American Hysteria Over Russia Will Lead To Nuclear War, Report

Authored by Seraphim Hanisch via,

Russian media reacts strongly to the American Nuclear Posture Review, which tries to convince its readers that Russia is trying to take over the world...

Russian television broadcast a dire sounding piece on February 5th that probably was rather disquieting to most Russians, and also a source of significant dismay to their hopes for a rapprochement in relations following the election of Donald Trump to the Presidency of the United States.

The news agency “Vesti” explained that the US is preparing itself for nuclear war with Russia.

The US Department of Defense published its 2018 Nuclear Posture Review.  This consists of at least two documents that are public domain that detail the assessment the DoD made about nuclear threats from around the world.  The language about Russia is curious, for like Russia, the US repeatedly maintains that there is no desire for anything but good relations.

However, this is unfortunately either a blind claim or a willfully blind claim for the sake of propaganda. 

Based on the insanity of the US government’s reaction or posture about Russia overall, with the military fears, the sanctions and the most recent incidents of the release of the “Kremlin list” of government heads and successful businessmen and women, and the close flyby of a Russian fighter jet to an American surveillance aircraft, the ever-present “RussiaGate” investigations; and the lack of visible insanity on the Russians’ side, it seems likely that the American version of what is causing the ‘need’ to resolidify ‘defenses’ is lacking in factual evidence and cannot be taken as conclusive or trustworthy.

Not that there is any precedent for this outrageous statement… and if you believe that…

The problem begins with a false premise:

Russia is not the Soviet Union and the Cold War is long over. However, despite our best efforts to sustain a positive relationship, Russia now perceives the United States and NATO as its principal opponent and impediment to realizing its destabilizing geopolitical goals in Eurasia. (Emphasis mine)

This is an extremely bold assertion, though for some of the people who influence the stance of US foreign and military policy, this is how they see it.  However, it is also rather skillful sophistry that is achieved by a combination of American desire for hegemony and also, unfortunately, by a certain level of vagueness on both sides.

The Russian component of this vagueness largely seems to rest on the matter of Ukraine.  Ukraine itself is rightly understood as the motherland of all the Rus’ (“all the Russias”) from history that runs back over a thousand years.  It was Kiev that was the great capital of the early Russian governorate, which slowly expanded to become the Russian Empire.

However, there is also a complicated and deeply tragic history regarding the Ukraine, notably during the Soviet era, when millions of Ukrainians perished in what some in that country now regard as an intentional genocide, perpetrated deliberately against them by the Soviets in Moscow, hence, “Russia.”

This issue itself is complex and warrants, even begs, further exposition, but it is beyond the scope of this article. Some understanding may be gained by reading this piece, which gives an interesting survey of the history of Ukraine.  (Be aware though that it still comes from a publication with Western perspective.)

The main point is that Ukraine’s own nationalistic wish is spawned from factors including a national memory that points at Moscow as the source of their problems.  The fact that the Russian Federation is not Communist does not deter this point of view, because although the Russian nation is no longer a dictatorship, it still does not always conduct its foreign and national affairs transparently, and the desire for a real sense of self-determination is magnified by the allure of the glittering, wealthy West. The Western powers, most notably the USA, know this and have been teasing the Ukrainians with it.

Some of them, in Kiev and the western areas of the country (not all of which were Soviet territories at one point) have long had ties more to Europe than to Russia, and the inclusion of their territories in the Soviet Union was a source of further bitterness.  For many people in Ukraine, their history is of living in a battlefield of foreign powers.

They are understandably almost instinctively upset about any power’s designs on their territory, but it is also easy to manipulate this characteristic, and the United States has led the current struggle for Ukraine yet again.  The allure of Western European life seems to be what drew so many to the Euromaidan struggle in 2014, but the present day economy under the pro-Western government also appears to be in a shambles.

