculates on the following: "The three immediate questions that arose from the attack were how the downing was made possible, how the militants acquired the arms and whether there was a bigger-level player behind the attack."

are heat seeking shoulder fired missiles capable of hitting targets flying at anywhere between 10,000 and 15,000 feet. Image source: Activist Post

And Al Monitor seems to answer its own question in the following when listing the array of allied groups now operating under the leadership of al-Qaeda (HTS) - among them groups previously "vetted" and approved to receive advanced weaponry by the CIA (specifically the TOW anti-tank missile):

Dozens of miles of Idlib province are contested among an array of groups, including the terrorist Hayat Tahrir al-Sham (HTS), a rebrand of Jabhat al-Nusra, which was affiliated with al-Qaeda; the Free Syrian Army; and its affiliate Jaish al-Nasr, which is considered a “moderate opposition group" that received weapons from the United States. Minutes after the downing of the Su-25, Alaa al-Hamwi, the military commander of Jaish al-Nasr’s aid defense battalion, claimed responsibility for the attack. Alaa argued that Jaish al-Nasr’s command supplied weapons to protect against the Russian air assault.

Later, however, HTS claimed responsibility for downing the plane.

Though US intelligence and defense officials have long denied that so-called "vetted" groups in Syria were recipients of anti-aircraft systems, rumors to the contrary have been persistent for years. The latest denial came immediately on the heels of Saturday's Russian jet shoot down, which resulted in the death of the pilot on the ground as he came under fire by jihadists. Pentagon spokesman Maj. Adrian J.T. Rankine-Galloway told Russia's TASS: "The United States have not provided any of its allied forces in Syria with anti-aircraft weapons."

The Pentagon spokesman further said, according to RT, that the US-led coalition is currently not engaged in any operations in the area where the jet was downed Saturday, indicating the coalition's combat efforts are "geographically orientated on the current fight with Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS, ISIL) in eastern Syria." Yet the statement clearly avoided any reference to past US programs to arm so-called "moderates" - whether through the secretive CIA program or DoD program. And this is to say nothing of allies like Saudi Arabia who worked closely with US intelligence for years in supplying weapons to anti-Assad militants.

But does anyone remember this? ...from The Wall Street Journal all the way back in February of 2014, headlined Saudis Agree to Provide Syrian Rebels With Mobile Antiaircraft Missiles - U.S. Also Giving Fighters Millions of Dollars for Salaries

Washington’s Arab allies, disappointed with Syria peace talks, have agreed to provide rebels there with more sophisticated weaponry, including shoulder-fired missiles that can take down jets, according to Western and Arab diplomats and opposition figures.

Saudi Arabia has offered to give the opposition for the first time Chinese man-portable air defense systems, or Manpads, and antitank guided missiles from Russia, according to an Arab diplomat and several opposition figures with knowledge of the efforts. Saudi officials couldn’t be reached to comment.

The U.S. has long opposed arming rebels with antiaircraft missiles for fear they could fall into the hands of extremists who might use them against the West or commercial airlines. The Saudis have held off supplying them in the past because of U.S. opposition.

And also this March 2014 report from US government-funded Voice of America news:

Saudi Arabia reportedly is offering to provide Syrian rebels more sophisticated weapons, including shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles that can take down fighter planes and helicopter gunships. They could be a game changer in the Syrian civil war. Known as MANPADS or man-portable air defense systems, the shoulder-fired missiles are a highly-effective weapon.

Now, Saudi Arabia is offering to supply moderate rebels with these weapons. That could tip the balance on the battlefield.

...President Barack Obama is said to be rethinking U.S. strategy toward Syria. No doubt arming the Syrian rebels will be on the agenda when Obama travels to Saudi Arabia in late March.

Meanwhile, in February 2018 there's this to consider...

Al-Qaeda controls a strip of land (Idlib province) not far from the Mediterranean coast, and has now clearly demonstrated the capability of shooting down aircraft. 

In 2014 a historical first was reached: al-Qaeda established a foothold on the Mediterranean coast after it took the Syrian town of Kessab, but has since been pushed back into Idlib.

