Deep State Mantra: Use An Existing Crisis... Or Create One

Authored by Jeremiah Johnson (nom) via,

Rahm Emmanuel was/is (in)famous for his alleged attribution of the quote “Never allow a good crisis to go to waste.” Nevertheless, in the manner that Chaucer’s “Canterbury Tales” is an “English echo” of “The Decameron” by Giovanni Boccaccio, the quote assigned to Emmanuel is a paraphrase of words emitted by the equally-nefarious Milton Friedman:

“Only a crisis – actual or perceived – produces real change. When that crisis occurs, the actions that are taken depend on the ideas that are lying around. That, I believe, is our basic function: to develop alternatives to existing policies, to keep them alive and available until the politically impossible becomes politically inevitable.” – Capitalism and Freedom,” by Milton Friedman, Preface, Univ. Chicago Press, 1982.

Although he was an Economist (so-called), Friedman’s Marxist economic endeavors (germinated by the Frankfurt School of Economics “alumni”) were cracked akin to a whip throughout the world and used by the U.S. to further imperialism and fostered dependence by third-world nations. Such “dependence,” it must be added, took the form of loans through the IMF and World Bank…backed by military force. The “dependence” is almost that of the Helsinki Syndrome, in which the kidnapped captive becomes psychologically dependent upon the captor…but the captivity remains. Protection and extortion in the same vein.

These same “entangling alliances” were warned about for the fledgling United States by the Founding Fathers. Such forced alliances are easily seen for what they are: the creation of vassal states through force projection and intimidation. Even when we’re not directly involved, we “underwrite” the actions. The latest (and largest) prime example was the ousting of Ukraine’s president, Yanukovych, in 2014 and the attempt to force Ukraine to become a part of NATO, as well as another IMF-vassal in the NATO-Euro-hegemony.

Such activities continue: in Syria, in Yemen, and throughout the world... a continued bolstering of U.S. military presence, backed by an ever-smiling line of “Rockettes” willing to “invest in a country’s future” with our almighty, fiat Petrodollar. Friedman’s actions as an economist can be seen enmeshed in virtually all U.S. foreign policy for the past five decades: they form the basis for the actions of “Economic Hit Men” as described by Perkins in his book.

The coerced economic policies within the imperialism of American foreign policy are not the center of this piece.  Here is something relayed by Newsweek as reported by the New York Times on 2/2/18, an article entitled White House Pressures Pentagon for North Korea Attack Plan, Report Says, by John Haltiwanger that bears reading:

“The White House is butting heads with the Pentagon on North Korea as senior military officials appear apprehensive about presenting President Donald Trump with military options against the rogue state, The New York Times reported Friday. White House National Security Adviser H.R. McMaster is reportedly concerned with drawing up a specific military plan in order to reinforce Trump’s various threats to the reclusive nation. Unnamed Pentagon officials are seemingly concerned the president is moving toward the use of force too quickly and worry that additional options will increase the probability Trump will move forward with an attack, according to the report.

Dana W. White, press secretary for the Pentagon, told The New York Times the defense secretary “regularly provides the president with a deep arsenal of military options,” and claimed that the reports of reluctance in that regard were “false.”

What can be gathered from this is the media is trying to paint a picture of confusion within the military command structure between the Pentagon and the administration. It is also more “predictive programming,” designed to “show” how the President wants a war: this to make him foot the blame when and if a war commences. Obviously, the United States and North Korea are still in a standoff with neither side backing away from their position. But just picture in your mind: the Emmanuel’s and the Friedman’s…smirking and smiling on the sidelines, knowing all this orchestration of the media is for the public to gulp down…knowing all of these crises have been acted upon by those of their ilk.

We have a President who has ordered the release to the public of some very sensitive information on FISA (more appropriately labeled “DISA,” as the surveillance is directed toward the zeks formerly called “American citizens”).  An article came out on Lew Rockwell by former Justice Andrew Napolitano on 2/1/18 entitled Lying, Spying, and Hiding. Here is an excerpt of that article that I recommend reading in its entirety:

“The abuse summarized in the Republican memo apparently spans the last year of the Obama administration and the first year of the Trump administration. If it comes through as advertised, it will show the deep state using the government’s powers for petty or political or ideological reasons.

The use of raw intelligence data by the NSA or the FBI for political purposes or to manipulate those in government is as serious a threat to popular government — to personal liberty in a free society — as has ever occurred in America since Congress passed the Alien and Sedition Acts of 1798, which punished speech critical of the government.”

So, to keep something from coming out of this magnitude, do you see the big picture?

What is the best way to “deflect” attention from something such as this? War, naturally.

I submit that the powers that be who are within the Deep State will either commence their lackeys to start a war or will create the conditions that will lead to one... not necessarily starting with North Korea, but possibly one of the other theatres where tensions with the U.S. are running high.

I also submit that under such circumstances, it may not be the President who is responsible for the start of such a war: it may be a contrived crisis that the Deep State will not allow to go to waste that propels us into one. Nothing is beyond their capabilities, except to act with compassion and take into consideration the rights and welfare of the average citizen.

The Deep State will allow millions to die in a war before being held accountable, especially to the American people.



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There is always the possibility that she is retarded and believes/rationalizes the absolute bullshit that spills out of her mouth.

I tend to believe she IS NOT smart in the conventional sense of "being smart", it is my opinion that she has surrounded herself (in her hubris) with devious people who think they are just smart as she thinks she is.

It was NOT smart to set up an illegal server to bypass security protocols and then pass classified information across it, it was not smart to deal with Russians on a political opposition paper, just as it was not smart at the start of her coattail riding career in politics purloining documents pertaining to the Watergate investigation.

Her ego, concerning her actual intelligence...that has always been her weakest point.

She's actually pretty stupid ;-)

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"And yet neither you or me could do what she has done."

Well, lets put it this way, I don't think either of us wake up every morning trying to think of different ways to lie, cheat, & steal not to mention having people bumped off so yeah, I'm going to have to agree. 

As far as Trump, I would say at least he has a reason to have an ego, it ain't bragging if one can do it ;-)

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"Stockholm Syndrome" not "Helsinki Syndrome".

Or is it another woo woo Mandela Effect?

Where people couldn't tell one black South African from another.

Can't tell one Northern European capital from another?

The Swedes would be offended at being mistaken for Finns, but that was before cultural suicide became popular.

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I doubt the NYT report is accurate. I doubt McMaster wouldn't draw up a contingency plan because he wanted to hold back the president.

It has already been reported in interviews with McMaster, war plans have been drawn up and presented to the president. So where ever NYT is getting their court gossip it has the wrong date stamp on the data.

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The retired Green Beret sounds like he's suffering from Stockholm Syndrome because he is siding with the communist. MSM controls his mind and the mind of the nation, I see it repeated like a parrot on message boards and in articles.

Critical original thinking has been replaced by a MSM mantra for the herd to follow.

This is why we read distorted perceptions of reality. There is not enough data in MSM reporting to support the imaginative scenarios placed in the mind of the nation. But no one asks the critical questions because the MSM controls the narrative.

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I've never seen any actual evidence that she's smart.  Tricky, devious, manipulative, yes, of course.  But she's always just seemed like a ruthlessly power-craven psychopath with an IQ of 100-110.  Also, she failed the DC Bar exam right after law school and never tried again.  The DC bar exam has never been hard.  Also, her professed interpretation of 1984 (as stated in "WTF Happened???") is that we must always trust those "experts" who rule over us, lest we slip into tyranny.

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|Except: those which might work.

Always in all ways... bobbing, twisting, weaving all discussion away

from what ever might ultimately make a difference to survival of the people of the west, the knostical knob gobblers of kabbalisms' thought police patrol these pages for the purpose of inducing terminal narcolepsy

so that their compadres may complete their mission of dissolving all real resistance to Making Americas' Fate Depend...

pon the sayso of Russo-talmudic mafiya types in far off places - whose faces betray that unmistakable glimmer of the grin which generations of vodka and gin peddlin khazarian wore well when telling their stupored peasant 'customers' that the title deed to their fathers farm had gone into THEIR hands due to debts incurred in the course of drunken palavers induced by potato-based distillations of helpless rage at how these wandering peddlers always seemed to end up with the silver and shiskas

which rightly belonged to the local yokel but somehow got away in the course of centuries of 'living together.'

A blueprint with much application to the moment, as the Merikan male slips under the waterline, weighted with opoid-induced indifference to how it all went down.

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he he heh... the friday night stuperous crowd creeps into their chairs, the charred remains of their brains atrophied by auto-intoxifications o the usual kind.

bin waitin for yas... long time gone, "promise"-creeper! You cued it.... LEZ DOOD THIS THANG  DUDE!

Ah yas! Drumpfs' secretly 'got it all under control.' Luv it. Or leave it... to wither on the vine, with time, like a thousand other fictions which the under-mensch of the western satrapies use to excuse that abandonment of a manly declaration of intent to

take the fight to the [main] enemy. Drumpf. Exhibit number one... in our forensic study o how buddies of buddy Epsteins Always and forever end up \UNDER THE BUS\ Drumpf/ the Mischlinger(part judaic)... of the kind kabbalism ALWAYS USES to stalk the western lands with death and factional bloodshed.

Hitler.. mischlinger tool of the $power... he took estrogen injections to make him feel more 'womanly' for his tyrsts with drivers and other 'luvers' of the super dooper pooper pushin 'master race.'