At any rate, the historical memory of extremely authoritarian and cruel Soviet rule in the region, plus the present day “vagueness” that seems to exist with regards to Russian foreign affairs, helps the West to cast Russia as an authoritarian nation, led by a “secret Communist”, Vladimir Putin, “who used to be a KGB agent.”

When one gives this information to many Americans, the conclusion they draw is clear.

The Pentagon, the central hub of US military operations.

Now to be sure, Vladimir Putin has been extremely open and candid about his nation and his own assertions of a strong Russian nation are absolutely proper for Russia, as they are for any nation. Nationalism is held extremely strongly in the United States, and again, history plays a part.  The recent history of what amounts to world dominance, militarily, scientifically, academically, and culturally, gives a sense to Americans that it is their country which is the guardian of all that is good.

But what are they guarding?  That greatness has shown many signs of slipping into decadence, such as happened in the waning days of the Roman Empire, where people lost their vision of becoming great, and have been self-indulgent in their perceived independence, not only of other nations and cultures, but of any power, including the Highest Power.  We have seen it become legal to call homosexual unions “marriage” and depravity, drug use, and tremendous unproductive navel-gazing have become more and more prevalent in a nation that, a mere 45 years ago, really stood as a defender of Christian freedom.

It is not possible that a nation living in delusion about itself can have a clear view of those nations outside itself.  And Russia has moved in the opposite direction as has the West.  The struggle exists, for Russia under Communism suffered great damage to the institutions of family, marriage and Church, but the move of the Federation now is to rebuild these core values.  All this while for a time, America seemed to be engaged in self-destruction by attacking these same core values.

Now, America’s military is in an extremely dangerous place.  The amount of sheer power the military has is greater than any in the world.  Although Russia and China also have incredibly capable military forces, the Chinese are untested in battle thus far, and the Russians are just beginning to show their own incredible capabilities.  But the United States has been at war almost continuously since at least as early as 2001, and this projection of power does create experience.

This Nuclear Posture Review shows us the face of a country who is deluded, hysterical, as the Russian media calls it, and they are right.  Despite the issues with Russia and Ukraine or Syria, Russia’s political will does not remotely resemble the notion that Russia is in an expansionist stage and that it wants to take over the former Soviet republics and then expand into the West.  Russia does want to chart her own course, and as a great power, and one with a long history and long memory of suffering, she wants to try to protect her own people from more suffering.

The American posture points the finger at Russia for being a threat, and then implies that Russia is a threat in very well-crafted language.  And this makes the assessment even more dangerous:

Russia has significantly increased the capabilities of its non-nuclear forces to project power into regions adjacent to Russia and, as previously discussed, has violated multiple treaty obligations and other important commitments. Most concerning are Russia’s national security policies, strategy, and doctrine that include an emphasis on the threat of limited nuclear escalation, and its continuing development and fielding of increasingly diverse and expanding nuclear capabilities. Moscow threatens and exercises limited nuclear first use, suggesting a mistaken expectation that coercive nuclear threats or limited first use could paralyze the United States and NATO and thereby end a conflict on terms favorable to Russia. Some in the United States refer to this as Russia’s “escalate to de-escalate” doctrine. “De-escalation” in this sense follows from Moscow’s mistaken assumption of Western capitulation on terms favorable to Moscow.

Effective U.S. deterrence of Russian nuclear attack and non-nuclear strategic attack now requires ensuring that the Russian leadership does not miscalculate regarding the consequences of limited nuclear first use, either regionally or against the United States itself. Russia must instead understand that nuclear first-use, however limited, will fail to achieve its objectives, fundamentally alter the nature of a conflict, and trigger incalculable and intolerable costs for Moscow. Our strategy will ensure Russia understands that any use of nuclear weapons, however limited, is unacceptable.

The U.S. deterrent tailored to Russia, therefore, will be capable of holding at risk, under all conditions, what Russia’s leadership most values. It will pose insurmountable difficulties to any Russian strategy of aggression against the United States, its allies, or partners and ensure the credible prospect of unacceptably dire costs to the Russian leadership if it were to choose aggression.

This is an amazing construction and assertion, and it is extremely dangerous for a nation with simultaneously massive power and a deluded worldview to hold.  It is also very difficult to get people who have such a suspicious point of view to back away from that suspicion. There is a great deal of bondage such belief and fear exerts on those who hold it.

That being said, this situation helps explain what many in the alternative media do – to counter media and political bias and to report on events in a light that is hopefully objective and true.  The Vesti newspiece was in its own way as alarmist as the American document it reported is.  The real way through this is obviously through increased understanding of the truth in all matters – historical, ideological, and in our case here, geopolitical.

The American side has taken several nasty jabs at the Russians recently, in this document and last week’s “Kremlin list”, but there is also hope that the disintegrating “Russiagate” investigation will come to the true conclusions about this matter, and so free the hands of those in America who understand that Russia is anything but an enemy or adversary.



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This is all part of the insanity of the Left.  Not only are their philosophical tenets absurd, but so are their delusional fantasies about their "evil" rightist opponents.  Anyone who is opposed to their nutty ideas is a villain bent on world-destruction.  It's utter lunacy, but we must deal with them... just as a family deals with the crazy aunt living in their attic.  We, who understand the lies of the (((media))) must raise our voices to a fever pitch so that Trump will hear our pleas for amicable relations with Russia.  There is absolutely NO REASON why the world's two superpowers cannot get along and retain hegemony in their respective hemispheres.  There needn't be any conflict whatsoever.  Of course, this scenario is possible only so long as strictly gentile hands are steering the rudders deep under our ships of state.

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Pandelis J S Bach Fri, 02/09/2018 - 23:18 Permalink

this is not about left and right people ... wake up, none would risk nuclear war and perishing millions and millions over some stupid left and right BS.


To understand what is coming learn about the past learn about the secret holocaust.  To regular people these are so monstrous thar they dont believe to be true, and that is on what the perpetrators count on, in addition to all the propaganda BS.  Here is only a small piece:


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A Sentinel TBT or not TBT Sat, 02/10/2018 - 02:46 Permalink

The worst part of the Russia mania is that it’s contrived entirely by the Clintons in an Alinsky maneuver (accuse your enemies of your own mistakes) that is designed to cover the uranium treason.

if we go to war with Russia, it’s because Hilary doesn’t give a shit how she damages the country (or, in red diaper 5th column fashion, she does care).

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Russia as it is to the Western establishment is the main obstacle to globalism and financial, resource and territorial hegemony and control.  This same establishment, whether you care to call it the Bilderberg group, the Trilateral Commission, Council of Foreign Relations, Club of Rome, Club of Isles, European monarchy, Zionists, or the Rothschild oligarchs and financial network, it is determined not only to take over the entire Levant but also Russia. Based on the global political history over the last 50 years this present establishment is totally sociopathic. With respect to financial debt rigging of foreign nations, the Federal Reserve ponzi scheme, destruction of nations asserting independence, false flags, HAARP threats, military backed regime changes, promotion of cultural Marxism, destruction of family values, you name it, this establishment has absolutely no morals, and is destroying everything of value in its path. If we are now to be embroiled in another major war then instead of innocent civilians and naive or dupe military personnel being killed and maimed, the people should wake up and consider the actual perpetrators as the most worthy of targets. They can no longer hide their ugly deeds nor can they themselves hide. 

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Point well taken, Pandelis.  However, I use the term "Left" intentionally because it is THEY who do not acknowledge REAL history such as your YouTube link.  It is THEY who do not equate the Greek, Armenian or Ukrainian "holocausts" with the easily-disproved false narrative of the vaunted "6 million".  Many on the alt-right DO address these very important and germane historical truths.  So, there definitely IS a Left/Right connotation when discussing these fabricated and potentially world-shattering myths such as the "Trump/Russia Dossier".

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 "There is absolutely NO REASON why the world's two superpowers cannot get along and retain hegemony in their respective hemispheres."

Actually, there is a very BIG REASON... which your own comment underlines...

"Of course, this scenario is possible only so long as strictly gentile hands are steering the rudders deep under our ships of state."

but then refuses to deal with. Just the same as this article -


The struggle exists, for Russia under Communism suffered great damage to the institutions of family, marriage and Church, but the move of the Federation now is to rebuild these core values.  All this while for a time, America seemed to be engaged in self-destruction by attacking these same core values.

which counter to all evidence, fictionally postulates for the naive westerner dreamer, a nascent Russ nation in full recovery from a century of bolshevik talmudic barbarism. The 'core values' of 'nation states' everywhere have now become 'kosher values'... and having each of these two mentioned countries attack and destroy each other is part of the program which the helpless puppets fronting both 'lubavitcher-run' regimes will put into motion on instructions from HQ in  the s e med.

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why is it that an extreme minority of a population figure this out, but are helpless to do anything?

answer: it "lies" in the self preservation psyche of humans as a flaw, that being, following the path of least resist, observed in nature to be a law of survival, but preyed on by psychopaths.

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Where's the beef?  You continuously make this assertion, but where's the evidence to support it?

I can make assertions without supporting evidence too. 

Here's one:

There will be no war between Russia and the West.  Granted there may have been a nefarious Zionist plan at some point, but if true, that all ended with Putin and co. who have:

1. Routed the Zionist element within Russia.

2. Assumed a military posture that, in the case of nuclear attack, assures the complete and utter destruction of Israel.

Putin is on record describing Russia's response to the present US nuclear posture as asymmetrical.  The subtext is clear.  It is far less expensive for Russia to threaten the source of the problem than to compete in a new arms race that, arguably, was a leading cause of the collapse of the USSR.

I have no evidence to support this assertion, but as an asymmetric response, it has a certain logic when combined with known facts, the first of which is Russia's presence in Syria.  Is that really about pipelines or terrorists, or is about securing a position within immediate striking distance of a known threat? 

When seen from that perspective, it makes sense to view western hostility towards Russia as a genuine response to a potential, or actual, fait accompli.  Basically, the return of MAD, but with an asymmetric cost structure that heavily favors Russia.

All this assumes that my first point is correct, but again, evidence exists to support the contention, whereas I see little to none that would counter it.  So again, where's the beef?


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BobEore ebear Sat, 02/10/2018 - 04:44 Permalink

Your skepticism is welcome, to these ears.

I am, however, under no obligation whatsoever, to 'provide you proof' of anything.

I will continue to state my case, as I choose to make it ...

Ties that Bind!on Feb 10, 2018; 12:14pm

Psst! Got matches? Here's the gasoline!

and let the reader adjudicate, who has made the best selection of calls on muddled eastern matters over the past two years.

I remain,

yours most, etc, etc.,

Mike Nomad Ol skool scribbler of the really real deal.

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ebear BobEore Sat, 02/10/2018 - 06:12 Permalink

Thanks.  Sorry I missed your earlier reply where you talk about the energy nexus.  Hard to navigate this site at times.

Clearly Russia is affected by lower oil prices, but so is the KSA and other OPEC members, not to mention US frackers.  Whether or not it drives the kind of nationalistic fervor that leads to the scenario you envision is hard to say.  I'm not there, and my main source of information has been outside the country for many years.  FWIW, he sees it as more of a nuisance than a determining factor.

I could make the argument that by reducing imports, sanctions act to not only strengthen domestic producers, but by singling out individuals, as with this recent list, they also force repatriation of capital, which presumably strengthens the current account.  I'm no financial expert, but I see pros here as well as cons.

I'm sure in the fullness of time we will have the answer.  Meanwhile, I prefer to regard Russia with cautious optimism, not so much based on her government as her people, with whom I've had nothing but pleasant encounters over the years.


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 Your insanity is to believe that

" This is all part of the insanity of the Left".



Trump and Hillary are "leftists"?

Trump's military and economic advisors are "leftists"?

The Pentagon is run by "leftists"?

NeoCONs are "leftists"?

Zionists are "leftists"?

The CEOs of the MIC and MSM are "leftists"?


The language has become degraded and Orwellian enough.

Do you even know who should be considered "leftists" and why?


Whatever disagreements there may be with "leftists",

it is most unhelpful toward any real understanding

to portray the US drive for for full-spectrum dominance

(implicitly meaning economic, political, and military dominance)

as "all" due to "leftists" (in control of what?)



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There are politicians and deep state but no right and left, they use the illusion of two sides to let the people (voters) THINK they have a choice.

 The reason they do not allow a 3rd party is that they do not want to expand the options and "pay"to control it...Same reason you can only sports bet in Las vegas, they can control the outcome by screening all big betters(inside information) and they lose that control if all states took bets.

The myth of left "doing this" is only the deepstate using a fake opposition as the excuse!

They have puppets all over govt and congress that they rely on to do there bidding..

There is a reason why people like Maxine Waters talks so much shit and knows nothing about nothing, she is paid to speak for the deepstate.. This C_NT had nothing financially before politics and is now a govt (public employee) who lives in a 6 million dollar home, How?

Justice system , congress, president are three positions of our govt "that we think we elect" they are corrupted by the deep state and they use them to get all they want as far as policy goes!

The real people in power you never vote for, they are regulars in all decisions regardless of what party is in the white house.

The same people that pulled the strings behind Bill Clinton have been there through BushII,Obama and now Trump without fail... They and they alone control the DEA CIA FBI NSA and all the alphabet agencies people think the Govt runs! They are tools to run the country and the elected stooge just does his time because he would never be on the ticket to run unless they had him in there pocket from day 1.

The average mope will say they did everything to stop him and he won, NO they preferred Clinton because she was a better puppet, but they owned both of them... again the illusion of a choice... to elect




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I agree, it's Clinton and Obama who suddenly called Russia our enemy once Hillary lost, which threatens the exposure of Obama and her corrupting government institutions, and dare I say, the likely hacking of Hillary's server and blackmail of her and Obama (from whom there were 20 emails with Obama suspiciously using an alias).   Before Hillary lost, they "reset" relations and Obama publicly wanted to be friends with Russia, and were very flexibly and appeased them via numerous actions such as the quiet sale of 20% of our uranium to them. 

A war would put the investigation into Obama's administration and exposure of the secret society off the front pages (or several pages back in liberal newspapers) and they'd claim it was just made up propaganda if Russia started revealing their blackmail to avoid war.  I don't think either Putin or Trump believe all out war would be good for either of them. And I don't see Trump starting one. 



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francis scott … MoreFreedom Sat, 02/10/2018 - 14:51 Permalink


The neocons needed Russia to be our enemy** since the

Patriot Missile Shield started to go up in Eastern Europe.

Before Snowden's move and the Crimean Referendum.

All the reset shit was the Neocon/Democrat way of trying

to fool the Russians inot believing what you believe: WE



Exceptionalism is in the American DNA.  They would no more

want to share the world's hegemony with Russia and China than

they would want their dicks sliced off and shoved down their



Early in the new millennium the Neocons (Wolfowitz) actually

believed (and convinced the Democrats) that they could deliver

preemptive, nuclear first strike on Russia and completely take out

Russia's nuclear response and get ABSOLUTELY NO DAMAGE on 

the Homeland in return.  This was Wolfowitz's contention.


That's when the Deep State expunged the Neocon wing of the DS 

from power and decided to feign support for Hillary while working

to elect Trump (the perfect fool) president.










Please don't bother to reply to my comments as I can no longer

waste my time trying to find my original comment thanks to 

Tyler's extremely fucked up new format for commenting.



