Eric Holder Won't Rule Out 2020 Presidential Run, Says Comey "Made Mistake" Criticizing Clinton

Whether they want it or not, American audiences might soon have a front-row seat to "Fast and Furious: Presidential Drift."

When asked by reporters during a breakfast Wednesday organized by the Christian Science Monitor, former Obama-era Attorney General Eric Holder refused to rule out a 2020 presidential run, saying only "we'll see."


Holder added that he'd have a decision by the end of the year, according to the Washington Examiner.

Asked if he planned to reenter politics in any form, he again replied, "I’ll see."

As the Washington Examiner reminds us, Holder, who was attorney general from 2009-2015, was tarnished by the ATF gunwalking scandal - more widely known as operation "Fast and Furious", after the famous film franchise.

For those who don't remember, the ATF Arizona Field Office ran a series of sting operations between 2006 and 2011 in the Tucson and Phoenix area whereby the ATF allowed licensed firearms dealers to sell weapons to straw buyers associated with drug cartels. The plan was to track the guns, hoping they would eventually end up in the hands of Mexican drug cartel leaders. Instead, they were used in a series of crimes, including the murder of a border patrol agent.

Holder is currently serving as the head of a group created by Obama to reform redistricting practices to prevent gerrymander - an issue that's been thrust into the spotlight since the Pennsylvania Supreme Court upheld a lower court ruling to redraw districts - an unprecedented blow against gerrymandering.

Holder had plenty to say in his speech...

The former top DOJ official also criticized former FBI Director James Comey - formerly his underling at DOJ - for criticizing Clinton during his probe into her mishandling of classified information. In a letter exonerating Clinton, Comey famously said she acted carelessly and with negligence.

Echoing comments from other Obama-era officials, Holder added that the Nunes memo could hurt intelligence agencies.

And finally, he criticized Attorney General Jeff Sessions and the Trump-era DOJ for offering "its sincerest apologies" to a conservative group in the final settlement over the IRS's unfair targeting of conservative groups, saying that an "apology" in the Tea-Party-IRS case was "unwarranted."

Holder's remarks come as he's about to embark on a tour of the nation to argue for changing House district lines. His group is focusing on 20 states, according to the Examiner.


Almost immediately after Holder's comments hit the wires, twitter users started ruthlessly mocking the wannabe candidate: