German Parties Reach Grand Coalition Deal

After a month of negotiations and two days of post-deadline delays, what UBS' economist Paul Donovan has dubbed the "world's most tedious political crisis" is finally over and on Wednesday morning, Germany reached a grand coalition, as news broke that Angela Merkel’s conservatives block reached a deal with the the Social Democratic SPD on forming a new government, ending a deadlock that gripped Germany since inconclusive elections last September.

"Tired but happy," SPD leaders said in a message to party members. “We have an agreement! Finally.”

According to the FT, talks between the SPD and CDU/CSU were dogged for weeks by disagreements over health and labour policy. The SPD wanted a crackdown on short-term contracts, and also wide-ranging reform of Germany’s health system — though it backed away from an earlier demand to effectively phase out private health insurance.

As a result of the compromise, the Social Democrats will take the finance and foreign ministries in a future grand coalition government - with SPD's Olaf Scholz, the popular mayor of Hamburg, set to become Germany's all important finance minister, giving the leftist party a critical role in shaping Berlin’s policy on Europe over the next four years.

Scholz' appointment is a coup for the SPD and marks a major concession by Merkel, long seen as the sole architect of German policy on the EU. As the FT notes, the ministry was previously a Christian Democrat bastion, and is synonymous in many people’s minds with the inimitable Wolfgang Schäuble, who was Europe’s most powerful finance minister before moving on to become Bundestag speaker last December.

Now the ministry will be run by a party that has called for the creation of a “United States of Europe” by 2025 and has enthusiastically welcomed Emmanuel Macron’s plans for deepening EU integration.

In addition to running German finances, the SPD was also granted the crucial Labour and Foreign ministries, and was also granted the family, justice and environment ministries.

On the other side, Horst Seehofer, leader of the CSU, the Bavarian sister party of Ms Merkel’s CDU, will head up an expanded interior ministry, which will also take responsibility for the construction industry and a new “homeland” department. The CSU will also continue to run an expanded transport ministry and the international development ministry. Merkel's bloc will also get the economic and defense ministries according to Bild.

* * *

The reason for the dramatic concessions is that Merkel was under enormous pressure to indulge the Social Democrats in order to win them round to another grand coalition; the alternative was a new election and potentially the end of Merkel's political career.

After her earlier attempt to form a coalition with the greens and liberals failed in November, an alliance with the SPD was her only chance of staying in power for a fourth term as chancellor.

Meanwhile, there is still no certainty that a grand coalition will be formed. The coalition deal must now be put to the SPD’s 460,000 members, many of whom are fiercely opposed to propping up Ms Merkel for another four years. Additionally, there is also deep distrust of Martin Schulz, the SPD leader, who vehemently rejected the idea of a grand coalition in the immediate aftermath of the election but then changed his mind.

In that regard, moments ago Suddeutsche Zeitung reported that Schulz is said to step down as SPD head.

In recent weeks, the SPD’s youth wing has been waging a noisy No campaign and urging anyone opposed to another coalition with the conservatives to join the SPD and vote it down in the members’ referendum.


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Even the people of Gibraltar have had enough of Mrs Merkel's  EU -


Sir Joe Bossano, former Chief Minister of Gibraltar , says the European Union’s negotiating guidelines for Brexit are enough to convert him, from a supporter of the EU, into a Brexiteer.

Speaking to GBC, Sir Joe said it was disgraceful that the EU has effectively given Spain a veto over the application to Gibraltar of any Brexit deals made with the UK. He said it was a complete betrayal of the trust that the people of Gibraltar had in the EU. (Gib Chronicle 31st Jan 18).

Prior to joining the EU, Spain recognized that the borders in Europe can only be changed ''by consent". 1st August 1975, Spain gives Gibraltar away again,

Gibraltar – Helsinki Accord 1975 (1 pg)


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The only problem is where can one run to? - Jesus is the answer.

Hungary or Poland or Slovakia. - Poland openly praises Jesus.

Germans were and are pagans. Luther was not enough to influence many of them. The Catholic anti-Christ has done a good job by establishing the Jesuit order to murder and expel the Protestants and to introduce "Naturwissenschaften" with big-bang, evolution and solar system lies.

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IMO, the first thing that the Germans need to do is forgive themselves for WW2.

The second thing they need to do is realize that it is impossible for it to happen again(for various reasons, but the number one is the internet).

Next they need to jettison the government that reflects One and Two.


And finally, they need to not be afraid of being a strong world leader again.

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I bought a house in Hungary - many do, and they are all of the same kind. Nobody comes anymore for cheap prices - they flee. Austrians, Germans, Dutchies.

When WW II was running my granny was pregnant and my grandad bought a house 16km out of town and ordered his wife DO NOT RETURN! That's why I am existing. All others died.

Sometimes you make a decision, just in case of.... My house is 100 on 1600 m2 - it cost 18 months of income. It is not perfect, no luxury. I have it as an insurance. In case all goes bust I am there in 10 hours. Its close to shopping - no car needed and 14 fruits and nuts are already there.

I know people who sold their houses in Germany and bought one in Hungary for a fraction, sitting on half a million free money and smiling all day long. I do not know, if I will stay forever there. I take it as an oasis - all I need is there. And it might give me time to think over what to do, when the dices have fallen and we all will know in what reality we find us then. There will be no panic with me.

I guess that the average flat and house in Germany will fall more in price, than I ever paid in Hungary - so a 100% loss would still be ok. Is that crazy? :-)

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Who can disagree? When one can go into a voting booth and vote against the betrayers but instead hand them power time and time again and again, it's clear one has freely chosen national suicide and pure humiliation.

If the use of public swimming pools and private flower gardens as latrines, not to mention the murder of one's own daughter,  don't strike one as clues as to what's happening to one's country, one deserves no respect.

All the while the mighty Wehrmacht has been sweeping the barracks and searching for spare parts for its five tanks. It's been absent without tidings for well over seven years so it's legally dead. Maybe it can be found out east on the Russian border. Or wiping noses in Syria.

Well, all Angela's peeps have left is the army and the cops. The latter can help her crack down on free speech as a way of showing commitment to "European values." I'm still not clear whether the CSU or the CSU has the crucial AntiFa portfolio.

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You are wasting your times, guys, the end-game is almost here, I mean it is almost there, in the fucked-up Western Europeistan, and you know it, you will get fucked in the end :)) Just take a look at that ugly old childless bitch of Murkill, and you know something is terribly wrong in the Fatherland :)) Fuck you, stupid moron gullible spineless german sheeps, what-s coming your way will the a thousand times harder and sinister than you could imagine. But, you know what, you deserve it, when 85 % of the stupid-ass slaves elect this second Hitler, you know it is time to get the fuck out of dodge :)) Anyway, the majority of you will get killed, and all of the imported muzzie and sand-nigger savage animals will get killed too :)) maybe, just maybe those germans who will be not a problem in Hungary, Poland, Czech and Slovakia, maybe they will stay alive. The stupid asshole germans are not victimis of their psychopathic elite, they are collaborators with them, so you will be treated as such, once the total cannibalistic shitshow will start, `cause it will start, be fuckin` sure about that, german idiots :)) In the mean time, a nice and big middle finger and a nice and big Fuck You from The Visegrad Group, and good riddance to Hell, you deserve it :)) You will never ever dominate Europe again, mark my words, fuckers :)) And when we will get your elite, `cause we will get, we`ll put some muzzies to rape them for days, and after that we will hang you on your streets, a nation of stupid traitors, that`s what you are, criminals. YOU`RE GONNA GET GOT.

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federalist united states of germany? did i read that correct? it is working so well here, why not do it again, and again til we have united(untied) states of the earth. yup, going YOcal will consolidate the money centers under an umbrella of digital money with a control that everyone dreamed would never come true. can't wait to be told i must buy this or that. black market will be freedom...

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Right. Gott mit uns.

Jesus is the living image of God. The Son of God.

Islam's mission is to deny Jesus. [Not crucified, not Son of God, just a prophet, Son of Miriam who is the sister of Moses(!), lived 3000 years ago as the Nephew of Moses and Aaron, etc.]

Further islam's mission is to murder Christians and Jews and to expel them from their lands. Therefore they wage jihad and invade Christian lands by any means. Former Byzantine lands are all islamic now. The West, EU and US are the current targets.

Globalist leadership in EU is secret society controlled by the Vatican/Papacy, the anti-Christ. 31/32/33 degree freemasons get to know that they worship allah. This is why islam is loved by the globalists.

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Maybe you should update your reading list:

David Fitzgerald. Nailed: Ten Christian Myths That Show Jesus Never Existed At All.; 2010

Raphael Lataster & Richard Carrier. Jesus Did Not Exist: A Debate Among Atheists. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2015

Raphael Lataster. There was no Jesus, there is no God: A Scholarly Examination of the Scientific, Historical, and Philosophical Evidence & Arguments for Monotheism. CreateSpace Independent Publishing Platform; 2013

Kenneth Humphreys. Jesus Never Existed: An Introduction to the Ultimate Heresy. Nine-Banded Books; 2014)   

Richard Carrier. On the Historicity of Jesus. Why We Might Have Reason for Doubt. Sheffield Phoenix Press; 2014

Robert M. Price. Deconstructing Jesus. Prometheus Books; 2000


Even if a person with that name existed, when you strip off all the supernatural nonsense there is nothing left but a failed apocalyptic prophet.


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...way too slowly and totally ignored by politicians and the masses.

Heiko M. will go on ruling about our words and I guess soon we all will have to shut up or risk imprisonment.

I hope that the interest rates will fly and all goes down the drain. I would love to walk one day as an old guy through Germany and think "all is well.... again".

The Germans do not deserve this shit...

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Well, many of your country men and women think differently. They continue to vote for these horrible ex-Stazi politicians. Explain to us how an entire country openly votes to kill itself? Are all the men and women crazy there? The SPD in charge of finance? Foreign ministry? You are all doomed to slavery for Muslims and the "elites".

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