** to get obscene defense department budget increases

     as the assholes in congress try to get defense expenditures

     in their states and districts.


     unless there is an evil enemy lurking in the wings, congress

     has no incentive to spend more on defense.


     remember, it's not like the good old days when we would

     just borrow the money to increase our defenses from the

     stupid schmucks in Europe; oh no, now we just print bombers

     and air craft carriers on DoD's 3D money printers.







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Message to Vlad.  We loyal Americans like you.  We loyal Americans think Hillary and O'Fraudo are traitors. John Kerry too. 

   Keep your nukes on standby as we have a new, much smarter president now who knows todays enemy is China and Rad Islam.  And please take Obama off our hands.  PLEASE! He is a burden, stupid and a disgrace!!

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land_of_the_few Gusher Sat, 02/10/2018 - 10:42 Permalink

China *had* their nuke warheads separate from their launchers, a last-resort deal, no first strike. Unlike various other nuclear armed nations.

However, bigging them up into a terrible ad-hoc "enemy" may have blown this peaceful posture.

They probably think they have to be ready to first-strike now because it looks very much like the West wants to strike them, and endlessly provokes them.

Well done, slow golf-clap, etc., medals all round. Darwin would be proud.

And "Rad Islam" do you mean the kind of headchoppers endlessly paid and armed in places like Jordan by the West and then ferried around by their ever so obliging Whitey taxi-drivers?

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PrintCash Fri, 02/09/2018 - 23:10 Permalink

“American hysteria over Russia will lead to Nuclear war.....”.  Progressive libtard reasoning will lead to more media freak out sessions.  

honestann Fri, 02/09/2018 - 23:12 Permalink

The USSA, and especially the neocon-jobs and their NGOs populated by insane psychopaths are the biggest danger to the world.  Unless, of course, you consider the fact that 99.999% of the human population believe utterly insane inherent fictions like "authority" and "government" are real and actually exist.

Another danger is the Mao faction (the corporatist democrats now in control of the DNC) gain power, in which case the USSA will go the same way as Mao China did.  If you don't know what that means, you better read a little and find out.

A Sentinel FreeEarCandy Sat, 02/10/2018 - 02:51 Permalink


what the hell do you think Hilary wants? (in her constant mao-esque pantsuits.)

Yeah- the old fashioned (pre-Fabian/pre-progressive) commies like bill Aires and weather underground want to kill 30% of the population- but do you suppose they wouldn’t redistribute in the process? - state owned assets too are just convenient ways to assert personal control without technical ownership.

 Barely ot- does anyone have a picture of the mao Christmas tree ornament from the first Obama Christmas tree?

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honestann FreeEarCandy Sat, 02/10/2018 - 03:11 Permalink

I'm not sure I understand your point.  Maybe you can restate so I understand... though yes, Hitlery is so close to a Mao clone that it is almost unbelievable.  I guess it isn't surprising gringos don't notice that, since few of them read China history.

Note that the 1% ARE the communist party.  They always were the crony/cooperative rich.

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Lore honestann Sat, 02/10/2018 - 00:27 Permalink

Note how different flavors of bullshit overlap and intermingle. 

I have a branch of relatives who emigrated to Canada from SW Ukraine (Odessa) early in the last century.  They're a dark, nasty bunch, scheming, manipulative, cruel, exploitative, and malevolent, committing some of the worst sorts of rottenness even to each other.  The first generation were Nazi sympathizers long before the London bankers installed Hitler in Germany.  If the latest generation is representative in any way of their ethnic or cultural roots, then one can hardly blame the people of the northeastern Donbass region for choosing legally to secede, given perceived absence of conscientious government in Kiev.

I mention this to underline your important point: we all must cut through the old, misleading tactic of painting a given nation-state or blanket population as The Enemy and understand the problem as one of insurgency within governments and other forms of human organization.  Rotten People have been allowed to make decisions and create terrible imbalances that are antithetical to the public interest.  Every attempt at distraction and subterfuge (including proxy war and state sponsored terrorism) merely underlines the urgency with which this problem must be addressed.  Slogans like "Change We Can Believe In" and "Make [Country X] Great Again" are too vague.  "Take Power Away From Psychopaths" is more specific, meaningful and achievable. 