Stalin... mischlinger fool of the $power... who, noting his teutonic buddies fate, waged a holy war upon his controllers n killed more bolshie frankists that any one ever before... only to fall to the 'doctors' of that same tribe. Sexual pathologies too numerous to mention in the confines of a comment

Drump... mischlinger tool of the funnymoney power ... and just like LBJ before him... crypto from cradle to crypt.

these are the bent men... men partially of our racial stock... partially of another ... twisted like elves on a Witch King o the Norths rack till broke n turned into suitably ghoulish simulacra of mensch... in service to the talmudic dark lords.

When your weekend stupor is over at last.... lil buddy... you'll need to study the photographic evidence part of our forensic review. Tis all there.  Look at the body language. Close like. See that stiff, disjointedness when in the presence of his 'family?' And see the pure fear in the eyes of his 'son' in his presence? but butt ...wait, there's more. What the hell is the stance and face of Melania telling us? you need to look, lil buddy.... and then, if you dare, pull out a mirror and see it happening, right before you

stuperous, disbelievin eyes!

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I envision a booth-like device called a Psychopath Detector into which every human on the planet steps into. Should the Klaxton horns blare and the psychometer peg into the red, that person is immediately taken to an isolated, inescapable island somewhere and dumped there with all the other psychopaths. That would probably cure 99% of our problems. Of course, that would also leave the vast majority of the upper echelons of banking, government and corporate structures vacant, but I somehow think that we will continue to plod along none for the worst.

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. Israel, a democracy with a relatively small population, is most vulnerable to Islams demographic war.

Full stop. Did you just slip that in with the idea we'd bounce over the dissonance packed inside, and move smoothly on to the rest of your missive?

Srael may indeed be 'the future of democracy'... a twisted house of horrors where one faction of angry god nutjobbers(ashkenaz) methodically eliminates those 'others' of their own tribe(sephardics) as well as the classical (others)of the palestine portion of their unholy land...

but it is a template which anyone hanging on to the notion of 'democracy' as the distillation of 'western values' should be extremely frightened by. You don't have to be a partisan of the pals to note this truth - the ethno-religious supremacism practiced as state policy in that 'shithole' country supreme is a multi-pronged attack pon diversity of ANY sort - religious, ethnic, cultural, or even gender(Srael is the biggest home of 'transgenderism' as a culture war component of the war upon us),

such that even as the very same template comes over America and the rest of the west... denaturing everyone slowly into that perfected talmudic "Adam Kadmon" who is neither male nor female... the pinnacle of kabbalistic hierarchy...

folks still prefer their squabbles over red/blue, me/you, he/she, to the duller, but more fundamental task of rescuing themselves and their country from noahide nullification via talmudic kabbalisms' "holy war" upon the west.

& Cue: a gaggle of babbling apologists for the $power aghast at this interruption to their smorgasbord of sockpupperty psy ops.

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Well there ya go!

We're on the same page... kinda sorta maybe...

from my 2016 "TOPRAK VE TURNA: Self Governance & the middle eastern map"

As such, the commonality of interests between regimes in power in nations all over the world is much greater than the commonality of interests between any state regime and its citizen/victims. Which is exactly what we are seeing right now, as one rogue regime begins the bloody rampage of state terror against it's own people - and other states all across the globe come to it's defense in support! Is it not astonishing that state powers as diverse as Russia, China, USA and the EU are all fully supportive of the fake coup narrative - and the "right" it grants the perpetrator to murderous "revenge" upon every element of the polity which ever opposed it in any way?


Now... since self-governance is the common thread between us... how to 'unwind' that lil issue of "Srael is a democracy in the middle east" thing? Any suggestions? I'm all ...ears!

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The  Islamic states demographic war on western democratic countries?

Wake up dotard.  There is certainly a demographic war on western democratic countries happening, but it started well before muzzies got involved.  Almost four decades before 9/11 jews in the US pushed through the Immigration reform act of 1965.  To blame muzzies for the demographic war is ridiculous.  They are tools of the jews in their continuing endeavor to destroy western civilization.

On the logic of your enemy's enemy being your friend, westerners should consider how best to work with muzzies against our common foe.  Unfortunately, that foe controls the US.  We are zionist-occupied territory.  No more, no less.

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Well then...

I withdraw my barb from thy hide, squire, and resolve to fire further in the future only after an interval for clarification has elapsed.

I will however, posit that 'demographic war' (holy war)was indeed the invention of those judaics who fell under the spell of ezra and the other babylonian 'returnees'... and has been since articulated and justified over and over by generations of talmudic rebbes and scribes as such. [see my - "Chapter One: The Silent "Holy War"" for further explication of that important historical detail!]

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All true, and nicely put. However..

the concept of 'holy war' - eg. a war upon 'others' as putatively 'authorized' by a fictional 'god' or supreme be ing... is entirely the invention and madness of a group of ethno-supremacists who hijacked Israels good name(and much later) its territories...

and started proclaiming 'let nothing that breatheth remain' as a kind of proto-gangsta rap schtick which got completely outta hand.



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