"In Fraud We Trust": 36 Indicted In $530M Global Cybercrime Ring Based Out Of Ukraine

Thirty-six individuals were indicted in connection with a global cybercrime ring "engaged in the large-scale acquisition, sale, and dissemination of stolen identities, compromised debit and credit cards, personally identifiable information, financial and banking information, computer malware, and other contraband," according to the Department of Justice

Known as the "Infraud Organization" which operated under the motto "in Fraud We trust," the internet-based criminal enterprise used an online forum with nearly 11,000 members who targeted over 4.3 million credit cards, debit cards and bank accounts worldwide. 

“We have victims in all 50 states and throughout the world,” said Deputy Assistant Attorney General David Rybicki. “It’s really a standout in terms of the amount of damage that it caused.” 

The marketplace was a "the one-stop shop for cyber criminals worldwide," according to Rybicki. 

Authorities arrested 13 defendants from the United States and six countries; Australia, the United Kingdom, France, Italy, Kosovo and Serbia - all of whom are awaiting extradition to the United States.

Other indicted members hail from Ukraine, Pakistan, Egypt, Bangladesh, Russia, Moldova, Ivory Coast, Canada and Macedonia. 

“Today’s indictment and arrests mark one of the largest cyberfraud enterprise prosecutions ever undertaken by the Department of Justice,” said Acting Assistant Attorney General Cronan.  “As alleged in the indictment, Infraud operated like a business to facilitate cyberfraud on a global scale.  Its members allegedly caused more than $530 million in actual losses to consumers, businesses, and financial institutions alike—and it is alleged that the losses they intended to cause amounted to more than $2.2 billion. -DOJ

"According to the indictment, the Infraud Organization was created in October 2010 by Svyatoslav Bondarenko aka “Obnon,” aka “Rector,” aka “Helkern,” 34, of Ukraine, to promote and grow interest in the Infraud Organization as the premier destination for carding—purchasing retail items with counterfeit or stolen credit card information—on the Internet," reads a DOJ press release.

The investigation into the cybercrime ring is ongoing, according to officials, who would not reveal whether the data sold on the forum has been linked to high profile breaches such as the equifax hack reported last year. 

“Today marks a significant step in the battle against transnational cyber crime,” Rybicki said.

Infraud members had specific roles within the organization's hierarchy:

“Administrators” managed day-to-day operation of and strategic planning for the organization, approved and monitored membership, and meted out punishments and rewards to members.  “Super Moderators” oversaw and administered specific subject-matter areas within their expertise.  “Moderators” moderated one or two specific sub-forums within their areas of subject-matter expertise.  “Vendors” sold illicit products and services to Infraud members.  Finally, “VIP Members” and “Members” used the Infraud forum to gather information and to facilitate their criminal activities.  As of March 2017, there were 10,901 registered members of the Infraud Organization. 

The defendants indicted for their alleged roles in the Infraud Organization’s transnational racketeering conspiracy include:

