Martin Armstrong Asks "Is George Soros One Of The Greatest Threats Against Society?"

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It is no secret that I have no respect for George Soros and that is aside from the fact that we would often be on opposite sides of the market.

I never saw Soros as a great trader.

Even the reputation that he broke the Bank of England was nonsense. The “Club” was all on that trade and it was a guaranteed trade where if the peg broke, you made a fortune and if you were wrong, you got your money back. I was on the opposite side back then being called in by those in the British government. After a 7-year bull market in equities, Soros finally threw in the towel ending his bets on the stock market crash only after being wrong for so long.

Soros lost big time on the Russian manipulation when the “Club” was bribing the IMF to keep the loans to Russia going so they could make a fortune in interest rates. That failed and ended up in Long-Term Capital Management debacle. Soros lost $2 billion on that one. I believe he also lost when the “Club” was targeting the Japanese yen in 1999. So I never saw Soros as some fantastic trader.

I believe he was just simply on the right side of a few big plays orchestrated by the “Club” and never by himself.

Macedonia 3-26-2017

I personally believe he is very dangerous politically.

I believe he stands for control of the people and is always plotting for the manipulation of society. He appears to be always on the side of Marxist/Socialism which disturbs me greatly. This is just his political philosophy. There has been a rising movement against Soros on a global scale. This is one person who the world will celebrate his death – not mourn it.

The Telegraph is now reporting that Soros “is one of three senior figures linked to the Remain-supporting campaign group Best for Britain who plan to launch a nationwide advertising campaign this month, which they hope will lead to a second referendum to keep Britain in the EU.”

Soros is on the wrong side. Europe has no chance of the EU Project actually succeeding long-term. The entire structure is completely unsound and the political process is anti-Democrat. The EU was purposefully designed to be as close to a dictatorship where the people are not trusted to make any decision and are too stupid to even know how to spend their own money. Nobody in the Troika ever stands for an election and they are the people who rule with an iron fist over the economy.


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Soros is mid level management

The firm employs him in a variety of roles, the better to smoke screen the real agendas in play

George deals in politicians as much or more as 'currencies'

Drumpf owes George $160 million. Soros financed the Chicago Trimp Tower.

Soros gave a $240million loc to Kushner start up Cadre.

Mnuchin worked at Soros Fund Management LLC.

Red/blue... what's it to you. Like the man always sez|

joomanji gonna git you!

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wow ... quite a bit of money "loans" ... silly me thought trump and sors were political enemies ...they have a penchant of playing along with you ... probably it comes from many centuries of wearing all kinds of masks ... anyway, soros political son is named Alexander (in his thirties)... the first thought is he might love greece ... right on. 


7-8 years ago, Soros had quite a few visits to Greece over a period of few years along with Stiglitz, Paul Krugman as they picked Tsipras and his team to continue the work started by Goldman sachs and their team to destroy the country.  Syriza had only 2-3% of the vote when it all started just a few years ago.  In a well known proven practice and business model used for other candidates from Hitler to Macron, his party become an overnight success and won the elections (to the detriment of regular greeks).  of course he disregarded their "No" vote in July 2015.


Now, is coming out in the Parliament, that a few years back Tsipras visited the Rothchild bank while in Paris ... no explanation given as of yet.  i guess none is needed.  judge them by their deeds.

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Soros works for the ancient family dynasties such as British royalty and Rothschilds and Sassoons etc all intermarried of course. This enables them to hide behind him while it is them planning and plotting against us including wars. Rothschilds' assets/wealth is immense in the Far East. That is why he created Isra hell, to ensure access, not for biblical reasons (that is the spin). This was exposed by Jewish insider Benjamin Freedman who came clean. We are all moving toward 'police states' for their totalitarian control (NWO). Look at (still occupied) Germany! Tourists beware! HERE

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sorry pal, the british royalty and the rest are a nice distraction they have tolerated thus far (not for long would be my guess) ... the group seems to be much more closed and probably comes from times of Rome, the corrupted rome where christians were the only group being discriminated against.  rothchils took advantage of central banking mechanism, but somehow i suspect got to be others beyond them ... from older times (medicies and so on).  freedman is kind of a funny man not sure what to make of him, but would take it with a grain of salt what he says ... if there is anything these guys excel at (besides conning, stealing and killing) is disinformation.