If the many managerial positions are assumed by individuals deprived of sufficient abilities to feel and understand the majority of other people, and who also exhibit deficiencies in technical imagination and practical skills - (faculties indispensable for governing economic and political matters) - this then results in an exceptionally serious crisis in all areas, both within the country in question and with regard to international relations. Within, the situation becomes unbearable even for those citizens who were able to feather their nest into a relatively comfortable modus vivendi.  Outside, other societies start to feel the pathological quality of the phenomenon quite distinctly.  Such a state of affairs cannot last long.  One must then be prepared for ever more rapid changes, and also behave with great circumspection.

Political Ponerology: A Science on the Nature of Evil Adjusted for Political Purposes, p. 140

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Yeah, except with neocon-jobs in power, the change that occurs when the system snaps is likely global thermonuclear war... and an end to the human species.

Given that I am 100% certain now that:

#1:  Humans are dumber than rocks.
#2:  Humans are a failed species.
#3:  Humans are doomed.

I don't really care whether humans exterminate themselves or not.

What I do care about is whether a few of the 0.00001% of humans who are honest, ethical, productive, benevolent and sane are able to get the hell outta dodge (self-sufficient in outer space) before the rest of the species goes up in smoke, mushroom clouds and nuclear winter.  Unfortunately, the odds of that don't look very favorable.

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honestann FreeEarCandy Mon, 02/12/2018 - 20:39 Permalink

I'm not upset, just disgusted.  But 99.9% of the time I'm too busy to worry about such nonsense... fortunately for me.

Very few if any of the 1% earned their wealth via productive work.  For the most part they took advantage of special favors and situations only available to the 1%... courtesy the various predators-that-be (central banksters, "government", etc).

BTW, if the ultra-rich in China who are the "leaders" of the communist party were actually communist... they'd be poor.  They're not.  So what I'm trying to say is, no matter what they pretend to be, in fact they're all just human predators.  What they claim to be or pretend to support is just fig leaf for anyone at the top whether they call themselves socialist, communist, fascist, capitalist, king, queen, pope, you-name-it.

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Element honestann Sat, 02/10/2018 - 02:23 Permalink

".... it seems likely that the American version of what is causing the ‘need’ to resolidify ‘defenses’ is lacking in factual evidence and cannot be taken as conclusive or trustworthy. ..." 


These pro-Russian 'article' propaganda 'writer' rubes are a complete joke. And this silly slop is supposed to change reality, how? 

In 2014, pootie beat his freshly waxed chest, and declared that he was ready to use nuclear weapons, even as he invaded and annexed Crimea, plus armed a Russian insurgent war in a eastern Ukraine, then shot down a civilian airliner, with a Russian army Buk SAM! 

But the western response is, allegedly making no sense, to you? 

But of course it is making perfect sense to you. But you wish to pretend otherwise, and then talk laughable bull crap instead, as if that will magically allow those who did it, to escape their fete. 


Not gonna work, we know what pootie did, there is no confusion. 

No, childish nuclear threats and laughable fear campaigns will not save the guilty ones. We don't scare so easily, pootie fans.

These nuke war propaganda 'articles' are completely obvious. You pootie fans are clearly much more afraid of the West, than your propaganda's target-audience is, on that topic.


(... and Anne, geez ... you're such a freakin chump! I do hope ICE is not such a gullible sucker for such obvious propaganda tthemes and ploys lol ...)