  • Svyatoslav Bondarkeno of Ukraine;
  • Amjad Ali aka “Amjad Ali Chaudary,” aka “RedruMZ,” aka “Amjad Chaudary,” 35, of Pakistan;
  • Roland Patrick N’Djimbi Tchikaya aka “Darker,” aka “dark3r.cvv,” 37, of France;
  • Miroslav Kovacevic aka “Goldjunge,” 32, of Serbia;
  • Frederick Thomas aka “Mosto,” aka “1stunna,” aka “Bestssn,” 37, of Alabama;
  • Osama Abdelhamed aka “MrShrnofr,” aka “DrOsama,” aka “DrOsama1,” 27, of Egypt;
  • Besart Hoxha aka “Pizza,” 25, of Kosovo;
  • Raihan Ahmed aka “Chan,” aka “Cyber Hacker,” aka “Mae Tony,” aka “Tony,” 26, of Bangladesh;
  • Andrey Sergeevich Novak aka “Unicc,” aka “Faaxxx,” aka “Faxtrod” of the Russian Federation;
  • Valerian Chiochiu aka “Onassis,” aka “Flagler,” aka “Socrate,” aka “Eclessiastes,” 28, of Moldova;
  • John Doe #8 aka “Aimless88;”
  • Gennaro Fioretti aka “DannyLogort,” aka “Genny Fioretti,” 56, of Italy;
  • Edgar Rojas aka “Edgar Andres Viloria Rojas,” aka “Guapo,” aka “Guapo1988,” aka “Onlyshop,” 27, of Australia;
  • John Telusma aka “John Westley Telusma,” aka “Peterelliot,” aka “Pete,” aka “Pette,” 33, of Brooklyn, New York;
  • Rami Fawaz aka “Rami Imad Fawaz,” aka “Validshop,” aka “Th3d,” aka “Zatcher,” aka “Darkeyes,” 26, of Ivory Coast;
  • Muhammad Shiraz aka “Moviestar,” aka “Leslie” of Pakistan;
  • Jose Gamboa aka “Jose Gamboa-Soto,” aka “Rafael Garcia,” aka “Rafael101,” aka “Memberplex2006” aka “Knowledge,” 29, of Los Angeles, California;
  • Alexey Klimenko aka “Grandhost,” 34, of Ukraine;
  • Edward Lavoile aka “Eddie Lavoie,” aka “Skizo,” aka “Eddy Lavoile,” 29, of Canada;
  • Anthony Nnamdi Okeakpu aka “Aslike1,” aka “Aslike,” aka “Moneymafia,” aka “Shilonng,” 29, of the United Kingdom;
  • Pius Sushil Wilson aka “FDIC,” aka “TheRealGuru,” aka “TheRealGuruNYC,” aka “RealGuru,” aka “Po1son,” aka “1nfection,” aka “1nfected,” 31, of Flushing, New York;
  • Muhammad Khan aka “CoolJ2,” aka “CoolJ,” aka “Secureroot,” aka “Secureroot1,” aka “Secureroot2,” aka “Mohammed Khan,” 41, of Pakistan;
  • John Doe #7 aka “Muad’Dib;”
  • John Doe #1 aka “Carlitos,” aka “TonyMontana;”
  • David Jonathan Vargas aka “Cashmoneyinc,” aka “Avb,” aka “Poony,” aka “Renegade11,” aka “DvdSVrgs,” 33, of San Diego, California;
  • John Doe #2;
  • Marko Leopard aka “Leopardmk,” 28, of Macedonia;
  • John Doe #4 aka “Best4Best,” aka “Wazo,” aka “Modmod,” aka “Alone1,” aka“Shadow,” aka “Banderas,” aka “Banadoura;”
  • Liridon Musliu aka “Ccstore,” aka “Bowl,” aka “Hulk,” 26, of Kosovo;
  • John Doe #5 aka “Deputat,” aka “Zo0mer;”
  • Mena Mouries Abd El-Malak aka “Mina Morris,” aka “Source,” aka “Mena2341,” aka “MenaSex,” 34, of Egypt; and
  • John Doe #6 aka “Goldenshop,”aka “Malov.”


Goodsport 1945 Thu, 02/08/2018 - 04:02 Permalink

Although serious and certainly worthy of prosecution, the collective crimes committed by this group amount to chump change in the grand scheme of things.  Now if the Feds would only go after the world's bankers whose crimes Zero Hedge has repeatedly cited.  Unfortunately, the thirst for political contributions overshadows the need to level the playing field for EVERYONE.   In the 1980's S&L scandal, over 900 people were jailed.  Today scores of documented crimes by our bankers have gone essentially unpunished.  Neither admitting or denying criminal involvement and intent in plea bargains is a slap in the face to everyone who plays by the rules.  The honor of the American Justice system will never be restored until jail time replaces today's nominal hand slaps that amount to little more than a cost of doing business.  Once the concept of crypto currency is perfected, the bankers will take over and fiat currency will be replaced entirely by a digital system.  It is amazing how technology is being used to control the masses while the oligarchs and our "elected overlords" fight every opportunity the people might have to make THEM accountable.

Paperoga Thu, 02/08/2018 - 04:07 Permalink

After the clintonian "revolution" ukraine has become a broken country ruled by mafia and openly fascist parties. But as enemy of russia, it's handled with velvet gloves by all western countries. They like to call it "democracy".

kahuna1 Thu, 02/08/2018 - 04:36 Permalink

$500 million haha big deal. That's spittle for Clinton, comey, clapper, rosenstein, podestafile and the rest of the dnc mafia.

What a joke....

buzzsaw99 Thu, 02/08/2018 - 06:20 Permalink

almost as bad as taking bribes from the russians, then selling them uranium, then accusing trump of collusion.  almost as bad as selling nuke bomb plans to the chinese.  almost as bad as a four trillion dollar bailout ripoff.  almost as bad as making war all over the globe.  almost as bad as selling weapons to the sauds.  almost as bad as a deep state communist takeover of the usa gubbermint bureaucracy, perverting justice, election meddling, bogus investigations, phony trumped up dossiers, conspiracies going all the way to the president.  almost as bad as rigging global stock, bond, and currency markets.  almost as bad as front running algos.  almost.