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My guess is that he is a very highly paid lackey for the Rothschilds, much as was J. P. Morgan.  The world would be better off without him, obviously, but the "darkside" globalist remain, and ultimately they are the real eminence gris control freaks working for instability, corruption, financial manipulation, fiat money, violence, strife, illegal immigration, drug epidemics, human trafficking and bad economics, such as mercantilistic, false capitalism cronyism, among other anti-middle class and anti-liberty movements/phenomena occurring around the world.  G. Edward Griffin might be right!  Wikipedia has one of the most negative bios of him that I've ever read, to his credit, I suppose!

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The comment about the pound overvaluation in 1992 being obvious to informed observers is absolutely true.

it was so obvious that I got off my butt and took a couple hours of my copious free time (I was billing 110 hours a week, so I’m joking) but it was my FIRST trade. One contract to sell gbp for usd, I think 90 days - something like 120 contracts of 10000 each... I really don’t remember. It cost about 20k usd with stupidity high fees both in and out.

I think I exercised about a week later - the risk was already a bit understood by then and I made only 20 some %. 

Soros made himself on that trade. He got in much earlier and was in big. I was In Budapest doing corporate investment banking too: not trading securities and not related to currency on a day-to-day basis. I could just tell based on my clients’ own, regular, sales-related forex activity that things were out of whack by a good 30% over prior year.

the point is that Soros was praised as brilliant but I figured that if you were a freaking currency trader at that point, it was a sign of retardation if it wasn’t as obvious as a smack in the face. I was jealous but I never admired him. 

Also: a few of the big shots I worked with knew him personally. They never said anything explicitly negative about him (bankers and politicians never say things in direct, obvious language) but in retrospect, they were shielding me and trying to keep me away from him (I was a hotshot kid, but still a kid.)

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Fascinating recollection A. Sentinel. I didn't have the money to trade and I also didn't know the ins and outs of setting up trading accounts then, but I was following the markets (keeping daily hand drawn charts!) and also working with and training a charting application of one of the information vendors.


You're right, it was absolutely obvious from the events of the week before that something really big was going to happen with sterling. On the day it went, I was attending a training course with the real time charts in front of me and remember vividly watching GBPDEM falling out of bed, to the bemusement of some of my colleagues who had less of an interest in what was going on when I said something along the lines of 'Woah! Here it goes!'.




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His meddling organization hides its addresses on a Canadian Museum site.

Ah - the Yeltsin years in Russia. Some people thought they could bag it all. But then Yeltsin had a sober moment and realized what was happening, so he gave Russia a new President. Things weren't like before; even the IMF got told to pack up and pack it in. Whether Putin is corrupt I don't know but the lesser evil he certainly is. 

The people who fund Navalny must be the same people who funded Suu Kyi's maid when she was disallowed from leaving the house. They seriously lack good judgement. 

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Stop it...STOP IT, I SAY! 

He is best buddies with the Clintons for gods sake, he can't be as bad as the 'right' makes him to be.

He is misunderstood. 

Only his NGOs understand how great he is and they will MAKE you understand that even if they have to beat you to death.

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Soros is putting lots of money into trying to force Bremain, and also more interestingly into bringing down the elected government. I have a sneaking suspicion that Soros doesn't actually give a damn about the politics - he just likes to sow chaos and confusion, and profits when the economies of his targets suddenly take a tumble that no one could have seen coming.

I think that was the big lesson he learned when he "broke" the Bank of England. I feel he has been acting on this basis ever since.

I should point out that this is purely a biased theory - I have no evidence, but if anyone else does, it would be entertaining to see.

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Being a genuine psychopath (they are not quite human due to brain differences) Soros certainly enjoys his sense of power. They cannot experience conscience nor empathy and that emotional vacuum can only be filled by a sense of P O W E R over others. Psychopathy used for political purposes for evil is called Political Ponerology. We watch the movies and think psychos are out killing prostitutes - we never consider Snakes In Suits! Despite all this Soros is working for the Zionist World Domination plan (check out the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion).

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