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You’re not wrong that Putin has rather grandiose plans, not wrong that he’s a bit of a sociopath either. Interestingly, I heard some cia wiretaps of him and that scary old professor advisor of his - and they were absolutely convinced of the most moronic bullshit. He’s no evil genius. (That’s a big plus in his column.)

what is true, and his motives are irrelevant, is that he’s imposing a rebirth of Christian morality in Russia. I doubt he’s a sincere believer and he probably considers it window dressing, but imposed or organic, morality and particularly Christianity will have a supercharging effect on Russian effectiveness within a generation.

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Hopefully it'll get them off the booze and thinking straight, but then again Christianity brings its own retardant effect on people.


But yes, pootie is a bit erratic and paranoid, but he knows how to use the art of propaganda.

In 2005 Russia's military and economy were a basket case, but he's now got everyone taking them 'seriously' just a decade later??


That's some pretty effective illusion making.


The fine art of making nothings, look like somethings.


But then again, when your target audience is so credulous ... it isn't that hard.

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I'm not a Putin fan.  I hate all politicians, every one of them on planet earth.  But I am more concerned about politicians who are likely to start global thermonuclear war within my lifetime.  I see no evidence that Putin will START a nuclear war of any scale.  I cannot say that about the neocon-jobs, even though I always wonder whether their clearly stated insanity is partly bluff or not.

Your comments about Ukraine are totally disingenuous.  The usual neocon-jobs predators in the USSA planned and aided the overthrow of the corrupt but elected government in Ukraine in order to put in their stooge, manipulate his policies, and put additional pressure on Russia and Putin (after the USSA promised not to push further east towards Russia after the Berlin Wall fell).  I added "corrupt" to make sure you know I understand that, but guess what... every other government on earth is corrupt too, and that is not a valid basis to overthrow governments (elected or not).

Furthermore, you lie about what happened in Crimea.  After the overthrow there, the people in the Crimea area VOTED overwhelmingly to become part of Russia.

Also, Russia did not shoot down that airliner.  All one needs to know that is how the non-investigation was run.

I am not pro any government or any politician.  Every single one of them on planet earth deserves to have a bullet pass directly through their heads the moment they take power (or even before, for even trying to take power over other individuals).  They are ALL vicious human predators, every single one of them, including Putin.  Got that?  Are you clear about that?  Do you agree about that?

Nonetheless, facts are facts, and facts don't change just because the facts make one human predator look a bit less vicious or insane than other human predators.

The USSA went insane when Russia was building military assets in Cuba.

Now neocon-jobs and neocon-job lovers (and individuals suckered by neocon-job propaganda) think there is nothing for Russia to worry after they totally violated their promises to not push right up against Russia... and now regularly hold military exercises and practice within spitting distance of Russia, and make threats constantly --- the majority of which are OBVIOUS LIES.

None of this means Putin is an angel, or that Russia isn't a hell-hole (albeit slowly but surely slightly less as time goes by).  But it does mean WE KNOW WHO HAS INVADED 7 NATIONS UNJUSTLY AND KILLED MILLIONS OF INNOCENTS IN RECENT YEARS.  That was not Putin, and that was not Russia.  That was every recent USSA president and the USSA.  That is quite clear to anyone who has a brain that is not entirely compromised by nonsense.

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Anne, you pretend to be above it all, but in practise you seem totally inseparably addicted to all of this hopeless propaganda. And yes, I realize you'll feel compelled to enlighten me as to how wrong I am ... but I'm not really buying it.


As for me, I remain as ever non-partisan, and not taking any of this (he-said verses she-said) muck too seriously.

As for "lying" .... ha! ... sorry, you're 'facts' are a bit dippy, I just couldn't be that bothered to lie about it.


I am however fascinated by the things that you claim to 'KNOW' ....... yeeeah ....... naaah!

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In 2014, pootie beat his freshly waxed chest, and declared that he was ready to use nuclear weapons, even as he invaded and annexed Crimea, plus armed a Russian insurgent war in a eastern Ukraine, then shot down a civilian airliner, with a Russian army Buk SAM! 

 You forgot to add about the villain Putin destroying your brain - that's just so mean.

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