However, al-Qaeda still remains a very short drive to the Mediterranean coast, with Syrian government territory in between. 

MANPADS ("man-portable air-defense system") have appeared on the Syrian battlefield in recent years in the hands armed opposition groups supported by the West and Gulf states, including various FSA and Islamist factions - some of which, as Al Monitor confirms, operate today in Idlib.

These groups have at various times filmed and demonstrated themselves to be in possession of these externally supplied MANPADS long before last weekend's Russian jet downing. The portable systems are believed by analysts to have entered Syria in multiple waves via different routes and external sponsors, including old Soviet models shipped out of Libya, Chinese FN-6's provided by Qatar, and through NATO member Turkey's porous border with Syria. Some supplies were also likely gained through opposition takeovers of Syrian government storehouses as well as ISIS seizures of Iraqi government bases and equipment.

Most likely, United States intelligence operatives simply allowed its close allies like the Saudis and Turks to introduce MANPADS early on in the conflict to the Syrian battlefield. In this way the US could maintain "plausible deniability" as it is likely doing now after last weekend's attack.

But a detail which has gone largely unnoticed since the Russian fighter downing is that Congress had already quietly laid the legal framework for US transfer of MANPADS to groups in Syria over a year ago as part of the Fiscal Year 2017 National Defense Authorization Act (the NDAA passed the House and Senate in the opening weeks of December 2016). The leading military news site SOFREP reported the authorization at the end of 2016, and described at the time that "Congress for the first time authorized the Department of Defense to provide vetted-Syrian rebels with anti-aircraft missiles."

Concerning procedural rules, the NDAA requires that the Secretaries of Defense and State submit a formal request to Congress requesting the transfer of the anti-aircraft missiles systems to Syria, which must include the following according to the SOFREP report:

  • A detailed description of each element of the vetted Syrian opposition receiving MANPADS
  • The justification for providing those elements with MANPADS
  • The number and type of MANPADS provided
  • The logistics plan for resupplying approved elements with MANPADS
  • The duration of support

And SOFREP included the following observation:

The inclusion of the provision represents a departure from previous versions of the NDAA. The original House bill specifically prohibited the transfer of MANPADS to “any entity” in Syria, while the Senate bill did not address it.

Though there was an attempt in March 2017 to roll back the authorization, nothing appears to have changed regarding MANPADS and Syria in the 2018 NDAA, which was signed into law by President Trump.

Here's the law authorizing US transfer of MANPADS to Syria as contained in the 2018 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA):

However, long before this formal NDAA legal framework was put into effect, it appears anti-aircraft systems were already being handed out among Syrian militant groups - again, likely through the Saudis or a third party US ally. In May 2016 we featured the following commentary:

Dr. Christina Lin, a leading scholar on jihadist groups, opens her April 8th commentary at Asia Times: "In a blunder reeking of the fallout caused by supplying Stinger anti-aircraft missiles to 1980s mujahideen in Afghanistan, civilian airline passengers are now under threat from Syrian jihadists armed with portable surface-to-air missiles (MANPADS).

Reports say some American-backed jihadi groups are being equipped with US-made MANPADS. Indications are they’re obtaining these advanced weapons either directly or indirectly from the US or its Mideast allies in connection with a recent escalation in the fighting in Syria."

And further:

Dr. Lin quotes a Saudi official as saying (in Germany’s Spiegel), "We believe that introducing surface-to-air missiles in Syria is going to change the balance of power on the ground… just like surface-to-air missiles in Afghanistan were able to change the balance of power there." He was referring there to this in 1979, where Obama’s friend Zbigniew Brzezinski explained why the Americans and the Saudis were supplying SAMs to the mujahideen who became al-Qaeda, and he was also referring to this in 1998, where Brzezinski, when asked whether he thought that arming those fundamentalist Sunnis had been a mistake, said that it certainly was not.

And an unpleasant reminder which bears repeating...

The threat of MANPADS taking out civilian passenger jets is very real, as history proves. The US Department of State counted that 40 civilian aircraft have been hit by MANPADS since the 1970s, which includes the complete downing of 28 civilian airliners resulting in over 800 fatalities. The State Department's official report on MANPADS and civilian aircraft provides the following partial list of attacks on civilian aviation:

  • March 12, 1975: A Douglas C-54D-5-DC passenger airliner, operated by Air Vietnam, crashed into Vietnamese territory after being hit by a MANPADS. All six crew members and 20 passengers were killed in the crash.
  • September 3, 1978: An Air Rhodesia Vickers 782D Viscount passenger airliner crash landed after being hit by a MANPADS fired by forces from the Zimbabwe Peoples Revolution Army. Four crew members and 34 of the 56 passengers were killed in the crash.
  • December 19, 1988: Two Douglas DC-7 spray aircraft en route from Senegal to Morocco, chartered by the U.S. Agency for International Development to eradicate locusts, were struck by MANPADS fired by POLISARIO militants in the Western Sahara. One DC-7 crashed killing all 5 crew members. The other DC-7 landed safely in Morocco.
  • September 22, 1993: A Tupolev 154B aircraft operated by Transair Georgia was shot down by Abkhazian separatist forces, crashed onto the runway and caught fire, killing 108.
  • April 6, 1994: A Dassault Mystère-Falcon 50 executive jet carrying the Presidents of Rwanda and Burundi and its French flight crew was shot down over Kigali, killing all aboard and sparking massive ethnic violence and regional conflict.
  • October 10, 1998: A Boeing 727-30 Lignes Aeriennes Congolaises airliner was downed over the Democratic Republic of the Congo jungle by Tutsi militia, killing 41.
  • December 26, 1998: A United Nations-chartered Lockheed C-130 Hercules transport was shot down over Angola by UNITA forces, killing 14.
  • January 2, 1999: A United Nations Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules transport was shot down by UNITA forces in Angola, killing 9.
  • November 28, 2002: Terrorists fired two MANPADS at an Arkia Airlines Boeing 757-3E7 with 271 passengers and crew as it took off from Mombasa, Kenya. Both missiles missed.
  • November 22, 2003: A DHL Airbus A300B4-203F cargo jet transporting mail in Iraq was struck and damaged by a MANPADS. Though hit in the left fuel tank, the plane was able to return to the Baghdad airport and land safely.
  • March 23, 2007: A Transaviaexport Ilyushin 76TD cargo plane was shot down over Mogadishu, Somalia, killing the entire crew of 11.



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Searching for "manpad producing countries" one finds all one needs on skynet. manpads are produced in large quantities since decades by a couple of countries, some in licenced production. North Korea, btw. is said to produce "unlicenced" Stingers. The question is - who sold the manpad used to down the SU-25 - nd where did he buy them?

If I was in charge of the investigation I would take all the time to find out about the entire supply chain including the white collar criminals. After this preparation I would blow up everything, including the factory where it has been made, with no less than 47 Kalibr cruise missiles. The white collar criminals would be captured Mossad-style and brought to justice in Moscow. no matter where they live.

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So the Deep State (or their puppet allies), are now Arming Al-Qaeda - the guys responsible for 9/11, killed 3000+ Americans, with ANTI-AIRCRAFT MISSLES ???????????


Are you FKing Kidding me?

How long until one of these is used on a civilian airliner? 

Unbelievably Stupid.   Stupid Beyond Words.


Just when I think our Deep State can't sink any lower; those scumbags find a way.

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For those too young to remember, Al Qaeda was the most hated and despised terrorists at one time. 
Believe it or not, many articles came up proclaiming they were worst then Hitler at one time. They were responsible for 911, the downing of the twin towers, etc. Damn, they hated us for our freedoms! 

We invaded and we forced the whole civilized world to invade Afghanistan to search them out and smoke them out. And because of them, we came up with bullshit stories of WMD to invade an unrelated, uninvolved country, Iraq.

That should tell you how much and how deservedly we hated them.



My, my how times change.

Now we arm Al Qaeda with surface to air missiles, and now the new Hitler is Putin!

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Russian and Turkish military intelligence are trying to get their hands on the engine remains. They hope to identify the missile type from the shrapnel impact pattern.…

In other news 64 jihadists from the US have been identified in Syria and Iraq. 34% died overseas, 5% returned to the US without facing charges, 19% were apprehended in the US or overseas, and 44% are still at large or status unknown. (>100% because some fall into multiple categories)…





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Asking who gave this type of weapon to "terrorists" is ridiculous, because we all know obama was identifying "moderate terrorists" in Syria and arming them from the weapons cash the CIA had created in benghazi.... And four Americans died so hillary and obama could keep it hidden....

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So... in the never-ending and relentless hunt for the 'smoking gun' which shows that "USA" did it - no matter the time/place/circumstance details...

our crew of nail-gun knob-gobblers we have come to affectionately the "death to Amerika" gang has hand-picked... no... make that 'cherry-hand-picked' up some details which can embellish a yarn without charm... turning it into an fine example of the way that internet medias' mandate has slithered from 'covering the news' to 'covering up' the story.

A story which takes place in such a place as to make 'improbable' a polite way of saying "all made up... with no place to ho!"

A place where - the rapid advance of SAA forces towards the last stronghold of an Al Qaedo playdo franchises propped up by Turkish weaponry, Saudi cash, and local gash... happens to be interfering with the pretend caliphate on the Bosphorus's Afrin adventure and Syrian holiday...aka another neo-ottoman fantasy of talmudic style ethnic cleansing and enslavement.

Two Shia villages being besieged are in danger of being relieved by the SAA and its Iranian militia sidekicks. So... what do the "peace keepers" of the TSK do? Move to block that relief, in tandem with their jihadi proxies, bringing a confrontation between themselves and the SAA which yesterday resulted in the latter hitting the former with artillery strikes.

You wanna believe the USA is behind this... ok... work it!

You need to believe that the weapons which were used to bring down the Russkie jet were supplied via a 2014 agreement for Saudi weaponry to reach factions which NEVER IN ALL THIS TIME USED ANY OF THE SUPPOSED 'SUPPLIED MANPADS' TO down even one Syrian aircraft bombing the hell outta them ... because... because... they were following to hold their fire until one a secret memo... word would come from Washington to... hit the Russians! Shake that booty!

Call o duty! Make America GRATE AGAIN...under the weight of kabbalist crimes committed in its name!

For those tired enough of all this tired bullshit... over n over agin... I offer

Blood Sacrifice: Only the Beginning

Ol skool journalism vs the modern 'internet medias' - no contest.

Buttons sluttons!

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This stupidity needs to stop where some idiots, some of whom also happen to be Americans, blame the USA. In addition this article is full of it because the various intelligence services throughout the world, including Russia know that this weapon was produced in Erdogan's son in law military factory. It was made in Turkey! This shows once more that Turkey was the one supporting ISIS to destabilize Syria in hopes of recreating the Ottoman Empire. If you are an American pack your stuff and leave America... may I suggest Turkey, Syria, Iran or Pakistan. Despite its imperfections, the US is still a great nation, better than most nations on this planet.

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"President Barack Obama is said to be rethinking U.S. strategy toward Syria. No doubt arming the Syrian rebels will be on the agenda when Obama travels to Saudi Arabia in late March."


Thanks, Obongo.

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We did good.

LOL, this history lesson excludes the British Navy.

Another graphic point was the killing of commercial ship crews after ship wreck, they boiled them alive. So these Asian lands, the US is accused of invading, were punitive actions for boiling ship wrecked sailors alive.

The world is a dangerous place, the main purpose of US military power has always been the opening of fertile new regions for US multinational corporations which started in Boston. That's where the mind set started and spread all over New England and became embedded in the American mind.

However, all countries do the same thing, we can read about the Koreans who accuse the Japanese of so many invasions it's too much to believe, a pirate action can be conceived as a point in history. Or Great Britain's mercantile trading empire served by a colonial empire along the "Long Red Line".


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